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Comment 7 hours ago

I had to listen to the clip to hear who Tom Hamilton was, and within 1 second I stopped it.  That voice was very familiar - he used to do B1G football and basketball games back in the Raycom days (for you oldsters who remember that) and he was annoying as hell with that nasly accent and overhyped delivery.  I am glad he has found a home up on the lake calling a sport I never watch. 

Comment 10 hours ago

If you want to talk about TV markets then KU brings more to the table (KC) than OU does (OKC), but the reality is they are both national, blue blood programs in one of the 2 big sports and would fit in very well with the B1G since they are large, midwestern, state-flagship universities.

Comment 10 hours ago

From what I have seen Wisconsin is definitely the best team in the West, but had to play both OSU and TTUN (of course they also had to play what appeared to be a certain loss at MSU before the season started too) and Nebraska only has to play us - so advantage Huskers. But really everything hinges on the Neb-Wis game in Madison (advantage Badgers).  Barring any other upsets - honestly neither of those teams should lose to any other team in the West, the winner of that game gets a rematch with OSU in the B1GCG.

Comment 19 Oct 2016

It was great!  And there is definitely some Mike Leach influence in there.  

Does anyone know, is this a thing that UCLA does regularly?  Or is it something they do vs Wazzu? Seems very bizarre to me.  The only other time I remember a team intentionally using the "wrong side" for warmups was in a high school basketball game when I was in school (so a million years ago).  I've never seen anything like this in big boy ball.

Comment 18 Oct 2016

Regarding that poor misguided Wisky fan...  it is a bizarre trait in their fanbase that surprised me when I experienced it.  You would think that a school that for so very long was so very bad, I mean worse than current day Purdue bad, would have some sense of reality.  But those people are living in a fantasy world.  OSU and Wisky have played about 80 games and OSU has won 60 of them.  Ditto for basketball, we have a lead of something like 25 games in that series as well but Badger fans can't even imagine it's possible for their team to lose, even against opponents, like OSU, whom they rarely ever beat.  It is totally bizarre.  I remember in the '06 B1GT final, we were ranked #1 and riding a 20+ game winning streak, and played them in the finals.  Some of their fans were shocked that I thought it was possible that OSU would win.   We were favored by  10ish, won by like 20, and I just looked at one guy in particular and shrugged.  What a bunch of idiots.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

This is really not surprising at all. The B12 put feelers out a few months ago hoping to hear from current P5 schools who might be looking to move, or maybe hoping that one of their 4 prodigal sons would want to return.  lolnope Turns out everyone is happy where they are and the only interest they got was from mid major programs.  None of the schools showing interest would bring a greater return of revenue when weighed against the split they would receive.  

So this is the official death knell for the B12.  I think within 2 years OU and KU will be in the B1G.  WVU will be in the ACC, where they should have gone in the first place when the BE broke apart.  Texas is the wildcard, on one hand maybe they go to the SEC and reunite with aTM, but I can't see another school out there that the SEC would want.  Ok State?  Dunno, maybe - I mean they took Mizzou (lol).  More likely I think Texas goes to the PAC along with BYU.  All the rest of the former members are relegated to mid major status.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

So now at least the mystery is solved as to why we keep getting at least 1 of these penalties every game.  Urban disagrees with the rule.  And he can disagree with it all he wants, but as long as it is in the books, he must abide by it, and must set the tone for his staff and players to abide by it as well.  Do your politicking in the offseason when the comment period for rules changes is open, not on the sideline during the season. 

Comment 17 Oct 2016

Regarding Corso being on the "Buckeye sideline"  I doubt that had anything to do with OSU.  Wisconsin, like every other school, would not want their own sideline crowded by media and whatever non-program related people that they give a field pass to.  Every school in America puts those people on the other sideline - let the visiting team get crowded by extraneous people.  And besides that, team benches only occupy the area between the 30s.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

You hit the nail on the head with this comment

 I don't think Camp Randall or Beaver Stadium is all that loud for cupcake games either, though.  

The only away games we ever watch are "Team X"'s biggest game of the year.  Every stadium gets loud when OSU visits. 

