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Comment 27 Jul 2014

I was a teenager during the 1989 season and for some reason was at home by myself watching the first half of that Minnesota game.  I remember the comedy of errors, like a 95+ yard return fumble right as we were about to score...  Anyway when it got to 31-0 I got beyond pissed, decided to change the channel for a minute to get away, and of course the game I switched to showed the score and said "no folks that is not backwards Minnesota really is leading 31-0"  Fuck.  I then decided to rip down the block O flag we had hanging and tossed it on the floor.  When my parents came home they asked why the flag was on the floor. I said, we are not gong to lose to Minne-fucking-sota so that flag is gonna stay there until we are ahead in this game.  Of course with just under a minute my dad and I hung the flag back up.

I think the Illinois game in 1984 when we came back from 24-0 down has to be in there.  Along with the 1990 game @ Iowa when we won with :01 left against one of Hayden Fry's best-ever teams.

Comment 26 Jul 2014

LOL calling this a "tirade" is one hell of a stretch.  It sounds a lot more like someone who was goofing off got caught and was disciplined.  He is not yelling in this audio, barely raises his voice once.  Yeah there is profanity, but I have heard much, much worse in the workplace.  My God we have become a nation of pansies who can't handle anything anymore.  

Comment 25 Jul 2014

Yesterday was a dark day for OSU, firing Waters because he didn't change the decades long culture in less than 2 years is absolutely ridiculous.  Might as well shut down the whole university if we expect there to be no sexual innuendos, underage drinking and *gasp* students of the opposite sex seeing each other in their underwear!!

OSU caved into the pressure of 1 band member, who had mommy and daddy do the complaining.  Yet another sign of the pussification of America.   Good luck trying to find anyone willing to take on this stinker of a job now.  Nobody in their right mind will risk firing in 2 years when one band member sees another band member drink at a party, becomes mortified, and sends mommy and daddy to Dr Drake's office. 

Comment 20 Jul 2014

I probably shouldn't have used "always" but more often than not we were, and aside from the '91 game, they were all close.  I disagree with your '90 and '97 opinion though.  We were better in '90, although both teams had taken some strange losses (ours to USC in the storm shortened game, and to Illinois on an illegal forward pass that would be overturned in today's rules).  In '97 we held them to 40 yards rushing, and if it weren't for a turnover in the end zone late in the 4Q we could have won that one as well.  We were favored in '90, they were favored in '97, but both games would probably have been pick-em on a neutral field.

Comment 20 Jul 2014

The 1979 game is the first one I clearly remember.  I was about 8 years old and I can still vividly remember jumping up and down and screaming in the living room when we blocked that punt.  I also remember the Rose Bowl being stolen away from us 6 weeks later.

The 1984 game sticks out in my mind to, Iowa lost the week before on failed 2 pt conversion and our win sent us to the Rose Bowl.  Looking back, the B1G was pretty weak that year, as we finished with 2 conference losses and still won the title outright - which is the first time that had happened.

I watched the 1987 game on a 2 inch black and white walkman TV (anyone remember those?) because we had basketball practice (I was in high school) but we did finish in time to see the end of the game.  I can't even imagine having to watch a game in such primitive conditions now!

(long dark spell I don't even wanna talk about - except 1994 that was fun)

2001 was a big surprise, nobody expected anything considering Belisari had been suspended and we lost a game we should have easily won vs Illinois at home the week before trying to find someone to play QB.  That first half was as shocking a half I have ever seen in football.

2002 clearly put the icing on the cake, nip and tuck all the way, could barely breathe just watching the game on TV.  How in the world did they still have :01 left to try that last pass?  Then relief and exhilaration.  I think we did alright in the bowl game that year too ;)

You will notice 2006 is not on my list.  Yes it was 1 v 2, and yes we won by 3, but that score is much closer than the game ever was.  Aside from the last UM score, which was bogus - there was no pass interference on 4th down, should have been our ball and game over, Michigan never had the ball trailing by only 1 score.  Every time they had it they were down at least 2 scores.  I was never worried about the outcome of that game past the first quarter it was obvious we were the better team and there was no way they could stop us.

Comment 20 Jul 2014

I have enjoyed your Drive-Thrus on youbtube for quite a while.  I am glad you posted this here so I can say "THANK YOU!" for all the time and effort you put into that.  It is great to see obscure games like this one, which was my junior year at OSU.  I still remember this game very well.  It was 100 degrees and very humid, for the first time ever the band was allowed to take off their wool coats when sitting in the stands.  Schnellenberger was trying to create an OSU-UL rivalry (which of course never got past those first 2 games) as they were still an independent then.  His dream was to have a series with OSU where 1 of every 3 games was played at Louisville.  I also remember how he tried to stir up controversy - they brought sideline fans that didn't fit the electrical system on the field, he whined about that and expected OSU to install a new system for them by the next season.  He is a crazy old man, but a heluva coach, and I am very glad I got to see him live in Ohio Stadium.

