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Comment 04 Sep 2014

As long as the alternate uniforms continue to remain scarlet and grey I am OK with them.  I'd prefer we ditch the white road uniforms and switch to grey, just like I'd prefer we always wear grey at home for basketball. Neither white nor black belong on the OSU uniform (except as bordering for letters/numbers).

Comment 03 Sep 2014

There are sections specifically for disabled persons (veteran or not), so they should sit there if they want to be surrounded by folks who will be seated the entire time.  That is the purpose of having special sections set aside for them.  The rest of the stadium WILL STAND for plays.  Period. End of Story.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

Very nice article.  I was a high school senior during that dismal '88 season, and I know what you mean about Neutron Man.  He was the true super fan.  The two spotlight seeking fools that call themselves that now annoy and disgust me, and I pay no attention to them at all.  Mr. King didn't seek attention, he just wanted to help his team get the energy they needed to win.

And that MSU game... I still don't think I am over it.  I still don't even know how we lost that game. I have replayed it a million times in my mind.  We were on our way to another routine blow out victory, and a shanked punt by MSU, when we had them pinned deep, which should have led to another OSU touchdown, flipped the entire season on it's head.  That was the biggest upset in college football history until our friends from Boone, NC took that honor :)

Comment 26 Aug 2014

I guess my growing up in the '80s, and being a student in the early '90s, with those kinds of schedules is what makes me so aggravated about our OOC slates as of late.  Look back at the schedules - http://cfbdatawarehouse.com/data/div_ia/bigten/ohio_state/index.php is a great site for this.  Typically our "cupcake" game was another big conference team, yes a middle or bottom feeder like WSU or Oregon or Oregon St, but still a  reputable opponent. Occasionally we would play a lower tier team - but only ONE, not a gaggle of them, and certainly not on from Ohio.  I still believe it makes no sense for OSU to play other Ohio teams it is a no win situation, and I honestly could not care less about the whole "keep the money in state" crap.  It is not our responsibility to fund the athletic departments of all the other schools in Ohio.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

I kind of like it.  It certainly is not a replacement for a classic Carmen Ohio, but if you think of it as a way to pay homage to a timeless classic in a modern style, it works.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Marquette, @ Louisville and vs UNC at a neutral site will make this a good tune up for an always tough B1G slate.  There is no need to worry about RPI, believe it or not, everyone else plays a bunch of cupcakes too, it's not like Duke, UNC and the like are playing a full slate of D1 powers in their OOC.  If we win the B1G we will be a 1 seed so RPI is really only a concern for teams on the bubble, which I do not expect we will be any time soon.

And I ordered tickets for the Chicago double header, hope to see a lot of fellow Buckeyes up there!

Comment 16 Aug 2014

I remember walking by the Shoe on the way to class when they would put up and take down the South Stands before and after every football season.  It was kind of unnerving seeing them "make the sausage" so to speak.  Basically a bunch of carnies swinging like monkeys with wrenches kept 15,000 people from crashing to earth for 7 or 8 Saturdays every Autumn.  

But - after the season was over and they were down, it was something magical to be able to see right into the stadium, unobstructed, as I walked to and from my car, which was always parked in the stadium lot.

Comment 14 Aug 2014

I wasn't all that enthralled with the UNC series, so I'm OK it's gone.  Why they hell did we schedule BC?  Surely those will both be home games, I hope.  Their stadium is tiny, and is the reason why, after 1990 we no longer to <50k stadiums since we lose money. I hope we can get the Tennessee and UGA series back.

Comment 14 Aug 2014

Very well put.  This is far from over, and a walkout or a quiet halftime, would be an awesome show of support. Drake needs to admit his mistake, eat some crow and do the right thing. This is Waters's band no ifs ands or buts about it.

Comment 13 Aug 2014

Welcome, and thanks for the introduction.  I thought the same way you did - wanted to be a basketball coach, but I did end up doing the 8-5 business route for too many years.  Glad you stuck to your desires and I look forward to your coverage of the Buckeye cagers!

Comment 12 Aug 2014

As I said right from the beginning, OSU made a disastrous move in firing Waters.  Drake's days are numbered already, and the best thing he could do would be to immediately reinstate Waters with a public apology.  He probably should also step down as President since he clearly does not have the fortitude to handle running a University of this size, as he so horribly botched this whole thing.  In the grand scheme this wasn't even a minor issue, and he made it a mountain. How on Earth can he deal with real problems that will face OSU?

Comment 05 Aug 2014

Go get 'em Jon! He has handled this situation FAR better than the University did, and he has a right not to.  I will say this for certain - Jon Waters will be associated with OSU far longer than Michael Drake.  OSU needs to give the man back his job NOW, and be as public with an apology as they were with the slander a couple weeks ago.  The botched nature of how this was handled is a huge black eye for OSU; one that was completely self-inflicted, and should have never happened.

If he is not reinstated I hope he sues the pants of OSU - he has a rock solid case that will be a slam dunk victory for him.

