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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Ohio State National Championship game in 2002. Beating down thugs is always fun.
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Comment 14 May 2017
Well done Mtroto. Number 3 brought back some nice memories. My sophomore year, girls basketball went to state finals and we weren't so good. Their coach wanted to scrimmage us for prep. Smoking hot senior chic defends me all game. My coach kept screaming at me to not let her block me out on rebounds. I had a great game!
Comment 10 May 2017
Wow, what a mess. Sorry for your loss. Doctors are paid to pay attention to every little detail, especially stage 4 cancer. My doctor is great, they just can't get anyone else in there. I wait 2 to 3 hours every time, but he's worth the wait. Fight on brother.
Comment 06 May 2017
PSU should bury the Paterno name for everything in the present/future. It should not be in consideration for any job or title related to that university ever. While we love buckeye football as much as any other school, I have full confidence our fans would realize the difference in a legendary coach and sexual victims, and stongly denounce the actions of said coach.
Comment 06 May 2017
My main criticism of coach Meyer during his time at OSU has been the ambiguity of roles and responsibilities regarding the coaching staff. I say you need 1 coordinator for both the offense and defense. One man in charge that answers to Meyer. Clear and concise structure within the staff. The best thing he can do this year is hand over the keys to Wilson and let him do his thing. Too many cooks in the kitchen last year. My best guess is Meyer is trying to hand out titles in an effort to keep his assistants and while there is something to be said for that, you cannot do that IF it is a detriment to the team. I know in my position, my company can say good performance all day long and that is fine, but I know they mean it when I receive a significant raise or bonus. That means much more to than words.
Comment 06 May 2017
Congrats on the job. Remember you have buckeye nation here at this awesome site. As far as games, you could contact the alumni association and find the nearest alumni club to Jackson. Wait a second. Is your new job Mississippi bag man that secured Blaine Scott's commitment for Ole Miss? /s.
Comment 05 May 2017
You could go the fight club route and get a year's pay.
Comment 01 May 2017
The forgotten man will play with a purpose. He feels like an underdog with all of the attention on the other dbs. He will ball out.