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Comment 29 Sep 2014

When a problem that was clearly Everett Withers's fault according to around 80% of the posts I saw on this site and others, continues under a new regime in coach Ash, it does cause some major head-scratchin' and the utterance of more than the occasional WTF?  

 The theory of their fast WRs seems a bit flimsy since our DBs face 4 and 5 star kids with 4.3 and 4.4 speed on a daily basis, which will bring us back to dough; . . . as in the exorbitant amounts paid to the highest grossing group of assistant coaches in the history of college football.

IMO coach Meyer needs to polish the tips of his shoes in the butt-cracks of a few well-fed, yet under productive a$$iStants and maybe even Fluke Pickle himself since he's the ring leader of the Silver BBs!    

Sorry to sound so harsh, but I'm an old-school Buckeye that's used to seeing our defense ranked in the top ten, so I just believe it's time for our head coach to "kick  a little Ash,"  and demand results that are commensurate with salaries!

And for all you little Buckeroos that are sharpening yer' scarlet and gray painted nails for use in casting yall's downvotes, keep this one thing in mind; . . . Nice guys are the ones who pay good money to stand with gritted teeth and watch through teary eyes, as butt-worms like Saban and Miles hoist crystal National Championship footballs, because they demanded excellence. 

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Totally agree! . . . and big props to Urban, who surely remembers being accused of developing a culture of "thugs and Hoodlums" at Fla. when he stood behind some of his players who had "problems." -- Kids sometimes play in the toilet, but that's no reason to flush 'em . . . after all, your dog will occasionally enjoy a "commode cocktail" and you'll let him lick you in the mouth!!!

Way to go Urban, . . . get well Noah! and of course GO BUCKS!!!!!  

Comment 17 Sep 2014

Well it's clear he wasn't around for the 1936 Olympics; . . .  Jesse Owens all day, everyday (even if he wasn't allowed to stay on campus!). 

Comment 09 Sep 2014

Yessss, Please, start the only WR to score TDs in both games!!!  Though I admit it's a little disturbing to think that our offensive brain trust needs fans  to recommend it!

Comment 09 Sep 2014

It'll be interesting to see if Kent St. tries to follow the blueprint that VT just laid out;  in fact,  I hope they do so that we can practice our quick passing game and maybe even a few "look ins" to the TEs.

We might as well start practicing an offense that can capitalize on our skill guys abilities, while the O line develops chemistry and confidence.

Who knows, it might give Herman a platform for redemption and gave Cincinnati something else to prepare for, and make it easier for our RBs to have some success, as well as keeping Barrett healthy.    

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Yeah, you KNOW some of our parents are siblings!

Comment 08 Sep 2014

" . . .  PS. the QB for VT  is experienced...but has been on the squad......for 3 months ! "

Yeah but he's a graduate transfer with 4 years of college game speed behind him, if I understood correctly.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Great question;  Why ISN'T (#can't guard Mike) Thomas our #1 WR?  The kid makes plays outside & in and has the size, speed and swagger that you want in your Alpha Dog. 

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Good point and as much as I wish it weren't true, I think there was a bit of "WWBD" (what would Braxton do) in JT's (eyes downfield only) passing decisions. 

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Consider Smith's body of work . . . he's caught maybe 2 passes that weren't go routes in his entire career!  Name 1 instance where Devin went inside?

What's Twilight Zone scary, is that the same vital elements are missing from our offense year after year after year;  REGARDLESS OF WHO's COACHING!!!!!  Tight ends? . . . nah those are tackles that wear 80s on their backs because they're NEVER included in the offensive game planning.

 Quick hitting pass plays? . . . nah, those are only for use by our overmatched opponents as a means of negating our superior athletes.

Utah passes and such ? . . . nah, the use of plays that could be construed as being deceptive, clever, or tricky, are strictly prohibited in the "traditional powers" bylaws, and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES shall blatant displays of excessive creativity be tolerated as a means of winning football games at The Ohio State University (like they are in The SEC).

