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Comment 5 hours ago

I went to Akron, and I've noticed over the past 10 years or so that the MAC has become a great option for HS players in the midwest for a lot of reasons.  The MAC has been pretty good at hiring coaches, there are many nice facilities, they've been putting guys in the NFL, and with things like "MACtion", they've become the "cool" conference.

Kids are choosing schools like BG, Toledo, Akron, NIU, Ohio, etc. over the bottom half of the B1G on a fairly regular basis.  The top 5 or 6 teams in the B1G have little to worry about, but the conference has an issue.

Would rather play for NIU, which offers a number of primetime ESPN games and a high likelihood of a bowl game, or Illinois, which offers the BTN and probably no bowl?  It's not an easy call, and that's bad news.

Comment 8 hours ago

If you're an NFL GM and are biased against warm-weather players, then I suppose Urban shouldn't be recruiting kids from Florida.

Comment 9 hours ago

Sorry, but I'm afraid you're going to have to prove that.  It sounds like something people here want to be true.

The SEC has had the most selections for 8 straight years.  Last year, I believe every school in the conference had someone picked.  Including Clinton-Dix from Alabama, by the Green Bay Packers in the first round.

Comment 9 hours ago

Not sure I agree.  While facilities are an issue, I've heard many recruits make comments about playing in warm weather.

Our talent base is not what it used to be, and our weather sucks.  Be honest - would you rather play in Minnesota or Florida?

Also an issue - midwest kids are picking top MAC schools over lower-tier B1G schools on a regular basis now.  It's getting proven on the field more and more every year.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Huge loss.  Arguably the best player on the team.  Was really looking forward to seeing coaches pick their poison between him and Bosa.

But it's just a game.  Hopefully he gets the help he needs.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

While it's fun to laugh at what a joke Michigan has become, I do with they'd hire a better coach and become more relevant again.

The rivalry defines OSU football as much as anything.  It's hard to keep billing it as the greatest rivalry in sports when one team is basically a punch line.

Wisconsin, Penn State, Nebraska and Michigan State are fun to beat too, but that rivalry is slipping off people's radar.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Goodell clearly worked to cover up the Rice situation.  So how can he be trusted to deal with this in the future?

Also remember he makes over 40 million a year, and the NFL is a non-profit organization.  With those types of perks, I think it's reasonable to expect more from him/the league.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

I think the initial hype on Dontre was just too much.  That's not his fault.  Good player, but let's stop looking for the next Percy.

Two players where the hype appears to be warranted - Kwon and Samuel.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

That's why I said "right or wrong".

When we lost to VT, no one was ok with it because the team gets good grades.  The goal is to win football games.  The SEC is doing it, and the B1G isn't.

In case you missed it, the MAC is trolling us now.  And in this case, they're right...


Comment 15 Sep 2014

I've thought about this too.  Since the money started rolling, the teams have taken a dive.

A similar argument could be made about Notre Dame after they signed their NBC contract.

For all the whining about SEC bias, it can't be denied they care about winning and invest heavily in it.  Right or wrong, they have a different mentality.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

And just in case losing to Power 5 schools wasn't enough, we also have multiple losses to the MAC.

Maybe not all the revenue from the BTN should be guaranteed.  Perhaps if a school doesn't meet certain standards on the field they get their share cut.

Everyone responds to incentives.  There's no excuse for our teams being this bad when that network is printing money.

Comment 12 Sep 2014

Devils advocate...

Maybe Tom Herman just isn't the right guy to lead this offense.  Why do we all defend him so much?  I do it too, but it's year three and so far I've yet to see a truly scary offense.

If it were anyone else, we'd have run them out of town for not giving Hyde the ball in the 4th quarter of our biggest games last season.  And the game plan against VT was seemingly non-existent.  It's year three, and I have to say I'm disappointed that this offense doesn't seem even remotely as dynamic as what I saw from Meyer's Florida teams.

Comment 12 Sep 2014

Someone said it, but those three flags were thrown because they were hard hits.  So that's what the NFL is now - a league where hard hits are punished (only if people see the tape of course).

Also, why are there so many commercials for the NFL during an NFL game?  I'm already watching the NFL - you don't need to convince me to watch the NFL.  And every non-NFL commercial is based around the NFL (Lowe's, Nationwide, etc.).  It's too much NFL.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

He may have been referring to 2006 being all Tressel recruits.

2002 was his best team obviously, but Coop had a hand in that.

The difference of course being if Coop had coached that team, Michigan wins and we lose our bowl game.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Curious - were you in the stadium?

Watching on tv, it didn't seem that loud.  Especially since it was a record crowd.  But it's almost impossible to tell because of how they do the audio.

In my opinion - in every stadium in the county, the higher the ticket prices the quieter the crowd gets.

Comment 10 Sep 2014

I agree that conference play matters.  On the flip side, no one outside the B1G cares.  Nationally, perception of our conference is that we're the weakest of the big 5.  By a lot.

Comment 10 Sep 2014

I agree that those blaming the victim, or saying she just wants the money, are idiots.

And yes, the blame is on Ray Rice.

But even Janay seems to be deflecting blame onto the media.

If I ever hit my wife, I can expect to be fighting every dude in her family shortly after doing so.  At once.  All of them heavily armed.  If anyone ever hit my daughter or nieces, they can expect the same.

Is there no one to stick up for Janay?

Comment 10 Sep 2014

Violence against women does need to be taken more seriously, but it seems quite often that women defend their abusers.  It complicates what should be a rather simple issue.

I really don't get that.  I mean, he didn't smack her, her damn near destroyed her.  How can she feel safe with him?


Comment 10 Sep 2014

According to current stats, for his entire career he has 3 sacks and 3.5 tfl.

For reference, in RDS's career - 15 sacks and 45.5 tfl.  That's what someone needs to replace.

Comment 10 Sep 2014

"The best things about  1-1..." doesn't seem to have the same ring to it.