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Comment 09 Feb 2014

its amazing how much talent Glenville turns out and yet they never can win a state title.

Ginn Sr. does a great jon at preparing his kids for the next level but rarely gets them prepared enough to win a title.

Seems like year in and year out when Glenville gets into the playoffs, they get out coached.

Does great thing for the kids, giving them the hope that they can better their life and ill never take that away from him. Does a great job at developing the Jimmy and the joes but struggles at the Xs and Os



Comment 27 Apr 2012

quite a bit better...try awhole lot better. Weeden has a cannon of an arm. I Weeden was younger he would of be a top10 QB but his age caused him to fall. Weeden is first rd QB where Colt was a 3rd pick. That shows you who is better!

Comment 27 Apr 2012

Just stick to Ohio State football lol I love Weeden for the Browns!!! There wont be a QB controversy because Weeden shouldnt have a problem beating out McCoy. Weeden is just an all around better QB then McCoy. McCoy always had a questionable NFL arm. Weeden has the ability to make every throw and the only draw back is his age. So what if the Browns get 5-7years out of him. They have never gotten 5-7years out of any QB since Bernie. Also, The Bengals drafted a guard in the first rd, thats a freaking joke. You dont draft guards in the first rd