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Comment 24 Mar 2017

If that is the size you're after, the Glock 42 or Diamondback DB9 (essentially the same gun) have a much better trigger pull.  The BG has such a long trigger pull it's not evident when it'll actually fire.  Both of these guns are the easy to clean glock style break down.

Comment 13 Mar 2017

CE takes time to develop, especially in such a young, soft, passive group such as athletes. They need more, no doubt, as they look passionless at times.  The cause of that might be more pressing, as it may stem from not being challenged or developed on the practice court.

Comment 08 Mar 2017

It's nice to see the University trying an initiative like this.  The Stadium Scholarship Dorm program eroded since the renovation of the Shoe moved the program.  It's good to see they're making efforts to assist underprivileged high performers.

Comment 28 Feb 2017

"Three things happen when you throw the ball.  Two of them are bad" - W.W. Hayes

Good passer, but elite is subjective.  Rodgers, Manning, Brees, and that dude from New England are Elite quarterbacks.  JT has been coached to pull the ball down, run, and live to fight another day vs trying to force things.  His footwork needs some polish compared to previous years, but his numbers are not too out of line from previous years considering the change of talent he's had around him; and more conservative play calling.  The OLine wasn't what it has been, and the receivers were young in the system.  Put those together and there are a lot of timing issues.  Being an elite passer doesn't matter much if you are running for you life and no one is open.  I'll take a good leader in a team game like football.  Tebow willed teams to victory, and couldn't throw open a 7-11.  It takes a leader with at least "good" passing skills to be an elite quarterback.

Comment 06 Feb 2017

He has the numbers, and the rings so it's tough to argue by those measures aside from Otto Graham.   Another point of view is who did the most with the least, or who had more command during any given game: I'd throw Peyton and Joe Montana into the discussion.  Brady was lights out last night.  Gotta respect the accomplishments, but no guy should be that successful, have that hot of a spouse, and be that good looking without having gone to Ohio State.

Comment 04 Jan 2017

Doesn't anyone use WAZE?  Real-time traffic, maps, with a social media twist.  Users can tap a button and report a cop in any area.  This is immediately displayed on the map.  Basically, Navigation with police alerts.

Comment 04 Nov 2016

RR makes many other far superior beers.  Pliny the Younger - vastly superior to the Elder, and only available at the brewery is my favorite RR brew.  If you sign up for Craftshack's newsletter, you'll get an email notifying of its (the Elder's) presence.  It sells out quickly, but they usually post it a few times per month.  Rumor has it that Tavour.com is working on getting it.  They're pretty good for getting smaller crafts from the Pacific NorthWest.

Zombie dust is amazing.  3Floyds makes great stuff.  Cigar city Jai Alai, Sabertooth Tiger by Rhinegheist....so many beers, so little time...

Comment 03 Nov 2016

Pliny is available on craftshack.com...It's worth the hype.  Right there with Heady topper, Sip of Sunshine, and my favorite: Fuzzy Baby Ducks.

Comment 18 Oct 2016

Bucks Game: 1996/7 Rose Bowl....52 hours straight across the country in a Buick Century Wagon with 3 other poor , 4 hours of sleep, Rose parade Then Rose Bowl... Germaine to Boston....50 hours straight back....

Comment 10 Oct 2016

B deck box seats are a value.  They're under the lip, but not behind a pillar.  The individual seats, with backs, insure you've a clean place to sit that hasn't been walked on, nor will you be pushed aside by someone requiring an airline seatbelt extender...or two...

Comment 03 Oct 2016

Bodhi is a great DIPA.  Given what you mentioned beerwize, check out Zaftig.  Ohio finally got rid of a pesky ABV law regarding beer, so the boozy Stouts and Quads are up and coming, Zaftig atop the list.  Prior to the limit, most of their beers were "12%" - with exceptionally sarcastic quotes. 


You'll also appreciate the location of their taproom, a stones throw from the Budweiser plant; sort of a big F-U to macrobrewing.  I'd highly recommend an Uber if you go.  There's decent pizza near by, Pie's n Pints - I'd recommend the off menu Italian Pie, and a side of their smoked wings.

Comment 03 Oct 2016

NH -

Craft Beer is ubiquitous here in the bus.  There is a very nice place in Dublin called the Pint room (not to be confused with the pint house in the short north) with an excellent tap list for even the snobbiest of the craft crowd.  If you have a proclivity for IPA's, Columbus Brewing company has both it's Bodhi, and it's Creeper in bars now.  They stack up very well to even Heady Topper.  The PR has excellent artisan burgers, I'd recommend the Hangover, or the PBBJ (peanut butter, bacon, and jelly) burger.

Thurmans in German Villiage is another great burger.  Small place, and it's a wait to get it, but worth it.  HIt up Schmidts in German villiage as well - German Sausage\brat buffet, and to die for cream puffs.  Jeni's is a go to ice cream parlor, there are multiple locations. Tai Tiki (short north) has awesome Polynesian, sushi, and unique mixed drinks. Bodega (short north) has an amazing craft beer selection if you don't mind the Hipster crowd.  Cafe Da Vinci (Upper Arlington) will give you some very nice home made Southern Italian, with a side of home made Gelato. Meister's or Adriatico's for deep dish pizza, Brenz for traditional. 

The brewers row is a good time - Seventh son and Wolf's ridge in particular have great tap rooms.  Smokehouse brewing company has arguably the best BBQ in town, and they carry Barley's brew if you wish to kill two birds with one pint.

No shortage of good stuff, welcome back, and Go Bucks!

Comment 20 Sep 2016

Hard to say, so many great catches.  Even this obscure one by Chris Vance.  Upvotes for catching anything from Bellasari.


Comment 26 Aug 2016

If you're looking to make millions, you have better odds at the casino.  The models themselves split profits, and there are only so many times you can divide up a penny before it's insignificant profit.  The people at the top may make some money, but largely these are set up for the manufacturers of the product to make profit.  Usually, but not always, the products represented aren't good enough to compete with the mainstream; and\or the products themselves aren't as subject to as many regulations due to not being sold thru a traditional franchise.  The latter being a loophole to get a product on the market; in some instances.  Also, the products themselves usually cannot compete in traditional marketing approaches.

That being said, there are some solid products being sold.  Beachbody workouts, Advocare, Youngliving, etc.  Residual income can be made, but it's a lot of work for any real profit.  Testimonies of successful folks in an MLM equate to (on average) 5-10 grand of extra income a year, for 20+ hours of work a week.  Of those, the successful have overcome the biggest hurdle of MLM's: selling product in an artificial market.  Most sales are to new recruits, not to outside consumers.  This lends itself to a conclusion when evaluating any MLM:  If they stress recruitment over product sales, it should be apparent they no longer care if it's product is in demand as they are making a profit from recruiting, not their product.  These are the MLM's to avoid.