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Born on the banks (not literally) of the Mississippi River in Onalaska, WI (LaCrosse) in 1964. Raised on the banks of the Olentangy since 1968. Can almost hear Keith Jackson saying that last part in a way that only he can.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching Buster Douglas knock out Mike Tyson on a giant rear projection tv in my parents house. Oh, and a little thing called the 2002 National Championship. That was stressful as hell, but worth the suffering.

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Comment 25 Oct 2014

A moment of silence please for Drewbuckeye upon the untimely death of his credibility. There will be an open service tomorrow for all who wish to attend at an undetermined time, but probably around 4:00pm.

Comment 21 Oct 2014

Apparently Mark May didn't get the memo.

Comment 21 Oct 2014

Hey Devin, don't allow one asshole to taint your legacy in Ann Arbor. You may have been made the butt of a few jokes by Buckeye fans over the years, however we're willing to put our past behind us when it comes to something like this. I suggest that you put these comments in your rear-view and focus on helping your football team get back and crack the top 20. Together we can all put an end to racism in sports. Thank you.

Twitter: Giving racists, pedophiles, stalkers and a random assortment of felons a voice since 2006.

Comment 21 Oct 2014

Really great cause and an excellent foundation Ryan, glad to help out. Tori is such a cutie. Ask Buckeye Nation and they respond!  I don't leave 11W often, but will certainly make an exception for this one!  

Comment 18 Oct 2014

Here's another gem:  Rutgers Offensive Tackle Keith Lumpkin:

"It's a dream to play in that stadium. Some people might find it nerve-wracking or scary.  It's just 100,000 people about to see me kick their teams butt, so that's how I see it."

Comment 16 Oct 2014

Umm, what?  There was a timeout on the floor and Evan essentially rolls the ball in the direction of the official as everyone walks off the floor. It bounces a bit and bumps the ref in the calf. He turns and gives Evan the heave-ho. Absurd. My guess, he wanted to see who it was first and that Evan's temper is well known in the league. Anyone else and the ref picks up the ball like nothing happened. Evan may have been working the refs before this, but still. Ridiculous. 

Comment 10 Oct 2014

Thanks for the commentary M Man. Nice to have your objective opinions regarding real events without being subjected to sarcastic banter and name calling. In fact all 11W comments so far have been rather objective. Not a troll among us...but the day is young (ie..wait for it!). 

Comment 06 Oct 2014

Burrow seems to fit the mold of a Meyer/Herman quarterback, and falls very much in line with how JT is playing right now. They are smart kids who play within the offense and take what defenses give them. They both run when it's available, focus on completions rather than forcing the ball and commit very few turnovers. Both are also very good leaders, but neither are highly vocal kids. I see Haskins also fitting this mold, but Gibson to me is more of a project. From what I've read lately however in interviews with his coach, Torrance is changing the way he plays based on the advice he's been given from Meyer and Herman. The future at QB does look very bright.