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Comment 24 Apr 2017

With such incredible depth, I hope both he and OSU consider redshirting him.  Get him a lot stronger, improve his hand fundamentals and set him up to be a superstar in 2018 and beyond

Comment 12 Apr 2017

They've been running a LOT of screenplays in the offense that will punish a defense for being overly aggressive in the pass rushing game.  That takes pressure off the OL, creates big plays via the screen and give JTB more time to find open guys.

Comment 10 Apr 2017

Well, I'm 5'9 (according to me and the US NAVY) and Troy is taller than me by a good inch or 2  I say he his probably 5'10-5"11 tall

Comment 05 Apr 2017

I will be shocked if they are any better than they were this season.    Where is the leadership going to come from?  Who is the clutch shooter?  Where is the TRUE PG??

I saw NOTHING to suggest that there is anything to build with.  The Rutgers loss was a real chance to turn the page, build for the future and get some momentum going.  NONE of that happened.  

Comment 03 Apr 2017

The NCAA needs to avoid at all costs the mistake that the NFL has made.  Over saturation.   Football should be a Friday for HS.  Saturday and for lower NON P5 Conferences Thursday evening.  NFL Sunday and Monday night.   All these weird other games on other days of the week =BAD for your product

Comment 03 Apr 2017

Zeke in the latter half of 2014 all the way through the championship he became a MONSTER.  Zeke prior to that was a good but not great back... 

Comment 20 Mar 2017

Wow.... LOL  Fickle was not really HC if you think than then you are not paying attention.  Fickle had zero say in the staff, play calling on offense.  Tressel resigned on May 30th a short 2 months before the start of fall camp.  To expect a winning season coming out of that mess is just absurd.  They lost HUGES production on offense as a result of the suspension.  The locker room HAD to have been a mess.  You dont think guys were all over guys like Posey for their actions resulting in Tressel being forced out? REALLY??????

Fickel is going to be a FANTASTIC head coach at UC.  Not good, FANTASTIC.

Comment 17 Mar 2017

Based upon what?   I would side with your view if we saw evidence of improvement at the close of the season but we saw the exact opposite.  They went 2-5 in their last 7 games.  Worse yet was the loss to Rutgers.  If you wanted to point to the future and make a statement about how next season is going to go you use the B1G tournament to make that statement.

The B1G tournament is a new season.  Win it, and your in no matter what.  What they instead did was lay over and play dead.  This group has no heart, no leadership and they are quitters.  

Matta should have been let go this season not given more time.  More time to do what exactly?  Matta recruited ALL of the kids who left 2 years ago.  Its HIS fault they left.  Its HIS fault top 100 LOCAL talent is not at OSU. 

Comment 17 Mar 2017

Love how the sunshine pumpers pull out the over all record to justify the firing of Crean and the retention of Matta.  Care to compare the 2 coaches records over the last 3 seasons?  Crean 2 NCAA tournament apperances and a B1G regular season championship, a top 15 final ranking and a record of 65-38  Matta 1 Tournament appearance, 0 championships, 0 final rankings and a 62-40 record

What Matta did earlier in his career has NOTHING to do with why he should be kept or let go.  Its what he has done over the last 4 years.

I think we will be about what we were this year.  I see nothing to suggest that this team will in anyway be significantly improved.  Largely, its the same cast of clowns that  have no heart and quit a number of times during games this season.

Comment 15 Mar 2017

Tim, you continue to undersell just how bad the problem is.   This isnt the low point in 13 years, its the worst season in Matta's CAREER.  Its the first time in his CAREER that his teams have had back to back seasons missing post season play.  Its the first time in his CAREER that he has failed to make a final ranking for a 3rd straight season.

You are making my argument for me as to WHY Matta needs to go.  The entire coaching staff is substandard. You say someone must emerge I do not see a single all conference caliber player on the roster.  

The rest of your line of reasoning is something Matta WILL NEVER DO.   He has NEVER used his bench outside of the non conference.  He is NOT a particularly good game-day floor coach.  You might as well ask an apple to become an orange.  NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

Next year is going to suck.  There is 0 leadership on this team.  Thompson is gone that is a huge negative defensively.  I just dont see much if any improvement next season.  Matta can manufactor 20 wins with a really, really crappy OOC slate and hope they dont lose to an FAU level opponent.

They (OSU) need to clean house.

Comment 14 Mar 2017

I see no reason at all to think or believe that they will be anything but modestly improved IF THAT.  OSU went 2-5 down the stretch capped by quiting as a team in the opening game of the B1G tournament.  Nothing down the stretch give you any reason to believe that  next season will be anything different. 

Recruiting is in a near free-fall. Yet another local kid is heading away from OSU a top 100 player.  I simply do not see any indication that recruiting is improving.  In fact, there is ample evidence its continuing to slide south.  

All the reason Smith cited for giving Matta another year are backward looking and the bulk of those accomplishments are distant history.