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Grew up in northeast Ohio. Now I don't live there. Go Bucks. My plan is to eventually retire to Youngstown or Cleveland and buy season tickets to all four teams that I love (Cavs, Browns, Indians, Bucks)


  • SPORTS MOMENT: As a Cleveland fan, not much. That one time the Browns went 10-6 and missed the playoffs? Let's go with that.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Troy Smith (I was at tOSU from 04-08)
  • NFL TEAM: The Super Bowl Bound Cleveland Browns
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Roll Tribe

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Comment 04 Apr 2016

My fiance is a Villanova grad so we have some emotional investment in this game. I actually had Nova-OU in the Final Four. The problem is my other two teams were Sparty-WVU.  

Comment 20 Mar 2016

The only thing that could make the first half of the Nova-Iowa game sweeter is if the Nova band comes out at halftime and insults farmers in a tribute to the Stanford Band

Comment 14 Mar 2016

I may be down voted to oblivion, but I could see a world in 49-50 years in which football is greatly marginalized due to violence and concussions, top athletes choosing other sports, etc

I am not a parent, to the best of my knowledge, but I am inclined to not let my kids play football, lacrosse, or hockey. It is easier for me to say this now without kids.

Comment 24 Feb 2016

It all comes down to company culture and the perspective of the hiring committee 

For entry level positions, my employer looks for hippie small liberal art schools (Oberlin, Weslyean, Vassar) and prestigious private schools.

We lose out on a lot of exceptional talent, unfortunately. 

Comment 10 Jan 2016

Meh---a night game and alcohol? These things happen, unfortunately. 

As a Browns fan, I am happy we are still the last NFL team from the State of Ohio to win a playoff game

Comment 02 Jan 2016

This happens every few years in the BCS era as well (2001 and 2007 were pretty bad too).  I was disappointed by the quality of the games, but it was bound to happen.

Comment 02 Jan 2016

But that is what makes college football unique and different. It is also why I am more of a college football fan than any other sport (it could also be because of my love of the miserable Browns, but alas). 

If the field expands, every game won't count.  Does a two-loss team deserve a shot at a national title which they would certainly get if it expanded to eight teams?

Comment 02 Jan 2016

I could not disagree more. What is a better metric? If we use the eye test, there is an inherent  bias towards the blue bloods, but is that fair to the Iowas, Baylors, TCUs, and Oregons of the world? 

It is truly quite simple. Win all of your games and you make the playoff. Ohio State failed to do so. If you lose, pray the team you lost to loses twice. 

If Michigan could punt the football and Ohio State beats Iowa, it still gets into the CFP over Stanford, I think.