Ohio Stadium is the loudest stadium of them all for big games, but we watch every game, so we also see the snoozers where it's 42-0 and the crowd is asleep.  Go back and watch replays of the 2011 game vs Wisky, or any game vs TTUN, or the Texas or USC games from the mid '00s - Ohio Stadium was as loud or louder than any other for those games.

Comment 16 Oct 2016

I thought we'd fare much better in Madison than we did, so now, after 2 lackluster weeks in a row, I am not expecting us to cover in Happy valley.  It wouldn't shock me if we did, but I don't expect it.  PSU is nowhere close to Wisky in terms of talent and ability, and honestly they probably aren't as good a team as Indiana, but it's another "superbowl" for an OSU opponent with a week off and a night game home crowd. The key will be to get off to a fast start and get a big lead early.  Failure to do so has made the last 2 weeks MUCH closer than they ever should have been.

Comment 16 Oct 2016

The name that I see popping up that baffles me is Charlie Strong.  If he can't win at Texas with all their resources in a weak B12, what on earth makes people think he can do anything with Purdue resources in a strong B1G?  Purdue whiffed on Hazell, but that doesn't mean there isn't another youngish coach in the mid major ranks, or a top level assistant that might be worth taking a shot at.

Comment 16 Oct 2016

I agree that Baylor is way over ranked, and that will take care of itself when they play a team with a pulse.  But the "2 bye" comment isn't really valid.  Every B12 team has 2 byes now.  Remember they do not have a CCG, but they do play on that last weekend so they have to take 2 byes.  All other P5 teams basically take that last week (first weekend in Dec) as a bye with the exception of the teams playing in the CCGs.

I can't remember a week where there were no changes, none, zero, zilch, in the top 10.  No one dropped out or moved in, and there wasn't even any movement among the ranks.  That is very rare.  And I am glad to see Wisky didn't drop because of last night.  Will be interesting to see where the AP comes in, I suspect the maintain their spot at 8 and Baylor will still be behind them and Nebraska.

Comment 16 Oct 2016

The second half of the Neb-IU game was fun to watch, which is strange considering that the first half was boring as hell.  My top half of the B1G varies quite a bit from yours

1-tie OSU

1-tie Mich

3- Wisky (two 1-score losses vs the teams tied at the top carries some weight)

4- Nebraska

5- Indiana

Next tier- Penn St, NW, Minny

Next tier- Iowa, MSU, Maryland

Bottom - Purdue, Illinois, Rutgers

Comment 16 Oct 2016

This was Wisconsin's superbowl and they played their best game of the season, probably their best game in years.  Camp Randall is the very definition of a hostile environment with belligerent fans who hate, hate HATE Ohio State with a fiery passion.  To play that poorly and still come out on top was a growing moment for this team for sure.  Rinse and repeat next week at Happy Valley, although even if Penn State plays above their heads, they still aren't anywhere near as good a team as Wisky, but if you lose focus bad things can happen.  Glad to get the win, wish it wasn't as painful a process to get there, though, but on to the next.

Comment 16 Oct 2016

lol, Bama, who was down 21 points to Ole Miss, and still gave up 45+ in a 3 point win?  Sorry but no, there is no "gap" between Bama and OSU.  The truth is the SEC is mostly garbage.  Alabama is very good, but there isn't another top 10 team in that league, and honestly, might not even be another top 15 team.  Alabama has a cakewalk schedule this year.

Comment 16 Oct 2016

I really didn't expect to see a second lackluster game in a row, but that's what we got tonight.  I sure hope they get things straightened around before next week.  Penn State isn't as good as Wisky, but that stadium will be just as hostile as Camp Randall was.  The key for this team is to get out to a fast start.  That's what allowed them to BTFO Oklahoma (who is very good by the way and will probably go 9-0 in the B12).  These slow starts let lesser teams hang around and you just can't do that week after week.

I thought Wisky might be a little rusty coming off a bye week, but I guess that only happens to OSU, not other teams.  Penn State had a bye this week so we will see who that benefits.