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  • SPORTS MOMENT: I'm a highschool senior visiting a friend at OSU who just started his freshman year. I go to the OSU - Iowa game, when Iowa was #1. We're in the south stands. Byars, Carter, Pepper Johnson, Spielman. Rained quite a bit. Spielman gets a 4th qtr interception. We run down onto the field afterwards, patting the football players on their shoulderpadst. Goalpost comes down right on top of us. I actually have a hand on the goalpost as we carry it out of the stadium and down to Papa Joes. (I had no clue where I was at the time). I knew where I would spend the next 4 years of my life after that night.
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds

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Comment 25 Apr 2016

I know you've been asked about Taylor, but how are some of the other '18 Ohio prospects looking (Carman, Gant, Henderson, Smith)?  I'm assuming Gill is an OSU lean.

Comment 19 Apr 2016

11.  I'd prefer a Honda over a Toyota, though.  I've finally come around on the black uniforms.  Saw them in person for the first time at the spring game.  Pretty sweet.  

Comment 31 Mar 2016

Thanks for the clarification 1994.  I guess overall, it just seems odd that his instagram account would be hacked the same day/dayish that he posted the audio.  Do you know what the timeline is from when he posted to his instagram, and the time he was hacked?

Comment 31 Mar 2016

DRuss clearly makes no attempt to hide this recording immediately after saying "Thanks for telling my video that!" And Young replies "Huh?"  DRuss didn't try to keep it a secret. 

If this was all it was, then I don't think it would've been that big of a deal.  But my only question is why D'Angelo posted it on snapchat. Should've kept the audio to himself and deleted it.  

Comment 31 Mar 2016

What a shitty time to be going thru.  Definite prayers going out to Connie and her husband.  Tell 'em to keep the faith, and keep hope.

Comment 30 Mar 2016

I've had a Cub Cadet (2) for the past 14 years.  They suck.  The tires have absolutely no traction on slight inclines, and your blade will stop on slight bumps (I'm only 165#),  The blade stopping when you get off the seat is a huge annoyance if you want to pick up random sticks/debirs, but I guess all mowers have this "safety" feature now.  I only bought Cub Cadet b/c my dad had one back in the 80's when their frame was metal instead of plastic.  I would definitely go with a John Deere if  I had to do it again.  You have over 1/2 an acre, so I would get the widest with that you can afford.  It's amazing how much  mowing time just going from a 48 to a 52" blade can save you.