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Comment 2 hours ago

I'm not sure what "2 best players" you are referring to, but Jae'Sean was the best player on the floor all season for OSU.  KBD missed all but 3 or 4 games and he was our best player coming into the season.  With those 2 back and fully healthy I see no reason why OSU won't finish at least in the upper half of the B1G.

TT was good, but he didn't exactly have a breakout year.  Same for Lyle. I do think we will miss Lyle, he could go off for 25 on any given night (and struggle too) but if for nothing else, depth.  But this isn't anywhere near as bad as things were when O'Brien took over, or when Matta took over. 

Comment 2 hours ago

That site is very incomplete.  They only start with "major conference" play - OSU's first season in the B1G was 1912.  They also only start their data at all in 1904.  OSU's first season was 1890, and I think we only played 3 or 4 games that year, but pretty much every year after that we were playing a full schedule relative to the time period. 

I really miss the CFBDW which was the most comprehensive database for every team in the country.  Sadly, they went offline in March.

Comment 19 hours ago

So in reality we need 2.  The game vs Oklahoma will be number 900 and there had better be some mention of that in the stadium, there most certainly will be on the broadcast, because most media outlets do not recognize the NCAA's little pretend magic eraser wand.  

The real question is this - what will happen first - we pass M in the series, or in all time wins?  Both will happen in my lifetime (and I'm not exactly young).

Comment 23 Jun 2017

While it is always fun to poke jabs at the weasels from up north, do a lot of Buckeye fans actually know any M fans?  I can't think of a single person I know who is one.  I know that back in the '90s there were some "fans" trolling around but most of the ones I came across were really just contrarians, and not actual fans.  They just wanted to be opposite of what everyone else was, and it was easy to do since we were not winning.  But honest to God I cannot think of a single actual fan of that school that I know personally.  And I expect it to stay that way.

Comment 22 Jun 2017

I think one and done was the first logical step to keep high school players from trying to jump straight to the NBA. As mentioned, there have only been a very small handful of players succeed in that path.  I don't really follow the NBA much, but I obviously follow CBB very closely, and I think the one and done has helped the college game somewhat, and that going to a 2 year minimum will help it further.  I assume it would also be positive of the NBA because there would be less first year flame outs.  

Comment 15 Jun 2017

Basketball can be a quick turn around job.  Let's not forget that Thad Matta took the remains of a 14-16 team and turned it into a 20 win team, knocking off the #1 team in year 1, and would have made the tournament had we been eligible.  Then won the B1G the next year, which was the year before the Thad Five got to town.  Hell even Jim O'Brien, who inherited a 6-22 squad had us in the Final Four in year 2.  Do I expect a B1G title next year?  No, do I expect an upper half finish, hell yes I do. 

Comment 14 Jun 2017

Yeah, I am perplexed why the USPS still exists in its current form.  I can't  remember the last time I actually checked my mailbox, it might have been 2 weeks ago, might have been a month ago. There is nothing important in there. And on the very rare occasion when there is, I know it's coming and can generally track it.  There is absolutely no need for 6 day per week delivery.  Cutting that down to 3 will save millions.  They should also charge first class postage for all the shit that companies send out.  This whole business about "third class" mail is bullshit.  It all pollutes our mailboxes the same so if you wanna send me that stupid flyer or 300 page catalog that the person who lived here 10 years ago once bought something from (maybe?) then pay full freight. It just goes right to the recycle bin.  You aren't entitled to junk up my mailbox.  Charge the full rate and that shit will come WAY down.

Comment 13 Jun 2017

As we transition from Thad to Holtmann, I hope that there is a banner raising ceremony in the Schott to acknowledge what Thad Matta did for the program.  It is not every day that the winningest coach in program history steps aside willingly to enable the program to move forward.  Thad deserves a spot of honor up there in the rafters next to Fred Taylor and I'd love to see it happen in front of a packed house during this coming season.  

Comment 13 Jun 2017

I don't think they intend it to be intimidating.  From what I've read Hayden Fry heard it was a calming color so he figured why not try to make his opponents the opposite of fired up before a game.  Lately it's just more of a tradition they keep, and I think it's cool they still do this.  Then of course you have the bonus effect of the certifiable insane Jimmy H up north who remembers Bo screaming about it in the 80s and decides to make a big deal about it by acknowledging it and going to stupid lengths to change it.  Which just served to divert his and his team's attention from what they were there to do. 

Comment 13 Jun 2017

I'll say it - I think the fact that the GPA bonus is larger than the national championship bonus is just downright ridiculous.  He's here to win basketball games, not recruit Rhodes Scholars.  If you want to attach some kind of academic incentive, then use the APR, which is also ridiculous but does have (at least for now) direct ties to post-season eligibility, and therefore money into the program.  Whether the team averages 2.9 or 3.6 matters not in the slightest.  As long as they are on track to get a degree while they are here, that is all that matters.

Comment 13 Jun 2017

There is just so much ignorance, even in our own fanbase about what a powerhouse OSU basketball is.  Again, what would you call this resume:

1 National Title

4 Runners up 

11 Final Fours

31 tournament appearances

55 tournament wins

One of very few (i think the number is less than 5) schools to have been a participant in the NCAA tournament in every decade it's been held.

