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Comment 27 Jun 2015

It seems interesting the line in the VaTech game has come down from 20 to 16.  Seems odd that there would be that much betting activity on it to swing it 4 points.  And really this isn't anything new, we are double digit favorites in the vast majority of the games we play.  Aside from the game @MSU I am fairly certain we were double digit favorites in ever other regular season game last year.

Comment 27 Jun 2015

I think you are right, that Illinois loss was a serious nail.  We had not only beaten them but destroyed them for something like 5 straight years, hell I think there were 3 years in a row they didn't score a point on us, and then on senior day we lost and lost bad. To Illinois.  That was shocking.  Of course there was the whole Bellisari suspension that certainly impacted the game, but it did seem like Coop had lost control of the team at that point.  Then the most embarrassing game I have ever attended - that bowl game vs South Carolina where our guys acted like thugs, that was the hammer that drove in all the nails.

Comment 24 Jun 2015

It is absolutely shameful that OSU has welcomed Tressell back with open arms, and even honored him in the Shoe, while banning Pryor.  If I were Pryor I would tell OSU to GFY, but he hasn't done that, he has taken a much higher road than the school has.  I am still furious at Tressell for taking what had been a minor violation by 5 players and turning it into a bigger deal, and yet so many people just brush that aside and act like he did nothing wrong.  I cant believe people buy his "I was scared and trying to protect my players" line of bullshit.  Yeah he was scared, because he broke a significant NCAA rule and was trying like hell to cover it up.  No sympathy from me for him, none whatsoever.  When you are paid millions for a job, it is not unreasonable to expect you to be able to handle minor incidents properly and not turn them into sanctions.

Comment 23 Jun 2015

I think OSU, MSU and Nebraska are solidly in the W column for the B1G.  TTUN *should* beat Oregon State, but I can easily see them losing that one.  Minny has a 50/50 chance vs TCU, Maryland has a 50/50 shot at WVU, maybe 60/40 in their favor not sure who returns what between those 2.  I put Wisky's chances of a win at 10% and I think that's generous.  They could easily get BTFO.  The rest are probably all losses.  I do think, though, that NW wins one of the nerd bowl games.

And Iowa loses to ISU.

Comment 22 Jun 2015

See this is EXACTLY why I have never liked basements.  The Earth really doesn't want your hole in the ground, and some way, some how it will be reclaimed.  I am very glad to be basement free for almost 4 years now, and will never have one again.

And about that old-style TV, just think about this - they moved that thing here from Florida.  Every move I have made I took the opportunity to downsize, purge, or replace old outdated stuff.  They actually said "yeah let's move this bulky dinosaur 800 miles to our new place".

Comment 19 Jun 2015

Good work!

In your Bruce article you mention how the current trend started in '92 - and I agree that is when we dipped down into the lower ranks and started scheduling Ohio teams for the first time in 70+ years.  At first it was thought to be a rare occurrence maybe once ever few years, now it has turned into an annual thing, with more than 1 some years.  Shameful.  BUT the trend was not fully in place until Tressell got here and ramped it up.  Look at the 1995 OOC -  Boston College, Washington, Pitt, and Notre Dame.  That is basically the model I have proposed down below.  Start off with a weak P5 team, have at least 1 strong P5 team, and then the rest with middling P5 or high mid majors. Sadly, we will never see an OOC like this again.

Comment 19 Jun 2015

Good write up and I agree with most of your thinking here.  First of all the season does start too early.  Labor Day is a week or 2 earlier than the season should be starting, mid September was fine for a long time, and I'd like to see us go back to that.  As much as I love hot weather, it really isn't necessary to subject players to that many games in the heat.  I am also fine with taking away an OOC game, whether they add a 9th B1G game or not.  And if I were schedule King here is what I would do

Opening game vs either a mid major, non Ohio school (e.g. Memphis, Temple, etc) or a low level P5 school (Wazzu, Kansas, etc) - this would be a 1 year deal, or 2 in Ohio Stadium if the scrub is up for it.

Game 2 vs legit P5 power (Georgia, Oregon, etc) this would be a home/home

Game 3 vs a mid-tier P5 team (Oklahoma St, North Carolina, etc) - this would be a 1 year deal or maybe a 2 in 3 deal (we play a 3 games series with 2 at Ohio Stadium and 1 at their place or some neutral site).

No more 1-AA/FCS (obviously) and no more Ohio teams - there is literally no upside to this for OSU and frankly I am baffled as to why we even do it.  It is not OSU's responsibility to keep the other programs int he state afloat.  I am not saying we need to torpedo them like Alabama seems to have done to UAB, but we certainly don't need to fund them. And no more low level mid majors, those games are awful and part of the reason why I never even bother to send in my alumni football lottery application.

Comment 19 Jun 2015

You can't have it both ways.  Why do you "give JT a pass" for YSU? That was a terrible abuse of his office to schedule those 2 games, and frankly shameful that OSU allowed it.  We had NEVER played an FCS school. N E V E R.  And he destroyed that, admitting as much as soon as the first game ended.  When my alumni ticket that year ended dup being the YSU game I returned it to OSU for a refund and told them why.  I have never watched 1 minute of either of those 2 YSU games, or FAMU game from a couple years ago.  Those games should NEVER have been allowed to take place.

Comment 14 Jun 2015

Of all the 4 teams that have been added in the expansion craze over the last 2 decades the only one I really like is Nebraska.  Penn State has turned out to be nowhere near what a lot of people thought they were as an Eastern Independent, and Rutgers and Maryland just make zero sense for a Midwestern conference.  I would like to see us contract.  Get rid of PSU, RU and UMD.  Also get rid of Minnesota it's too far away and aside from this year haven't done much of anything in either revenue sport for a long time.  Keep Nebraska.  10 teams, full round robin of 9 games for football and 18 for basketball.

