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Comment 20 Dec 2015
I am not a fan of calling put out own coaches, but Beck seems to be a major part of the problem. IMO, a major reason why Beck was hired was for Texas recruiting. Meyer, more so than most other coaches, places a premium on recruiting ability with his assistants. Herman was gone, so the Texas connection had to be re-established. This and the need for a quick and seamless hire may have had a bigger impact on his hire than coaching ability. He has also never coached a 1st time playoff defending national team with sky high expectations. I could see where a coach might get tentative with his decision making and play calling. IF this is the case, he is in over his head and needs to go.
Comment 06 Dec 2015
I only see 10 Tar Heels in that picture. Where was the 11th one or did they only have 10 man on the field?
Comment 06 Dec 2015
Sad to see a former Ohioan disrespect Archie in that manner. IIRC, he wanted to be a Buckeye but never got an offer. Still upset?
Comment 03 Dec 2015
So Bosa is voted the Big defensive lineman of the year, obviously meaning he is THE best lineman, but Nassib wins the defensive player of the year? Gotta love the same politics that determined Tressel never winning coach of the year. The boys in the NFL paying millions of dollars will have the true vote on who is better.
Comment 02 Dec 2015
Nope. The B1G EAST was much tougher than the ACC last year.
Comment 02 Dec 2015
Sometimes when given the keys to a 200 mph Ferrari, people tend to drive it at 5 mph to avoid the crash. Happy to be 11 - 1.
Comment 28 Nov 2015
Love it. Thought it was pathetic they were leaving the game early in the 4th quarter to beat traffic. Opened the toilet bowl up to make that cheer sound better though. Reminds me of the Rich Rod years.
Comment 28 Nov 2015
Great write up Ramzy. Way to honor this team with a great article. They truly stuck by the Buckeyes in the bad times. Those who stay will indeed be champions.
Comment 26 Nov 2015
Warriner is a great O line coach, but he now has more responsibility within the team, so naturally, he has less time for the O line. Even a great line like we had last year needs constant coaching and attention to succeed. A new starter often requires even more.
Comment 26 Nov 2015
Totally agree we need strong recruiting ties in an OC, but if he can't game plan well and not utilize the players he recruited, then what difference will it make? In my opinion, we need to be scouring through the MAC and other smaller schools to find the next up and comer. MAC always has coaching talent and Tressel came out of YSU.