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Comment 21 Apr 2014

I have never understood the hate for Pryor.  He won 30+ games 3 B1G titles and 2 BCS bowl games.  I can't think of any other QB I would have rather had under center during his years here.

The hate needs to be directed at Tressel.  Why on Earth OSU fans still like the man is beyond me.  His incompetence at handling a minor NCAA violation set the program on the downward spiral that was the 2011 season. We are still recovering from it.

Comment 19 Apr 2014

Well it certainly will not happen in the next 50 years.  They have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on renovations in the last decade that will keep it going well into its second century  - which begins in 8 years, btw. 

Comment 06 Apr 2014

Thad Matta is far and away the best thing tp happen to OSU basketball since 1960.  He will win national titles here, it is just a matter of time, and he has plenty of that.  I expect him to be here for the next 20 years, and there is nobody in the country I would choose over Matta to be our coach.  He not only is a student of the game, he is a mater recruiter and can put together a championship team with any combination of pieces. 

Comment 30 Mar 2014

This team is going to be very good next year, certainly will end up as a better team than this year.  Scott is solid at PG and can wreak almost as much havoc on D as Craft did.  He averaged 2.0 steals per game (to Craft's 2.5) and had a slightly better A/TO ratio (1.8 vs 1.9).  Thompson has developed his outside game to compliment his highlight-reel dunks and look for Loving to have a break out year.  That kid is going to be a superstar before he leaves here.  Amir will be Amir, hopefully he improves at least a little - but one thing he does do well is free throws, which is amazing for a dude with block hands....  If Lee is as solid as everyone seems to think we will be in better than decent shape to challenge for the B1G title and make a deep tourney run.

Comment 25 Mar 2014

I am fairly certain Ohio Stadium now has enough permanent lighting for night games without the temporary sets the TV folks used to have to truck in here.  It was done rather quietly, but was inevitable once Andy-we-only-play-afternoon-games-Geiger retired.

Comment 25 Mar 2014

How Gene Smith even has his job, let alone got a raise and promotion recently, is beyond my comprehension.  It is a pretty sad state of affairs when a school has not allowed the AD speak publicly at basketball games for over 2 years due to the justified fear of another embarrassing episode where he gets booed off the court.

Comment 23 Mar 2014

Actually team chemistry was an F-.  I said from the time we started that losing streak in January, there was a big non basketball problem on the team.  That was clearly the case.  For whatever reason, these guys just did not gel when the going got tough. So many games it looked like they just did not care, so I stopped caring. This team had no heart and no personality and will be forgotten very quickly.

Comment 23 Mar 2014

Wow, some of these grades are way off.  First of all Loving gets an A-.  Compared against the one and done freshmen he didn't have a monster season, but he looked comfortable out there from day 1 and was a solid contributor.

Take off the man-crush goggles with Craft, he gets an F in my grade book, along with Lenzelle.  At best they set a D-.  Go back and reread your own articles from before the season.  All we heard was how Craft had worked on his shooting (he was just as unreliable as ever - maybe more so) and how he and Lenzelle learned from Diebler, Lighty, and Lauderdale about the importance of senior leadership and they were not going to have the kind of ending that team had.  No, it was worse, FAR worse.  And the worst regular season since Matta has been here. Seniors don't take wild shots late in games when the game is on the line (Smith at PSU - twice in the last minute) or go out of control and heave something toward the basket in hopes it goes in (Craft far too many times).  I know I am in the minority but I will  not miss those guys, they did show any improvement or leadership at all this season.

DellaValle grades higher in my book since he expanded his game.  He is no longer just a statue out behind that 3 point line.  He developed a nice dribble drive penetration move that is a lost art in today's game.  He was reminding me so much of Diebler that I am very sad to see him go.

Same goes for Thompson, he developed his outside game, so he gets credit for that, and was a lot of times that second scorer we needed.

Overall the season was a dial failure, it gets an F no matter how you grade it.  8 losses in the B1G is unacceptable.  Not getting to the finals is underachieving, and the first round loss in the NCAAT is beyond comprehension.  To an instate mid major just makes it all that much worse.  

Comment 22 Mar 2014

Wow I hate to see him go, but I understand.  His  playing time was kind of spotty this year, got a lot of minutes in some games, and then none in others.  He also had a minor injury around midseason, so that could be weighing on his decision too.  In any event, I was looking forward to watching him continue to develop his game, but now it opens up another scholarship for Matta to bring in someone else.  Best of luck to Amadeo, I am sure he will do very well in Europe, and glad he brought his floppy hair and boundless energy to Columbus for 2 season.

Comment 22 Mar 2014

I said back in January this season was a lost cause and we should start prepping for next year.  Craft and Smith, for all their good points proved to be poor leaders, unable to rally the team to win games they really needed to, and should have won.  The outlook for next year is pretty good though.  Sammy Slam has rally added to his offensive game this year, scoring points in bunches at times.  Scott appears to be a better ball handler than Craft and I thin our PG play will be just as good.  He may not get the notoriety Craft got on the defensive end, but he is a pretty scrappy defender as well.  Marc Loving had a great freshman year and will be a starter and I think our next superstar.  We need some improvement down low, but that isn't anything new.  And if Della Vale ups his game as much as he did between season last year he is going to really add a lot to this team.  I see OSU as one of the favorites again to win the B1G.

