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Comment 19 May 2017

WTF has Randy Ayres got to do with the pizz-poor job that Thud Matta has done over the last 4 or 5 seasons?!!!  5 star recruits (Scott, Williams)  come here to degenerate into fall guys for a fraud who's stolen more money than Jesse James.  In case you haven't figured it out, I'm one of those old coots who experienced OSU's only national championship in '60 and hoped that Matta might be the coach to bring the next one home--until I really watched him "coach."  And for all of you who follow his lead and blame the kids when whole recruiting classes run for the hills due to mass character issues, first . . . my condolences and sincere hope that a cure for Terminal Homeristic Okie-Dokie-Gnosis, is right around the corner.  Gene Smith has been hamstrung by local media and alumni who've drank the Kool-Aid that makes advanced mediocrity acceptable, for some time now.  This has already cost us the Miller brothers, Shaka Smart and likely Greg Marshall too, and it must be  stopped now!!!! 

Comment 31 Mar 2017

Hmmmm . . . might just be on to something there!!  With AC you get 2 players for only 1 paycheck.

You get Aaron Craft with his hard-nosed defense--but you also get "Errant Crap" which describes his offensive game and shooting. As a Buckeye Lifer, who remembers watching Lucas, Hondo, Nowell and company win our only national title I love what Craft was able to accomplish in his years at TOSU, but he's playing D league ball for a reason!

Comment 31 Mar 2017

" . . . but this is Lebron's guy."

The obvious problem is that for a coach to be ANYBODY'S guy is a major problem in any team sport. I've heard that Blatt's failure to maintain a country club atmosphere in which players could go hard or decide to do otherwise, was a big problem for "The King" and his cohorts. Blatt had won double-figure championships with sound fundamentals, defense and toughness as his team's calling card throughout.

The errant assumption of LeBron's incalculable b-ball IQ being more valuable than Blatt's  vast championship experience is now proving itself out before our very eyes. Lue has gone from being the darling of the league to what he was before the finals win last year; the second, third and fourth letters in the word cLUEless. James belongs in the conversation concerning the game's all-time greatest-ever players, but he needs to quietly relinquish his GM's hat, and return it to Griffin who is eminently more qualified to wear it.

Comment 25 Mar 2017

Years of B-ball mediocrity appears to be paying off in Columbus,Ohio. More and more folks around here are starting to remove the state-issued and mandated rose(a shade of scarlet)-colored lenses, and are beginning to see  admit seeing what's actually transpiring before our eyes. Groups of kids as skilled and diverse as Mitchell, Grandstaff and Harris and the big kid,  don't just all decide to up and transfer without reasons that are recognizable and deemed agreeable to all parties concerned.

Comment 20 Mar 2017

" . . .  Hope everyone will get behind Matta and the Buckeyes in 2017-18 . . ."

Hopefully to help push Thad's escape vehicle and speed up his exit from OSU.

Comment 14 Mar 2017

In a twisted way, Elliott is being victimized by the implied "bulletproof" status he's experienced since leaving HS. As the growing number of incidents coming out of seemingly harmless fun are routinely swept under the rug, Zeke gets the message that he's above the law due to his celebrity "hall pass."

While it's true that many of the girls at such events are opportunists who hope to land a well-paid athlete or entrap one into a lucrative lawsuit or settlement, someone needs to make it clear to # 21 that all of his fame & fortune can be gone just as quickly as it came about. 

As a former staff songwriter for Motown in my younger days, I've attended more than a few such parties and seen some marvelously appointed hooters . . . but I can't say I've ever seen a pair that's worth losing 6 or 7 figures over  or sabotaging one's career and good name, to fondle or expose.

Wake up--wise up and grow up young man!

Comment 07 Mar 2017

That's funny, I was commenting to my wife a couple days ago that the concept of enough (aka-"just right) has been lost at this juncture. Your clever wordplay in coining the term "jest rite" speaks to the mentality that dominates this and similar sites, and definitely deserves the  upvote I gave you.

