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Comment 22 Sep 2015

Considering that there's a new OC (who's on the sideline rather than in the sky box?!!!), and that there's still unsettled position battles, and that defense is usually ahead of offense in the early season, and that we're still undefeated, we're actually slightly ahead of where we were @ this time last year . . . and you see how that turned out--lol.


Comment 20 Aug 2015

As a Buckeye fan since tickets at the Shoe $6 each, I'm happy to see a  fan carve out a niche by creating a character that's become iconic around the nation. Is he a pretentious, self absorbed weenie? . . . yes!!!--but you can't deny that he's just as much a part of comtemporary Buck-Lore as script Ohio is!  So why not can the Mark May sounding prattle and give Grubby his moment?!!!


Comment 26 Jul 2015

DT, don't know if you're old enough to remember, but OSU once had a 6'4" forward named Jerry Francis who not only held his own in the B1G, but gave more than a few teams fits as a nightmare of a matchup problem. Tate has similar tenacity and grit as an undersized PF with solid low post skills.

Comment 14 Jul 2015

As  long time women's team follower I'm quite impressed with coach McGruff's obvious intention to make this program a national powerhouse based on whom he's chosen to schedule. Last year they were amazing as primarily a 7 player team. This year I see a squad that's goin' deep into the NCAAs, after facing a Tom Izzo like schedule playing 12 tourney teams pre-conference. 

With these ladies and the haul of talent coach Matta's bringing in basketball's clearly on the rise at TOSU--GO BUCKS!!!

Comment 06 Jul 2015

I think you might be pleasantly surprised like I was when I saw a couple clips of Ross from Italy this past season. My guess is that he's less prone to binge since he was returned to his natural 2 guard spot rather than being forced to play PF like at OSU.

I'd love to see any of our guys play in the NBA.

Comment 25 Jun 2015

So, what is your exact rank in the morality gestapo? Pryor was a dumb kid that got sucked in by the off-record "perks" of being a football star at The Ohio State University; where mysterious nice cars etc. have magically appeared in the possession of jocks without jobs since Archie and Corny roamed the plains (and players were paid to paint fences white at Darby Dan farms whether they showed-up to do it or not.) The whole 5 yr. ban facade was a matter of protocols for protecting exposed institutional hemorrhoids from engorged NCAA probes. What you're acting like is like the grandma that conveniently forgot when her sorority crew was duped into starring in Girls Gone Wild, back before she became older, wiser and holier than thou.

Comment 11 May 2015

It's like the whole state of Ohio has supplanted Miami U, down in Oxford as the new cradle of coaches; congrats to all!!!                         Talk of Braxton's transfer has gone from mildly nauseating to downright sickening, as the league of coaches-not-named-Urban-Meyer, banter about position changes and logical successors based on their armchair assessments of the QB candidates at TOSU. One recurring flaw in the Cardale vs JT for new starter debate is that it fails to consider that neither of the presumed successors have ever beaten out Miller in a QB competition conducted by Urban Meyer and staff.

Coach Meyer has run a very successful dual QB system at Fla. and the prospect of him doing it again with this year's collection of talent is quite exciting.  If it were my decision all three would be utilized, with Braxton taking the first series of each game (health permitting), based on his full body of work at O-State; but, like everyone else not-named-Urban-Meyer, I'll just have to wait and watch and hope that the speculations don't affect Miller's decision to finish what he started at Ohio State.  

Comment 02 May 2015

True, we did let our starting "tight-injury" walk and now he's somebody else's headache (as in repeated concussions). We have 2 decent blocking TEs and the kid from the Cards with comparable speed to Cameron. What I'm seeing is a GM who's in lock-step with his coach, and making solid moves, in keeping with a team-building plan. Go Farmer and Go Browns!!!!!

Comment 17 Apr 2015

Delivery Room Dr.:Congratulations Mr &Mrs Borland, it's a 'backer!

GREAT!!! . . . we'll call him Tuf!   Seriously folks, . . . how can you NOT love havin' a linebacker named Tuf?!!!