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Comment 24 Dec 2014

Joey's a kid who sounds like a kid; he probably has no idea that (former Buckeye assistant coach) Lou Holtz  is probably the single most consistent advocate for TOSU, on an ESPN staff that includes Herbstreit, Galloway, Robert Smith and Chris Carter!    At age 19(and being a beast),  Joey gets a pass for tweets like this and will SURELY do all he can to justify Holtz's faith in the Buckeyes by spoiling Nick Saban's  New Year's party next week--GO BUCKS!!!!!

Comment 22 Dec 2014

" . . . whats up with Lee,thought he was less a postup than he is being used as . . ."

See:  Ross, LaQuentin; 23 ppg. 6' 8"  2 guard in HS that was played as a PF for 3 yrs.(14ppg) before going pro, returning to his natural position and resuming being a 20+ ppg. scorer. 

Hmmmmmm . . . GO BUCKS!!!!!

Comment 20 Dec 2014

Pretty much spot on. The one exception I take is with Russell being terrible, since he almost single handedly made the Louisville comeback happen by refusing to be punked in his home town return.  DeAngelo simply had an off shooting game, coupled with typical freshman boo boos.. 

Comment 17 Dec 2014

Now Fitz, dont you go puttin' NUTHIN' past Cardale, 'cause he's the one who's been anointed to work 3rd string magic against Nick Satan and his Elephant Boyz on Jan. 1 2015,  as the greatest story ever trolled draws to it's thrilling national championship game conclusion--The Tradition Lives . . . GO BUCKS!!!!!

Comment 15 Dec 2014

Good coach, good job, good opportunity--goodbye!

This is The Ohio State University, where we just reload. I personally hope we can land the OC from Utah State, which has some of the most innovative spread offensive sets and plays I've ever seen.  

Good luck coach Herman, and. . . GO BUCKS!!!!!

Comment 13 Dec 2014

For Amir to play like he did today in the B1G, would probably be worth 5 to 6 more wins, and make us a much better tourney team than anyone expected.


Comment 02 Dec 2014

Davis obviously fails to see the convoluted genius in Matta's scheduling approach.  What better way to prepare for a visit to The KFC Yum-Yum center, and the B1G schedule,  than to stock up on energy producing carbs by consuming the Fighting Valentine Cookies of Sacred Heart, The Stormin' Soup-Spoons of Campbell, and the Marauding Macaroons of Morehead, for a run of sure victories that would most assuredly lead to tooth decay if not for the Furious Fluorides of Colgate.  Now, I'm sure there's plenty of folks in Buckeye Nation who are sharpening their keyboards as they read this, but as a family friend of Mel Nowell  who witnessed OSU's one and only national championship team, back when I was kid, I give less than a damn   . . . hoot about  downvotes  from those who think Thad walks on water. Cupcakes are great for resumes and job security but they come back to bite you when you play games that call for toughness against the Greg Marshall, Archie Miller, Shaka Smart coached teams at tourney time. I'm an old-school Buckeye who would like nothing more than to say that I've seen 2 national champion b-ball teams @ TOSU, but I'm not so sure about that being accomplished on a pastry diet. 

Comment 01 Dec 2014

" . . . Cardale was fighting neck and neck with JT for that number 2 spot . . . "

Slight correction: If memory serves, Cardale had WON the spring backup QB competition in THIS offense, so to all the gloom & doomers in Buckeye Nation, I say, keep the faith 'cause the "next man up" thing is workin' pretty well these parts. When you consider the "season enders" to Braxton, Dontre and now JT, we've got  one helluva crop of "next men" who've stepped in and arguably upped the ante in terms of performance at their respective positions!  Ohio State is THE storyline in big-time college football this year due to Barrett's success, and for Cardale to have an impressive showing next week in Indy might just provide the impetus to push us past TCU and into a shot at 'Bama in the final 4, which I believe we can win!  JT's injury gives us a chance to write a storybook ending on top of the storybook season that Barrett has already authored thus far.  Hmmmm, . . .let the legend of Cardale Krenzel begin next Saturday in Indy, and end in New Orleans . . . GO BUCKS!!!!! 

Comment 18 Nov 2014

Zone choice is likely because it's easier to trust younger players with length and quicks to effectively patrol an area on "D" as opposed to the more stringent demands of man to man. 

Comment 13 Nov 2014

Tread carefully there Gametime, blurred lines become blurrier when attempting to interject logic and reason into a scene in which the fiery eyed villagers have assumed the "storm Frankenstein's castle" mindset, complete with pitchforks and torches. It's comforting to know that Buckeye Nation is comprised of righteous do-gooders [Mod edit: A couple sentences were removed for being stupid and over the line. Please be better than this]. First degree murderers are turned loose once their sentence is served, but not this kid , , , oh no, not him . . . "needs to be gelded with a dull blade", . . . ostracised . . . maybe even strung up since the girl was . . . WOW!

Forgive me guys, but I spent a few years in the field of youth corrections, and I've seen kids far worse than this one get their lives back in order, so I guess we'll just agree to disagree, 'cause if the kid's a serious baller that's learned his lesson, I hope he becomes a Buckeye so that he can violate TSUN for the next few years.

Comment 08 Nov 2014

100% agreed about the rude awakening, but did they expand their stadium to hold 100k fans?

OSU by 14 minimum, if our coaches open it up--GO BUCKS!!!!!

Comment 02 Nov 2014

" . . . Are you saying to me that Meyer, two time national title winner, is not ready for prime time? . . . "

No I'm saying that whoever it was that coached TOSU's offense against MSU, Clemson, VT's reputation and even Penn State last week, seems to take a nap after 8pm on big game nights, and as for the joke, the punch line is being # 16 in the Playoff rankings.

Comment 02 Nov 2014

Recent history shows that it's Herman who's not ready for prime-time as well as Meyer, and that has cost us 3 games, numerous recruits, and a possible national championship opportunity thus far. Time to prove that we can actually prevail against similar talent, by way of superior play calling and in-game adjustments. We've got the talent so let's change the objective from "not losing" to kickin' butt!