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Comment 13 hours ago

Um, that arena was built well before Thad got here.  Ground was broken while Randy Ayers was coach and the first season was O'Brien's second season.

And building that arena was a big mistake.  I wish we had spent the money fixing up St John Arena, that atmosphere was phenomenal.  The Schott is not near what SJA was.

Comment 16 hours ago

OSU beating Wisky at home wouldn't be "crazy" in fact I would not be surprised to see us a slight favorite in that game and I expect us to win it.  We should win all our home games, the only reason why next Sunday's game won't be a title decider is because we fell 1 basket short in 2 road games.  I am more worried about the game at PSU Wednesday.

Comment 19 hours ago

In year of frustrating games, last night might have been the most frustrating (well probably not more than the B1G opener against Iowa).  Sadly I am used to the slow starts, but c'mon, not even getting out of the blocks until midway through the second half?  And needing a comeback to beat Purdue at home? Not liking that.  I still think we beat Wisky they aren't as good as everyone thinks, and like the rest of the B1G they rarely ever win here, so we should be fine.  I am deathly worried about the game @PSU.  I don't think we will be taking that one as seriously as we should. The good thing is that only about 500 people show up the their games, so it's not like there will be much of crowd problem.  Right now the only team I don't want to see in the B1GT is Iowa, for whatever reason we can't crack that puzzle. 

Comment 01 Mar 2015

We have more true centers on this team than we have had in a VERY long time, yet none of them are even remotely competent.  Lee has proven to be an enormous bust and Amir has been... wow there really aren't words to describe how bad. McDonald, is kinda of "there" and probably has played the best of the 3 but not consistent.  Glad these 3 are all gone after this year, we need a major "reboot" in that position.

Comment 01 Mar 2015

Tate has been far and away the brightest spot of a dismal season.  Yeah I love Russell too and he is phenomenal to watch, but he is a 1 year guy.  Tate is a program guy who will be here for 4 years.  The David Lighty comparisons are valid, although I think he has more offensive skills as a freshman than Lighty did, time will tell if he maintains an upward trajectory, but I think he will. It is pretty rare for a freshman to up his game once you get into B1G season, and that is exactly what he has done.  He is just so fun to watch.

Comment 01 Mar 2015

As weak as the B1G is this year it is pretty pathetic that we are fighting to get into the top 4.  There is a chance we win out and still don't get there.  We need Purdue, PURDUE!! to take another loss after we beat them tonight (which we will easily).  Need MSU to take 2 more losses  and need Iowa to take another loss - almost got it yesterday @ PSU.  The game that most scares me honestly is @ PSU.  We are a terrible road team and that game is going to be close.  I think we win tonight easily, and I think we beat Wisky by 10 - don't believe the hype about them being heads and shoulders above the other teams - they have had an extremely favorable schedule. Would not surprise me to see us get "upset" again on the road @ PSU.

Comment 01 Mar 2015

OSU will win tonight by 20, struggle at Penn St, and then beat Wisky at home by 10. Probably lose the first game in the B1GT, and then who knows what happens in the NCAAT - I just hope we don't have another first rounder like last year, but I fear we will.  This team just for some reason cannot play away from The Schott and it is maddening.  Man for man this is the most talented team in the conference but they can't get it done away from home. 

Comment 27 Feb 2015

Russell's cramping has concerned me for a while now.  This is at least the 5th game he has had to come out for it and I can't fathom why they haven't pinpointed the reason yet.  Last night's game is particularly concerning.  It wasn't a very physical game, we had a sizable lead for the entire game and it happened very early, 12+ minutes left, compared to when he usually cramps - in the last 5 minutes or so.  I wonder if he just isn't taking enough fluids day to day, or if maybe his body spends more "nervous energy" before games as he is warming up?  In any regard I really hope they get that fixed.  If he can't go the distance in a <40 game season in college, I don't know how he will handle an 82 game schedule in the NBA.  Clearly he needs to come back next year to work on that part of his game :)

Comment 27 Feb 2015

are you sure it was gold?  maybe it was black and blue and you just can't see it


Comment 25 Feb 2015

Actually I think that second bounce was a calculated move by Spencer.  He picked it at its highest point, like a basketball rebound.  If we had tried for it on the first bounce it might have squirted away.  Regardless, my heart was in my throat when it happened live.  Then, relief.... The more heart in throat moments after that first down pass.... 

Comment 24 Feb 2015

I think Oregon might have gotten a head case with this stop-and-shop QB.  He has already pissed off his old team by leaving them and going to their opening game opponent - and is somehow surprised that they won't let him workout at their facility.  hmmm...  Now he is talking about things he really shouldn't be talking about, about his new program.  He doesn't sound like a trustworthy teammate to me, I think this works out badly for them, but I don't really care since they are all the way on the other side of the country and it will be a few more years until we give them beatdowns #10 and 11.

That high school coach in Detroit has proven to be what I thought he was - a media attention seeking whore.  Why anyone pays any attention to a high school coach is far beyond my comprehension.

