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Comment 17 Jan 2017

Tress was indeed OK, while Urban is looking increasingly like KO!!--as in "out 'da park", as in Tyson's left hook, as in Saban's recurring nightmares!!!

 . . .Now if he'd just stop looking at the grass in the Horseshoe and elsewhere, in crucial moments and somehow overcome the Athletic Club's eternal mandate to TOSU coaches that offensive plays, in big games, must be taken from the gold-embossed memorial edition of Woody's old playbook;  we just might string together 2 or 3 more N.C. game trophies before the next coach comes along.    


Comment 15 Jan 2017

And Butler beats #1 'Nova with what? . . potato chips?!!!   Quality bigs have avoided us since Sully, when the word went around the AAU circuit that bigs don't improve at TOSU.  Aaron Craft  is the last player  Matta's  had that  showed  any measurable growth as a player after 4 or more years in the program, and that's just sad!   Thad has lost whatever edge he had that got him hired and brought  him moderate success here, and is at least 2 or more years overdue for replacing.   About 2 or 3 years before "Tat Gate" my buddies laughed at my saying that Tressell had peaked and was headed downhill with the football program in tow. Now they all have developed 20-20 hindsight in light of what the coaching change they feared has wrought in football.  D' Angelo Russell had a plan that was executed to perfection in his one and done season.  We need more of those kinds of talented self-starters or better coaching. 


Comment 09 Jan 2017

100% correct in my opinion!  TOSU is a program that brings in top tier kids, many of whom are ready to play a lot, if not start from day one!  QB play and scheme have been less than expected in the passing game since Braxton was here, and helps underscore just how good these kids are and how esteemed the program is, to have participated in 2 of the first 3 CFB playoffs--and even more remarkable considering that they did it without screen pass, slant  pattern, quick hitch, Utah pass or anything involving the TE in many of their game plans!!

Grad transfer help is not necessary if kids who've spent their lives being star players are simply allowed to become star players at another level . . . OK?

Comment 09 Jan 2017

Agreed BB--Ben Victor, KJ Hill, Austin Mack McLauren, we have legit receivers who've been victimized by the combo of  Barrett's non-passing and  piss-poor playcalling!!  Honeymoons are great but I'm glad this one's over. Time for Urbs and associates to stop admiring the grass and coach this amazing talent to the level of great college players and champions

Comment 09 Jan 2017

The truth is that it's ALWAYS been on Thad from what I've seen. Thad Matta employs a formula that relies on recruiting a player or two that are productive scorers ON THEIR OWN, to provide offense despite the lack of effective sets in the half court. ( see Turner, Sully, Buford, Thomas, Ross, Russell, etc.)  The scheduling of a dozen or so,  assorted and sundry patsies has kept the string of now meaningless 20 win seasons going; which also keeps his "legendary" and "top 5 in the business"  hype machine delusion alive and well in Columbus.  

Everyone else on the team is simply taught to play defense and score in an AAU-esque run & gun game. Our half court  game has been excruciating to watch for years!  In fairness Matta was a much better teacher of the game when he was still hungry. Now that he's a longtime multi millionaire with groupies galore, he can serve-up mediocrity in footballville for year after year, with little fear of reprisal from the duped masses of Buckeye Nation.   

It took tat-gate to restore the football program to it's current national profile, and I'll admit I've often wondered if that same tatoo artist might be available to assist in upgrading our floundering basketball team as well. 

Comment 19 Nov 2016

Miss. State QB coach Brian Johnson formerly of Utah, who schemes much more like Herman as an OC than Warriner, and He's a talented QB coach as well, which is something we've sorely needed around here since the Troy Smith era ended. Johnson's young, fresh and creative which is vital to continuing our elite level recruiting. There are others out there who would jump at the chance to list TOSU at the very top of their resume, and would bring the playbook that keeps 4 & 5 star hot-shots content as rotation players on a perennial NC contender.       

Comment 04 Sep 2016

Booker is absolutely a superior athlete, but Joe B. is one in the tradition of the less athletically gifted players that Wisky used  in beating LSU yesterday--think Chris Spielman, who became a perennial all-pro with lineman-like 40 times.

Comment 03 Aug 2016

" . .. he's gotta do what is best for Alabama not Georgia."

I wonder how long "Tricky Nicky" sat in mom's living room swearing to only care about doing what's best for the student-athlete?!!!

Comment 27 Jun 2016

Andy, as a guy who played and coached this sport some years ago, my experience is that you don't come to college to begin learning to shoot. On the other hand, guys on scollys should show marked improvement in their overall b-ball skills / game,  over their 4 or 5 years in school, which is a much-needed change that I hope Jent can help restore to the program.