Comment 19 Jul 2014

It is definitely going to happen and will happen in the next 3 years. Jim Delaney really has been the impetus behind this, as he has clearly been vocal for years about his views and it is clear he doesn't much care about what the NCAA wants.  Now if only he'd have let Maryland and Rutgers lie where they were I'd like him a whole lot more.

What I would love to see, after autonomy is get rid of the conferences entirely.  Just have that group of schools playing against each other in a rotating basis.  We'd each get to keep a rival or 2, hell even 3, but no more ties to shitty teams like Minnesota which is farther away from us than all but 2 of the SEC schools (UF is 70 miles farther and aTm is 300 miles farther).  I'd like to see 4 year series between teams across the 5 conferences.  Maybe allow each team 1 game with a "cross over" from the lower ranks (i.e. MAC, Sunbelt etc.) as the opener, but then after week 1 play 10 weeks of games between the Big 5.  5 home, 5 away.  If they ADs really want a 12 game season for more $$$ then allow 2 cross over games - that way they can get their 7 home games.  BUT neither of those wins counts toward your post-season eligibility.

Comment 19 Jul 2014

As others have said there is one HUGE difference between OSU-TTUN in the Cooper days and the current times.  At least 8 of those 10 losses were upsets.  After Coop's second year we were always the better team just had a mental block in that game.  OSU has continued on the overall high level of play while they have not.  The last Carr year and all 3 Rich Rod years were complete blowouts.  In 2008 we could have won that game 70-0 if we had wanted to. The one year blip in 2011 has to be discounted, and even then it took a miracle for them to beat us at their place.  I don't see Hoke being able to rally the troops - they are having shootouts with Indiana and Illinois and the like.  It's not just a mental lapse up north like it was down here in the Cooper years, their program is on very shaky ground right now.

I may be incorrect about this, but I also might not be - they could be headed for a longer period of irrelevancy than most people might think.  Think Nebraska - which was a better program in the 90s than Michigan has ever been.  They are still trying to recover, and the similarities are there - neither state is very talent-rich at the high school level - most of their impact players are from elsewhere.  I can't see the attraction of a top player leaving his home state and going up there to the clown show.  They also have the added pressure of another in-state school with a much better coach, and (I can't believe I am getting ready to say this about Sparty) a more solid program in East Lansing. If I were going to leave the state, or if I were a native of that god-forsaken land up north (shudders!) MSU would clearly be the better option now.

Comment 10 Jul 2014

We are very lucky to have Thad and I am thrilled with the high level of consistency he has brought here.  Aside from only having 1 title, we are still the overall best program in the B1G- and this is with decades of peaks and valleys.  Now that we have eliminated the valleys, we are clearly a head above the rest right now.  I think my favorite team so far has been the 2010-11 team.  That senior led team seemed destined to bring Matta his first title.  I am still pained by that upset loss to UK in game we should have won easily.  Had we gotten past that I think we would have won it all.

And you need to do a little checking on your history, as you've mixed in a few football tidbits that don't apply to basketball.  Michigan is not an equal rival to OSU in basketball - we lead that series by over 20 games, they aren't any kind of measuring stick in basketball, they are just another league opponent.  And what is this business about narrowly avoiding a trip up vs the SEC?  Until that loss to UF in the title game OSU had NEVER lost to an SEC team in the NCAAT.  That included 4 games vs UK.

Comment 29 Jun 2014

Great article, thanks for doing these, he seems like a very down to earth and humbler person.  I was a the game vs FIU when he broke the scoring record, I still have no idea why we were playing FIU in March, but it was a great thing to witness in person.  He was such an amazing player to watch, another game I will never forget was the game @Iowa when they were #1 in the country.  He just flat out took over that game and had one drive to the basket that I don't think even MJ could have made.  

