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Comment 25 Nov 2015

His assistants have to know that Jimmy never stays anywhere more than a few years before he starts looking around. I have to believe that they took these jobs as springboards to higher profile jobs elsewhere. Durkin will be a hot commodity after this season and should probably have been hired as a Head Coach by now anyway. 

Comment 10 Nov 2015

Now we know why Willoughby only handled kickoffs at Duke. To go from primarily kicking off, to the primary kicker on the defending national champion may be a bit much for Jack to handle mentally. If he's beating out Sean in practice, the talent is there, but if you can't get it done under pressure, Ohio State is no place to start learning how to kick with the game on the line. 

Comment 10 Nov 2015

An Ohio kid who knows where he wants to be and won't take other visits? Wow, that is some serious maturity and focus for someone his age. Most "lifetime" Ohio State fans in High School, still take other visits even after committing - only to be subject to the typical negative recruiting pitches and then things begin to change with all that attention and praise. Kierre is like, "Nah, I'm good". Love that.  

Comment 10 Nov 2015

Bu..bu...but I'm SO faux outraged about this that I must call local radio and write a letter to the Dispatch. How could they still let JT in the stadium and talk to the team at half-time? I mean, what must our haters think? I'm just so damn angry I think I'll just finish this beer and drive home. 

"The denial and hypocrisy of a troll is only surpassed by their own insecurity and habitual self-loathing"  Unknown

Comment 10 Nov 2015

My lip reading skills believe she is saying "Poo-poo puppy" which may have been a funnier meme. 

Comment 22 Oct 2015

Yeah, that's who I thought of as well but I was trying to think of a valid comparison with a pro coach. Maybe the Billy Martin of hockey? 

Comment 22 Oct 2015

This is no band of misfits and rejects playing big boy hockey. This team is young yes, but has a ton of talent and the potential to be very good. Todd Richards for whatever reason, just isn't reaching these guys anymore. That's what Tortorella brings. Not only instant credibility and success, but a guy who will pull out that potential, get these guys re-focused and doing all the little things the right way again. He is a quick fix guy, more than a long-term solution. He does wear out his welcome over time, but he also took this job so quickly because he knows how much talent is on this club. It's not a terrible team at all, but rather a very good group of guys who needed new leadership. I think it's just what this club needs and we'll see tonight! 

Comment 20 Oct 2015

Tortorella is perfect to light a fire under these guys asses. Richards just isn't that guy. John is the new U.S. Coach and is available. 

Comment 18 Oct 2015

I think Cardale lacks confidence because teams are forcing him to do things he isn't particularly good at yet. They run a variety of blitzes at him that generate pressure because he isn't a threat to run and he hasn't show the ability or the touch to make the short to intermediate throws. As Herbie said often tonight, he doesn't have the feel for the game that JT does and it often leads to frustration and miscommunication with his receivers. 

Players at top level programs like OSU are used to the fans being critical and the occasional boos. If you allow what fans say online to effect the way you play on game day, you really aren't ready to play D1 football. These guys know that all that matters is what the coaches and their teammates have to say.  Rude comments come from such a small minority of the fan base that you have to take it for what it is and move on. Once players run out onto that field, that's the last thing on their minds. 

That at being said, Urbans teams have always utilized a very athletic and mobile QB with tremendous leadership ability. Braxton fits that description and so does JT.  Cardale can't run the zone read, and is purely a play-action pocket passer who can't throw well on the move. The offense created for him over the last three games of last season was not like anything we had run during the season and worked perfectly as Zeke ran wild and we had guys who could get open on deep routes. This year, new players, new coaches and an offense that runs very few deep routes. Lots of screens, reverses, slants and runs. Everything setup to take what the defense is giving, including the wildcat. Very little of this offense plays to Cardale's strengths and you see that especially in the red zone situations when he leaves the field to let JT take over. 

I just just don't see Cardale being able to run this offense consistently well enough to keep the starting job, especially as you see how much this teams struggles in the first half much of this season.  JT is the better leader, has a much better feel under center and the offense is tailor made for his skill set. Cardale still has a lot he needs to learn about running an offense like this, to be a more complete quarterback and before he even thinks about a pro career. 

Comment 05 Oct 2015

It does continue to surprise me how conservative this offense gets in close games against defenses that have struggled all year. What happens to all of the offensive talent we heard so much about in the Spring?  How are we going to know if these guys can make a game changing play if no one else gets a chance to play?  All offensive recruits are seeing is one guy carrying the football and a couple of receivers catching passes. Is Jalin the only player capable of fielding a punt? 

That being said, it does seem that the bigger the game, the better this team plays. They are having trouble matching the focus and intensity of these teams who see the Bucks as the biggest game on their schedule. You can see it in all the mistakes, turnovers and slow starts to games. These guys for whatever reason, just don't have that fire right now. It's almost like they need to have a close game at the half, to find that motivation to fight for something. Once that big game looms on the horizon, I think you'll see these guys flip that switch and show everybody what they're capable of.  

Comment 04 Oct 2015

I'm not sure why anyone feels the need to express shock or anger over the drunken ramblings of such a small, insignificant group of a-holes that call themselves Buckeye fans. They are representative of no one but themselves, but yet we provide them with a forum for their idiotic opinions and pretend to be outraged by their meaningless commentary.  I would have to think that most sensible people would see these trolls for who they are and understand that the source of their rage comes from either lost money on a point spread, or frustration over having to explain yet another mediocre performance to other troll buddies who give them crap about it. I couldn't care less what this vocal minority has to say and neither should you.