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Comment 23 hours ago

I tend to agree with your and Dmac's perspectives on Spence, who has Clowney-esque athleticism and Bosa whom I see as being a JJ Watt 2.0 type of high motor beast.

My hope and prediction is that by the time we play MSU, Connor Cook will think he's facing the NFL Texans "D" and  we'll beat Sparty by 17 without Braxton, on our way to the B1G title and possibly the NC final 4 tourney!

Comment 24 hours ago

While we could take the EZ way out, wisdom says " . . . spare the Rod, spoil the opener!!!"

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Ok, so here we go . . . first of all I agree with the title of this thread 100%+; but my take on it is more like coach Meyer and crew have been granted an opportunity to do what I've been expecting and waiting for since his hiring. This will be a chance for OSU fans to escape the shackles of Woody 2.0 and actually see what can happen when ALL of our vast assortment of offensive weapons contribute, because IMO, while the Braxton  / Hyde juggernaut was an awesome sight to behold, our over reliance on the Dynamic Duo stunted the growth of some of our other playmakers, which made us easier to game plan against and ultimately cost us our last 2 games. One example of stunted growth is Devin Smith who, because of Miller's lack of intermediate touch has evolved into a deep-ball only  receiver. While the talking rectums of ESPN have declared our season lost, I for one, believe that we are now the most dangerous team in America, provided that Meyer, Herman and Smith take full advantage of a plethora of hungry skill players with 4.3 / 4.4 speed, who get a chance to prove that the Buckeyes are far from being a "1 Trick Pony."  So please forgive my seeing this tragedy as a blessing in disguise, and a way for America's most hated team to parlay the "sympathy vote" and an undefeated record into a spot in the 4team playoff, in spite of losing Brax . . . because hey, were the Buckeyes! We don't rebuild we just reload, so next man up and let's get this party started!!!


Comment 24 Jun 2014

No, it's the dreaded off-season and this article is what pigskin-anemia produces! . . . along with nausea, vomiting, club feet, irratable bowels, clap, memory loss,  enlarged heart, cycle-sell, memory loss, night sweats, PMS, liver spots, frequent urination, shortness of breast, tax evasion, gout, blue balls, halitosis, pattern baldness, tinnitus, hammer toe, tooth decay, ruptured spleen, memory loss, hangnails,  erectile dysfunction, seborrhea , trichinosis , apostasy,  occasional nose-bleeds, shortness of dick, and  memory loss. . . c'mon Season Opener!!!!

Comment 22 Jun 2014

For anyone who thinks Mr. Feder might actually be TOO tall, some of the older fans might remember a guy named Ed (too tall) Jones of the Dallas Cowboys who was a D-lineman with a  pretty distinguished All-Pro type of career. 

From the information that's available on this young man, we just nabbed a diamond in the rough who's very likely to bring the nickname "Too Tall" back to prominence in a BIG way.  . . . Get 'em Urban!!!

Comment 19 Jun 2014

Yep, . . . thanks BTN.  Man--this is the toughest part of every year for me--it's what I call no man's land. Basketball's over except for the draft, Buckeye recruiting news helps somewhat, but since I'm not a baseball guy it  seems like football season is years away, and even though I have tremendous respect for the athletes involved,  soccer ain't quite my thing so even these little BTN replay tidbits are much appreciated by a starving football junkie like me. 

Comment 12 Jun 2014

Wow Kyle, you actually used the .2 ypc. difference!  Ok, let's try this . . . do you think Brax compares as a power, yards after contact runner for a forth down situation in a championship game? IMO Urban made a bad call on 2 counts:                                  1) He was quoted numerous times declaring our "Hogs" to be the best O-line in the country, but in the clutch it was like                    " . . . mmmm-maybe not so much.                                                                                                                                                                

 2) It's widely accepted coaching wisdom to go north/south rather than east/west in short yardage.

 Please forgive any perceived blasphemy, but I have yet to see anything remotely similar to the offensive scheme or the play-calling that I saw when  Meyer's Florida squad dismantled Troy Smith and company. So if I seem to be a bit lacking in hero worship it's because I am. For my money both Urbs and Herman are on probation until on-field performance says otherwise. 

