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Comment 19 hours ago

I was in Lexington and that was a frustrating game to watch.  Not only did ND shoot a ridiculous percentage form all 3 ranges (2pt 3pt and FT) they got literally every single small and big break in the game.  It sure didn't help that we forgot to defend the perimeter quite often and let them shoot open shots  After a fast paced 1Q, ND slowed the game down, and the reason they were able to score 99 points was because they just did not miss, and the few times they did they either got the rebound or got a foul call.  At one point I think they called a shooting foul on us on 5 straight possessions, and of course they made all their FTs.  The turning point in this game was the ND timeout when we cut it to 6 just before the midpoint of the 3Q.  Following that, we got what looked like a steal, it was called a kick ball, that bailed ND out and started their run that basically ended the game.  On the plus side, the scarlet and gray were very well represented in Lexington.  They announced the attendance, which was in the 3500 range, and I would guess 2000 of those were OSU fans. 

Hopefully this team (including McGuff) learned a lot from last night and use that to make a run to the Final Four next year.

Comment 24 Mar 2017

I think it will help that we are in familiar surroundings, even if the game is in a different arena than the last 2, there will be a lot of familiarity with the hotel, bus ride, etc.  I also don't think there is much of a difference in the experience factor.  None of the Notre Dame players have 8 years worth of tourney experience, and honestly once the ball is tipped all that other stuff gets forgotten.  It's great that Mavunga is back, and hopefully we can get a few solid minutes from her, and she can start to regain some confidence and stamina - any production from her is going to be a bonus,  with it being her first game back.

I'm heading to Lexington this afternoon and hope to find lots of scarlet and gray in Rupp Arena! Go Lady Buckeyes!

Comment 23 Mar 2017

I was at that game vs Xavier and I still remember the friends I was with had given up, but for some odd reason I just had a feeling we'd pull it out - and typically I am the one who is pessimistic (or as I like to call it realistic lol).  That was a fun year, not just because we went to the F4, but I got to live out a basketball junkie's dream - I attended 15 of the 63 games of the tournament that year - the 6 games in Lexington, the 6 games in Columbus (I didn't sleep that Thurs-Sun) and the 3 F4 games in Atlanta.  If Florida hadn't been ridiculously hot from 3 and us uncharacteristically  cold, we would have won that final game, we absolutely dominated the entire game inside the arc and just could not get a 3 to drop to save our lives, and they were hitting circus shots.

Re: the 1940s pic of Columbus, for some reason Duke University has a ton of pictures of Columbus from that era, as well as other US cities. If you are a history geek, check out their site -  http://library.duke.edu/digitalcollections/

Comment 22 Mar 2017

I was just an infant when that awful incident happened up in Minnesota, and for a long time I never understood why my Dad and uncles hated them, then I learned about what happened.  Their take on it was the same as yours, that just took the life out of Fred Taylor.  Regarding Ed Weaver and Bobby Knight - the story I heard was that "brining Bobby home" was basically a formality and he got pissed when Weaver didn't show up personally to the interview, but sent his associate AD.  I had always assumed he figured it was "in the bag" so didn't exert much effort, but I wonder if deep down, Weaver didn't want to deal with his volatility and this was the easiest way out.  If he had actually interviewed him and didn't offer him the job he'd look like a fool and be finished, this way he didn't have to actually make the decision? We will never know for sure.

Comment 22 Mar 2017

I was very young, 7 years old when Hayes was fired, but I do remember being very aware that he was an icon (even if I didn't necessarily know the meaning of that word).  To give you an idea of that - my dad always had a bowl party at our house with his brothers and friends, and after the game ended I remember someone saying "well that's the end, they have to fire Woody now".  I was completely shocked and confused.  I mean he was Woody Hayes, he didn't have a boss, he was like the President or the Pope, not some guy with a job. I still remember when I heard the next morning that he had indeed been fired.  I just didn't understand how that was possible.

Comment 22 Mar 2017

I think we can give him a pass on cussing about losing to Purdue, because, c'mon Purdue!?


Comment 22 Mar 2017

Given what awful things Knight has said about IU, I am surprised that a significant percentage of their fanbase still love him like they do.  That kind of crap isn't balanced out by the on court success, at least in my opinion.

I'm not sure how old you are, but there was a very strong push for Andy Geiger to hire him when O'Brien was fired.  A lot of former players, including Bill Hoskett and others were very much in favor of bringing him in.  Bobby himself expressed interest in it (he was still at Texas Tech) and Geiger did call him to personally tell him they were "going another direction."  By then, I had come around to the opinion that he would have been a good option in '04, even if he probably only had about 5 years of coaching left in him.  But in the end Matta was clearly the right choice.  It's interesting that even after that, he has come to Columbus on numerous occasions to support the basketball program, and his tone of voice is so much different than it was when he was at IU, or even at Texas Tech.   

Comment 22 Mar 2017

There are a lot of differences between Hayes and Knight, and specifically in respect to the schools where they coached, there is a VAST difference.  Hayes clearly loved and revered OSU, while IU was merely a "place" to Bobby Knight.  I don't think he ever really felt connected there, and in his heart of hearts really wanted to coach at OSU - he almost landed here on 2 separate occasions, after Taylor left and after O'Brien was fired.  I am torn about whether that would have been a good thing or not.  Initially I thought it would not have been, but since then, I have heard him speak numerous times after he retired from Texas Tech, and he speaks very highly of OSU, and with great respect.  He even sets aside his usual snarky tone and you can notice the difference.  So I think had Bobby Knight been the coach here, he probably would conducted himself better, but there is always the fear that he might not - which is likely what kept him from getting the job, at least in '04.

