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Comment 11 Feb 2016

Siegfried and point guard Mel Nowell were the ideal back court to start with Lucas, `Hondo and Roberts. I was pretty young when I watched that fuzzy NC game telecast back in `60, but I remember  Siegfried  being good as a shooter and all around guard. Good to see him get some mention in 2016. Kudos to Evan Turner for reminding us of arguably the most overlooked All-American in OSU roundball history. 

Comment 15 Dec 2015

Dood's frustration with the season is understandable, since Urban Meyer's NC hangover and talk show tour may yet cost us a few more of these showcase-minded recruits; just as it's likely reduced Braxton's NFL draft status  to undrafted FA camp invitee.  If you were a top offensive skill player, would you wanna hitch your wagon to the crap offense that we all witnessed this season?

IMO this team has fallen victim to unrealistic expectations for a repeat, from much of Buckeye Nation, especially in light of the ungodly strain on both time and mental focus of our kids and coaches from ESPiN, alumni groups, rotary clubs, book publishers etc. (especially Meyer). But objectively speaking, an 11-1 regular season and a Jan. 1 luncheon engagement with The Fighting Irish aint half bad for a team whose HC was too distracted to insert the best QB for this offense into the lineup for 9 weeks!  GO BUCKS!!!!!

Comment 12 Dec 2015

" . . .  his own success is biting him in the ass."

Thad's numbers have always been skewed,  due to high cholesterol as a result of excessive annual consumption of pre-conference pastries.

Lyle is being played out of position at PG, and our bigs show early signs of the same neglect that made our last center into      "a-mere-Williams," rather than the potentially dominant specimen that got McDonald's recognition in HS. 

As a Buckeye fan since Lucas, Nowell and Hondo's National Championship team, I'm hoping that these kids actually end the succession of players who leave here after 4 or 5 years, essentially the same as they came in, with little or no measurable growth or development. People seem to think of Matta as being OSU's best ever coach, but coach Taylor took Ohio kids from Middletown, Shelby, Columbus, etc., and DEVELOPED players that competed at a high level both in conference and nationally,  with virtually no support from School administrators that strictly understood this to be a "football school."

 Matta has compiled a resume that confirms his being a good coach who wins 20 games yearly, but that same resume suggests that he's not an elite coach, based on mediocre in-game bench coaching and his reliance on cream puff wins that would have us at 10-0 if not for this season's tougher schedule. (thanks for raising the bar coach McGuff)

IMO, Thad has brought the program back to relevance, which is his limit.  Now for all of his many plebes and concubines who can't wait to defend his record and honor, remember that many of you wept and screeched about losing Tressel until Urban came in and won the Natty through more effective usage of players Tress recruited, along with his own. (as we all broke into our "happy dance"). All I'm sayin' is that Matta's version of hardwood Tresselball is looking older & tireder over the last few years. 

Comment 01 Dec 2015

Replacing the usual pre-conference pastries with actual basketball teams will hurt in the early season but should pay dividends at tourney time, like it does annually for Izzo and MSU--be patient!

Comment 27 Nov 2015

This could be the year that Thad earns some respect for player development with this lengthy, athletic, potential-laden group of kids. I've been happier this year than most , because we're not just playing the same old menu of pre-conference pastries that have earmarked the Matta years thus far. I credit Coach McGuff for raising the competition bar with the women's team, to the extent that the men's program had little choice except to follow suit. I truly hope that this young crew becomes a team to be reckoned with by tourney time.


Comment 22 Sep 2015

Considering that there's a new OC (who's on the sideline rather than in the sky box?!!!), and that there's still unsettled position battles, and that defense is usually ahead of offense in the early season, and that we're still undefeated, we're actually slightly ahead of where we were @ this time last year . . . and you see how that turned out--lol.


Comment 20 Aug 2015

As a Buckeye fan since tickets at the Shoe $6 each, I'm happy to see a  fan carve out a niche by creating a character that's become iconic around the nation. Is he a pretentious, self absorbed weenie? . . . yes!!!--but you can't deny that he's just as much a part of comtemporary Buck-Lore as script Ohio is!  So why not can the Mark May sounding prattle and give Grubby his moment?!!!


Comment 26 Jul 2015

DT, don't know if you're old enough to remember, but OSU once had a 6'4" forward named Jerry Francis who not only held his own in the B1G, but gave more than a few teams fits as a nightmare of a matchup problem. Tate has similar tenacity and grit as an undersized PF with solid low post skills.

Comment 14 Jul 2015

As  long time women's team follower I'm quite impressed with coach McGruff's obvious intention to make this program a national powerhouse based on whom he's chosen to schedule. Last year they were amazing as primarily a 7 player team. This year I see a squad that's goin' deep into the NCAAs, after facing a Tom Izzo like schedule playing 12 tourney teams pre-conference. 

With these ladies and the haul of talent coach Matta's bringing in basketball's clearly on the rise at TOSU--GO BUCKS!!!

Comment 06 Jul 2015

I think you might be pleasantly surprised like I was when I saw a couple clips of Ross from Italy this past season. My guess is that he's less prone to binge since he was returned to his natural 2 guard spot rather than being forced to play PF like at OSU.

I'd love to see any of our guys play in the NBA.

Comment 25 Jun 2015

So, what is your exact rank in the morality gestapo? Pryor was a dumb kid that got sucked in by the off-record "perks" of being a football star at The Ohio State University; where mysterious nice cars etc. have magically appeared in the possession of jocks without jobs since Archie and Corny roamed the plains (and players were paid to paint fences white at Darby Dan farms whether they showed-up to do it or not.) The whole 5 yr. ban facade was a matter of protocols for protecting exposed institutional hemorrhoids from engorged NCAA probes. What you're acting like is like the grandma that conveniently forgot when her sorority crew was duped into starring in Girls Gone Wild, back before she became older, wiser and holier than thou.