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Comment 23 Jul 2015

Tim you make a fatal flaw in your supposition.  You cite Alabama as the last team to repeat.  This is not true under today's format.  NO ONE has repeated.  Last year was the first year that CFB had a play off.

A more logical way to examine this is to ask are there examples of programs in D1AA that DO have a playoff who have repeated and is it fairly common or exceedingly rare?  Well, we find that it is actually fairly common.  D1AA started the NCAA play off format in 1978 and there have been 6 times that a team repeated  App State won back to back, to back championships.  North Dakota St won it 4 straight years...

This isnt the old days where 1 loss and you were pretty much done.. this is get to the play off's and win.  Frankly, its a bit easier under this format than the old one.

Comment 17 Jul 2014

Absolutely UNTRUE.  JT is serving an internship with our office.  I can ASSURE YOU it is news to him that he is not with the team.  He has NOT quit.  He is going to speak with Coach Meyer on Monday.  If he is cleared medically he is full go.  

Comment 15 Jul 2014

Your perception does not line up with fact when it comes to the last 5 classes.  A deeply flawed way at looking at conference rankings is to look at them on a year by year basis and make conclusions.  When evaluating a PROGRAM you have to look at average stars over a 4 year cycle.  When you do that kind of analysis what you see is that the B1G has been remarkably consistent.  Almost without exception half the conference is landing 4 class averages at 3.0 average stars.    What that means it that the B1G is right at #2 behind the SEC in terms of conference overall talent.

A perfect example of this is the 2014 class you click on the conference rankings and see the B1G is #5 and you automatically conclude that the conference again sucked which is a horribly false conclusion.  Why?  Well for 1 the conference had a smaller average class of 21.8 kids per team.  Sec 24.6, B12 24.8, ACC 23.4  which means they have more points even of the conference has the same average star weighting.  The B1G came in at 2.98,  The ACC and  B12 came in at 2.99 with the Pac12 at 3.08  Are you really going to try and sell the idea that .10 of a star is a significant talent gap?  REALLY?  LOL

The only conference that has a significant gap is the SEC  but even its gap is not all that big.

Ive done analysis that shows that over the last 5 classes on paper that OSU and Alabama are virtually tied when it comes to the over all program rankings

Comment 15 Jul 2014

I get so tired of this very FALSE assumption.  As we speak, the B1G is #2 as a conference in the rankings, Last year the B1G was #5 BUT at 2.98 average stars they were .01 average stars behind the B12 and ACC.  The PAC12 was at 3.08.  2013 the B1G was #2 at 3.08 average stars. 2012 the B1G was #5 BUT, if we look at it from average starts (2.94) they had the 3rd highest average stars being a mere .06 average stars behind #2 2011  the B1G is #3 based on average stars at 2.99 behind #2 B12 at 3.03

Those are the FACTS.  The supposed gap is basically no existent in terms of the raw talent.

Before you try to say well its top weighted by a few schools, this too is also not true.  In 2011 with 12 members, HALF the conference had classes that were 3 stars or higher for their respective classes.  2012 5 teams garnered 3.0 or better with NW just missing coming in at 2.94  In 2013 7 of the 12 teams landed classes grading out 3.0 or higher  all but 2 did better than 2.70! 2013 6 surpassed 3.0 with EVERY team doing better than 2.50....

To date, every school in the conference has at least a 2.63 or higher except Minnesota coming in at 2.17.  Eleven of the 14 teams have a 2.8 or higher with 9 teams at 2.90 or higher.

The conference is more consistent with both the quality of the recruiting over the last 5 classes AND the depth over every conference not named the SEC.

This thesis that the conference is not recruiting is patently false especially if you look at the rankings from 2000-2007

Comment 16 Jun 2014

Not really true.  Smith was ranked the  #12 QB in the country (rivals) #15 by Scout.  He was electric at the elite 11 camp and the guy running it said that Smith was going to be the better college QB.    Justin wilted under pressure and consistently made bad decisions with the ball when he had people in his face or around him (pressured)

There is a lot of urban legend that Smith wasnt that highly rated that he really wasnt taken as a QB and its all bunk

Comment 24 Feb 2014

40 times are an absolutely JOKE.

