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Comment 04 Feb 2017
I honestly don't think Herman fell on his face this past year in recruiting at Texas. Relationships are critical in gaining a recruits trust and comfort level and Herman did not waste time going after higher rated recruits that he knew were not coming to Houston. The recruiting boards at Houston and Texas are drastically different, so I would guess he spent the majority of his time recruiting lower ranked kids. Yes he did get Ed Oliver, but he was in his backyard and Herman sold him on the H town takeover. I compare his situation at Texas with Urban Meyers first recruiting class are OSU. Meyer salvaged the 2012 class primarily due to his name recognition among top recruits and their desire to play for a proven champion, coupled with his track record of NFL draftees. Herman is hot right now and will do fine at UT, but he is no Meyer, not yet at least.
Comment 03 Feb 2017
Agree 100 % Ramzy, and thank you for the article and response. I often tire of "learned" celebrities who have "made it" talking down to the masses. As a former player, I never thought of football as an art, but you're right. I also raced motorcycles for years and always thought that Jeremy McGrath was an artist on a motorcycle. Just like Picasso was put on earth to paint, Jordan to play basketball, he was put on earth to race supercross. His racing was a thing of beauty. Art is highly subjective and is often in the eye of the beholder. Try to do better next time Meryl.
Comment 23 Jan 2017
Damn, forgot about Howe. Saw him absolutely dominate at zanesville. Story goes he had a good chance to start on defense at OSU, but he insisted on playing tailback. Last I heard, he was playing flag football down at Riverside park in zville. Sad.
Comment 13 Jan 2017
This rotation at WR is a load of crap. Look at Clemson. Williams, Cain, and Renfrew were all on the field for the majority of the game. They had a much better qb and protection, but there were many plays where Watson threw it up and they went and got it. Meyer just needs to come out and say one of our receivers needs to step up and stop with the rotation message. Hell, maybe call them a clown show again. Put some pressure on them and stop coddling. Meyer seems a little softer than earlier in his career.
Comment 04 Jan 2017
Herman hired Beck for recruiting. Meyer taught Herman everything he knows, especially the importance of recruiting valuevalue in a coach. Herman will have more non coaches on staff to assist in QB coaching.
Comment 04 Jan 2017
No Alvarez, I am not full of shit and not a liar. I've seen all the locker room antics, such as teammates pissing on in each other in the shower. In college my roommate and teammate was a nursing major. A big ole lineman comes up butt naked and bends over a foot from his face and says hey, check my prostrate. I've seen it all, but this shit crosses the line. This belongs in the movie the longest yard and not the old classic one. It that's considered high horse to you, guilty as charged.
Comment 01 Jan 2017
Conleys interception was due to a bad throw from the QB, plus the receiver fell down on the route. His passes defended were excellent though. I can't blame Ward for one great play made by an NFL caliber receiver. He was in great position and the receiver made a great play.