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Comment 20 Jun 2017

Is this site the biggest PSU homer site out there.  James Franklin mentioned w Harbaugh and Dantonio?  Come on guys. Kirk Firentz, Paul Chryst, Mike Riley and Pat Fitzgerald would all get hired tomorrow over James Franklin.

Biggest bowl wins to date: 

-Dantonio: Rose Bowl.   90-42 at sparty overall and 53-28 at sparty vs B10)

-Harbaugh: Orange Bowl. 78-33 in college and 44-19 in NFL

-Franklin: Music City bowl (or BVAA Compus Bowl or Poinsetta Bowl, take your pick, he only won 3 ever).  49-30 overall in college and 25-24 in conference, .500 in conference? LOL.

Comment 09 Jun 2017

Well its a good thing we didnt hire Kevin Wilson as our Defensive Coordinator, dont you think?

So if you keep on saying your same things over and over backed by your same opinions do you really believe it?  

PSU doesnt play defense and its defense will be worst than last year.  B12 and Pac12 plays all offense and no defense, it dont work Homey.   Cant wait to see Franklin's 'deer in headlights' look. Franklin is a good cheerleader, not a game mgr.

Brutus coming , Yo! 

Comment 08 Jun 2017

You realize that Kevin Wilson is now Offensive Coordinator and has nothing to do with the defense.  So not sure what point you poorly were trying to make.

Seems following tOSU stresses you out, the name calling you display, wish you luck w that.

Bucks by 21 over PSU.  Mark it.  Easy money w a likely 10 pt spread. 

Comment 08 Jun 2017

-Kevin Wilson 'good' offensive mind?  He is arguably the greatest out there when you consider he had IU nearly at top of B10 in all offensive stats with his 1 and 2 star recruits.   

-Did you already forget last season?  tOSU didnt and doesnt to beat PSU to get to The Playoff. 

-10-2, that stings you a bit, doesnt it?

Comment 08 Jun 2017

Again, you back up your opinion with your opinion.  And again, you assume that the question marks at PSU only work out for the best, while those for tOSU are a lingering problem. 

PSU had a 'lucky' schedule last year and made them look better on paper than they were, didnt play  B10 West's 2 best teams in reg season and played tOSU after bye week.  This year, tOSU has that 'lucky' schedule.  Anyone at end of last season, would have rather played PSU again than playing TTUN again.  Sorry, its true.  TTUN was clearly better.  At least you admit that tOSU dominated that PSU game for 56 minutes last year.

At tOSU, we focus on National Championships, beating PSU doesnt matter, but we will, handedly.

Actually, our most important 2 games are Oklahoma (national stage primetime) and TTUN (last game on the road).  And by pointspread only, they are OK and TTUN w highest spreads tOSU faces.  

No worries about PSU game in the shoe (10-2), Seriously.  Urban, Kevin Wilson!, Sr QB, MWebb and our 4-5 stars over Franklin (biggest bowl wins Poinsetta bowl or either Music city bowl? and bunch of 2-3 star kids).  Good luck to your linebackers hoping they get healthy. 

Comment 07 Jun 2017

I honestly think that beyond reasons mentioned above:

-PSU being in the shoe and 2-10 there. 

-Us having a bye week before and PSU playing TTUN week before.

...That PSU is our 6th game that Im most worried about.  Who cares PSU has Barkley and McSorley, last year we held em to 7 pts except the last 4 minutes w 2 bonehead special teams plays.  We have the best front 7 in all of college D and a good defense stops a good offense.  

I see the game close in first half and then we pull away, like 48-27. Bucks by 21 pts and Webber has more yards than Barkley. Mark it!

Comment 06 Jun 2017

Sorry, I just dont see it w this years PSU team or game.  Guess I have high expectations for what Kevin Wilson brings to our offense and a veteran QB in JT Barrett.   Anyone can play offense, but defense wins championships and stops a good offense on any given day. 

Its funny how you assume that the question marks for PSU are going to happen posatively, yet for tOSU you are concerned.  Ive gotten the feeling awhile ago that you are a PSU fan.