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Grew up in northeast Ohio. Now I don't live there. Go Bucks. My plan is to eventually retire to Youngstown or Cleveland and buy season tickets to all four teams that I love (Cavs, Browns, Indians, Bucks)


  • SPORTS MOMENT: As a Cleveland fan, not much. That one time the Browns went 10-6 and missed the playoffs? Let's go with that.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Troy Smith (I was at tOSU from 04-08)
  • NFL TEAM: The Super Bowl Bound Cleveland Browns
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Roll Tribe

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Comment 3 hours ago

We have a chance to pull out a WC spot out. If the Rangers lose today, we are only 4 out with all of September to play. Roll damn Tribe. 

Comment 4 hours ago

This past November, I bought 8 cases of Great Lakes Christmas Ale. I will probably be finishing off the last of that

Comment 7 hours ago

I live within a 10 minute walk to Yankees Stadium, but cannot bring myself to cheer for them. I have been to 10 or so games, but I just to watch baseball, not cheer for a team. 

Comment 10 hours ago

Bama has QB problems, but I'm inclined to take the Tide in Jerry World. 

I will be cheering for Wisconsin, but it might be difficult to pull off! 

Comment 10 hours ago

Yes!  I went to 3 of the 4 games against the Yankees last week, and I honestly think they have the ability to make a run late in the season. This is the best they have been all season. Maybe team culture changed when we brought up the young guns and got rid of Bourne and Swisher? Maybe bats finally got hot? 

This is the Cleveland team to watch, not mediocre Cleveland Browns football. 

Not to hijack the thread, but why is that the Tribe has such low attendance?  Cleveland fans are fickle when it comes to baseball. 

Comment 23 hours ago

McCown must improve tonight. While there is no QB controversy, he must be better than last week. 

I am also excited to see Duke Johnson, hopefully he can be the running back we all expect

Comment 26 Aug 2015

I went to Ohio State and this made me a fan. Even though I grew up near Cleveland, I was apathetic about Ohio State football until I got to the University. 

Even after spending 4 years in Columbus and attending two national title games, I still tell people Ohio State football would not make my top 5 of favorite things about Ohio State. It is a wonderful University filled with caring professors, rigorous academics, and a great learning community. 

Comment 25 Aug 2015

With Michigan State and Nebraska games in Piscataway, this seems like a logical option. 

Tickets for the Buckeyes game are also $140 on Stubhub.  I may just wait to see if the market drops.

Alternatively, if Rutgers season tickets are purchased, I could see the mighty Norfolk State Spartans take on Rutgers on September 5th.

Comment 25 Aug 2015

I truly enjoyed Ballers on HBO this season.

Parenthood, which ended after several seasons this year, was great.

Comment 23 Aug 2015

Off the top of my head I think Arkansas, LSU, and Wisconsin are similar in terms of one college dominating the intercollegiate athletic sports scene within a state

Comment 23 Aug 2015

The only caveat I would add is if you support OSU for football, don't depart for basketball and root for another team.

Comment 23 Aug 2015

It isn't about attending the school, Ohio State is the flagship University for the state. The State of Ohio is embodied in the work of Ohio State researchers, professors, alumni, and yes, the football team

Comment 21 Aug 2015

This makes sense. As you expand the base, the average is bound to drop. Students at elite prep schools are already taking the SAT/ACT and most middle class kids take it as well. We are expanding it to lower income kids who tend to do poorer.