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Comment 20 Jun 2014

Ok I have to admit, some of mine are terrible.

1.) Never liked Jim tressel as a football coach. HATED tresselball. Hated the way he conducted interviews. I think he held our teams and players back. 

2.) Urban Meyer can do no wrong in my eyes. He is the perfect man for he job. Everything about his style in coaching is flawless. 

3.) Braxton miller can also do no wrong in my book. I hate when fans criticize him. He has had a very average receiving corps in his time here. I also hate when fans question his toughness. The kid plays his ass off. Never slides or whys away from contact. I already know that he'll be my all time favorite buckeye. 

4.) Loved ted ginn but I didn't see the quickness that everyone always talks about from him. He was amazing in a staightline but I didn't see him make defenders miss left and right. 

5.) I am jealous of the 2008 Florida gators team. That team was incredibly loaded. I can't wait until we see those types of teams here. Which I think we will starting this year. 

6.) I love Tim tebow and Percy harvin

7.) I've loved every pro combat jersey we have worn. Couldn't stand the jerseys pre 2006 with the gray stripes. 

8.) I freaking hate pro style offenses. Give me spread offenses all day. 

9.) Don't like big slow rb's or wr's. I LOVE small quick rb's and wr's.

10.) I don't understand 90% of the humor on this site. It's most likely bc I don't understand the majority of the references used.

11.) I love "THE", "O-H", TTUN, scUM and the like

12.) I already miss Brent musberger and Kirk herbstreit.

13.) I haven't said the M word in 3 years

Comment 28 Jan 2014

This is by far my most favorite thing about Urban Meyer led teams...speed! He definitely had the speed with harvin, rainey, demps, deonte thompson, moody and crew. Now he is building it here with zeke, dontre, j marsh, parris campbell and samuel. I enjoyed watching hyde fall forward for an extra 2 yards on every carry, but I enjoy it more when a small, quick athlete breaks a defenders ankles and takes it to the house. Speed over size every damn day of the week and twice on saturdays. Those small players seem to become increasingly harder to tackle when a fresh set of legs run out on nearly every down.

Comment 03 Oct 2013

Thank you, great post. Speed over size every damn day of the week. Also, I think that a speed player with fresh legs is going to be able to break tackles more than the tired big backs. Florida could legitimately run 3 or 4 rb's. Harvin, rainey, demps and moody. The great part about it is all the backs would run like it  was their last carry on every play, and could do so because they would get rotated in and out so much. I think we should do this with hall, hyde, smith and elliott.

Comment 17 Sep 2013

And i understand that too, but I think he'll be fine if we don't overuse him and rotate the other rb's in when they gain some experience (ie. marshall, elliott). Thomas and rainey never had injury problems fwiw.

Comment 17 Sep 2013

I don't really see the similarities between saine and d1. Dontre is pure speed and quickness. He can make something out of nothing in a heartbeat. Saine was a lot bigger and only had straight line speed. He did not have anywhere near wilson's shiftiness and moves. Not to take a jab at you or anything, but I don't particularly agree that he needs to gain a ton of weight. I do think his lower body needs to get a bit stronger, but I don't want him sacrificing speed for weight. Chris rainey and deanthony thomas are perfect example of what the future of wilson could be like. Both rainey and thomas were/are under 180 lbs. and still manage to break/avoid PLENTY of tackles. I don't think urban envisioned D1 being our only rb. IMHO ezekiel elliott=jeff demps, jalin marshall=percy harvin and dontre wilson=chris rainey.

Comment 16 Aug 2013

It's this year for me and it's not close. First of all, this year will be my freshman year at the greatest university in the world. Also, one thing the other years did not have that this years team does have is urban frank meyer. Oh and possibly the most exciting player in ohio states history-braxton miller

Comment 16 Aug 2013

NoRoNation got the honey jar this past year!  Tom Tupa's son is now playing QB for the Miami Redhawks. Proud to call him an aquaintance. Dude is a good kid, with a cannon for an arm.  

Comment 17 Jan 2013

Great post. Been thinking the same thing every time it comes up. At Florida Meyer once had harvin, Rainey, demps, deonte Thompson and Brandon James. None of which were big but they all had speed, quickness and sick moves. Those guys made the offense unstoppable just for how many yards they gained off of missed tackles. Urban is building the same thing here. Marshall, zeke, Jacobs, Jordan hall and hopefully dontre Wilson 

Comment 11 Jan 2013

I think that Elliott could bring some much needed speed and quickness to the backfield. Would not be surprised at all to see him get a healthy amount of carries next year. Also everyone is forgetting that Jalin Marshall is more than capable of carrying the ball as well. I think the coaches will line Marshall up everywhere, maybe even wildcat qb to take some hits off of Braxton plus Jalin will have the threat of throwing that most other wildcat qb's don't 

Comment 25 Nov 2012

The only problem with the hyde for heisman talk is all of the carries that he will be splitting. Everyone wondered why urban never had a 1,000 yr rusher before this year. Well it was bc he had so many weapons that he spread the ball too. that will be the case next year. I can see braxton, hyde, marshall, elliott, jordan hall, and rod smith all get a bunch of carries

Comment 15 Nov 2012

yep never can have too many game breakers. the best thing about this offense is that it finds ways to use all of this speed and quickness. marshall, elliot timmons, jacobs and timmons could all take handoffs as well as play slot (although i think elliot primarily in the backfield and jacobs usually playing receiver). meyer managed to get the ball to harvin, demps, rainey, moody, deonte thompson and hernandez even in the year that they had a heisman winning qb. meyer will not have a problem finding ways to get these guys the ball.

Comment 25 Oct 2012

Another huge matchup this week. North Royalton (9-0) vs Hudson (8-1). Josh Cribbs and Joe Haden goin to this game. Ben Gedeon plays for hudson, but he wont be able to stop the NoRoNation high powered offense

Comment 20 Oct 2012

this team is very well coached. and its good that urban didnt take a knee b4 the half. if devin smith goes all out for a very catchable ball we are inside the redzone. why do you not want him to do that? it is the very reason we hired him. more aggressiveness. i absolutely hated when tressel would play tressel ball. urban has changed the program for the better. just wait until he gets all of his recruits in