But since that isn't going to happen, I predict there are going to be at least 2 more schools added in the next 5 years as the Big 12 finally falls apart.  Oklahoma and Kansas will probably end up being in the B1G. Texas will head to the PAC (probably with BYU).

Comment 14 Jun 2015

It's not just Flag Day it's also 614Day so live it up Cbus! :)

And that 1993 team was maddeningly frustrating.  I was 22 and had just graduated so I remember it very well, and this game just flat pissed me off and still does.  I still think we should have gone for 2 on that last TD to win the game, we had all the momentum at that point and they weren't going to stop us.  I hated ties, and so glad they are no long part of the game.  And I don't even want to talk about that season ending game up north....

edit - this is also the game (or maybe it was '92 - for some reason we had to play up there 2 years in a row) where the idiot fans were throwing frozen marshmallows with pennies in them at our players on the sidelines.  Someone got their nose busted open, I remember the next time we played there they players kept their helmets on all the way in and out of the tunnels, and Gee lodged a complaint with the B1G office and said we wouldn't go back up there until they fixed the problem. 

Comment 12 Jun 2015

I like how the computer hoarder guy describes his emotion as "strong memory retrieval"  yep, you're a nerd.

Comment 07 Jun 2015

Joey Galloway also wore the "half shirt" and the NCAA banned it before his last year too.  

I was annoyed by the glove penalties, but for a different reason - why in the hell didn't our coaches make sure they knew not to do that?  It is not like this was some secret rule, there is a VERY clear rule that you do not make any hand gestures after TDs or big plays as that is clearly ruled as taunting.  Just because Nike made us some fancy gloves doesn't give us carte blanche to break a rule (even if it is a dumb one).  The coaches knew we were going to have a field day scoring TDs that day and should have done a better job handling that so it didn't become an issue.

Comment 07 Jun 2015

Looks like they haven't learned or changed anything about the culture up north.  This is a lot like the stake antic the pulled in East Lansing, causing big brother to mercilessly pound them into the ground for 3 hours.  Well, it's once thing to agitate little bother, it's a whole 'nother thing to agitate your Daddy - you know the one that has literally owned you for the entirety of this millennium. 

I hope the people up north enjoy the woodshed, their time there will only be extended now.

Comment 04 Jun 2015

Crew Stadium seats 25K when they put in the seats where the permanent stage is now, and it wouldn't be that hard to add another 10K more temporary seats.  

Ohio Stadium works too if they want to shrink it - do what the Crew did when they started there, put banners up over C Deck.  Columbus is not only feasible, it is one of the easiest places to host a WC event.

Comment 04 Jun 2015

Assuming the US gets the 2018 or 2022 WC (which is almost a 100% certainly we will get one of those) there will definitely be games in Columbus.  Crew Stadium is the de facto home of US Soccer, and while it might be a bit small to host a WC event, Ohio Stadium is a perfect venue, especially for the semifinals or finals.  The filed is a non issue as they will lay grass overtop of any artificial surface that is selected.  Even Crew Stadium could work with some added seats, in any event I expect there will be WC games in Columbus in the near future.

Comment 01 Jun 2015

I was at that game and it was comical.  I have seen a lot of bad football teams come to the Shoe, but I don't think I had ever seen a worse one that that Pitt team, and not sure I have since.  If Coop had wanted to we could have easily scored over 100 that day.

Comment 31 May 2015

I like most of the proposed rules changes, but wish they would get rid of the "no charge" arc under the basket.  Just make the entire lane a no charge zone and that will open things up tremendously.  No need to give officials yet another spot on the court to have to look at.

I also wish they'd cut the TV timeouts in half.  4 stoppages per half is ridiculous, yes I know it is all about TV money but basketball has become a series of 4 minutes spurts or lulls.  Set the first TV time out at under 12, the second one at under 4. That is plenty of stoppage time.

Comment 30 May 2015

1990 was the season I was in Block O.  I was a freshman in '89 in the "field seats" on the track where it was 140 degrees for the first couple games.  And yes those nasty old throw over jersey were terrible! I quickly became unenamored with Block O!!  My niece is a sophomore to be and will probably be in Block O this year - I have warned her!!

Comment 30 May 2015

I like your suggestions, although I think craft beet will be a hard sell. Not many students can afford that, and while I love craft beer, a sporting event isn't really where I want to drink it- nor do I want to pay the $10 or more per cup that they will likely charge.  On a hot day a plain old Budweiser is fine with me.  I am still amazed that people actually believe selling alcohol in the stadium will increase drunkenness.  It will probably have the opposite effect.  It is going to cost way too much for most people to actually get drunk, and if people know they can buy a beer or 3 inside the stadium they are less likely to shoot an entire 6 pack in pregame. Remember about 10-15 years ago when drunken parties became a bigger problem on campus? It was due to the massive closure of bars in the area.  If you have controlled drinking you have less problems.

Regarding the music.  Maybe I am oblivious but I haven't noticed TBDBITL playing any less.  Yes they have added piped in music in spots and that's fine - as long as they don't mess with the ramp and team entrance music I don't see a problem with it. 

I agree 100% with the Wifi.  I was shocked at at VaTech game that Wifi@OSU actually worked on my phone for most of the game!  Then the next game I attended (Cincy I think) it didn't.  I assume someone accidentally turned on a switch they shouldn't have for the VT game.  It is an enormous pain in the ass to not be able to communicate in the stadium.  Our society uses phones as a way to connect - "let's meet after the game by the trees outside Gate 13" is no longer the way we do things - OSU needs to keep up. 

B deck sucks.  End of story.  (unless the game is played in a torrential downpour - lol)