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Comment 11 Aug 2016

I don't have that problem, but when I come to this site on my Windows Phone,  the font is so large it renders the site almost unreadable. Very weird because it only does this on a few web sites.  

Comment 22 Jul 2016

My uncle would always say "It's colder than a witch's tit" Never could figure out what that meant. 

Or in reference to a person being in an out of the way location, "he's in bum f---- Egypt." 

Comment 19 Jul 2016

Please stop reminding me why this guy leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I thought I had put those feeling to rest. And to think that was only some of the things he did prior to Tatgate blowing up.

Comment 11 Jul 2016

I had a Fitbit HR. Loved it but wanted to get something that recorded more than just the basics so I gave my Fitbit to my sister and bought a Microsoft Band 2. It works very good, but the battery life is crap. My sister still uses my Fitbit and it is still going strong. Neither of us would take it off to shower or bathe, either. I do take the Band off, though. I read somewhere that the Fitbit was made to be waterproof, but they changed the warranty because people were not drying the skin good enough and were getting rashes. Don't know if it's true, but it is still working.

Comment 10 Apr 2016

IMHO, I think you should run as fast as you can, and I'm a woman. There is no excuse or reasoning that would allow for you to stay in a relationship with a woman that threatened you with false domestic violence charges. Please think with that head on your shoulders for a moment and think about this. You two are not married yet. She is putting her best  foot forward right now. Her issues are not going to go away once you put that wedding ring on her hand. If anything, they will be accentuated. Please don't go back. This woman will destroy everything you worked for and has the potential to turn you into a person that even you won't recognize. 

Comment 09 Apr 2016

No wonder she's your ex. Pineapple and ham on a pizza is inexcusable and definite grounds for divorce unless you knew she liked her pizza that way before you took your vows. Then it's on you for ignoring this major, game changing problem.   

Comment 01 Mar 2016

When mentioning his injuries you left out his bed bug bites. How hilarious is that!!

Comment 24 Feb 2016

I didn't mean to imply they would get hired, or a guaranteed interview because of all the layers involved in hiring today. But I do know that if there is an application from a fellow alumni, and there is an alumni involved in the hiring process, most will go to bat for that person to at least be considered. Again, it is the applicant that has to sell himself in the end. Nobody is going to hire someone if the applicant does not fit their business model or isn't qualified for the position, but it can open a door that wouldn't otherwise be there.

Comment 24 Feb 2016

How many alumni are in positions to hire? If you don't think that influences at least getting a foot in the door, than you are delusional. Although I am not in that position, I have plenty of friends that are and they all would love to get other alumni at least a shot. That's all a prospective applicant can ask for. It is up to them to sell themselves. Once a  person gets a job, it is up to them to put in place an impressive resume. Where you went to school becomes less important. The only thing a big degree gets you is the initial foot in the door. After that, you have to prove yourself. It may take you a little longer to reach your goals, but if you are good at what you do, the opportunities to advance will be there.

Comment 07 Feb 2016

If his tweet is alluding to him coming back to play football, I'm sure Urban has given him the okay since this has been an ongoing process of Armani getting healthy. If so, Meyer must have some plans to get him back on the field if he is cleared. Other than that, I agree it can be some sort of coaching or administrative position.