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Comment 24 Aug 2015

Ironically, I catch heat for my office being decorated in OSU memorabilia and right in the middle of all of it is my OU degree. It confuses people here in Florida, but why wouldn't it? Most of them can't find Gainesville or Tallahassee on a map.

Comment 24 Aug 2015

I, like you, attended Ohio University. It was a better fit for me at the time and I don't regret those FIVE years I spent in Athens. I am, as my profile states, "A passionate, yet rational, Buckeye fan with a Bobcat degree." I've cheered for the Buckeyes for as long as I can remember and will for as long as I'm alive. Those years in Athens were some of the best times of my life and I met lifelong friends there (of whom 95% are Buckeye fans.) I can't imagine having gone to school anywhere else. That being said, Saturdays were for watching the OU Marching 110 at halftime if the game was in Athens and then finding a bar or a house to watch the OSU game!

Sure, there's the occasional year where OSU and OU play each other, but my alma mater isn't ever vying for a National Championship in football...  LOL!

Comment 19 Aug 2015

I guess that's really what I was trying to say. Our "down" years have been 10+ wins/season and then bad showings in the NC games. That's sort of why I started with the question that I did. What IF those are our bad years? Looking at the major teams that have had BAD years (Miami, FSU, Florida, Alabama come to mind) they were off the charts bad in those times. The one thing that sticks about all of those I've mentioned is coaching and coaching changes.

I realize I'm being overly positive about all of this. It's all cyclical in sports. But, if we're creating the right culture with Urban and can bring up assistants when he's done, who's to say it won't keep rolling?

Am I willing to have 1 "bad" year in return for the Renaissance we seem to be enjoying now? Maybe so...  Would I like it? Probably not, but these last 5 years have been such a roller coaster for the program and for the fans. I think we'll always have this 1/2 decade to look back on and say, "Ok. This is a bad year because we're not going to compete for a NC, but do you remember 2010 and 2011? Look where that got us."

I know there are questions surrounding next year already...  This team is going to lose a LOT of experience to the League. It'll be interesting to see what 2016 holds if 2015 ends up being special again.

I know this much: I'm loving the ride and love that we've got 11W to cover it for us.

Comment 19 Aug 2015

What if this IS just the way it's supposed to be now and forever? What if the "down" years for OSU were 2003 - 2011? You know the years. The ones where we couldn't beat the SEC and choked in the big games and traded memorabilia for tattoos and our players didn't care about gold pants and TTUN beat us (albeit only twice.)

If those are the down years, I'm going to settle in for the future...  There's never been a better time to be an OSU fan. I would imagine they said the same thing when Woody was marching up and down the sidelines, but I can't imagine it felt better than it does today.

Let's enjoy this.

Go Bucks!

Beat VT!

F*$% _ichigan!

Comment 03 Aug 2015

I, also, watched the Sugar Bowl (30 minute drive thru version on YouTube) this weekend. I think, every time I've watched that game, I'm still stressed out until the very end. We made MULTIPLE mistakes in that game and still fought back and made plays when it counted.

One thing I noticed that goes against almost everything I've heard since that game:

Alabama DID NOT go away from the running game as much as everyone (including myself) said they did. Well into the 3rd quarter, Henry and Yeldon were still getting carries. They just weren't ripping off 10, 15 or 20 yards around the end any longer. The adjustments made from the 2nd quarter until the end of the game were incredible by both the staff and the players. The defense found their "fits" and stuck with them instead of playing out of position (which was the biggest issue on the long TD run in the 1st quarter.)

I also watched the NCG (same YouTube version) and noticed the exact same problems during the 1st TD drive that Oregon had. People were playing out of position and not doing their jobs. Once they found that "groove," it was OVER. It's interesting to me that I remember so little of the NCG because the 'Bama game held so much importance in my brain, but that NCG was an even more impressive defensive performance, IMO. To contain the Heisman winner the way they did and have him out of his comfort zone early and often was incredible.

All in all, both games are amazing in their own right, but 85YTTHOTS goes down as my favorite Buckeye play I have ever seen. It came at a crucial time in the game at an uncomfortable position on the field with the momentum hanging in the balance and was executed to PERFECTION.

My wife still asks me why I need to watch over and over again. I simply tell her, "So I can make sure that it was real..."

Go Bucks.

Beat the Hokies into submission with heavy doses of XBrax and Zeke until Michael Thomas runs wild on their a$$es (he's officially an athletic FREAK as well...  See "Sideline Slide and Run from the NCG.")

F*$# _ichigan.

Comment 31 Jul 2015

Are those 11W brand shorts that Brax has on in that pic? I haven't seen those in the Dry Goods Store!

