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Comment 12 Mar 2015

I was at the game sitting somewhere behind the endzone jumping up and down screaming and losing my voice.  That is when a lot of the Alabama fans started making their exits. I'll never forget that kid that was an Alabama fan that started crying beside me. Boy do I know that heartbreak. But man it was still so awesome!

Comment 26 Feb 2015

This is a fun thread bc I really do feel like we will be the most dominate undisputed champion defending its title since Alabama. Although its difficult for me to imagine us getting the dream scenario we got this championship run with Alabama/Oregon (I was at NOLA for the BAMA game... not bad for only my second Buckeye game ever :-) but if I could choose it would be....

SEC Champion- could be Alabama/LSU/Florida but I think Auburn ends up winning it for some reason. Just beating the SEC every year would be gratifying for me. and....

Texas/Oklahoma/USC- There is just something about playing the blue bloods of college football for me that is just more exciting. I don't care about TCU/Baylor. Baylor definately until they prove they are worthy are a no for me. I would mostly prefer Oklahoma bc I am 28 years old and can't remember playing them so I can't wait until 2016/2017 with them. 

Comment 23 Jan 2015

I was at that game and it was a dream come true. This will be something that I always remember. 

Comment 27 Dec 2014

Urban has to see them for what they are.... Ignorant. Bc how else do you cope with that? I'd take it with a badge of honor bc the new tradition of Coach of the year is given to the coach of the team that are mid tier to bottom dwellers that slightly over achieve. 

Comment 25 Dec 2014

Thank you for letting us know AK. Its good to hear an inside scoop if true. Every indication of all the reports are we will know by the time the 49ers season is over with which will likely be Monday a day after their last game. At this point though all confirmed reports pointing that there is interest from Harbaugh. Everyone will see. I won't sweat whatever it is he decides but it can't be denied that this would be big news one way or another. 

Comment 12 Dec 2014

Please No B1G chants! Big Ten doens't deserve any chants. S-E-C would be funny but I'd stick with O-H-I-O. :)

Comment 03 Dec 2014

This is exactly why they are still in the top four. They simply don't have a loss and won it all last year. It would look severely bad on the committee to leave out an undefeated defending national champion which is why they will ultimately not be left out if they win Saturday no matter what any of the other results are. Even though FSU does not play like one the "Four best teams" and isn't one of the best four to almost everyone. Sadly I think the injury to JT will hurt us if everyone wins. I almost think it won't matter to the committee if we win Saturday and everyone else wins. We really need someone to lose at this point. The whole "style points" thing and the "four best teams" that the committee stresses is complete BS bc FSU would not be in the top four based on this criteria. 

Comment 25 Nov 2014

I'll just toss a laptop gun with auto fire in there with you! THis game must be the game for those born in 1986 bc Thats still my all time favorite game. :)