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Comment 13 hours ago

This could be a good thing for the young people of America. It can help them to learn why you don't allow your government to have that kind of power and disrespect for its citizens. 

Comment 14 hours ago

Yeah, that's pretty fucked up. I'm sure the person who came up with the idea was born after the National guard killings at Kent State.

Comment 14 Sep 2014

I agree with you but apparently the communist or welfare recipients have more votes.

Comment 13 Sep 2014

A Hokie is a male Turkey. I lived in central Virginia for a while. It's the poultry capital of America.

Comment 01 Sep 2014

So you are telling me there is no way to defend the triple option? Then why would we schedule a game?  11 on 11  o matter what offense you run. They obviously execute better than our defense. Is execution on the player or coach,

Comment 31 Aug 2014


If defending the triple option is not assignment football, then you have no business coaching. If you think you are going to have one guy cover both the fullback and the pitch, then you are going to have the same problem the bucks had.

Comment 31 Aug 2014

Leave the excuses for Michigan. Every week we have to prepare for a different offense. We were not prepared for this one, period. That's on the coaches. They had four weeks to prepare for a one dimensional football team and basically failed in that preparation.

Comment 31 Aug 2014

Look man,

If the triple option was all that, everybody would be running it. It is a pretty simple offense. Triple option, fullback, quarterback, halfback.

It takes assignment football. We had no one on the pitch out on a good 50% of the plays. Who's assignment is it to take the halfback?

It was like they were coached for the double option, they forgot someone needs to cover the halfback. I give the bucks no excuses, the linebacker play still sucked. They didn't have to worry about deep drops and pass coverage, just play your assignment. I was not impressed at all.

Comment 31 Aug 2014

Our linebacker play sucked. No one ever took the pitch. We were not very well prepared. Our middle line backer would take off to chase someone wide and they would counter up the middle and we would get gashed. I was not impressed with the way we played the Mike position. I am not sure it's all on the players. I have not been one to jump on the Fire the  DC bandwagon, but Meyer said they had been preparing for Navy since the beginning of camp.

Comment 22 Jul 2014


Good catch, Groveport Heisman. You have a good since of humor. Somehow, a stud laying the wood didn't convey the message I was trying to make.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

If I had to look at an area of concern for this upcoming season, it would have to be our safety play. I know we have some talent back there but very little experience. We haven't had dominant safety play in at least 4 years. We need that stud that can bring the hammer.

Comment 20 Jul 2014

I was at the game against Illinois. I thought it was the most dominating performance I had ever seen for an Ohio State running back. I agree Remy, Keith should have won the 84 Heisman. Great to see him coaching his son in Boca.

Comment 19 Jul 2014

Guys, they don't cost that much. If you don't like either one, give it to your neighbor.

Comment 19 Jul 2014

Nice writing. I once met Cooper at a Galyans Store (now Dick's). We were both in the gun section looking at shot gun shells. Coop picked up a box of shells and asked me, " Are these the shells you use for duck hunting". He thought I worked there. I quicky said, "No, those are the shells we use on coaches that can't beat Michigan".

We both had a good laugh when he realized I didn't work there. I've felt bad about that exchange, after realizing what a nice man he seemed to be.

Comment 18 Jul 2014

Highly unlikely any of this is true. The writers of the blog are local Michigan HS kids. The anonymous source makes it even more unlikely. Why be anonymous if its true? Don't be a pussy, tell us your source.

Comment 18 Jul 2014

Nathan was a wild man on the field. He always seemed to be ready to either fight or just plain take your head off. It was too bad about his injuries. He had the talent to play in the NFL.

I didn't know he was academic All B10. That's awesome.

thanks Remy, good read

Comment 17 Jul 2014

I think part of C Grants problem has been the scheme. It seems our nose guard and tackles shoot gaps leaving the middle linebacker to take on the interior lineman untouched. I think its part of the reason C has been beat up over the last 2 years. You have a beast of a linebacker, about 245 lbs, consistently taking on 300 lb plus lineman. He did a nice job taking on the lineman so Shazier could swoop in and make the tackle. Problem with that scheme is, Shazier's tackle is 5 yards down field. If you have seen C Grants build you would realize he was the only LB bad-ass enough to fill that role. Kwon is going to be bad-ass also. With the scheme OSU had been using on defense, that middle LB position is probably the tuffest position on the defense.