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Comment 19 Dec 2014
Hopefully Strong won't "pass" on quality QBs like the former coach there did.
Comment 18 Dec 2014
I'll flip the JT and Braxton analogy and say that IF Craft has the scorers and weapons on this years team, he would be the distributor. He always reminded me of a classic, true college point guard. Great defender, not great at shooting, and more than able to get his teammates involved. I always felt he was pressing at times because there was little scoring on his team. Let's not rag on the past because we are all so thrilled with this year's team.
Comment 18 Dec 2014
It never ceases to amaze me how dumb people are. Tressel makes one mistake and that is all he is remembered for by outsiders who could care less about digging deep and finding about all the good the man did. I'll keep it clean and just say LAME.
Comment 16 Dec 2014
I kept laughing every time the announcers said his name during the B1G title game. They sounded a little goofy pronouncing it the right way. Really emphasized the ALE.
Comment 14 Dec 2014
Best part of his announcing was when on 3rd and goal we sneek Krenzel, it fails, and Fouts says "Better shuffle them papers Tress and find a play that will work." VERY NEXT PLAY, we run the same thing and score. Jackson was probably thinking, get me out of this booth.
Comment 14 Dec 2014
I really enjoyed that Bell came down to OSU and BAMA (UT also). Always love when a 5 star chooses the Bucks over the Tide. That just makes the already great commitment a little more special.
Comment 14 Dec 2014
I say we schedule then and we can all play football in their stands while we enjoy the game.
Comment 13 Dec 2014
I love Urbs, but really miss the Vest. Class act all the way around.
Comment 13 Dec 2014
It was defensive holding, not PI. If you watch the whole play, it was obvious. To me the ref was late in his call because he didn't want the game to end on a penalty.
Comment 08 Dec 2014
He promptly dropped Auburn when they told him he was being recruited as a WR IIRC. I know that if Urban says he will get a chance at QB, then that will happen.
Comment 05 Dec 2014

I have seen nothing regarding the "strength" of his commitment.  As far as I know, it is solid.  Not only his dad, but his older brothers both played at Nebraska also.  His dad was on the staff of Frank Solich in Nebraska and he followed him over to Ohio University in 2005 where he is currently the DC.   If this kid was from Ohio originally, he would probably be a higher ranked recruit; but he plays for Athens against inferior high school completion.  I think he is 100% Buckeye and he will sneek up on a lot of people. 

Comment 05 Dec 2014

Spent $340 on two tickets last year in the nosebleed section. Other than the outcome of the game, it was a great time.  Can't afford it this year. 

Go Bucks!!  Beat some Wisky ass on that field!!!