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Comment 16 Mar 2014

I have to say...these are some fantastic answers from a 17-18 year old.  And I'm not just talking about his enthusiasm for the sport/game/team.  He really gets the big picture.  I'm not a gambling man, but I would bet a decent sum of cash that he is going to do quite well in life and/or football.  We are fortunate to have him on board.

Comment 24 Feb 2014

I enjoyed the first two seasons, for sure.  However, I felt the story/quality of the show started going downhill shortly thereafter and didn't go out of my way to watch it anymore.  Were the subsequent seasons any good?

Comment 22 Feb 2014

Still early and no worries.  I hope he picks the good guys on NSD.  However, the team only truly benefits if a young man *chooses* to come to Ohio State (i.e., the player's heart is all in 100%).  Thus, in the end, everything works out for all parties involved.  At least that's what I tell myself so I can sleep at night;-)  Good luck to Mr. Edwards no matter where he ends up.  Go Buckeyes!

Comment 05 Feb 2014

This sucks for the young man.  I know his parents want what is best for him, but all they can do is give him their advice/counsel, hope for the best, and support him regardless.  Although he didn't pick the Buckeyes, I do wish him the best with his decision (especially if he wasn't going to be "happy" in Columbus).

Comment 06 Jan 2014

You are absolutely correct.  No argument here. 

Comment 06 Jan 2014

Speaking of Gus Malzahn's offense, wasn't there an 11W forum post back in the spring of 2013 showing a clip of his offensive team repeatedly (and lazily?) *walking* through practices and formations.  I remember a bunch of us joking on Auburn's offense and/or practice methods at that time.  Damn, I guess there was "a method to the madness" so to speak.  Although I did not end up posting on that forum at the time, I will freely admit I was laughing with everyone else.

Foot, meet mouth (for me).

Comment 30 Dec 2013

Under normal circumstances, it's really hard not to like this guy.  All bets are off on Friday, however:-)  

Comment 30 Dec 2013

Yes, I am over it.  

However, here is another vote for the 1998 loss stinging a lot more.  I still wince a bit thinking about the outcome of that game for all the reasons presented above.