In reference to the topic of this post, coaches have a period of maximum effectiveness; a sort of shelf-life, which  came and went for Matta at TOSU around 5 years ago, so for me Thad's return ensures at least one more year of program mediocrity as fans fight to retain a good coach who's never won the big one, but is recognized as being better than Fred Taylor who won it all.

Comment 05 Mar 2017

Yep, it sounds like you'd be a terrible fit for Noah in a GM / player relationship. Do you think that as an  athlete that  OSU  recruited to play WR,  maybe Brown might be a little faster than the insulting speculations you've posted here? 

The kids we're recruiting under Meyer show pro potential from middle school so don't be surprised if Brown becomes a faster Anquan Bolden like pro--but don't pretend that you or I can evaluate Brown's talent based on sport blogs & the small on-field sample size we've been given to assess. 

He's a Buckeye!!!. . . ROOT for him at the nex level too.

Comment 04 Mar 2017

The chip you speak of is one I've waited for since this coach was hired. Lack of talent isn't a problem but lack of cohesion in key instances has been a sore point for a couple of years now--and that one goes to the coaching staff.

McGruff the crime dog has a loaded tool box, so it's time that some things get tightened up pronto before recruiting is affected by the consistent underachieving by the team.

Comment 19 Feb 2017

Thad's "coaching" has been his recruiting from day one. Players have won games for OSU since Ron Lewis hit the shot that beat Xavier in the NCAA tourney, and it's never changed since. Thad's been a rich guy, fat-cat coach for so long that he's lost any fire or hunger that may have once existed. People still lament the School's "lack of loyalty" in their soft-firing of Tressel, but few will argue that the team has benefitted a ton from the change of coaches. Tress's playing not-to-lose style had run it's course with many by "Tat Gate" time, . . and Matta's defense-only coaching style staled several years ago with top HS prospects, so now his minions blame it on the kids' lack of character or whatever crap they're saying.

Whole recruiting classes don't just up and leave a school because they're all bad kids!!!

Comment 28 Jan 2017

A top 10 ranked class cared (and saw) enough to transfer out of TOSU post haste last year, but many Thad Bots on 11W credited Matta with the purging of dead wood from the team!!  To even infer that they all had no heart is ludicrous--Mitchell, Grandstaff and Harris are legit ballers who had a common need for a coach they could respect, and one who understands and coaches the "modern" game with it's self centered, AAU driven, me-first players.  Some folks think that scoring more than your opponent equates to playing good defense, if you win the game, and I'm starting to see their point as the losses to so-so teams and the years add up.    

Comment 22 Jan 2017


Comment 17 Jan 2017

Tress was indeed OK, while Urban is looking increasingly like KO!!--as in "out 'da park", as in Tyson's left hook, as in Saban's recurring nightmares!!!

 . . .Now if he'd just stop looking at the grass in the Horseshoe and elsewhere, in crucial moments and somehow overcome the Athletic Club's eternal mandate to TOSU coaches that offensive plays, in big games, must be taken from the gold-embossed memorial edition of Woody's old playbook;  we just might string together 2 or 3 more N.C. game trophies before the next coach comes along.    


Comment 15 Jan 2017

And Butler beats #1 'Nova with what? . . potato chips?!!!   Quality bigs have avoided us since Sully, when the word went around the AAU circuit that bigs don't improve at TOSU.  Aaron Craft  is the last player  Matta's  had that  showed  any measurable growth as a player after 4 or more years in the program, and that's just sad!   Thad has lost whatever edge he had that got him hired and brought  him moderate success here, and is at least 2 or more years overdue for replacing.   About 2 or 3 years before "Tat Gate" my buddies laughed at my saying that Tressell had peaked and was headed downhill with the football program in tow. Now they all have developed 20-20 hindsight in light of what the coaching change they feared has wrought in football.  D' Angelo Russell had a plan that was executed to perfection in his one and done season.  We need more of those kinds of talented self-starters or better coaching.