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Comment 26 Oct 2015

Great to see not only Bell, but always a Buckeye Cash on this list. Can't remember why he transferred, but he landed on his feet. Haven't seen a lot of these guys play, but I can see Hargreaves wrapping this one up.

Comment 26 Oct 2015
Not scared, worried, or intimidated, but my number 1 game of concern will always be TTUN. As we sadly found out during the Copper years, anything can happen in a rivalry game. They'll be extra pumped this year with that crazy ass up there. Agree with you on Clemson though, time for some payback on the big stage (if they can make it).
Comment 27 Sep 2015
Surprised to hear Kwon had 16 tackles. I focused on him for most of the game and he either chose the wrong hole to fill, or made the tackle after a 6 to 8 yard gain. I would like to see him diagnose the inside run better and consistently meet the back at the point of attack. He did on a couple of occasions though and looked natural doing it.
Comment 27 Sep 2015
Huge steps in the right direction. Better play today and we will continue to improve. The deep ball accuracy problem for Cardale is not new. The 2 tds to Smith in the Wisky game and the Bama td when the defender fell down were all underthrown/late. We could have easily scored 21 more points today. It was a good sign to hear Cardale admit as much. He knows he needs to improve in this area and he will. I am sure this will be a heavy emphasis on this during practice this week. Look out Indiana.
Comment 21 Sep 2015
Simple, straight forward answers and a plan in place to fix the errors. Urban always gives us a good presser. Regarding the qb issues, IMO, urban needs to declare a starter. A guy that the whole team can look to for leadership and rally behind. In Tressel's first at OSU he rotated field goal kickers, stating that he wanted one to win the job on the field. I liked this idea, but it backfired. We ended up missing roughly half of our field goals that year. Following year, Nugent is named starter and has an historic year. They asked Nuge later about that 1st year and he said it was brutal, he never knew who the coach was going to pick. I think we are all underestimating the mental affect this situation is having on BOTH QBs, resulting in bad play on the field.
Comment 18 Jul 2015
Look at that MSU safety in that play. He puts 10 yards on the guy from the 40 yard line to the end zone. I remember the guy saying he was not 100% healthy. Don't think that would have mattered bud.
Comment 18 Jul 2015
When a man of Urbans strength says something is eating at him, there is room for concern. Lost in this QB battle is his health. The main problem at Florida was not so much in gettimg to the top, but staying there. I think this will the hardest test to date for him at OSU. The pursuit of perfection overwhelmed him and he needed a break. It's tough on someone to disappoint the players you love (and their families) who have done so much for the program.
Comment 18 Jul 2015
Love the way Mack catches the ball away from his body. He doesn't let it come into him, ala Ryan Hamby. To me, he is a mix of Thomas and Smith. Good vertical stretch down the field mixed with a good dose of high pointing balls.