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Comment 18 May 2016

It is unfortunate that many of these player sign with dreams and aspirations to only find out that playing time on the field is extremely limited.  Urban does a very good job of still taking care of his players regardless of their issue;  injuries, family problems, personal trouble.  Meyer has another similarity to coach Tressel besides beating TTUNs ass:  going to bat for his players no matter what the circumstance. 

Comment 18 May 2016

RIP Chico.  IF CTE was involved, then this one hits a lot closer to home.  I will echo a comment above about rugby style tackling.  More and more teams should look into that style, pro, college, high school, especially biddy league.  I know my son's 1-2 grade coaches put a strong emphasis on proper tackling form (without the helmet). 

May the Lord grant you rest  Chico.

Comment 08 May 2016
There was a coach who threw a yard marker here once that was a pretty successful guy.
Comment 29 Apr 2016
You're right Defiance, it is impossible to speculate what one player would do on another team. It's really hard for me to believe Sanders wouldn't have had more yards running behind a line that blocked so well that he doesn't get touched until he is 7 yards downfield, as opposed to running for his life, juking and dodging defenders and covering 50 yards of ground to eke out a 2 yard gain. Sanders also retired because his desire to not play the game was greater than his desire to play the game, that is a quote from him. Pretty simple, but people always think it's something else. They were both 2 of the greatest backs of all time.
Comment 29 Apr 2016
I feel for Tunsil too, it appears he is easily influenced (more so than your average young man). If he had come to OSU, I feel he wouldn't have had this mess. Urban would have surrounded him with the right people and prepared him for life first as a man, then as a player. The difference between our program and Old Miss is staggering and I could not be happier. Does anyone else love the fact that Herman had a player drafted last night and TTUN didn't? I wonder how they'll spin the "who has it better than us" statement this time.
Comment 29 Apr 2016
The Oregon defender in the NC game when Marshall picked the ball off his back with one hand would disagree with you on the ok hands part. This years TTUN game, he also had a spectacular td catch. I really like his game. He doesn't dance around on punt returns, he makes one step and gets upfield quickly. He made some really clutch receptions the past 2 years. He has game speed, not fast time 40 speed, very similar to Jerry Rice (not comparing him to JR). He was making time on Elliott during his historic Bama run. He also is a hard, tough runner after the catch. He was hurt by 2 things at OSU, multiple weapons and a new offensive coordinator. I am pulling hard for him.
Comment 25 Apr 2016
Agree Cincybuck, a player must be realistic about his skill set and the level his skills are on. I believe this is what Urban means when he has to de-recruit a player. If everyone surrounding that kid is telling him how great he is, eventually he will start to believe it, unless he is well grounded; and that almost always comes from a good family. It can be a cancer to a team as we saw with this last year's bball team. Glad Matta squashed it quick.
Comment 25 Apr 2016
Sorry to hear about your sister. I am at OSU 6 times a year and my charge is always 8-10 bucks. As a patient, I get a voucher that reduces the rate to 2 dollars. Still stinks though.
Comment 23 Apr 2016
I had an issue at best buy, called the CSR number and got the pleasure of talking to people who couldn't speak English for 2 hours. I heard "sorry sir, nothing we can do" a million times. They are trained to say this.