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Comment 21 Mar 2015

We don't need a perfect game to win this one.  We definitely need to play a LOT better than we did against VCU, but this game is winnable.  I don't expect a win since this team just has never figured out how to play away from home, but it wouldn't shock me if we were to win.  Russell just needs to have his ordinary game, Tate needs to have a solid outing and Amir (here's where it gets rough) needs to man up and at least be some kind of viable presence inside.  Today would be a great time for Loving to find his stroke again, as I think Arizona might be a little vulnerable to outside shooters.

Comment 20 Mar 2015

I don't understand all this love for Shaka Smart.  His team played like a bunch of street thugs yesterday, I came away from that game with ZERO respect for him. If that is the way he coaches and teaches the game, no thank you.  I do not want that anywhere near my team or conference. 

Comment 20 Mar 2015

It was borderline dirty, but wasn't the worst of the day.  I was very disappointed in the thuggish way VCU played.  They were all over Russell all game, and not just Russell, they were body checking and undercutting the bigs as well since they were giving up a lot of size.  I have zero respect for Shaka Smart if that is indicative of the way he coaches.  I thought they were a bush league hack team yesterday.

Comment 17 Mar 2015

1 - Skyline is shit and I do not understand how so many people think it is fit for human consumption

2 - Normally I would take OSU in a run away vs a team like VCU.  You wanna run and play havoc?  Go for it, we can run you off the court.  Minnesota was the most recent team to try that, in the B1GT, and we blew open a close game.  Of course we proceeded give almost all of it back when they got smart and slowed things down... So, with this NOT being a normal year I am worried about this game, but still think we should win.  So does Vegas as we are a 3.5 point favorite.

3 - Having the NCAAT in Columbus is a dream come true for me, and it's the 4th time now.  I think the next time we have it (in 3 or 4 years) we will have the S16/E8 rounds - that will be even better, and I hope we can get someone else to host it so OSU can play here.  Looking at you, MAC conference...

Comment 16 Mar 2015

This has been a terrible season, and honestly we deserve a bad seed and shipped out west.  I was hoping of rate 8/9 matchup in Villanova's bracket, or even MSU's spot in t7/10 game opposite Virginia.  That bracket looks very soft.  But in the end we are where we are... If this team comes out focused (unlikely) they can easily do some damage in this bracket.  VCU plays up tempo - that is plus for us, I doubt they have the athletes to hang with us in an up and down game.  I really don't expect much from this team, and can see them losing the first game or getting to round of 8 (Baylor doesn't scare me one bit). 

Comment 13 Mar 2015

Seeing the ice pack on Sam's bicep is a reminder of what a grind this tournament is.  2, 3, or 4 days in a row with a game against a B1G opponent can sap your body of it's energy.  I really don't envy those ice baths those guys all had to take last night, and will take again tonight if we get past MSU.

Comment 13 Mar 2015

I know what you mean.  20 years ago that building would have sold out every game and rocking, but there is some apathy for basketball right now which I just don't understand.  Maybe people are used to the winning, maybe it's because every single game is on TV and it's easier to sit at home and watch instead of going out on a cold winter night?  Whatever it is it drives me nuts.  In the old days at SJA OSU had one of the top 5 home courts in the country, now we are just another team playing in an NBA arena with lazy non-student fans.

Comment 11 Mar 2015

Those are 2 great plays and the striking difference in the scenarios is very telling. We have come a LONG way from the grind it out days of the early '00s.

Holy Buckeye - in a season where it seemed we were allergic to TDs - remember we punted at least 3 times while starting drives inside Purdue territory in the second half of that game - that come from behind TD sealed the game.

85 yards through the heart of the south - in a season where we scored TDs at will, this one - which came with us already up by a TD - didn't seal the game.  It made it more comfortable, but I had a feeling (like I am sure other Buckeye fans did too) that we might need to get one more.

Comment 09 Mar 2015

First of all, OSU is probably not going to beat Minnesota, so all this talk about a game vs MSU is moot.  The only games we've been able to win all year are at the Schott, and the last 3 games prove that this team on a severe downward trajectory.  Falling way behind Purdue only to come back and get a close W, ditto at PSU, followed by falling way behind Wisky, coming back then basically quitting and getting BTFO at home?  Nah, this team will not win any more games.  We barely won up in the barn, we won't win a neutral site game.

