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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching Buster Douglas knock out Mike Tyson on a giant rear projection tv in my parents house. Oh, and a little thing called the 2002 National Championship. That was stressful as hell, but worth the suffering.

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Comment 26 Dec 2014

We had my brother-in-law's mother up from Anniston, Alabama for the holidays. As soon as she saw me she goes, "now I'm no Buckeye fan, but I hope y'all beat Alabama's ass!".  She comes from a family of diehard Auburn fans and claims Bama fans as "the most arrogant in college football."  

If Alabama football is the equivalent of Mike Tyson in his prime, then who better than a team from Columbus, Ohio to play the role of Buster Douglas to shock the world on national tv? 

Comment 25 Dec 2014

I am most certainly not THAT Bucky Buckeye. I'm also quite sure that I would never call Bosa or anyone else twice my size, a punk ass. Not even from the comfort of the sanctuary in my Mom's basement. The anonymity of Twitter does make one say some pretty bold things doesn't it?

Comment 20 Dec 2014

It's good to have an honest level-headed opinion on this hype train we're all following, but as you say, it's better to watch from a distance with more realistic expectations. Not always easy to do of course, but much smarter than the alternative. You guys have been through enough of these searches in recent years to know that hearsay and speculation are merely for the uninformed to amuse themselves. So let's give it another week and go from there!

You're right about the search committee roles. Misread that one (won't be the first time!). Good catch.

Comment 19 Dec 2014

Leave it to Cowherd to go after the low-hanging fruit that is the frenzied pursuit of Jim Harbaugh by UM and the melodramatic reactions by over zealous fans and media alike. He is simply jumping aboard the same bandwagon that everybody else not connected to the team seems to be riding right now. In some ways however, the criticism is warranted and understandable. 

From a distance there does appear to be an obvious sense of entitlement from the fans, many of whom refuse to believe there is any possibility that Harbaugh doesn't come. To be fair however Buckeye fans were not much different during the pursuit of Urban Meyer to the point where very few people (save for the delusional Fickell loyalists), ever realistically considered anyone else. After all this was Buckeye football we were talking about. We deserve a coach like Urban Meyer!  Anyone else would have been a failure. 

I think the label of arrogant does follow any school that has one of the nations most prominent sports programs and at the same time achieved a reputation as a school of higher academic standards. Notre Dame fans will always be accused of arrogance for expecting the top players and coaches. When Duke has to replace Coach K, for sure their fans will be accused of the same thing. USC fans have long been considered arrogant and entitled as they try to return to the top of college football. Familiarity does indeed breed contempt. 

So the rumors of Harbaugh's decision will continue to proliferate hourly until sometime after Christmas when he finally decides what he wants to do. Until then the rest of us must continue to endure ceaseless reports of literally hundreds of folks with inside connections to everyone from Jack Harbaugh's barber to the girl who used to babysit Jim's neighbors dog and everyone in between. Meanwhile the media are all scrambling to take both sides of this debate, so at least half of them will be right and can carry insider bragging rights for years to come. Whatever Jim Harbaugh does decide to do, I hope he does it soon.  I'm not sure that the hearts of UM fans can take it much longer. By the way, this must be the easiest job that the search firm Edelman has ever had. Some search, right?

Comment 19 Dec 2014

This is the kind of video you make when you're seriously concerned about losing. Otherwise, why bother? 

Comment 18 Dec 2014

Does the Class of 2032 have any rankings yet?   

Comment 17 Dec 2014

He can make about the same money in the NFL and not have to spend all of that time recruiting. The longer this waiting game goes on, the less likely it is that he goes to TTUN. He is clearly fielding other very lucrative offers from several NFL teams, and may just feel bad flat out rejecting TTUN right away once again. It's not like it's his last shot or anything. TTUN will have another opening in 3-4 years. Maybe by then he'll have the NFL out of his system.

Comment 16 Dec 2014

Excellent take on the situation up North. Lloyd Carr has his fingerprints on everything related to the football program, in ways that likely spelled the end of Rich Rod's tenure before it began. It will be interesting should Harbaugh take this job, how much Lloyd continues to try and assert himself going forward. I can't see that relationship working well at all unless Lloyd pulls back because he would finally have his "Michigan Man" in charge. 

Comment 16 Dec 2014

Harbaugh has coached exactly one college football team, so I'm not sure what you mean by "multiple". What is it that makes him dangerous? Sound exciting!  (EDIT: Oopsie...forgot about FCS San Diego).