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Comment 13 Jan 2017

I dont think they will do anything during the season.  Matta will announce his retirement due to health reasons and will be allowed to bow out gracefully.   Besides, what does firing him during the season accomplish?  No one on the staff is anyone for a second that you would turn the program over too, your not getting a top shelf guy until after the tourneyment anyway cant even talk to them really.... so it really would serve no purpose.

Its not like firing Thad is going to magically increase the fan turn out for home games... there isnt anything that is upside by making an in season move like that

Comment 06 Jan 2017

I wouldn't even call your guess is all that realistic with the loss of Diop for the season.    If they drop the game against Minnesota its going to get very, very ugly.... @ Minn, @ Wisconsin, MSU,@Neb, NW, Minn, @Iowa   I dont see many if ANY wins there.

Sadly, if that happens, I think Matta is done at OSU.... 

Comment 01 Jan 2017

I agree with everything you said except your last sentence.  The future is still bright if and ONLY if you look at they loss with the unvarnished truth AND you make needed changes.  My concern/worry is that there is a tendency to try and explain away what happened.


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Year School Conf Class Pos G Cmp Att Pct Yds Y/A AY/A         TD Int        Rate
*2014 Ohio State Big Ten FR QB 12 203 314 64.6 2834 9.0 9.8 34 10       169.8
*2015 Ohio State Big Ten SO QB 11 93 147 63.3 992 6.7 7.0    11    4       139.2
2016 Ohio State Big Ten JR QB 13 233 379 61.5 2555 6.7 7.2   24    7      135.3

As you can see his rating has dropped each year under Beck/Warriner

Comment 01 Jan 2017

Look, this offense has not been the same since Herman left.   The Warriner/Beck experiment needs to be blown up.   

You cant win agaisnt elite competition if your OL is playing as poorly as this one did last night.  That was a complete, total failure of the OL.  When JTB did have some time, might as well have had me throwing the ball because it was AWFUL 19/33  doesnt get it done....

If it could go wrong on offense last night, it did go wrong.  The defense kept Ohio State in a position to make a game of it.... I will put it this way, if the offense played like the defense OSU wins that game... but they were a complete no show.

Some serious changes need to be made but will Meyer make them?  Can he look in the mirror and see that he needs to make major changes?   Not sold on Studwara as the OL coach.  The Warriner/Beck tour needs to be canceled.  Warriner needs to go back to coaching the OL.   Smith as WR coach meh... great recruiter but the WR were not good all season.

Comment 01 Jan 2017

Im sorry but with all due respect if you think 31-0 is because of being "too young" you have screws loose.

Coaching was, is and will be the problem unless changes are made.   When your OL plays that poorly it doesnt matter what anyone else is doing you simply cant move the ball.  Im not at all impressed with Studwara.  I think we have massive issues with WR coaching, QB Coaching and play calling.  If these things are not addressed then not much will change.

Sure we can continue to pound programs like BGSU but we will continue to look poor to awful when we face teams with size, speed and talent.  31-0 is NOT about youth.  More importantly, that excuses is a non starter 12 games in with a month to prepare for your CFP game.

Comment 27 Dec 2016

Its not wise to poke a bear.... you're liable to end up getting your face eaten off.

JTB plays poorly in bad weather.  JT didnt exactly suck against OU when he tossed 4 touchdowns.  I think they will look very different against Clemson.  They've had a month to work on things and if this were a veteran team it wouldnt have matter much but this is a young team and that extra time should pay huge dividends especially for guys like KJ Hill and Victor Benjiman.  

Comment 21 Dec 2016

that is typical of the NFL.  He spent 13 of the 24 years as a linebacker coach.  Clearly, people in the NFL believed he was at least a good linebacker coach.  The only 2 stops he had where he was hired as a DC were the 49ers (who at the time were DREADFULLY BAD) and the Eagles.

I have no concerns about his coaching ability when it comes to coaching our linebackers.  He will sink or swim on his ability to recruit.

Comment 20 Dec 2016

Completely different approach than what OSU employs.  OSU doesnt ask its DL to penetrate... they ask it to hold the point of attack and the LBers make the plays.  OSU is superior in run defense, Team pass eff defense, total yards and scoring defense as well as T/O margin and Turn overs gained.

There is litteraly not a single advance stat where Clemson is better on defense..... just not buying they are superior to say UofM.

Comment 20 Dec 2016

UM's pass rush is better... people read an article like this where the writer completely ignores the level of competition OSU has faced  and then takes said article as the unvarnished truth.

Fact:  Clemson has faced 4 good offenses(defined as top 50.)  In every instance they have gotten lit up by the opposing offenses.  They have allowed 34,35,36 and 42 points against those 4.  Conversely, OSU has faced 4 top 25 offenses allowing 24, 27 ( double OT) 3 and 24 points.  

Comment 20 Dec 2016

I laugh when people do stuff like this.... Clemson's front IS NOT better than Michigan's.  Michgan has the better run defense #13v #22 has more TFL ranking #2 vs #3 better 3rd down conversion defense #3 vs #7 the better Scoring defense #2 vs #12 and is better at getting to opposing QB's #2 vs #3.  In short there is not a single defensive stat where Clemson is better than Michigan.  The very idea that Clemson has a better front is simply not true when you look at any metric that measures the effectiveness of a defense.... The UM defense is flat out better than Clemson's defense and the UM front is better too despite the author's insistence to the contrary.