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Comment 26 Nov 2014
While a part of me likes the double bird salute from Mr. Hall, it is not the right thing to do. I do realize that this would be an extremely hard thing to do after watching your teammate get ambushed and his helmet ripped off, but controlled intensity is the key. Go grab him and break it up, keep him and yourself in the game, then beat their ass on the field.
Comment 25 Nov 2014
When 11 Warriors goes down for 2 hours from server meltdown. Not sure of the time, but I do know it is a conference call.
Comment 23 Nov 2014
By far, best catch ever. 3 friggin fingers on a 50 yard deep ball while being held.
Comment 23 Nov 2014
Look at the ball in his hand. He's not cupping the end of the ball like a normal one hand catch, he has his hand on the ball like a QB throwing it. Awesome forearm strength.
Comment 23 Nov 2014
Crazy thing is that his day could have been better. Barrett had 2 overthrows that were downfield to a wide open Marshall. Imagine if he could have gotten 6 tds in one game. All of the haters last week would be required to hand in their Buckeye fan cards and be forced to root for that crap team up north.
Comment 23 Nov 2014
Meyer is being hush on the subject because we don't need to know every little thing with this team (even though I want to). I had a wise high school coach who once said that not everyone needs to know what happens in this locker room. That has stuck with me. Let the process play out and hopefully by Saturday Spence is back. The main thing is that he has beaten his addiction.
Comment 23 Nov 2014
A Brittney Spears song should never be played at a football game, anytime, anywhere. I thought WTF when I heard that. Zeke sure does get the rivalry. It's open season on wolverines, time to inflict some pain.
Comment 23 Nov 2014
Agreed it won't be fixed this season. We can put band aids on it, but no permanent fix. I have noticed our LBs have trouble reading the play. I doubt it's coaching, Fickell has coached many great LBs. Hawk, Katz, Speilman, Laurinitis, Wilhelm, and other good ones were all in position to make a play. They knew were the ball was going by reading their keys. Our current group seems to be lacking in this area IMIO. The frustrating thing is the inconsistency. One play will be a 2 yard loss, the next will be a 91 yard TD run.
Comment 23 Nov 2014
Even the PAC 12 officiating expert said that he should have been immediately ejected and FSU should have been given a 15 yard penalty. This is a money grab by the ACC, they won't do a damn thing.
Comment 23 Nov 2014
Beyond everything said above about Winston (which I wholeheartedly agree with), this is setting a precedent. I have never seen in my 30 years of watching football a player push a ref out of the way like that and nothing happen to him. The ACC needs to suspend him for the next game and do it in a VERY public manner. A statement needs to be made swiftly regarding respect for the officiating crew.
Comment 20 Nov 2014
I like where your thinking is, but we normally hear this every year and it rarely pans out. A bunch of high schoolers meet up at some event and talk about playing together. It then blows up on Twitter and we all get excited when one or more of said players commits to the the good guys. As Tenn noted above, there are many factors that go into choosing a school.
Comment 20 Nov 2014
You are entitled to your opinion, but how many of these young men that play hurt or injured learn life lessons from it? Our perspective is limited, the player learns mental toughness and positive attitude, which is much more important later on for the game of life. Many times I have heard of a former player remembering back to his football career on which to draw strength for a current crisis. I get what you are saying about serious injuries, but we are talking about the game of football played by men.