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Comment 5 hours ago

Woody's punch is the first true "moment" that I can recall watching games.  I have memories of watching games, listening to the band etc but this was my first specific memory. I was 7 and didn't understand when the older folks said that Woody would have to be fired. As far as I knew Woody and the President didn't have bosses or jobs they just were in charge. 

In hindsight, yes he should have retired the year before, however look at the 1979 season, Woody knew he had a national championship team coming and I think he wanted one more chance to go out on top. I always wonder what would have happened if he stayed here and won the title in '79. Of course had we won the RB in '76 he might have retired then too. Of course we will never know the "would haves". 

I think it's appropriate for fans to be both grateful and disappointed in Hayes. Buckeye fans should always be thankful that he took our program to heights attained by only a handful of programs in all of CFB history.  At the same time we cannot just ignore the volatile side of the man. In the final accounting his good deeds far outweigh the bad, so he's ok in my book, but I do realize that there was a side to him that he should have handled better.

Comment 25 Jul 2016

As much as I'd like to say we got robbed in that MSU game that just was not the case.  First of all, why were we huddling? That wasted 3 or 4 seconds. Second a run up the middle with 24 seconds left and no time outs? That's an inexcusable coaching mistake. Of course the Sparty players are going to take their time getting up, that happens all the time in this situation.  Why relinquish control of the clock at that point by calling that play at that time? That play will be there on 3rd or 4th down if you don't convert on a pass. Hell even a pitch out run wide probably would have scored too. Sorry folks, this one's on Woody. 

Comment 21 Jul 2016

Thanks for a painful memory.  This was my sophomore year and my seats were in Block O (back when it was in the North End Zone).  We all assumed we'd move down the file, kick the FG and win 16-13.  Then they pull that fucking option play on 4th down. I still remember what either Coop or his OC (who I think was Joe Hollis then) said int he post game presser "that play worked against Wisconsin last year so we thought it would work today".  Oh really?  1-10 Wisconsin from last year is equivalent to THE GAME?  Morons....  I think that was the first time I was truly shellshocked walking out of Ohio Stadium.

Comment 21 Jul 2016

I haven't ridden any of the slides for a couple years, but from the wave pool and lazy rivers I can see the lines are almost always ridiculously long. The older I get the less I want to wait 30-45 mins or more for a 30 second ride. I am perfectly happy to plop on to a raft and hang out in the adults only lazy river for an hour or 2 or 3.

Comment 20 Jul 2016

I rarely listen to podcasts but this was awesome.  I have always liked Diebler, even his freshman year when some were down on him for all the misses, I could just tell he had that something special, it still kills me that they got upset in the S16 his senior year - that was a national championship team if ever there was one.  If he does go back to Turkey I hope he and his wife stay safe - and it sounds like they are well aware of how to handle life over there. It was also great to hear his take on Matta, I'd like for the "Matta needs to go" crowd to take a listen to that.  I also loved the part at the end where he said his dad made him shoot close shots until he was old enough and strong enough to shoot from distance.  That is the sign of a smart coach - the worst thing you let kids do is try to heave the ball before you learn the proper shooting mechanics.  That is how bad habits are formed, and he was able to avoid that.

Comment 20 Jul 2016

First of all, we have reached my lifetime, so no more b&w photos please!!! :)

Second, that is the first time I have ever seen the entire video of Woody's down marker rampage.  I watched with the sound off because I immediately recognized that voice (I have no idea of his name) of the former TTUN radio guy - having heard snipets before on BTN.  Anyway that was pretty clearly PI, but I'd have to say that display was over the top even for Woody.  Who knows, if he hadn't done that and cost his team 30 yards, maybe the defense would have channeled their anger into getting the ball right back and winning the game?

Comment 20 Jul 2016

Thanks for posting the full game video of The Game, that was fun to watch.  And I got a kick out of the commercials, especially the fact that Colt 45 was a primary sponsor of the broadcast lol. 

I don't have any qualms with OSU claiming a national title this season, they dominated everyone they played, and this was still the era of the "no repeat" bowl game.  We tend to forget now that bowl games were not really considered important back then, and this might have even been the first year that the AP even took a vote after the bowls.  Everyone played the season, a national champion was voted and then the bowls were played.  We are still about 4 or 5 years away from teams going in consecutive seasons, and I think even farther away from multiple teams from the same conference going.