Comment 22 Feb 2015

I don't like the Monday night game at all.  I am pissed that we allowed it to happen - we should never have agreed to that, and I am confused why we did.  Oh wait, Gene Smith is a moron, nvm....  The opening weekend slate does look good, not November good, but definitely September good.

I also beg to differ about Nuerenberger not costing us. His 2 missed FG in the VaTech game did change the complexion of that game.  We shouldn't have even needed him to try one of them, when we had 1st down at the 10, but had he made those kicks it is very likely we win that game and don't have to deal with that dark cloud all season long.

Re: Matta - I have loved him from the start, but I have to tell you, these last 2 years are making me a little annoyed.  We have lost so many games the last 2 years that we flat out should not lose - Iowa at home - Twice! Swept by PSU, then the debacle against Dayton...  This year we honestly should be tied with Wisconsin, or at worst a game behind them - no way should we have 5 B1G losses right now.  The B1G is way down and this team is just not able to show up on the road.  I think he has got to change his early season OOC philosophy.  Add 1 or 2 more good Power 5 teams, and just as important - stop playing teams in the 300+ range, that doesn't help at all.  I'd like to see us play more middle to upper pack mid majors from CUSA, AAC, Big East etc.

Comment 21 Feb 2015

This whole thing started with the P12 and ACC commissioners and it wasn't news.  Then all of a sudden Delaney hops on board and suddenly it is the B1G wanting to do this.  First of all Delaney needs to keep his big fat mouth shut - OSU is THE premier school in his conference and it would suit him well to not piss us off.  I swear I would love to see OSU tell the B1G to go fuck itself and leave.  Go independent, start anew league, anything.  I am tired of being stuck with this B1G anchor around our necks.

Comment 21 Feb 2015

I am not sure why you don't think of Matta's offense as up tempo?  Ever since he got here, OSU has been leading the B1G in scoring and tempo - often by a significant margin.  The rest of the conference is starting to come around and get out of that stuck in the mud offense that MSU, Wisky and NW seem to be in love with.  

Regarding the Crosstown shootout - that was a really good game to watch, and since X had control of the game for over 35 minutes, I was glad to see them hang on for the W.  I do think Mark is giving them a little more credit though - these are both clearly mid major programs.  Yes I know they think of themselves as big time, but the Big East and the AAC are solidly in mid major territory. 

Comment 21 Feb 2015

I feel the same way, we should win this game convincingly, but we could very well lose it too.  The game at Minnesota was a close game only because we squandered a large second half lead.  This team has frustrated me beyond belief.  They should win the rest of their games heading into the B1GT, but they could also drop 1 or 2 as well - and would certainly do it in maddening fashion. 

Comment 19 Feb 2015

I still don't understand why anyone cares what some high school football coach thinks.  He already proved that he has an inflated ego and likes to grandstand by going off on OSU through the media about a situation about which he had no right to be given insider information.  Yet another reason to not waste any of my time following recruiting.

Comment 19 Feb 2015

I am surprised that no one else has figured out the reason why classes were not canceled.  ADV33 is no longer on campus and cannot make official closure announcements, if he had come back surely there would be no school today!

Regarding Russell - I say lean on him as hard as you can.  He is only here for 1 year, and I would prefer he spend every second of that year on the court when we need him.  His cramping is a problem that I am surprised they have not fixed yet, but we need to ride him as long as we can.

Re: Mayor Buck - I was in middle school when he was elected and while he was a little on the crazy side, he was definitely a huge net positive for the city.  He set into motion a lot of things that are flourishing to this day.  In fact, I think we have been very lucky in Columbus to have been led by great mayors for the last 30 years.  Buck was that wild eyed optimist who thought everything was possible and never took no for an answer.  Lashutka was the wide old uncle who steered the ship through the growing pain years.  Not flashy, but more than capable of moving us forward. Coleman has been the re-energizer - not a brash as Buck, not as staid at Lashutka, but just as capable of leading  the city.  Having had the kind of sustained growth that we have had for so long does not happen by accident.  I hope we can find another as worthy as the past 3 to take over in '17.

Comment 19 Feb 2015

I was at OSU then too and I went.  It was really fascinating to see plants and people from literally all over the world, right here in Columbus.  I know it didn't quite live up to the expectations of 5 million visitors or whatever, but I think it did at least break even, was a fun thing to do and improved Franklin Park Conservatory, which had been showing its age and needed some updating.

Comment 19 Feb 2015

Please do tell more!  I was in middle school when Buck was elected and I remember thinking how crazy he was!  But it was clear he loved Columbus and was it's loudest cheerleader.  I also remember the cartoon that Columbus Monthly would run "The Adventures of Buck the Boy Wonder!"  Those were hilarious, and I would imagine he loved every one of them.

Comment 16 Feb 2015

I was 17 in 1988 and bought my own Nintendo.  My friends and I played hours long tournaments of Double Dribble - the graphics were so amazing and life like!  My favorite Mario game was Super Mario Brothers 3.  And interestingly enough, I actually got that old unit out last week and have been playing games!  One word of caution though for anyone wanting to try it - the gun for Duck Hunt does not work with a flat screen :(