Comment 21 Mar 2014

I was a student during the last era of OSU basketball supremacy (early 90s) this is so much different than that.  I had very little confidence in Ayers's ability to keep things going.  Matta is a proven winner.  In his first 10 seasons he has won 9 B1G titles.  He won with a rag tag group of O'Brien's leftovers, with one and dones, and with teams that have a mix of upper classmen and very talented young guys.  His seniors let him and their team down this year - Craft and Smith delivered a colossal choke job as leaders, so we move on and hope that Q, Sam and Shannon Scott can provide that leadership next year. He appears to have a solid recruiting pipeline so I am not too worried about us slipping in the B1G hierarchy any time soon.

Comment 21 Mar 2014

You really can't compare Matta to Miller and Ayers.  Miller was a doofus who didn't know how to motivate or get his players to perform at their highest level.  Ayers was a bad hire.  The dude was 34 and had never been a head coach.  His recruiting skills were best as an assistant when there was someone above him to say "no" to the bad apple kids.  Matta will be fine.  In his 10 years here this is the first team he's had that has disappointed.  I think that gets corrected next year.

Comment 10 Mar 2014

While it really sucks that we have to play on Thursday for the first time in forever, this is just about the easiest draw out there.  We should wipe the floor with PU again, and Nebraska doesn't scare me in the least.  They won't have their home court voodoo going on in Indy.  If we win those 2 I don't care if we lose the semis.  But if we win the semis I do NOT want to lose the title game.  Unless someone like Iowa gets through to the finals that's going to be tough because playing the 4th day in a row is where fatigue comes in when you are going against a team playing only the 3rd.

And last year's 5 seed went to the NCG, so maybe that slot can repeat but it one better and win it.  lol who am I kidding, this OSU team looks ripe for a first round upset.

Comment 09 Mar 2014

For all the mental toughness they displayed on defense, it was an epic choke job on the offensive side.  2-8 FTs down the stretch? This team is bobbing along just barely above the surface.  I sense a first round exit in the NCAA tourney for this team, they just don't have what all of Matta's previous teams have had. A grit and desire to win no matter what.

Comment 04 Mar 2014

WSU is getting a lot of mileage over a poor performance by OSU last year.  We showed up for 5 minutes in that game and could have easily won.  Our guys looked past them, plain and simple.  WSU was not a better team than OSU last year. Yes they were good but OSU would win that matchup 7 out of 10 times at least.  The beauty of the NCAAT is that it isn't a series, it's a 1 game deal and upsets happen.  And as bad as OSU has choked in the B1G they would absolutely be 31-0 with Wichita's schedule.  In fact I'd say there are a dozen teams that would be.  

Comment 02 Mar 2014

Honestly when we lost at home to Iowa following the frantic comeback at MSU this season was doomed.  Clearly this is a very mentally weak team with no leadership.  I know people want to fawn all over Aaron Craft, but the dude just cannot lead a team.  He looked like a bad high school player out there the last 2 games.  He and Smith talked all off season about how this was their team and they were going to lead.  Well, you led the team to it's worst finish in the Thad Matta era.  Congratulations.  I will not be sad to see those 2 guys leave the program.  Let's just get the next 3 losses over with as soon as possible and move on to next year.

Comment 02 Mar 2014

This "outrage" at court rushing is just stupid.  This has been going on ever since basketball was invented and it will continue forever.  No matter what the media, or fans of certain schools who claim their fans have never done it, who are all wrong btw - EVERY school's fans have done it at some point - it is part of the fabric of the sport.  Of course Penn State was going to rush the court - I knew with 2 minutes left all 700 fans in attendance were going to be on that floor.  They hadn't beaten OSU in over a decade, and now they swept us.  That is completely unfathomable and their fans have every right to rush on to the court, they probably won't beat us again for another 10 years. Let them have their moment of jubilation.

Comment 01 Mar 2014

As a student at OSU from '89-'92 when we were much stronger in basketball than football I have to say I have a completely different view of SJA.  While I was there I hated the place.  It was old, cramped, hot, took forever to get a hot dog or go to the bathroom, but it was LOUD.  SJA was probably the best home court advantage in the country.  With all that metal and wood every single sound reverberated around the tin box.  Students were literally 3 feet from the end line and surrounded the lower bowl.  When we moved to the Schott it did get less loud, even though there were 6000 more people in there.  The game that brought it all back for me was, of all games, an NIT game.  The one vs Cal.  SJA was packed to the rafters and ROCKING.  OSU blitzed Cal early and I was close enough to see the completely dazed looks on their players' faces.  It was a familiar look of all the teams that played against OSU there in the early '90s.

Now, I will say the atmosphere in the Schott has improved by putting students not only under the basket, but also back behind the team benches - that should have been done from the start.  I still miss the atmosphere, loudness, and character of SJA and will be sad to see it torn down.  I liked having a basketball specific arena.  But times change and the Schott is building some character, I just don't ever see it getting to the level of SJA.

Comment 27 Feb 2014

It doesn't get any worse than getting swept by Penn State.  I just can't even fathom that it happened.  We had beaten them 18 straight times.  18 straight.  Most of those by more than 20 points.  I've been saying since January there is some kind of cancer on this team, these are not basketball issues, they are personnel issues.  I think we win at IU, lose to MSU, lose on Thursday in the B1GT and lose the first NCAAT game.  End the season with 10 losses for the first time in a very long time.