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Comment 14 hours ago

Depends on who you ask regarding whether his self-imposed salary freeze was a good thing.  I took a coaching class in the early '90s and the instructor had been there since Woody's days.  He said some other coaches were frustrated by Woody's refusal to take raises.  Any time another coach would try to get an increase the AD would compare their results to Woody's and of course nobody could compare, so it was very hard for other coaches to get raises.

Comment 14 hours ago

I am very happy they got rid of ties, but it would be interesting to see how some of these games would have played out if ties were still in existence.  Here are some quick takes on what might have happened:

2014 Penn St - I think PSU would have tried to get a TD instead of settling for the tying FG

2012 Purdue - probably ends in a 22-22 tie since we were down 8 and would have had no other recourse other than to go for the tie

2012 Wisconsin - I suspect Bert would have gone for 2 when they scored their second TD

2011 Purdue - again would end in a tie since we missed the would be game wining XP

2009 Iowa - No clue what would have happened.  I suppose Iowa might have gone for 2 since they came storming back and needed to win the game to win the B1G since they were coming off their first loss the week before

2003 Purdue - Purdue definitely would have gone for 2, they used the dam statue of liberty to get that tying TD they certainly would have gone for the win

2003 NC St - I would like to think we'd stiffen the defense a bit and not give up those scores late

2002 Miami - The Canes would have been forced to try and get the winning TD instead of settling for a long tying FG as time expired.  We probably hold on


2002 Illinois - we missed a potential game winning FG so we probably end up  in a godforsaken tie. never make it to the NCG. blech

Comment 18 hours ago

That reminded me of the set top boxes with push buttons for the channels that came later and the channels you didn't get were scrambled.  If you messed with the dial off to the side sometimes you could get the picture to come in a bit clearer. 

Then of course came the black market for cable boxes that unscrambled everything.  I remember a friend of mine hosting a PPV boxing party when he got one of those.  It was a little grainy, but better than paying $30 or whatever they were charging for it.

Comment 20 hours ago

I agree with the March noisemaker comment.  In fact I thought this past year's team had that ability if they could have gotten into the field, and if we hadn't had to play effing MSU 3 times in the last 2 weeks of the season we probably would have gotten in.  With the quickness and shooters we had (when they were on) it looked like a team that could have made a S16 type of run coming out of the 7/10 or 6/11 game. But when Tate went down and KBD got mono that killed that.

Comment 21 hours ago

Oh yeah, I heard about the fires too.  At first I was trying to think how would people have anything with them to light fires, then I remembered that very likely more than half the population smoked back then and certainly were allowed to do so inside the stadium.  I bet program sales were as brisk as the weather that day - kindling!

Comment 21 hours ago

I never had to live through the black and white era, but I grew up in the late '70s-'80s and I can tell you that the actual picture quality when watching live was far better than it appears in the youtube videos.  Those damn VCRs lost quality pretty quickly, especially if you reused the same one.  Having said that, today I cannot and will not watch "standard definition" TV.  It hurts my eyes, and honestly I am not even aware if it still exists since I never watch a channel that has a number under 1000 on Time Warner - in the early days of HD that's where the HD channels started and I just stick to those and above.

Oh yeah and there was a time, believe it or not when there was no remote control.  Well I should rephrase - little humans were the remote control, such as dad telling me to get up and go change the channel.  With a dial.  Where our choices were 4, 6, 10, and 34. Sometimes I had to stand there and hold the antenna too (usually on 6)

Comment 21 hours ago

Even more than that.  We completely mis-managed the clock at the end of the first half and gave them a FG at the end.  And on a kickoff (might have even been the one that led that FG) the Texas returner fielded it in the end zone, took a step out, then stepped back in an downed it - should have been a safety.

But I think we were better in 2006. We went to Texas and thoroughly destroyed them on their home turf.  Went to Iowa who was top 15 and destroyed them on their home turf.  Handled #2 TTUN with ease in the finale - only a horribly botched call allowed them to get that late score and make the score look more respectable than the game actually had been.

Comment 21 hours ago

I really think we are going to have a fun season coming up.  I kept saying during this past season that, while the results just weren't where we all expect them to be, the reasons were different than they had been the previous 2.  This team is full of talent, which was very young last year, and will still be young, but experienced.  With the addition by subtraction of players who didn't want to put in the work, and the injection of energy and very high basketball IQ from Jent, I expect good things this coming season.  