Comment 02 Aug 2014

I love the fact that all the other B1G schools hate us.  As I always say, I don't ever want to be someones "second favorite" team (personally I don't understand having more than 1 favorite team, but a lot of people do).  This hatred is on display everywhere you go.  I have been to about half of the B1G stadiums for OSU away games and they all  hate us, well their ADs love us since we sell out places they can't fill.  Every year I go to the B1G basketball tourney and we are clearly the most hated there too.  I remember one year when they showed fans of every school during halftime or between games or something, and the second an OSU fan appears, and this was a girl, probably under 5 in a cute little cheerleader outfit - the BOOS cam raining down.  I mean seriously, who boos a cute little girl?  B1G fans, that's who. I say keep it coming, we eat your hate for breakfast and shit out more B1G titles at lunch than your school will ever win :)

Comment 01 Aug 2014

Regarding Thad's comments, the thing that I think we fans tend to forget is that, while CFB and CBB are "business" it is mostly through the actions of the ADs and the media, the coaches themselves, while being beneficiaries of this (e.g. those huge salaries) really at the heart of it are coaching players.  I have heard Thad speak to both large and small audiences and he truly is not caught up in any kind of "arms race"  I honestly think he would still be happy if he made a lot less money, and our home court was the outdoor cage on Lane Ave.  He just really loves basketball and developing players.  

I also agree with your "kids" comment. College students are adults, I never use the phrase "college kids" either because they aren't kids.  Having said that, I can see a coach's viewpoint since they spend so much time with these athletes in the role of teacher/student and even sometimes surrogate father, and with Thad's own daughters getting nearer to college age, you could tend to think of them as kids.  Hell I once saw my 97 year old grandmother refer to a blind, hunched over 81 year old man who could barely walk even with a cane as "such a nice boy"!  He was a childhood friend of her sons, so I learned that your perspective on "kids" is relative - LOL.

Comment 27 Jul 2014

I was a teenager during the 1989 season and for some reason was at home by myself watching the first half of that Minnesota game.  I remember the comedy of errors, like a 95+ yard return fumble right as we were about to score...  Anyway when it got to 31-0 I got beyond pissed, decided to change the channel for a minute to get away, and of course the game I switched to showed the score and said "no folks that is not backwards Minnesota really is leading 31-0"  Fuck.  I then decided to rip down the block O flag we had hanging and tossed it on the floor.  When my parents came home they asked why the flag was on the floor. I said, we are not gong to lose to Minne-fucking-sota so that flag is gonna stay there until we are ahead in this game.  Of course with just under a minute my dad and I hung the flag back up.

I think the Illinois game in 1984 when we came back from 24-0 down has to be in there.  Along with the 1990 game @ Iowa when we won with :01 left against one of Hayden Fry's best-ever teams.

Comment 26 Jul 2014

LOL calling this a "tirade" is one hell of a stretch.  It sounds a lot more like someone who was goofing off got caught and was disciplined.  He is not yelling in this audio, barely raises his voice once.  Yeah there is profanity, but I have heard much, much worse in the workplace.  My God we have become a nation of pansies who can't handle anything anymore.  

Comment 25 Jul 2014

Yesterday was a dark day for OSU, firing Waters because he didn't change the decades long culture in less than 2 years is absolutely ridiculous.  Might as well shut down the whole university if we expect there to be no sexual innuendos, underage drinking and *gasp* students of the opposite sex seeing each other in their underwear!!

OSU caved into the pressure of 1 band member, who had mommy and daddy do the complaining.  Yet another sign of the pussification of America.   Good luck trying to find anyone willing to take on this stinker of a job now.  Nobody in their right mind will risk firing in 2 years when one band member sees another band member drink at a party, becomes mortified, and sends mommy and daddy to Dr Drake's office. 

Comment 20 Jul 2014

I probably shouldn't have used "always" but more often than not we were, and aside from the '91 game, they were all close.  I disagree with your '90 and '97 opinion though.  We were better in '90, although both teams had taken some strange losses (ours to USC in the storm shortened game, and to Illinois on an illegal forward pass that would be overturned in today's rules).  In '97 we held them to 40 yards rushing, and if it weren't for a turnover in the end zone late in the 4Q we could have won that one as well.  We were favored in '90, they were favored in '97, but both games would probably have been pick-em on a neutral field.

Comment 20 Jul 2014

The 1979 game is the first one I clearly remember.  I was about 8 years old and I can still vividly remember jumping up and down and screaming in the living room when we blocked that punt.  I also remember the Rose Bowl being stolen away from us 6 weeks later.

The 1984 game sticks out in my mind to, Iowa lost the week before on failed 2 pt conversion and our win sent us to the Rose Bowl.  Looking back, the B1G was pretty weak that year, as we finished with 2 conference losses and still won the title outright - which is the first time that had happened.

I watched the 1987 game on a 2 inch black and white walkman TV (anyone remember those?) because we had basketball practice (I was in high school) but we did finish in time to see the end of the game.  I can't even imagine having to watch a game in such primitive conditions now!

(long dark spell I don't even wanna talk about - except 1994 that was fun)

2001 was a big surprise, nobody expected anything considering Belisari had been suspended and we lost a game we should have easily won vs Illinois at home the week before trying to find someone to play QB.  That first half was as shocking a half I have ever seen in football.

2002 clearly put the icing on the cake, nip and tuck all the way, could barely breathe just watching the game on TV.  How in the world did they still have :01 left to try that last pass?  Then relief and exhilaration.  I think we did alright in the bowl game that year too ;)

You will notice 2006 is not on my list.  Yes it was 1 v 2, and yes we won by 3, but that score is much closer than the game ever was.  Aside from the last UM score, which was bogus - there was no pass interference on 4th down, should have been our ball and game over, Michigan never had the ball trailing by only 1 score.  Every time they had it they were down at least 2 scores.  I was never worried about the outcome of that game past the first quarter it was obvious we were the better team and there was no way they could stop us.