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Comment 02 Apr 2014

I completely agree. It just depends on whether Seahawks management believes that they already have their replacement in R.Turbin (24) and C.Michael (23). 

Looking at the rest of bottom 1/5th of the First Round:

  • 26. Browns - Could have been a real possibility here before they picked up Ben Tate and Dion Lewis.  
  • 27. Saints - PT Cruiser (29) and Mark Ingram (24) are solid guys. Probably going DEF with this pick.
  • 28. Panthers - Maybe here? Both DAWilliams (30) and J.Stewart (27) are unreliable and always on IR. 
  • 29. Patriots - No. Ridley, Vereen, Blount, Bolden. Next.
  • 30. Niners - No. Gore (30), Hunter (25), Dixon (26), plus they just drafted Lattimore last year...
  • 31. Broncos -  No. Too much youth already and they need a ton of DEF help.
  • 32. Seahawks - Maybe (see above).

if I had to guess, he's going to fall into the 2nd round purely based on team needs.. Early 2nd rounder to the Jags or Falcons would make a lot of sense..

Comment 19 Feb 2014

Maybe IU should rename it Disassembly Hall for the rest of the season? #BadPun #Sorry

Comment 12 Feb 2014

Just noticed that McCullough is from my HS. I think he would be the first recruited player from there. Turano went to Kilbourne, but he made the tOSU team as a walk-on...

Comment 16 Jan 2014

I'd venture to say that review for the 2011 class will read pretty well with names like Braxton, Bennett, Shazier, D. Smith, Heuerman, Doran G., Haynes, Hale, Vannett, and even big Chris Carter contributing...

Comment 10 Jan 2014

Here's NC's defense (under Withers) getting rolled up by Russell Wilson & NCST... There isn't a lot of DEF film available on YouTube or this clip, but it reminded me a lot of the 2013 Bucks DEF..  No press coverage, DBs not turning around for the ball, missed tackles, etc..


Comment 18 Dec 2013

@Joe, I wish you would have done a Top 13 for 2013... Jussayin'.... That being said, thanks for these. I could watch them all afternoon. 

Recommendations for #12 & #13

#12 - tOSU vs SDSU: Philly Brown's TD catch over two defenders.

#13 - tOSU vs. Purdue: Doran Grant pick 6



Comment 12 Dec 2013

Get that scUM out of the South.

I really like the 64-team idea if all the pointless "pre-season" OOC games are removed. 

Comment 03 Dec 2013

Totally agree Gunin.

Braxton Miller >>>>> Nick Marshall

El Guapo >>>>>> Tre Mason (who's built more like Jordan Hall than Hyde)

No point in stopping there because the rest of Ohio State's skill position players are better than Auburn's as well. 

The key difference, and most significant, is on the other side of the ball. Auburn's DEF is clearly better than tOSUs, mostly notably at LB... No glaring issues of poor no-good whiffing terrible bad tackling. 

Comment 26 Nov 2013

National Championship year, 2002. Drunkenly sprinted a 1/2 mile from E. 14th Ave and dove straight in, swam to the middle of the lake (was there a fountain?) and sprinted a 1/2 mile back home. I was sick for 2 weeks thereafter but it was totally worth it.

Comment 25 Nov 2013

I hope 24-7's crystal ball is right.