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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Ohio State National Championship game in 2002. Beating down thugs is always fun.
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Comment 14 Jul 2016
Absolutely crazy. Prayers to all of the people affected by this senseless and cowardly act.
Comment 13 Jul 2016
The pride of Clyde. The best DTs are the ones who require a double team every play. He freed up Wilhelm for an all American season.
Comment 07 Jul 2016
Ha, those are my 2 also. Still have bad memories whenever I hear 313, no matter what the source. That game was the very definition of going through the motions. F#*k Howard. I've said it before, I'll say it again: If I was there, I would have tackled him right there in the end zone and it would have most definitely been flagged for targeting. Ohio boys don't act like that. No wonder he went to that cesspool.
Comment 03 Jul 2016
I'll take the senator's record against Michigan and big ten titles any day. Plus despite the mistake that ended his coaching career, he brought honor and pride back to the osu team. Obviously many of us would prefer Meyer, but he is a once in a lifetime coach. It is unfair to compare him to one of the top 5 college coaches of all time.
Comment 21 Jun 2016
Stay the course buckeye in Pitt. I too went to otterbein back in 91 to further my football career. Couldn't let go of the game I loved. Dropped out after 2 years, got a job to pay off loans, never went back. Huge osu fan, should have went there. Bugs me to this day i didn't go to the school I love. No matter what, do it!
Comment 21 Jun 2016
Awesome news Niblick. Can you let us first timers know when that time comes? I have bought secondary market in the past, this sounds a little better.
Comment 09 Jun 2016
Imagine all the whining if they played back in the 80s and early 90s. Would they toughen up like Jordan and Scotty did or just whine and complain like babies? I know complaining is rampid throughout the league, but this Warriors team takes it to a whole new level. Props to Buckeye Realist for having the same comment in earlier than me.
Comment 31 May 2016
It sounds as though you have a lot emotion in your post, so I'll only comment on a few. If you feel the zoo made a poor decision, what would be a good decision in your mind? You also state that you would "much rather this kid go down for his poor decision than a gorillas go down". Do you really believe a 4 year old kid should go down for his decision? You don't have kids, I get it. Would you feel the same in this situation if it was one if your family members, say a young neice, nephew, or younger cousin if you have any?
Comment 18 May 2016

It is unfortunate that many of these player sign with dreams and aspirations to only find out that playing time on the field is extremely limited.  Urban does a very good job of still taking care of his players regardless of their issue;  injuries, family problems, personal trouble.  Meyer has another similarity to coach Tressel besides beating TTUNs ass:  going to bat for his players no matter what the circumstance. 

Comment 18 May 2016

RIP Chico.  IF CTE was involved, then this one hits a lot closer to home.  I will echo a comment above about rugby style tackling.  More and more teams should look into that style, pro, college, high school, especially biddy league.  I know my son's 1-2 grade coaches put a strong emphasis on proper tackling form (without the helmet). 

May the Lord grant you rest  Chico.

Comment 08 May 2016
There was a coach who threw a yard marker here once that was a pretty successful guy.
Comment 29 Apr 2016
You're right Defiance, it is impossible to speculate what one player would do on another team. It's really hard for me to believe Sanders wouldn't have had more yards running behind a line that blocked so well that he doesn't get touched until he is 7 yards downfield, as opposed to running for his life, juking and dodging defenders and covering 50 yards of ground to eke out a 2 yard gain. Sanders also retired because his desire to not play the game was greater than his desire to play the game, that is a quote from him. Pretty simple, but people always think it's something else. They were both 2 of the greatest backs of all time.