Comment 19 Jul 2016

I never lived in a dorm, but have seen enough of them to know that those 130 are most definitely the lucky ones.  And 130 out of 14,500 is a remarkably small percentage.  Regarding the cost - I cannot believe how much it costs for dorms and meals.  My older niece who is a junior at OSU lives in a newly renovated apartment just off campus, which is nice enough that if I were in the apartment market and was shown this property I would probably sign up.  She lives with 2 other girls, they each have their own bedroom AND own bathroom, and each's share of the rent is like $600/mo.  Her younger sister starts this fall and will be living with 3 other girls in a Quad, so bunks, 1 bathroom (they are lucky enough to have one) and a much smaller space - no kitchen or laundry, etc. That costs about $7000 for the school year.  Plus you are forced to purchase a meal plan.  When she moves into an ff campus apartment in 2 years my sister and brother in law will feel like they are getting a raise :)

Oh and the correct pronunciation is hard g as in GRAPHICS.

That bunt contest was amazing, and I don't even like baseball.  I think the fact that I didn't understand the commentary (except to know the announcers were excited!) made it even more fun.

Comment 19 Jul 2016

You bring up a good point re: onsides kicks, and in addition to that, kickoffs are a very important part of the game as they determine field position for the drive following a score, or the start of the game/half.  There has been talk about altering/removing it for years and I doubt it will ever come to pass.  The only change I can see coming is that instead of a kick from a tee, they might make it more like a free kick after a safety, or maybe go as far as requiring all non-score attempt kicks (punts, kickoffs, and free kicks) to be drop style kicks.  But the kickoff itself will not be disappearing any time in the foreseeable future.

Comment 18 Jul 2016

Dammit, I was just gonna say "getting the band back together!"

This is a good hire.  Major really seemed like he related well to the players.  I remember one game where he got so excited he reached out to swat one of the bigs on the backside after a great play, he slipped and fell on the floor.  I don't know what the health issue was that caused him to step down at UNCC, but I wonder if it was stress-related being the HC. Whatever it was I hope he has recovered and he will certainly feel at home in Columbus.

It is also a very good sign that former coaches who have gone on to higher positions hold Thad in such high regard that they flock back to his staff.  

Comment 16 Jul 2016

I too wonder how much his physical condition has factored into things the past 2-3 years.  I suspect it did play at least some role, and he has gotten to the point where he's fed up with it.  I have been saying that I think next year's team is going to be a positive surprise for folks who didn't really pay attention this past year - there is a very solid nucleus coming back and if Thad is back closer to his old self, and with the infusion of Jent - this could be a wild ride for sure.

Comment 16 Jul 2016

I was at the Johnelle melt down game so I didn't see the halftime "interview" until later that night.  I remember that play, and actually that game, pretty well.  We were playing like absolute dogshit - we were still going back and forth between Smith and Zwick and the team just had no cohesion to it.  From what I remember we turned the ball over a lot, and it really didn't even feel like we were playing football.  When the kick was blocked, I saw a flag.  Everyone else was screaming and jumping, and I decided to sit down.  The way the game was going I assumed we had jumped offsides and the TD would be called back.  When it wasn't, that was clearly the turning point, and the second half was a much different ballgame.

Regarding his tenure at MSU - yes he wrecked their program, but MSU got what they deserved for the way they hired him.  Not sure how many people recall this, but MSU actually called his cellphone either right before or during the bowl game he was coaching at Louisville and he accepted the job.  Word spread throughout the team and the team just lost their will to play and got bombed. MSU certainly knew he was coaching that day and made an unethical decision to contact him at that time.  John L made an even worse decision by even answering the damn phone, or having his agent answer it or whatever the case was.  I don't believe in karma or anything like that but I did take pleasure in watching him crash and burn at MSU because of the way he got there.

Comment 15 Jul 2016

That all decade team, or whatever they are calling it, looks awesome.  I'm not sure there is any point in quibbling about Groom or Johnston as clearly neither will be needed at all.  Every drive with that offense will result in a TD. 

My kindergarten teacher's husband had a snake, and she brought it to class for a few days when it was molting (at least I think that's the term when they shed their skin).  It was amazing. And if she did that today, she'd probably be fired lol.

Comment 15 Jul 2016

For those that are harping on the "well Thad recruited them" angle - here is some food for thought - #1 this was an exceptionally large class, often classes consist of 1, 2 or 3 guys - this one had 5 - there are bound to be some that don't work out.  #2 the percentage of prima donna players seems to be much higher than it was 10 years ago - remember the Thad 5?  out of that bunch only one was like that - Daquan Cook - the rest were team first.  With the rapid expansion of media outlets many more player now have an inflated view of their talents.  Which leads to #3 - You sometimes can't tell how a guy will mesh with new teammates, especially when he has to take a lesser role at times.

Another thing that is completely overlooked here  - there are massive transfers every year in CBB, in many cases coaches step in to either prevent it or limit where the players can go.  Thad has not one single time done either of those things.   He just moves on, and I like the conviction with which he does so.