Comment 23 Jun 2014

I was a high school senior when Williams left and I was pissed.  I can still remember watching that Jimmy Crum segment live and I loved it!  "Good riddance!" became my catch phrase for quite a while.  I still don't care for Gary and was interested in the reaction he got when we played Maryland in the ACC/B1G challenge, he got a much warmer reception than I thought he would, and frankly much warmer than he deserved.  The real reason he left though, is he was about to be in some serious hot water over phone calls and other charges he billed to OSU to hide the fact he was cheating on his wife.  He cited his wife wanting to move back to the northeast as part of the reason for taking the Maryland job... well she filed for divorce and stayed here.  His daughter still lives here with her family.  I guess that was yet another lie.  While I don't like him as a person, he did pull us out of the Eldon Miler days, which I refer to as "the 10 years when a dark cloud hung over Columbus" and brought energy back to the team and made SJA the toughest visiting arena in the country.  All in all, it took us a while (but we made it to the Final Four here before he did up at Maryland), but we got a superstar in Matta and he isn't going anywhere until he retires as the winningest coach in OSU history.  I'd much rather have Matta be the one to pass up Fred Taylor than the lying cheating Gary Williams.

Comment 23 Jun 2014

I'd be fine with OSU in the SEC.  For years I have wanted OSU to drop the B1G, and this silly eastern expansion to junk athletic programs cemented that feeling.  What I would really love to see are all the conferences blown up entirely and rebuilt.  Crappy programs like Maryland, Rutgers, Minnesota, Northwestern, etc can form their own leagues while the powerhouse teams can join together to from incredible leagues.  Or we just disband leagues altogether and play one massive non conference schedule with 2 or 4 year home/home series.  Logistics on that might be difficult, but I believe not impossible.

Comment 17 Jun 2014

I would not have Lou Holtz on this list.  The 4 places he coached (Arky, Minn, ND, and USC) all had significant downturns after he left, AND were placed on some kind of NCAA probation due to his actions as coach.  He never stayed anywhere very long, and was just about 5 minutes ahead of the sheriff in all places.  I think he is a cheater and am very glad he never got the OSU job.

Comment 07 Jun 2014

I am still holding out hope that some disaster will happen soon and prevent the Maryland/Rutgers thing from really happening.  These trash teams do NOT belong in the B1G.

Comment 24 May 2014

The playoffs will definitely expand, and will do so rapidly.  I see at least an 8 team playoff within 5 years, and certainly a 16 team playoff within 8 years - maybe sooner.  I know the playoffs will be good for college football, every time they have changed the system it got better.  People whine about the BCS but it was infinitely better than the disconnected bowl system that was before it.  And as "bad" as the original bowl system was, it was better than no bowls.  

Comment 15 May 2014

Hate, hate, hate the end ones.  Why in the hell do we use white on anything at all.  White is not one of our colors. One end zone should have been scarlet with grey lettering, the other grey with scarlet lettering.  So simple, yet they still fucked it up.  Typical Gene Smith-era, let's take an opportunity to improve something and make it just as bad or worse. Get him the hell out of there!

Comment 10 May 2014

People bash OSU way too much for OOC scheduling.  Have any of you ever heard Matta speak about his philosophy on the topic?  I have.  He tailors his OOC schedule to the kind of team he projects that he will have that year.  When the team is young he tends to have more weaker teams, but in years where he thinks he has a strong squad he will load up more.  In addition to the B1G-ACC challenge we have played the likes of Florida, Kansas, and UNC in home/home series.  We also have played Washington and Cal when they were the at top of the Pac10.  ND and Marquette this year were projected to be much better than they turned out to be.  You can't play every OOC game against top level teams, nobody does that.  As recently as '11-'12 we played Florida, Duke and Kansas in the OOC in the same season.  

Comment 05 May 2014

I do not like this one bit.  I also don't really like the direction of the conference as a whole.  I have a bad feeling that the while Rutgers/Maryland thing is going to  end up being a very bad thing for the conference.  I hope OSU is looking at options just in case...

Comment 24 Apr 2014

I haven't submitted my alumni football ticket application the last 2 years and I probably never will again.  This obscene money grab by OSU has really turned me off.  I will always be a fan, but I really have no desire to pay $80 or more to watch us pummel the likes of Toledo, FAMU, etc. And  now they want to charge secondary market rates for premium games?  That is stepping over the ethical line.  There will be a day in the not too distant future where that stadium has noticeably empty seats, and that will be a sad day for OSU.

Comment 21 Apr 2014

I have never understood the hate for Pryor.  He won 30+ games 3 B1G titles and 2 BCS bowl games.  I can't think of any other QB I would have rather had under center during his years here.

The hate needs to be directed at Tressel.  Why on Earth OSU fans still like the man is beyond me.  His incompetence at handling a minor NCAA violation set the program on the downward spiral that was the 2011 season. We are still recovering from it.

Comment 19 Apr 2014

Well it certainly will not happen in the next 50 years.  They have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on renovations in the last decade that will keep it going well into its second century  - which begins in 8 years, btw.