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Comment 14 hours ago

You're right about the OL but you are out to lunch with your view on JTB.   

Burrow under that kind of pressure is going to look worse, MUCH WORSE..... the problem is we have coaches on this staff that need to move on.... Beck, Zack Smith and the new OL coach all need to be shown the door at the end of this season.  Beck adds NOTHING.... the WR's are a complete clown show.  The OL has regressed over the last month

Comment 14 hours ago

Calling this team "not good right now" is putting it nicely.  The passing game is a complete clown show and the running game is not much better.  The OL is a complete train-wreck that has regressed since the Oklahoma game.  I am NOT sold  on Studwara at all.  IMHO the following coaches should be told to explore opportunities at other programs.  Zach Smith.... I know there were "personal problems" here but the WR as a group are arguably the worst since Meyer has been here and the recruiting has been sensational.  Tim Beck.  Not sure what he adds to the equation and once again the Offensive game plans are unimaginative, predictable and simplistic to recognize and defend.  Studwara.  Dont care if he is yoru buddy Urban, the OL sucks canal water right now.  Warinner needs to have the title of Asst Head Coach/ Co Coordinator but his day to day job needs to be coaching the OL.

Comment 13 Oct 2016

Zack with all due respect the day OSU fans are supposed to get excited about a 3* who's other "major" offer is Minnesota is when we have hit all time lows as a program.

This young man is a plan C,D E and F recruit.  Nothing against him but this is a sign of how poorly Matta's staff is recruiting, PLAIN AND SIMPLE

Comment 12 Oct 2016

Meh.... all that "pay back" emotion lasts for about 5 mins in the game... after that, its all about who is winning in the trenches

Comment 12 Oct 2016

IU was a game that coaches hate especially with a young team.  They turn on the film, show them IU is legit but the players in the back of their minds, say yeah coach but its IU and you go out and dont look good with a 21 point win.

This one is the exact opposite.  Wisconsin is a legit defense.  Its a road game, top 10 opponent.   

The young buckeyes come out and play like their hair is on fire.  THEY WILL MAKE A BIG STATEMENT.

OSU will run and pass the ball with precision and great effect.


OSU 48

Wisconsin 9

The OSU defense continues to deny a rushing TD and in fact Wisconsin may not get into the endzon at all in this one.  

Comment 10 Oct 2016

I think we should have a better idea if UM is all that and a bag of ho-ho's after we play Wisconsin

Comment 09 Oct 2016

Amazing how many fans do not know the rules of the game.  That was a good call. http://www.footballfoundation.org/News/Blog/tabid/521/entryid/53/

Outside this belt the defense may not block below the waist.  It is still the case that no one can block below the waist during a kick or after a change of possession.

Above is taken from the Football foundation and it clearly states that in a change of possession (in this case a pick)  That you CAN NOT block below the waist.


Comment 06 Oct 2016

Just because you have bodys you throw out on the court does NOT mean your bench isnt thin.    Here is a shocking fact..... OSU has not had a first team All conference player since 2010.   Of all of the seasons Matta has gotten OSU to the NCAA tourny  The last 2 times his teams were seeded the worst under his tenor and the 3rd worst as HC at OSU.

You have to be living in a fantasy world where you see what you wish was instead of what IS if you cant see that there are core problems with the program.  

Comment 06 Oct 2016

Did you bother to read what I wrote?  The 2015 class is meaningless because those kids all left.  The last 2 years recruiting has been an absolute DISASTER. The fact that you are trying to white wash it is pathetic.

Spare me the top 5 drivel.  OSU basketball for the last several years has be middle of the pack and that is being kind.  The buckeyes have not made it to the sweet 16 since 2013  missed the tournament all together in 2014, had an embarrassing loss to Dayton in the opening round and followed that up by winning in OT the following year before getting blown off the court by Arizona last year.

I get the some fans like to live in the past when Matta had the buckeyes on top but it is crystal clear recruiting is not where it needs to be and Matta has NEVER been a strong floor coach.  Maybe you're satisfied but this is not the direction the program should be headed... 

Comment 06 Oct 2016

I hate to say this, but, I think its time that OSU start looking for a new BB coach.  Recruiting is the lifeblood of any program and over the last 3/4 years the recruiting has fallen off a cliff.  2015 class is gone, 2016 was not top 25 and 2017 is looking like its going to end up struggling to stay in the top 40

You cant really be competitive let alone win with such poor recruiting.

Comment 04 Oct 2016

Not sure I agree about Maryland taking knocks in the coming weeks.  They travel to Penn State.  Thats a game that they can and should win.  Host Minnesota again, a game they can and should win.  Host MSU  at 6-0 they will have a TON of confidence and MSU has proven thus far to be not as good as in years past.  Maryland goes to IU and with the way they are playing right now no reason to believe that they cant beat the hoisers.  I actully believe they may end up heading out to AA as an unbeaten team