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Comment 23 May 2017

The cold hard truth is that NO ONE is going to come in and turn UC around overnight.  There simply is not a lot of talent.  Gibson at QB can make it interesting but Tubberville left the program in shambles.  They will do better than last years 4-8 mark but Luke is going to need a minimum of 3 years before his efforts on the recruiting trail pay dividends.  

Fickel and his staff will make it really tough on programs like MSU and KY who have made a living out of poaching kids out of Ohio that OSU hasn't really gone after hard.  If the UC admin, boosters, and fans are patient he will bring UC to a very high level of football.

As it stands today, UC is slated to come to Ohio State on Sept 7th 2019 that could potentially be a very interesting game depending on how far along Fickel can get UC's football program.

Comment 21 May 2017

lol  slow your roll there.... Yes, Luke has landed verbals from 2, 4* recruits. They are LOW 4* recruits.  National rank 265 and 306

Luke will do exceptionally well at UC for a number of reasons.  1) talent rich area where his eye for underrated kids will pay off handsomely for him and his staff. 2) Luke has learned how to be a HC under 2 of the greats in Jim Tressel and Urban Meyer.  The beauty is that stylistically the 2 couldn't be more different.  He will take away MUCH from both.  

Comment 18 May 2017

Okay Tim, now that you've put away the pom-pom's Please tell us again how things are that bad.

Seriously, if you could look at this roster and make an argument for optimism for the upcoming season I'm all ears.  Sadly, we both know you can't.  That leaves us with where the state of the program currently is at.  One of its top recruits bailed citing "state of the program" as a reason for the defection.   There are issues with the roster, the makeup of the current staff and Thad in general.

I just don't see anything that suggests a momentum change of direction in the BB current state.  Matta made no staff changes (one should be asking why that is to begin with) nothing that is positive on the recruiting trail.... losing Lyle is a HUGE blow.  Your asking Tate and KDB to carry this team.  Everyone else on this roster is either unproven (Kaleb Wesson) or a role player/6th man type guy on another top tier B1G program.

Comment 16 May 2017

Been a buckeye fan a LONG time.  Grew up watching Archie Griffin and Woody pacing the sidelines, yelling at officials and having unrivaled hatred for TTUN.  As an adult I watched Earle Bruce get canned from OSU for being truthful about a weasel who was having an affair with an assistant.  I remember the agony of watching the Cooper years.  Cooper was a great recruiter and failed some GREAT teams that inexplicably found ways to lose to the smug skunk weasels.  He was and to this day, STILL is a BUCKEYE.  JT what more can you say?   A man of honor and his teams reflected it.... who can forget his short speech at halftime when he said: " I can assure you, that you'll be proud of our young people in the community, in the classroom and most especially in 310 days in Ann Arbor M*chigan on the football field." Like the great soldier JT is, he fell on his sword with honor for OSU.

The great, great Urban Meyer has ushered in an era of greatness at OSU that has never been seen before.  Urban is 52 and I believe has learned how to achieve a balance between leading the buckeyes and life. If indeed he has, then there is no reason to believe that Urban won't be prowling the sidelines at Ohio State for another 10 years.  The talent he has hauled in over the last 3+ years is as good or better than anyone in the country has only rivaled perhaps by Alabama.

I will not at all be surprised to see OSU v Alabama several times over the next 3-4 years. Perhaps as early as this year.

Comment 14 May 2017

Having the number 1 class is a few bragging rights but the real value is looking at the 4 class average.  The 4 class average tells you how talented a TEAM is which usually is a much better gauge of how a team is likely to perform where it really counts, wins and losses

Comment 13 May 2017

What on earth leads you to believe that Johnson, Walker or Daniels for even a nanosecond are coming here?  

Any kid committing to OSU in this class is coming KNOWING Matta is NOT going to be their head coach. The upcoming season is going to be just flat horrific to watch.  It will be a minor miracle if they can get anywhere near 17 wins and THAT isn't good enough for Matta to be retained as the HC.

Also, you NEVER, EVER, EVER under ANY circumstances make a decision about keeping your HC over players or recruits.  Anyone that would is INCOMPETENT.  

The only reason they will wait until next year is because the pool of coaches available to be wooed away will be better than it is right now.  No one of quality is going to want to walk into this mess before the end of this recruiting cycle.  They also will want no part of being responsible for the trainwreck that the 2017/2018 season will be and the following year is not likely to be much better as the program is no officially in a major MAJOR rebuilding phase

Comment 06 May 2017

Between Johnson, Day and Schiano you have VETERAN coaches two with NFL experience.  Coombs has been with Meyer from Day 1 here.  ALL of them KNOW the system.  

Great teams COMMUNICATE and that is FAR more important that silly titles.  Everyone on this staff knew when Schiano came in he was THE GUY.  Fick had the title out of respect and the 2 worked together putting together the finishing touches on the defensive game plan but all 4 of them worked together.  

Comment 06 May 2017

Johnson is going nowhere.  Neither is Coombs.  Day isn't going anywhere either.  The only defensive coach who may leave is Schiano.  And with his prior resume, he isn't leaving to go to  Ole Shiprock U.  Schiano will leave when the right job opens up.  I would guess that he won't leave for anything but a higher profile program.  He is 50 so his next move is likely his last job.  No way will his advisors recommend anything that isn't a high profile program that needs resurrecting.   A program like an Arkansas which has a history of winning but hasn't in recent past.

He's making good money now, doesn't have all the stress of being the guy and having to win.  If he stays because the right job isn't available he will get a 7 figure contract.   He can afford to be HIGHLY selective