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Comment 29 Nov 2016

Gone where?  Certainly NOT the NFL.... he is no where near ready for the NFL.  They will not care about his mobility unless he is willing to change positions.  As a pure QB prospect he has small hands, is not that accurate and does not throw recievers open.   He has a LOT of work to do in his passing game....UDFA with the best possible slotting of a late 2nd day pick if he is drafted at all which is rather doubtful IMO

Comment 25 Nov 2016

For YEARS scUM players have talked crap.... I love how they write checks with their mouths that their actions cant back up

Comment 21 Nov 2016

LOL  Personally, I dont care.  Let make the WILD assumption that he is somehow capable of playing.  There is a 0 chance that he is 100%.  First big hit he takes and he is DONE.    I probably wouldnt worry about it as its not going to change their offense one bit so if he plays, doesnt play doesnt really even matter.

Beyond all that, he is a game manager, and NOT a guy who is going to take the offense on his arm and "go win it" for you

Comment 21 Nov 2016

JTB has no business even thinking about declaring for the draft.  He IS NOT an NFL caliber QB.   One of the big hits on his stock reportedly is his small hand size.  Second, his film clearly shows that he is down right awful in cold, rainy/snowy weather.  If he were to declare this year he would almost be a lock as an UDFA.

For a QB that is exceptionally precarious out of the roughly 400 UDFA that were signed last year, 5 were QB's  only 1 of them is on a roster the other's season was ended and he was placed on IR which means he has even a more difficult task next season when he will be competing against incoming DRAFTED QB's

Being an UDFA Lineman or WR means your odds of making a roster arent awful being an UDFA QB you are the longest of longshots.  To burn a year of eligibility as an UDFA QB is exceptionally stupid

Comment 20 Nov 2016

I think, after 3 years of watching JTB, that its pretty clear that if the weather is bad, his play is pretty bad as well.  In fairness, most QB's production drops in inclement weather but JT's passing is dreadful in bad weather.  He is a sensational Z/R Qb and does huge damage running the ball but if conditions are like they have been for the last 2 MSU games you can pretty much chuck his passing game.

Comment 15 Nov 2016

Seriously?  Your going to try and blame this elcrapo performance on the fan base?  What are you a loon?

This is the same tired crap that Matta has rolled out over the last ~4 seasons.  This is NOT a good basketball team and WONT BE A GOOD basketball team.  The piss-poor recruiting has caught up to the program.  The 2015 class blew up, 2016 was unranked as is the 2017 team.  Recruiting is the lifeblood of any program and this staff is flat out, straight up NOT getting it done.  Worse yet, there is lack of effort, zero passion and just piss-poor execution on the floor.  Whomever takes over for Matta is being left with a train-wreck to clean up.  OSU is routinely whiffing on Ohio kids something that didnt happen in Matta's earlier years.  He has never been a good bench coach but he made up for it with teams that had superior talent.  Now we are left with a below average floor coach with no talent and this is the result you get from that, a 3 point squeeker win over a NC Central team who had a losing record last season!

Comment 13 Nov 2016


If all the job of the committee is to decide which conference or independent gets left out they need to completely change the selection criteria to say " we select based on which conference champions are selected and in the event of a worth independent team."

You simply can not ignore the ENTIRE body of work that a team has.  It is rationally illogical to heavily penalize a team that plays 5 ranked teams, 4 of which are top 10 and happens to drop 1 of those games on the road, at night after having played the week prior on the road, at night against another ranked team.

To suggest otherwise, is to say Schedule does not matter and the committee is ALREADY on record stating that it DOES matter.  Sure PSU has the head to head. But that does not erase the home blow out loss to UM.  Nor does it erase a  bad loss at Pitt.  There is a reason PSU is only at #9 with 2 other 2 loss teams ranked ahead of them....Potentially beating Rutgers and MSU isnt going to materially improve their stock

Comment 13 Nov 2016

Oh good lord..... TCU had a JOKE of a schedule.

You're trying to compare an OSU team who will have beaten 4 out of 5 ranked teams.  Those 4 wins 3 of which will have been against top 10 teams!  ALL but one of them ON THE ROAD.  

You have to be straight up retarded to compare this OSU team with its resume to TCU of 2014.  Like completely, utterly and totally clueless

Comment 13 Nov 2016

YOu all have lost your minds.

No one in the country has played 4 top 10 teams let alone beaten 3 of them with being wins on the road.

Let that sink it.... NO ONE has come close to doing that.... you are on INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH GLUE if you believe a resume like that going 3-1 against top 10 teams with the lone loss being a 3 point road loss means you arent one of the top 4 teams in the country.

There is 0 question that the B1G is the top conference in the country NONE WHAT SO EVER.  4 B1g teams in the top 10, 3 in the top 6 and you actually believe an 11-1 OSU team with a staggering resume of going 4-1 against the top 15 is not a top 4 team regardless of how the conference thing shakes out??????

Sure you could make an argument if mulitple conference champs were unbeaten.  Heck you could make it with conference champs being a 1 loss team that that is not the case this season.

OSU wins out they are in PERIOD