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Comment 16 hours ago

Wow is right.... sad world you live in Bama.   Said player you are blaming was a first year starter and as we all know, new starters never improve right?

Your explanation of the problems of the passing game really throw into question your grasp of the game.  JTB was only a PART of the problem.  Kind of difficult to shine as a QB when your receivers are failing to run good routes and gain separation.  Also, when your OL is not doing its job, you dont have time to go to your other reads......

You'd have justifiable concerns if changes had not been made within the coaching staff.  But since Meyer has brought in an offensive guru who is a seasoned coach the changes will almost assuredly reap huge rewards.

Comment 23 Feb 2017

If that is assured of another year the question WHY must be asked.   2017 was supposed to be a big step forward.   Some try and claim that the loss of KDB is a huge blow..... Ok... but how many games does he swing? 2 maybe 3?

What is another year going to do?  Is Thad in the midst of bringing in a monster class? Nope... Are we in on a couple of "cant miss" prospects?  Nope.  So what is next year going to tell you that the last 4 havent? 

Waiting ONLY makes sense that you can see things moving the right direction.  #102 in FG%, 219th in 3pt%, 185th in points scored, 85th in rebounding.

These are AWFUL stats.  Recruiting has cratered and the 2018 class will be the 3rd straight season without a top 25 class.  Is there any reason based on how this team has played in the last 2 seasons to believe that the 2017-2018 team will be an NCAA tourament team?  I sure dont think so.

I simply do not see any reason to give the current staff one more year.

Comment 13 Feb 2017

Last 5 are all tough games.  I think they go 2-3 to finish a very disappointing 2017 season.

Is 17-14 good enough for OSU to keep Matta?   I would say no.   Some interesting facts.  Matta's career winning % is lower at Ohio State than it was at Butler or Xavier.  Missing the NCAA tournament for 2 consecutive years has never happened for Matta at Butler or Xavier.  It represents the first time in his career at OSU since he has had back to back seasons missing the NCAA's.  Worse yet, is the trend that is now undeniable.  Matta's teams peaked in the 2011-2012 season with a 31-8 record.  EVERY SINGLE YEAR since 2012 Ohio State has won fewer games each sucessive season.

2016-2017 season this time last year wasn't supposed to be this bad.  Recruiting is not going particularly well either.  Back to back season without a top 25 class.  2018 can only be described as underwhelming.    J. Ahrens is a 3* unrated (position rating) player and is also an unrated player (not top 100, 250 etc)  Goodwin 3* is similarly rated.   D. Bazel is the #58 ranked player as a 4* PF (14th ranked PF)   This kind of recruiting is simply not going to get it done.  OSU cant begin to compete for the conference without talent.   Unless the OSU staff is able to pull rabbits out of their hat 2018 will be the 3rd straight season without a top 25 class.  You simply can not compete in the B1G if you aren't bringing in talent.... this just flat out is not getting it done. 

Perhaps he gets one more year to get it turned around but frankly, they probably need to pull the trigger and make the change.  They are really "risking" anything in recruiting as guys like Ahrens and Goodwin are always going to be availabe for Ohio State....

Comment 12 Feb 2017

and then you woke up and realized we lost by 11 and were down by 14 at the half.  Apparently, unlike you, I watched the game.... I never really saw us having a shot at beating Maryland.... we got what, within 5 at one point and then Maryland balloned their lead almost immeditely to double diget

And if anyone is "Ok" with a player who is in the game for 18 mins not scoring a single point and only taking one shot you are off your rocker.  This isnt High School basketball.  If you are on the floor you HAVE to be able to score something  If you cant you have reduce the game to 5 defenders on 4 players That math rarely works for you unless you have an NBA level scorer on your team which this team does not.

Comment 09 Feb 2017

Non revenue sports are such an important thing.  Those athletes work every bit as hard as the football and basketball player.  I have 2 kids(young adults now really) who are in college and are competing in varsity sports my daughter is on the varsity golf team and my son is on the varsity track team at a different university.... womens golf starts in 3 weeks :0..... my son is a distance runner.... his training regiment has him running 80 miles a week

These kids compete for the love of the sport.  Really the only audience these athletes have are family and friends... there is no "glamour" or fame for these competetor's..... they are the very definition of "STUDENT/athlete"

Comment 29 Jan 2017

What we have seen, is what this team is... bad.

The recruiting which was, at least earlier in the Matta era, was his greatest strength has fallen off a cliff.  In the 2016,2017 and 2018 classes of 9 prospects only 3 are top 100 with the highest being #53 who is currently staring a RS in the face because apparently he isnt good enough to supplant the crap they currently are putting on the floor right now.

It time for a change.

Comment 23 Jan 2017

Utter failure in the last 2 games of getting Mike the ball.  He got 11 carries against TSUN and only 5 against Clemson.  

This goes back to what was posted in an article here.... play calling became "who should we get the ball too"  instead of running the offense based upon what the offense should be attacking the defense with

Comment 22 Jan 2017

Time to face reality..... this team for lack of a better word, SUCKS.  They have no identity, play poorly, can't hit free throws and rarely deal with pressure moments of the game well.... All of those things are what you see of a program devoid of talent that has had too many recruiting misses and a coach that is physcially, emotionally done.

Thad has been great for OSU.  But its time he "retires" at the end of the season