IMO Herman's game plans suck, and have put undue pressure on young JT Barrett by failing to use Marshall, Wilson,Thomas and Samuel to the fullest, as well as not using  jet sweeps, screens and Cardale Jones to diversify an attack that looks way too much like Bohlman's and has been too easy to defend, for having as much firepower as we do!

For me, the nagging question is whether Urban seems so disengaged now, as compared with the guy at Fla., because he's rich, famous and burnt out,  or have we bought into his legend rather than seeing what we are actually looking at RIGHT NOW?

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Having coached the game a few years ago, one thing I learned is that you attack "Bear" type defensive schemes with slants, quick outs, circle routs and other plays that use the pressure against the defense; and your TE becomes a pivotal figure in your attack.

Coach Herman is a "mensa" that has yet to justify his guru-esque reputation, and whose game plan strategies often reflect the insight of a baboon and for me appear down-right dumb! There is actually a commonly used approach that's called the quick short pass to set up the run, the Utah pass etc., to offset superior strength or greater numbers along the line of scrimmage. 

When you have the assortment of playmakers that we do there's no excuse for continuing to look offensively inept, which includes trying to force the long ball all nite to a receiver(84) who was obviously off of his game, while guys like "can't guard mike"(3) and Jalen Marshall(17) who can take a short pass to the house on any play aren't schemed in at all! 

I just wonder how many recruits VT picked up after they watched Beemer & co. school Meyer, Herman, Ash(or did scapegoat Withers fly in for the game?), Fickell and the rest get punked? The Dispatch article earlier in the week entitled " . . . OSU Coaches Exposed . . ."  proved to be prophetic and raises the question; results . . . or rebates from our well compensated staff?

Comment 04 Sep 2014

Now that just might help to change our position in the AP polls, but ESPN's Merle Hoggard  is still not gonna budge on Johnny Manziel bein' a punk! . . . . so, THERE OHIO!!!

Comment 03 Sep 2014

 " . . . But I don't think we'll see it because JT can't run well enough."   According to whom?!!!  At the time he was being recruited, I remember reading that Barrett was ranked top 10 as an overall QB, and top 3 as a dual threat . . . what's changed?

 I know he's had ACL repairs, but Joey Galloway and others had the same, with no appreciable loss of speed or mobility. Maybe you're just judging JT on a scale of 1 to Braxton? . . . which is a pretty steep incline indeed, since I've read 4.32 as Miller's top 40 time!          

  Few who've ever played QB can measure-up to "Brax" as far as explosiveness, but I tend to think that Barrett will prove to be like a Halloween Bag that's full of sweet surprises.

Comment 29 Aug 2014

 . . . " Oh Mickey he's so fine, he's so fine he blows my mind, hey Mickey, . . . hey Mickey . . ."                                                      

Ok, so now that the old Toni Basil pop ditty is over for the Buckeyes, maybe someone can help me understand why we seem to totally rely on scouting services that  tell us that the only good players live outside of Columbus and vicinity? . . . while coaches from (reigning national champion) Syracuse, Michigan, Dayton etc., find jewels, right here in the shadow of Value City Arena?         Now I'm fully prepared for all the down votes and smarmy comments that are commonly directed at anyone who would dare  to imply that Thad Matta is anything less than perfect, but I'm willing to take that chance in order to help facilitate a return to the glory that I was a witness  to in 1960, when we won our only b-ball national championship.(with Ohio, and even Columbus kids!)

I'm happy to see Jermaine Tate's son coming here and Sully was great but I'm firmly convinced that we routinely undervalue local kids that could at least equal what I've seen brought into the program from elsewhere, and in many cases these national recruits have under-performed and left here under developed. Time to stop prowling the distant forest and grab more of the trees growing in our back yard!


Comment 26 Aug 2014

I tend to agree with your and Dmac's perspectives on Spence, who has Clowney-esque athleticism and Bosa whom I see as being a JJ Watt 2.0 type of high motor beast.

My hope and prediction is that by the time we play MSU, Connor Cook will think he's facing the NFL Texans "D" and  we'll beat Sparty by 17 without Braxton, on our way to the B1G title and possibly the NC final 4 tourney!