Comment 09 Jun 2014

What "wounds" are there for time to heal? The pious attitudes of most of the posters here border on sickening. TP was one hell of a buckeye QB that did the university proud with his on-field performance. His 31 and 4 record as a starter remains the best ever at OSU.  The "Tat Gate" scandal is just the result of 5 kids (who got caught) suffering from the dreaded congenital disorder called "young and dumb" that has plagued college campuses throughout history. But please, . . .  don't regard the 5 year ban as anything more than a school covering it's own booty-crack from potential NCAA sanctions by making sure that there was no room for administrators under the proverbial bus. If things play out as hoped, Terrelle and crew will someday be seen as the unwitting anti-heroes that were indirectly responsible for ushering in the golden age of Urban Meyer. In light of recent comments by the NCAA investigator that covered "Tat-Gate", Gene Smith would look real good if he reversed the banishment of Pryor and the others and welcomed them back "home."  As a Buckeye fan that attended my first game in 1964, I can run down a long list of rule violations that were dealt with much less harshly by the school, . . . welcome home, Terrelle  


Comment 06 Jun 2014

Krenzel was a man of destiny, on a team of destiny. My first reaction to this post was that "Block O" should be renamed Block Head, but as I read the comments of my fellow Buck-a-holics it became increasingly clear that Block is simply a victim of E-SPIN's hyper-analytic, Sports Science reasoning. IMO Krenzel's greatness is similar to Aaron Craft's greatness on the hardwood; both are game-smart and heart driven winners. Measurables don't begin to tell the story of why these guys prevail against bigger, faster, stronger opponents whose mechanics are picture perfect, . . . they just do. I'm just happy that a bus filled with future NFL stars had Craig Krenzel at the wheel as they drove through Wolverines, Boilermakers, and Hurricanes to get that crystal football for the Buckeye trophy case. 



Comment 05 Jun 2014

Warren Ball has shown more "wiggle" and is the shiftiest of the backs I've seen, in this playing-time derby.  I just hope that the chip on his shoulder brings out an ability to run with an angry edge. Ball has every tangible quality needed to be a big-time back, at this level and even on Sundays, but what I think he needs to show this season is a "Beast Mode" refuse to be denied attitude to coaches. Man, I'm sure there are lots of coaches that would LOVE to have Stan Drayton's problems this year!

Comment 17 May 2014

" . . . And which one of those guys has accomplished as much as Thad? You must be trollin'. . . "

Why must I be "trollin'?" . . . and what might you be rollin'?  Kevin Ollie just coached  UCONN to the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP and Archie Miller just took kids that weren't up to TOSU's lofty standards, called them Dayton Flyers and proceeded to out- coach Matta and send his former boss and my Buckeyes home from the big dance with Jordan Siebert's Nikes firmly wedged in their butts.   Understand that you're talking to one who, as a 9 year old kid, watched Fred Taylor coach OSU to it's ONLY national title so please forgive my reluctance to anoint Thad as the best ever 'cause he aint!

 What I'm saying is that coach Matta needs to prioritize continued growth as a coach so that he might someday win the NCAA title for Ohio State, and actually become what you seem to think he already is. 

Comment 16 May 2014

Greg Marshall, Shaka Smart, Archie Miller, Kevin Ollie, Shaun Miller . . . how much time you got?  Thad has a lot of groupies here, for a guy who coaches a one dimensional system and lays defeat at de' feet of his players. (which I've seen in several interviews)

I know, I know--defense wins championships; . . . yeah B1G Ten championships.  I'm not saying that Matta needs to go, but he definitely needs to grow; attend a few coaching clinics, listen to his assistants, learn a discernable  offense to go with his trademark "D".           Thad Matta is undoubtedly the Moses of modern OSU Basketball. But keep in mind that it was a coach named Joshua that succeeded Moses and took his squad to the promised land.

Comment 16 May 2014

Damon B, despite your post getting off to a rocky start, the questions you pose about Thad are ones I've had for some time. Players don't seem to grow in this system and recruiting seems to hinge mainly on NOT coming from Columbus and whether the recruits have ever worked at a McDonalds in America. 

Comment 11 May 2014

It's been confirmed, so congrats young man; and once again I get to sing  my twisted post draft version of the Queen classic          " . . . another one 'vites the Bucks! . . . "  (I know it's corny, but so is white lightnin'!)

Comment 09 May 2014

Preach and teach, while the doubters screech . . . The Browns just got relavent!