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Comment 19 Mar 2017

The fix was in for PEDU (Pedophile) State to make everyone of their wrestlers win. 
They want to take the spotlight off the pedophile court cases going on and whitewash it with a wrestling championship.
Bo Jordan got screwed by the refs over and over again.
i knew that Cornell kid was going to get screwed in the final match and that's exactly what happened.

Every PEDU match was a FIX and they all knew it. 

I was watching Rick Flair NATURE BOY WWF wrestling every time PEDU state was on the mat.

Comment 26 Feb 2017

See the Buckeyes getting Matt Jones and Aeneas Hawkins as their two DTs. 

Jones will not be an O-Lineman for the Buckeyes as some are saying and Taron Vincent goes to FSU. 

Comment 05 Feb 2017

My initial 2018 Buckeye List:

In-State (9):  Blue Smith/Jackson Carman/Jalen Gill/Leonard Taylor/Aeneas Hawkins/Tyreke Smith/Dallas Gant/Chris Oats/Chase Kline

OOS Targets: Jeremy Ruckert/Juice Scruggs(Center)/Kamryn Babb/Shayne Simon/Emory Jones/Brian Snead/Matt Jones

OOS:  Too difficult at this time and very fluid but early returns show the following projections:

Teradja Mitchell-FSU/T. Vincent-FSU/J. Woodbey-USC/P. Gaotete-USC

Comment 27 Jan 2017

Mac Rowe.........the answer to a future trivia question......don't forget it.

And Urban had to put his arm around him........Lucky Urban......Street-wise Marvin stiffed Urban big time.

He gave him the ole Mackerooooooo.........the ole Bait-n-Switch.........Ghetto Marvin ain't stupid.

Comment 25 Jan 2017

I looked at the photos of Urban and LJ at Episcopal HS in Houston.  First of all, don't see no home visit.  If the parents don't want it, it's over for Urb and time to move on.  Bad body language everywhere.  There was no way.  The family already made the decision.  Total waste of time and money.  But Urban insists on banging his head against the wall.

Comment 22 Jan 2017

Ellison has to wait for the DTs to announce elsewhere if he gets an offer.

Might have to wait until NSD which I am not a fan of Urban doing this.

Urban knows the two DTs are not coming so why get jilted on NSD.

That makes no sense.

Comment 22 Jan 2017

Oliver Martin putting out the public excuse of flight complications translated means that hairball and/or Kelly told him if he visits OSU then forget about ND or ttun.  For Martin, his decision was always coming down to those latter two. 

Comment 22 Jan 2017

Urban offered JT who suffered a torn ACL in HS and NEVER played his senior season in HS.

JT wanted a Texas offer and when it wasn't going to happen, only then did he commit to OSU.

Ellison plays a full senior season healthy, runs great/fast and puts up huge numbers and balls out.

So I don't want to here about this injury BS on Ellison.

Ellison, like Carlos Hyde, who Tressell recruited and Urban started, is the big back needed for the Power Spread. 

Kevin Wilson needs to talk some sense into Urban and OFFER Morgan Ellison because when he plays for IU and runs all over the Bucks defense, all of you will be here groaning how could Urban miss on this kid in his own backyard.