Comment 21 hours ago

2 of my uncles went to the snow bowl game.  The older one was 20 and the younger one was 16.  As the story goes, my grandmother really did not want them to go because the weather was so bad, but of course that wasn't about to stop them.  Back in those days they either walked or hitchhiked to get around and with the conditions getting worse and worse they ended up walking the entire way which was about 2-3 miles each way.  When they finally got home the older one got quite the tongue lashing from grandma.  According to my uncles, she was willing to give the younger one a pass but thought the older one should have known better than to drag his brother out in that weather just to go to a football game.  My grandma said that was when she realized there was no point in ever trying to talk sense into any of her boys when it came to OSU football!

Comment 21 hours ago

My God that color photo is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!

Sword52, I have a general question for you and your massive collection of OSU memorabilia.  Do you have any old photos of the various end zone designs?  Like you and some others are fasciated by the uniforms, I am fascinated by the end zone designs used over the years, but it is difficult to find very many pictures from before the current TV age. From what I have seen y favorite is either the OHIO with diamond design, or the funky design for OSU's 100th anniversary (which I think would have been the 1970 season).  I have also seen a design with both team names on the field in their respective colors.  I am fairly certain the 1968 game had OHIO with diamonds in scarlet and gray, and MICH with diamonds in yellow and blue in the other end zone.  Just wondering if you have any end zone shots in that collection.

by the way, thank you so much for sharing so much from your collection.  Looking at these old photos has been as much fun as reading the articles and the commentary that goes along with it.

Comment 29 Jun 2016

I was at the game, we had complete control for pretty much the entire second half, then it felt like we had given it away.  Goddamn Aberderris or whatever his name was, those were more freakish catches than Braxton to Devin.  Yes it was a great moment, but it wasn't some shocking last second Hail Mary.  MSU did that to them the week before on the last play of the game from near midfield.  A 40 yard TD toss isn't that rare in CFB.

Comment 29 Jun 2016

For those looking for parking in the Short North there are 2 fairly recent additions that may not be widely known.  I live downtown so I leave my car at home and walk :)  but for you poor souls who live in far flung regions of the metropolis...  There is a multistory garage on W Russell St basically across High St the street from the new Joseph Hotel - but for God's sakes don't actually drive on High St.  You can access it via Park St to Russell.  Second is the new multistory garage on Goodale across the street from the Convention Center.  It replaced the surface lot that was there.  Very easy access off of 670.

Comment 29 Jun 2016

As one who does not believe in karma, or sports jinxes, or any of that nonsense, I am always willing to shoulder the blame for those looking for a fan-based excuse for a loss :)

And no I didn't say anything like that pre VT '14.  I did however attend the game.  I did make amends by going to Blacksburg last year for the rematch though.

Comment 29 Jun 2016

And it drives me nuts that they called this a Hail Mary.  It wasn't even close to that.  A Hail Mary is a last ditch effort, this one came with 30 seconds to go.  And it was on an early down (maybe even 1st down?).  Oh yeah and Devin Smith was  w i d e o p e n  in the end zone.  It wasn't some miraculous play, and it wasn't like we stormed back to win it late.  We had the damn lead most of the game including a 2 score lead in the 4th.  It was simple pitch and catch between 2 freshmen players who, as it turned out, were elite and the best in the B1G at their respective positions.

Comment 29 Jun 2016

That 1949 game is the last one Minnesota would win in Ohio Stadium until the shocking upset the Glen Mason's team pulled in 2000.  I remember riding the bus to that game (the one in 2000) with my uncle, and he was worried.  I thought he was nuts, and he said "I remember back in the '40s we lost to them once at home"  I laughed and said yeah but it hasn't happened since and it certainly isn't going to happen today...

Comment 29 Jun 2016

My freshman year, exactly 40 years later in '89 my books for the Autumn quarter cost me almost that exact amount.  I remember it was over $70 but under $75.  I was shocked that 3 books could cost that much, and the reality of how expensive college was going to be hit me at that moment.

Then last year I went with my niece as she was checking on the status of her books and the guy in line in front of us had 2 options for whatever book he was buying - he could purchase it for something like $400 or rent it for $150.  I almost fainted.