22 Conference titles (which led the conference until 2017)

5 B1G tournament titles (and an appearance in half of the title games since it was started)

1700+ wins, good for top 15 across CBB

No matter how you slice it - that is a powerhouse basketball program.

Comment 13 Jun 2017

I just ignore those kinds of comments now.  OSU is by any measure a top 10 job, and it's the best job in the B1G.  Our basketball resume is one that most schools would love to have.  We one of just a handful of teams with double digit final fours, we are top 15 all time in wins, until last year we had more B1G titles than anyone (Purdue now has 1 more - we will over take them again soon). And oh yeah - tons of money to throw at the program, and name recognition that is second to none.

Comment 13 Jun 2017

I'm not sure why the writer from cleveland.com thinks competing for a regular season title every season is unrealistic for OSU basketball.  Thad averaged almost a title per year (9 in 13 seasons - 5 regular season and 4 B1GT), and even the year before last we went into the last weekend in contention for a 2nd place tie.  Oh yeah, and let's not forget that OSU has won more regular season B1G titles (22) than anyone except Purdue, and for about 10 years the B1GT was basically the Ohio State invitational.  So yeah, I expect to challenge for the title every year, period.  Anyone who doesn't is settling for subpar results.

Comment 12 Jun 2017

It sounds like he and Thad know each other somewhat, and his comment about "complete open doors" to former players is something I like hearing.  Every summer Thad invited every former player - not just those that played for him, but every one from decades past, to his house for a get together with that year's team.  I hope Holtmann continues that tradition.  The best way to get guys to buy into your system, is to show them what it means to the players who have played here in the past. And let them know they have a tradition and a standard to live up to.

Comment 12 Jun 2017

20 games has to happen.  Why not add more and get rid of the stupid B1G tournament, it's totally unnecessary and, while it is a fun event, serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever.  With an 18 game schedule each team has only 5 double plays.  FIVE?! It barely feels like a conference anymore.

Comment 12 Jun 2017

Regarding the "unbelievable place" in Dayton - years ago when I had a few interactions with NCR there was an old estate that they used as a hotel/restaurant/resort, my memory is a but hazy, I want to say it's name was something like Maramor, but that probably isn't exactly it.  Not sure if it's still around but if it is maybe that's the place?

Comment 11 Jun 2017

We absolutely win the title if that shot goes in.  We were the best team in the country that year, and probably by a wide margin. Similarly in 1992, had Jent's shot gone in at the end of regulation in the E8 game, we probably end up beating Duke in the finals that year too. 

Comment 10 Jun 2017

I think Verne and Clark were a great pairing.  Both clearly love the game of basketball, both have their quirks and catchphrases - but neither goes out of his way to try to invent a new language.  And it's kind of like watching a game with 2 buddies who know how lucky they are to be getting paid to do what they do.

Comment 10 Jun 2017

Whoa, gotta pump the brakes on calling this a "home run" hire. That will be determined by how he does in his first few seasons.  If they had managed to reel in a big name like Donovan, or even a ridiculous thing like lure Bill Self away from Kansas or Calipari from Kentucky (although I don't necessarily want him) then you could call it a home run hire.  What they did was hire a mid major coach who appears to have potential upside, but honestly his greatest achievement to date is being hired as the HC of OSU basketball.  That doesn't make it a home run hire.  Hiring Thad Matta 13 years ago wasn't a home run either, until he proved (winning the B1G in season 2) that it was.  So while I can appreciate all the enthusiasm about having a new coach, let's not get ridiculous.

Comment 10 Jun 2017

As fun as Turners half court shot was it wasn't nearly as important as any of the other shots on here since it was just in the B1GT which was a mere exhibition for that OSU team.  Their seeding was secure regardless of what happened in that game.  The other 4 shots were huge, as was Sylvester's second 3 point winning shot vs LSU (although not quite worthy of this list since it was an early season OOC game).  I submit this should replace the Turner shot because it secured a regular season B1G title and silenced East Lansing

Comment 10 Jun 2017

Sounds to me like they are setting mirror lake up for future swimming sessions in November!

I think you missed the part about "can drain the lake in an hour".  This means they plan to drain it every November to totally avoid the situation without having to put up fences.  The OSU administration has never liked this "tradition" and you can bet the lake will be dry by Michigan week.

Comment 10 Jun 2017

I am not really happy with this hire, especially considering he got an 8 year guaranteed deal.  That's 2 years longer than he's been a head coach in total - all at a lower level.  Seems odd that he left Gardner-Webb to take an assistant job at Butler, I wonder if Gene questioned him on that thoroughly.  I hope I'm wrong and he can do the job here, but I don't really expect much, and this is a pretty big let down as far as I am concerned.  I think Gene just mailed this one on in and didn't really put much effort into it.  And if he wanted to take the easy route there was a much safer option already on staff in Chris Jent, who, even though he doesn't have CBB HC experience, does have it at the professional level, and would have most certainly taken the job for less than an 8 year guarantee deal.  Oh well.  He's our coach now so I wish him all the best and hope he is successful and has us winning B1G titles and deep tourney runs like his predecessor.