Comment 21 Mar 2017

Actually the exact opposite is true.  You really don't need to be a superior ball handling team to run tempo.  You DO need to if you want, for some godforsaken ridiculous reason, want to possess the ball for 25 seconds on every possession.  CJ and Lyle are perfectly capable of bringing the ball up the court quickly and then drive to the rim.  We aren't good at stagnant half court offense, and frankly I do not want us to be. Handle the ball well enough to get up court quickly and find an open shot.  That's all we really need on offense.

Comment 21 Mar 2017

This team clearly has the pieces to make a B1G title run - they beat 2 of the 3 B1G teams that are still playing in the S16, and gave away their only game vs the 3rd.  I think what we need to see next year is a change in attitude.  This team never really looked like they were interested in playing for 40, or even 20 minutes, most games.  I really hope that Tate's attitude is the one that sets the stage for this team next year - if everyone aspires to his level of hustle and desire this team will go far.  If they don't, then we get what we have gotten the last couple seasons.

KBD - if he can stay healthy that will be a big plus for the team - do we know if he is eligible for a medical redshirt?  I would imagine so since he didn't come close to playing 11 games.

Lyle - I am not as interested in his assist/TO ratio as others because I think he's better suited to the off guard spot, and when he does run point, his best weapon is dribble drive to the basket. So yes, I do want fewer turnovers, but I think he's better suited to scoring than distributing.

CJ - he was a pleasant surprise this season, stepped right in like he had been in the program waiting his turn.  I think he will be a very solid PG next season.

Andre Wesson - he was another pleasant surprise.  I really thought he would just be a player used to "steal" some minutes when we needed to protect a guy in foul trouble, but he actually improved as the season went on.  If he can become a reliable option from 3 that could be deadly to opponents.

Potter - as you stated, he needs to shore up his defense, he got backdoored and was flatfooted too many times, but he was a true freshman, so those things happen.  Most big men take a year to get used to the physical play in the lane in the B1G.  If he studies film during the offseason, he should be able to see where he needs to improve.  On offense, he can also be a big plus if he drags his guy away from the bucket.  Not only does his own outside shot help score, but by taking a defender with him, he can open the lane for Lyle to drive and score.

Tate just needs to continue to refine his game.  I'm the least worried about him obviously.  He has shown that he is by far the hardest worker on this team, and maybe he can be a David Lighty type that just imposes his will on the team.

Kam - I think the increase in minutes definitely wore him down some, so conditioning will be the key to his offseason.

Overall, everyone needs to work on FTs and the coaches need to let these guys run next year.  Ever since Matta has been here, we have been at our best when we play in transition and use speed and athleticism to our advantage.  In a league like the B1G where too many teams try to slow you down, the absolute last thing we need to do is play into their hands.  I'd like to see more pressing after made baskets and more run outs after turnovers, and rebounds.  This team should be scoring in the 80s every game and making life uncomfortable for their opponents by setting a faster tempo.  The best way to keep a team from getting lazy and apathetic is to keep them running so they don't have time to stand around and loaf.

Comment 19 Mar 2017

Yes, the FF will be at Nationwide Arena.  The way the women's tournament works the top 16 seeds (the 1s-4s) all host the first and second round games, it doesn't matter where later rounds are. In fact, the next 2 rounds for our ladies will also be in Lexington.  They only have set locations for the Regionals and the Final Four.  We will definitely host next year, should have hosted this year.

Comment 19 Mar 2017

Even when Kentucky got to within 1 score I really never felt like the game was in jeopardy.  I didn't like frittering away the bulk of a 19 point lead, but it was clear Kentucky was totally out of gas trying to come back.  Glad the ladies were able to right the ship and finally pull away.  Next game let's skip that lull part, make those layups and FTs, and just finish them off :)  

And this should give the committee a pretty good idea that OSU was seriously underseeded.  Absolutely ridiculous they had to play this game on the road.  Hopefully the committee is taking notes for next year.  When you win the B1G you play at home. Period.

Comment 17 Mar 2017

For us oldsters (started in '89 graduated in '92) there are a couple of additions I'd like to suggest:

Best place to exercise - Larkins Hall - RIP.  Although I must say RPAC is a more than adequate replacement.

Greatest worry - I once fell asleep "studying" in the maze of cubicles on the second floor of the Main Library (after taking in all the glorious "prose" and "artwork" on the walls of course) and when I woke up I literally had no idea where I was, what time (or day) it was, or how in the hell I was going to get out of there. 

Comment 17 Mar 2017

I don't think as many people are "haters" as you might think, speaking for myself, I am just being realistic.  As a fan who has been watching B1G basketball since the late '70s, this is far and away the weakest year ever that I can remember.  Minnesota and Maryland just got beat handily by mid major teams.  Purdue was in a dogfight with a low major team.  Wisky actually performed better than I expected - but a  point win over Va Tech isn't exactly something to get excited about, and they are not going to beat Villanova, they might even get blown out.  I do think MSU wins today, but they aren't going to beat Kansas.  I also don't think Michigan is going to be able to handle Ok St's pressure.  Plus if M is very much a live by the 3 team, and those typically don't fare well in the tournament. I forgot about NW - they needed a major brain fart from a player to beat a Vandy team that probably shouldn't have even made the field, they will not beat Gonzaga, and I don't see it being close.

So a few more teams than I expected might win first round games, but there is not 1 B1G team that will be favored in the second round.

Comment 15 Mar 2017

It's not OSU's responsibility to fund the athletic departments of other state institutions.  Let them go play Alabama or someone to get their paycheck.  Geiger was wrong to start this back up and it just needs to stop.