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Born on the banks (not literally) of the Mississippi River in Onalaska, WI (LaCrosse) in 1964. Raised on the banks of the Olentangy since 1968. Can almost hear Keith Jackson saying that last part in a way that only he can.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching Buster Douglas knock out Mike Tyson on a giant rear projection tv in my parents house. Oh, and a little thing called the 2002 National Championship. That was stressful as hell, but worth the suffering.

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Comment 25 Mar 2017

Russillo on Friday was just ripping Sean Miller a new one and called him an underachiever who has never been beyond the Sweet 16 as a player or coach - though I haven't checked to be sure.  He said that Mack was a superior coach to Miller in every way. He just went on and on about how much he couldn't stand Sean Miller, though I often feel the same way about Russillo. Mack however he loves.

Comment 25 Mar 2017

This result comes from these guys having fun and enjoying the game again. So great to watch Arena let these guys just play and turn every loose ball into an attacking opportunity. You never saw this passion for the game under Klinsmann. He was too controlling and created an oppressive environment the players didn't enjoy. It's just one match, but I'm loving the freedom these guys have to be playmakers and show some of that flair they've been missing for so long. I wouldn't want to play this team right now!

Comment 21 Mar 2017

Great coaches become legends because they put their own unique stamp on college football history. They don't emulate anyone. Jimmy doesn't stay anywhere long enough to be great at anything. Can you imagine Urban walking around in a fedora to emulate Earle Bruce?  Besides the gold standard for coaching greatness is a .750 career winning percentage. Urban is 7th all time at .851 and Jimmy is barely over .700. Let Jim stay in one place for a decade to build a winning legacy. As for now he's just another good coach whose main attributes are being eccentric and an enthusiastic motivator. He seems to have a career trajectory more similar to Les Miles - another one who despite a National title (and eccentric who moves around a lot), isn't in the .750 club.

Comment 06 Mar 2017

My Dad got Woody's autograph for me at the old Jai Alai Restaurant, where the Coach would often sit alone and enjoy dinner after practice in the mid 70's. Dad says he always took time to sign things for people and couldn't have been nicer about it. It's still my favorite thing of all the Buckeye collectibles. He was truly one of a kind!

Comment 28 Feb 2017

You can't have a name like Cage and not name one of your kids Luke!  Come on Cage family, is it too much to ask?