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A passionate, yet rational, Buckeye fan with a Bobcat degree living in Jacksonville (Gator Hell), Florida since 2000.


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Comment 03 Jan 2014

I don't have enough helmet stickers yet to upvote you, but I would do it in a heartbeat for this post.

Heartfelt and passionate...  Similar to those speeches Woody used to give...  :)

Very nice.

Thank you.

Comment 02 Jan 2014

I'm reading through the comments on this thread (I didn't read all of them) and I must say that I'm surprised and a little disappointed...  The negativity flowing around here is pretty disappointing.  We've lost ONE GAME IN TWO YEARS and that team just "out-physicalled" another VERY physical team.  Sparty BEAT us and then they BEAT Stanford. 

I have a tremendous amount of faith in the system that is currently in place in Columbus.  I think they will come out like their hair is on fire tomorrow night just to prove that they deserve to be in a BCS game and that they can handle their business.

As for what happens Saturday and the weeks/months after that, let it play out.  All of these kids, including Roby and Miller, have played their hearts out for us and for this coaching staff for 25 games.  They've "failed" ONCE.  Don't get on a message board and question the heart of a 20 year old kid that's hurt.  If he plays hurt and we lose, then what would the message boards read? 

"Roby screwed us by playing hurt and getting burnt!!!"

I take my Buckeye football as seriously as anyone, but bitching about a player being hurt and having no heart is taking it over the top.  These kids are at The Ohio State University to improve their lives in the future, whether it's with a degree or with a NFL contract.  Would a career-ending injury (i.e. C.B.?) help ANYONE?

These KIDS are human beings with dreams and aspirations and families and financial worries, etc. just like most people on this board.  Give them a break.  Give Roby the benefit of the doubt.  These guys go through HELL for 6 months out of the year to ENTERTAIN us.  Let's not forget these things.  They've been through more than most 20 year old college kids have been through when it comes to pressure. I never had 100,000 people yelling at me while I tried to take a test.  Did you?

Come on, Buckeye Nation.  We're better than this. 


Go Bucks. 

Comment 11 Dec 2013

I appreciate everyone's comments above.  They all make sense in their own right. 

I guess I was just trying to remember living in Ohio and having it all spewed.  It would make sense that with the media (both Television and Online) ramping up so much over the last 15 years, I've only seen it from the "outside."  (I've been in Florida for 14 years...)

I'm not looking to be 'liked" or "wanted" by anyone (media or other fans) it just seems over the top to me directed at OSU.

Again, LOVE the responses above...  I'm going to start posing the same question to people here when they say, "I HATE OSU!"  I'll just ask, "Why?"

And as far as "obnoxious" and "condescending" fans in and around a stadium...  I've been to Ben Hill Griffin.  It is BY FAR the worst place in the world to be if you're not a Gator... 

Go Bucks!

Comment 10 Dec 2013

Well, if faith, as a fan, in your team/coach causes hatred and other people to turn into venom spewing animals, why aren't they spewing at the likes of Alabama and Florida and even Notre Dame, for that matter?

That's the part that doesn't make sense to me.  I could understand if I believed that it was our fan base that was causing the hatred, but that's not what I see.  I see FSU fans absolutely DESPISING Florida fans, but they'll watch the Gator game and give them their props on the overall game or play.  We don't even get that much from people.  It's an instant hatred. 

It's like the gates of Hell are positioned along the Olentangy. 

As far as the ESPiN perspective, I understand how that looks, but even they can't cause some of the hatred I've seen spewed across ALL of the various networks and sites regarding Ohio State. 

Tattoogate is a perfect example...  Why was there such an outcry for the "death penalty" and all of the other penalties for all of the GOD AWFUL things that they did with their own property, but we've not heard anything regarding Miami, Oregon, Alabama and the other "offenders?"

It's just bizarre and I'm just trying to see it from other people's perspectives, so I appreciate the opinions. 

Comment 07 Dec 2013

IMO, all this is going to do is piss Marcus Hall off. Another calculated strategy on UFM's part. Let them think they're going to "feast" on the newbie for a series or two, then bring in the angry sleeping giant. Wouldn't wanna be that D lineman on that first series Hall comes in. 

Comment 03 Dec 2013

My thought is this...

The defense played poorly against an offense that was throwing it all out there. This was TTUN's NCG, Bowl Game and Spring Game all wrapped up in one. They were caught off guard and I believe they get it corrected this week. 

A larger concern I had were the two nearly perfectly thrown balls to WIDE open receivers that were dropped. Make those and we armchair coaches aren't running around on message boards like our hair is on fire. 

It's the little things. UFM will have things under control.  I think there are 123 (and one transitional) other teams that would like to have our defensive problems right now while sitting on a 24 game win streak. 

Win and we're in. It's that simple. 


F _ichigan. The whole state. 


Go Bucks

Comment 24 Nov 2013

An update to the above:  I DID freeze my ass off for every minute of that game. From Script Ohio to Carmen. It was cold, but, like I told my wife who laid out by the pool today in Jacksonville...  I wouldn't have missed it for the world. 


Go Bucks! Beat That STATE up North!!!!

Comment 23 Nov 2013

CLSTEVE, I understand your situation. I was born a Buckeye, but when it came time to choose where to go, I fell in love with the city of Athens. It epitomized everything I thought a campus should look like. OU was my one and only college visit. I didn't pick it for the sports teams (obviously.)

I now live in Florida and I get that argument a lot. Ironically enough, most people that argue that point with me root for Florida or Florida State, but have never attended ANY university. 

Yes, I graduated from Ohio University. I root for the Bobcats as an alum any time they are playing... Except when they're playing the Buckeyes. There's something about knowing that your team has a chance for greatness every year. No amount of tuition paid can take away the team I was raised on. 

I am a Buckeye fan. I bleed scarlet and grey. I just happen to have a degree from another university.

Today, my brother (who also did not attend OSU) and I will be in Columbus for my once a year trip to the 'Shoe yelling just as loudly (if not louder) as anyone else in those stands. It's days like this, when you're raised a Buckeye fan, that you can't take for granted. I get one game a year. I'll make it count no matter where I went to school. 

See you in a few hours, Buckeyes. I'll be the guy in the scarlet jersey from Florida with a degree from OU in 28AA, freezing his ass off and loving every minute of it. 


Comment 19 Nov 2013

^^^This is perfect.  Without Mike Evans bailing Manziel out on at least HALF of his 57 receptions, Johnny's got a LOT more interceptions.  If anyone on that team should be being talked about, it should be Mike Evans. He's 6'5", 225.  That's a HELL of a receiver, if you ask me.  

Johnny's a great football player, but to say he's the best player in the nation is a stretch.  If he were still in the Big 12, would the case be so strong for him?  

Comment 18 Nov 2013

I'm in Jacksonville, Florida and Gary Danielson says that Alabama doesn't have any short-comings.  They were just looking forward to Chattanooga.

That's the word from SEC country...


In all seriousness, I listen to satellite radio, so you know what kind of talk I'm hearing.  It's the same national stuff you get in B1G country...

Comment 13 Nov 2013

My apologies if this opinion has been voiced and I missed it, BUT...

I think UFM is high-fiving Spencer behind the proverbial "curtain."  

Nobody gets to to see the REAL man who pulls the levers of the great and powerful OS...

The man may not wear the vest, but he's the epitome of a modern-day Politician.