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Born on the banks (not literally) of the Mississippi River in Onalaska, WI (LaCrosse) in 1964. Raised on the banks of the Olentangy since 1968. Can almost hear Keith Jackson saying that last part in a way that only he can.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching Buster Douglas knock out Mike Tyson on a giant rear projection tv in my parents house. Oh, and a little thing called the 2002 National Championship. That was stressful as hell, but worth the suffering.

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Comment 29 Nov 2016

Gonna cost Phil Knight a lot of money!  Always hoped Oregon would hire Orgeron. 

Comment 28 Nov 2016

No disrespect, but isn't "finishing" the elusive part of many good programs? I'm sure you could make a pretty impressive list of head coaches who were "close to greatness" but never got over that hump. Time will tell if Harbaugh ever reaches that lofty status, because as of now he's just known as a guy who can turn around struggling programs. He never stays in one place long enough to achieve that elite level guys get to when they win league titles and play for National Championships. 2017 will mark 20 years since TTUN's last National Championship. So let's see where Harbaugh stands in the next 3-5 years and re-evaluate. 

Comment 06 Nov 2016

Agreed, the top athletes have always played multiple positions. Is Hooker any more valuable at his position than Peppers or McCaffrey? 

Comment 22 Oct 2016

I remember having to drive 40 min. back in the late 80's to find a place to stay after a game in State College. Ended up in the creepy roach hotel, Hotel Lewistown in Lewistown, PA. Don't think it's around anymore as it was ancient then, but it was like an old Twilight Zone episode. We kept hearing voices, but never saw anyone and didn't see any staff or guests after check in. 

Comment 11 Oct 2016

When was the last time 97.1 scooped 11W on a football story? Those guys read this site then talk about the same stuff a day later. 

Comment 30 Sep 2016

Can someone get #69 a jersey that actually fits? What was Kyle Flood feeding these guys? Good luck Coach Ash...

Comment 28 Sep 2016

Jeez yeah, that sounds worse! At least the handles kept traffic flowing. This idea sounds like quite the opposite will happen. C'mon NJ get your shit together!  Lived in Edison for close to five years before coming back to the OH. Do kinda miss it. 

Comment 28 Sep 2016

Sorry Ramzy but you can't turn left in New Jersey, so it's just too much to overcome. When they get rid of jug handles, I'll go back.