If you believe there is a single NFL player that is even close to Usain Bolt you've lost all sense of reality.  Using his World Record time of 9.58 100m has Bolt running a 4.38 40 yards.


keep in mind this is THE BEST sprinter in the WORLD running on a surface specifically designed for sprinting, wearing sprinters spikes, exploding out of sprinters blocks who has trained his entire LIFE to turn in a top 100M time....  Bolt would be so far infront of these guys out of the blocks it wouldnt even be funny. 

Times used by the NFL are an absolute joke.  There is 0% chance that a guy timed at 4.29 in a combine would even get close to that time in a track meet

Comment 22 Oct 2012

Maybe Im off my rocker.... but, I am not buying the PSU hype at all.  They beat a bad Iowa team that has a loss to a 2-4 Central Michigan team.  They have beaten a dreadful Illinois 2-5 team.  Northwestern you say, they are pretty good right?  Well, the only conference win NW has is against hapless Minnesota and IU.  Oh and Northwestern was up big midway through the 4th quarter and gave up 22 points in less than 9:59 to go.... 9/10 PSU loses that game... true, they didnt lose but beating NW is hardly a "signature" win.

PSU could easily lose 4 of the remaining 5 games.  PSU's schedule has been beyond easy... its been tailor made easy... we'll see this weekend if they are legit.

Comment 22 Oct 2012

Agree.  I think its time we stop referring to Hall as the best back on the team.  I never thought that and the way Hyde has been running lately no way on earth would I substitute Hall (healthy or otherwise) for Hyde.  I WOULD put him in the slot though in that hybrid spot.

Comment 27 Aug 2012

Nope, not buying it at all.  Michigan is going to get run right out of the stadium.  The Alabama offensive line is so superior to the UM front 7 that its not even funny.  You dont get better by losing guys like Mike Martin, Van Bergen and Heninger on the DL.  IMO the only way that Michigan is going to be able to slow down the ground game is to take risks by loading the box... this will open up the secondary to man on man coverage and McCarron will pick them apart...

McCarron was 23/34 for 234 with 0 picks against a defense that was substancially better than Michigan will feild this season so I dont get the condecending view of McCarron's passing ability.

I simply dont see any way that the UM defense is going to be able to stop the Alabama offense and the Alabama front seven will take away the running game from Michigan.... IMO this game wont even be close... 


Alabama 35

Michigan 10

Comment 31 May 2012

Straight line speed for a wide reciever is arguably the most over rated aspect of playing the position.  Great hands, precision on routes and how quickly you can accelerate are far, far more important than weither a kid runs a 4.35 vs a 4.55 The gap between the two over 40 yards in a stright line is not that much to begin with.   

If we posit that the reciever that runs the 4.55-4.6 reciever runs highly precision routes and can make cuts on a dime at nearly full speed will get open far, far more easily than the guy who runs a 4.30-4.35 who is slow into and out of breaks and does not run precise routes.


Clearly if both guys are equally good at the aspects of playing the position the guy with greater speed is going to have the edge.... all told though, straight line speed is fairly far down the list of qualities that make for a great reciever.

Comment 31 May 2012

I wonder if part of the reason that Meyer's offense (principly during Tebow era) did not see a lot of success with passing to the outside recievers is due more to the QB's inability  to make those reads?  One of the big knocks on Tebow is that he is a "line of sight" reading QB.  His lack of development in truly reading a defense may have had more to do with the issue than a flaw of scheme...

Comment 07 May 2012

IMHO using a single season to extrapolate something as fundemental as strong offense vs strong defense is a flawed exercise.

I do not believe you can have an offense that is inept... in other words if you take alabama's defense and put them on the 2011 OSU squad the buckeyes still lose several games.....

I believe a stellar defense allows a HC to take more risk in a big game with his offense or if he is winning a game by 10 or more it allows him to be more conservative with risk.  If you marry Jim Tressels view about where an offense can take risk based on feild position with his mindset about having a stellar defense with an offensive minded coach you have the best of both.... IMO that coach that closest resembles that is Urban Meyer....