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Comment 20 May 2016

I think it is important to note that the 2016 OL across the board is a more talented group and by a wide margin.  There will undoubtably be some growing pains but, that said, I think there is no question by seasons end the OL will be a real team strength.

My big concern is the interior of the DL.  I think we will be fine in the secondary and the linebackers will be very good.   If the interior DL struggles that will be a problem

Comment 02 May 2016

What a clueless take.

Jalin was told by pretty much everyone advising him to stay in school.  He was told that if he were lucky he would get drafted at the tail end of the draft and that it was likely he would go as an UDFA.

Jalin makes next to nothing if he fails to make the Jets roster which is the likely outcome as it is for MOST UDFA.  Jalin had not one but TWO years of Eligibility left in which to improve his NFL stock.  To suggest that he couldnt have greatly improved his stock is ludicrous.  This decision is the difference from 0 guaranteed money to millions...

From a purely business perspective it was without question a very poor decision

Comment 06 Apr 2016

It was a lot more than that.   When he was starting the one T spot was a turnstyle.  In addition to that, the WR as a group were nowhere near what they were the year before.  No reliable deep threat killed the vertical  game.  Since the offense wasn't moving that put more and more pressure on Jones.   JTB got health and was a little more effective moving the offense... that is until MSU.  

Comment 22 Mar 2016

With a lot of these, its not close.  As things sit today, the Buckeyes are poised to land the best class of DB's in the history of the school and a very knowlegeble recruiting guru went so far as to suggest it could be the best in CFB history if it breaks like it appears it may.

OSU is legitemately in on 2 DB's that are ranked in the top 10 of the rivals top 100, has a verbal commitment from one ranked at # 18 and a 4th committed kid ranked #65.  That is insane.  Just cant see anyone displacing those 4 as long as OSU has them in the fold.

OSU is going after the big time DT's and a couple of them are showing legitimate, serious interest.  If Mullins has any intention of playing for Ohio State he is simply going to have to wait and let this play itself out.  Wilson is a guy you chase to signing day and if he tells you 2 mins before he faxes is LOI in you take him on the spot.  #1 over all recruit.  

Comment 21 Mar 2016

LOL  Kufos sucked while here was here.  Didnt want to play college ball and has floundered in Europe.  Was NEVER a player here.  Was a wasted scholarship on a kid that had NO INTEREST in going to college or playing college basketball. 

2011 was 5 years ago.  OSU missed the NCAA and got bounced in the 2nd round of the NIT.  The last 2 trips to the NCAA have been an embarrassment .  Barely won the opener and got BLOWN OUT in round 2.  The year prior we got knocked out in the opener.

Comment 30 Nov 2015

Sorry but there are some REAL bad takes in this article... you named one of them...putting clemson in when they just lost?  HUH????  UNC  why did you not mention the 2, count them, FCS opponents they played.  Thier schedule makes Baylor's schedule of last year look herculean!  

Loser of the B1G championship which we all probably agree is going to be Iowa is equally bad... Iowa has beaten 2 Ranked B1G teams in Wisconsin and Northwestern.  But I cant see the committee saying "yeah, we think Iowa is better than Ohio State."

Stanford with 2 losses... please..... BAD loss to NW.  I know, but you say well NW is a good team... True...  Stanford scored 6 points.  Then they lost to Oregon at home...  but then, thats all moot.... Stanford is going down to USC anyway.

In the end, if Clemson loses  OSU is in

Comment 01 Nov 2015

What people are forgetting here is that Meyer didnt HAVE to suspend JTB.  In other words he was not compelled  by OSU AD rules to suspend JTB.  He did what is in keeping with what Other programs some of which are very high profile have done in dealing with this issue when it comes up.

JTB will sit for the Minnesota game.  My guess is given how he has handled players who screw up in the past hear at OSU, JTB wont start the Illinois game either.

Any more than 1 game is going well beyond what other programs do.

As for the comment by the "ding bat" that claims 3-4 bud lights gets everyone at .08-.09  well that is just flat untrue.  I can assure you if you start drinking at 7 pm having eaten nothing since breakfast you will blow a LOT higher number than that.... BAC is dependent on things like Size and weight, male of female... if you are drinking on a full or empty stomach... if you are drinking a Carbonated beverage vs non carbonated  ( carbonation causes your body absorb alcohol more quickly thus driving your BAC levels higher more quickly )   

Comment 19 Oct 2015

RE:  Baylor....

Look, I knew Baylor has had an easy schedule thus far, but man the rankings of teh defenses they have faced  WOW are they bad.

THE BEST they have faced is WVU #74 in total defense.  Kansas #123, Texas Tech #122, Rice #108 and SMU #125.

As bad as OSU has been offensively at times Im not so sure that the buckeyes would be beating these teams just as badly.... Kirk... might want to realize this... lol

Comment 09 Sep 2015

No, he made the correct read most of the time.  You dont pitch the ball when you have that kind of penetration and the defender is between you and the pitch man.  Thats how you get the ball taken by the defense for 6.

You NEVER pitch the ball in traffic that's how turn overs happen.  You force the defender to choose who he is going to defend.  If one is going to critique Jones play in running the option its that he needs to do a better job of forcing the defender to choose who he is going to take.  But you NEVER pitch the ball in traffic.

Comment 31 Jul 2015

I was a member of scout when it was a free website.  Stayed with Scout when the split up occured... stayed with scout even though the insider board became VERY cliquish.  I stayed for Bill and Nevada.... When scout announced that Bill was going to be focused elsewhere and would be forced to very frequently post, I was pissed a few days later when Nevada announced his contract with scout wouldnt be renewed I was done.

Apparently the folks that run the website realize they are losing a TON of people and have tried to throw a band-aide on things by asking Bill to focus on OSU in hopes that people wont leave.   This is final trainwreck in how Fox has run the scout network into the ground.   I will be hanging out here.  I hope to learn where Nevada lands but this will be my go to website when it comes to the BUCKEYES!

Comment 29 Jul 2015

WE had an OSU football player as an intern for a year who was on the team when Meyer arrived.  He said looking back, he didnt know how he made it through that first year.  Sheer h*ll.  Outside in tshirts and gymshorts doing situps, pushups, bear crawl for a hour... then inside for the "real" work out... he said several guys just quit ....weeds out the wannabe's