MSU will beat Wisky in the finals.

Comment 08 Mar 2015

What?  OSU should win today, the line is a pick-em game.  I really wish people would stop falling for the espn "upset" term.  An OSU win today is not an upset, hell we might even be favored by tip off.  The game vs Illinois was an undefeated team vs a team in the middle of the pack.  We are in 3rd place in the conference and beat the #2 team by 25, who happened to have beaten this team last week.  OSU should win this game.

Comment 08 Mar 2015

I was at this game, sitting in the 4th row behind where Sylvester hit that shot and my God that place went absolutely bananas.  To me that was the first game that felt like a big time game since my days as a student in the early 90s Jimmy Jackson era.  A few years later, at the Final Four in Atlanta I actually got to meet Matt Sylvester and he really seemed like a nice guy.  I had an extra ticket to the title game and I sold it to a former walk on player who didn't have one, then in walks Matt Sylvester, so we hung out with him for a couple hours.  I am glad to see his is still involved in basketball, and D3 ball is an awesome place to be, especially in Ohio where there are so many very good programs and deep seated rivalry games.

Comment 08 Mar 2015

Took me over 20 years to realize that I really didn't like playing golf!

Comment 08 Mar 2015

I experience all kinds of difficulties (technical and otherwise) during the BC (before coffee) hours!

Comment 07 Mar 2015

Frankly I am surprised this game is even within 1000 of a sellout.  I have been a season ticket holder for over 10 years and this is the worst attendance has been in all those years.  I guess it is apathy, we were not a fun team to watch last year, and this team has been so frustrating not he road.  I wish they hadn't done a stupid "white out" for tomorrow's game that kind of thing is just stupid and not really necessary or even helpful.  It really is pathetic that we can't get 18,500 people to every B1G home game.  They should never have built that arena in the first place, we had a rocking home court at SJA and won't ever get that back, sadly.

Comment 07 Mar 2015

There is nothing they can do.  The big mistake was building it in the first place.  Should have never left SJA.  

Comment 05 Mar 2015

Russell would wear Craft down and easily get his points.  Craft was a very good on ball defender, but lacked the quickness and agility to maintain that in the lane.  I think it would go something like this.   First few possessions Craft would lock him up on the perimeter, Russell would probably have at least 1 turnover due to the pressure.  Then as he finds his groove, he would bait Craft into committing one way and then smoothly take off the other way, blow by him, and get to the basket.  Craft would adjust some, but would not be able to keep up and Russell would end up with 20 points and 2 turnovers.  Craft would end up with 3 fouls, take 1 charge, and chew through 4 mouth guards.

Comment 05 Mar 2015

The last 2 games are perfect examples of why this year has been so frustrating.  This team can clearly beat anyone when they show up, the problem is they don't show up until midway through the second half.  If this team would play focused for even 30 minutes they would be B1G champions.  Instead they are fighting just to get a top 4 seed in the B1GT.  

Comment 05 Mar 2015

I remember there was some controversy when the Crew name was selected.  The popular choice at the beginning was "Eclipse" because the day we were awarded the franchise was the day of a once every 100s of years solar eclipse.  The controversy though was that the front office's phone number had already been released and the last 4 digits spelled out CREW.  According to the tin-foil hat brigade, Orozco was a made up person, then when they discovered he was real, he was a "corporate shill".  I mean come one people!

I like the name, although the hard hat guys never really made much sense, Columbus is one of the most white collar cities in America.  But it is a short, clean name that fits into chants very well.  I am please with the re-brand and gold they stuck with the Crew name, and very glad they are making Columbus more prominent in the brand.

Comment 05 Mar 2015

With Purdue losing tonight we now have gotten all the help we needed for the double bye in the B1GT.  With a win Sunday OSU clinches no worse than a tie for 3rd place.  And having with what would be a 2-0 record vs Wisky and Maryland (1 and 2) we win all multiple team (i.e. not head to head) tie breakers.  If we tie with Purdue we win that tie breaker based on the above.  If we tie with either Iowa or MSU we lose the head to head, but still get the 4 seed.  If there are 3 or more teams tied we get the 3 seed.  Or everyone else could lose and we finish 3rd alone.