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Comment 26 Oct 2012

Wow!  I love the passion.  What a great write-up.  I can't imagine what it's gotta be like to leave TS(tate)UN and 5 years later become a living legend in the Great State of Ohio who no Buckeye fan will ever forget.

I wonder why he didn't go back to school to become a Doctor?

Comment 12 Feb 2012

I realize the game itself was bad enough with the way the Buckeyes played, but it was only made worse by having to watch ESPiN's horrible signal.  Are you kidding me?  The whole game they couldn't get their signal straightened out.  I would have been better off listening to the game on the radio instead of thinking everyone was pausing my DVR during every third shot.  

Comment 26 Nov 2011

No doubt this game was a heart-breaker.  But at least the Fickel, the offensive coaches, the offense, and Ryan Shazier and John Simon came to play.  If you would have told me before the game that our offense would put up 34 points I woud have thought a win would be a lock.  That being said, we definitely had some missed opportunities on offense.  But try to compare Braxton Miller to where Troy Smith was at this time his sophomore year, and you'll see (besides the loss to scUM) that Braxton Miller is well ahead of where Troy was.  Just the fact that he's already a throw-first qb takes most "running qbs" at least a year to sink in, if ever.  Michigan's defense will always struggle, but Braxton Miller will be able to complete most of those passes next year.

You heard Spielman, Shazier was playing on one leg!  He missed some plays that I'd expect him to make, but his internal drive is second to none.  He wasn't coming out with a knee injury.  

And a final thank you to Luke Fickell.  Yes, his record doesn't show well, but he did a solid job keeping the team together, and saying the right things all year.  He was right, There was a game at noon on Saturday, and HIS A** was there!

Congrats to scUM...we'll be ready and waiting at the Shoe next year!