July 30th can suck it. It's time to play ball.

Mistakes have been made. They will be made in the future. Learn from them and move on. It's one game and I'll take this team to score more points than anyone else in college football. Give us a shoot out VaTech. My money's on the good guys.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

Done. I KNOW I'm not the only one in Jacksonville, Florida!

Comment 23 Jul 2015

I just went back and read this thread from 8/6/14...  The best post (other than yours to start it) was this one by southernstatesb:

southernstatesb... 6 Aug, 2014 @ 5:07 PM


I didn't read all the comments, but read enough to sense that fans simply don't want their hearts ripped out again, and are hedging bets and tempering their expectations.  Deep down, in their maize n blue hating souls, every one of these commenters wants to be proven wrong.

I am here to tell you from an absolutely fact-based, scientifically supported perspective that indeed, YOU ARE CORRECT.  Ohio State WILL bring home the Crystal Ball Penile Implant this year. 

How do I know this, beyond any shadow of doubt, and with no hesitation at all to put my good name out there for possible abuse?

I have seen the future.  I have been there.  Please don't let that get around, as I'm sure most here might solicit me for the winner in the next Belmont Stakes.  But hey, props to you for putting yourself out there on the ledge for everybody to poke at.  If you were to put a thousand dollars RIGHT NOW on OSU to win it all in Vegas, the odds are astronomical, and you would be a wealthy man.  And when you came back to make a comment here on Eleven Warriors after your windfall, well, people would be sorry they didn't listen.

But hey, nobody can know the future, huh?  Well, the Time Traveler can, and he says, "Money in the bank." 

Bet the farm this year, people.  This is, indeed, the Year of the Buckeye.

Peace to all.

Hey Southernstatesb (or Biff, as I'm going to call you,) are you around or are you "traveling" in 2016 right now? You reference the Belmont in this article as well. I'm starting to think that you've TRULY got this time-travel thing worked out. A little help, Biff? Need to know where to put the money this year!!!

Comment 21 May 2015

This is how I've always viewed Lewan... It's him to a tee...

Comment 02 Feb 2015

To quote one of our favorites...  "There are three things that can happen when you pass the ball...  And two of 'em ain't good."

Comment 22 Jan 2015

Or "judgs," if you're British and so prefer... Not that I'm "judgeing."

Comment 21 Jan 2015

Does anyone else find it ironic that the conference that claims "One True Champion" is only in that position because there were other schools that were RUNNING to get away from said conference and into the Pac12 (Colorado,) Big Ten (Nebraska) and SEC (Missouri and TA&M?) I'm still not sure how they held onto Texas (or Texas held on to the other 9...)

They thump their chests about playing everyone in their conference and beating up on the likes of Kansas and Iowa State, but this whole situation is of their own doing. 

Briles has worn on my last nerve with his whiny stump thumping.  Go back to the ghost town from which you came...

Comment 21 Jan 2015

Someone just needs to petition SI to keep us OFF of the cover for their Regional NCAA Football preview...

Comment 14 Jan 2015

This one...  was different...  I was still amped up all day, unable to concentrate on any task. But there was a calm about me.  My wife (who is a fan, only by marriage) was not my wife in 2002/2003.  We met in '06.  The only NC games she knew were the '06 and '07 NCG's.  She was convinced she was the "bad luck charm."

So, when this one rolled around, I asked very little of her.  Bear with me and my emotions for this game, wear your OSU hoodie, sit at that end of the couch and stay up for the game.  Not much to ask if you ask me. ;-)

When it was over and I was standing in my living room with my hands in the air, she got up and hugged me.  For a really long time.  She knew how much '06 had destroyed me and how unlikely '07 was.  I think she was just glad that she FINALLY got to see them win one.  She's had a hard time with this Urban Meyer transition (she was "trained" to hate him when we met) but she is becoming a believer. 

My step-daughter got up yesterday morning and checked the score (she couldn't stay up for the game.) She promptly put on her Ohio State T-Shirt and hair bow and took herself to school where she was "booed" by several of her teachers who are Gator fans.  She smiled and told them that the best team won. THAT made me proud because she truly doesn't care. She did it for me.  

There are two very special women that live in my house who shouldn't care one way or the other about this (or any) Ohio State team.  But they both do because they know how much of myself I invest every fall and that matters to them. 

Comment 13 Jan 2015

My favorite:

Had the timing been a year different, Meyer would have been Michigan's coach.  He had an out in his FL contract for Mcihigan, Ohio State, and Notre Dame.  Ohio State lucked into him.