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Comment 11 Jan 2017

Short version of article:

"We liked it better when the SEC could earn a title on reputation, instead of having to earn it."

Comment 06 Jan 2017

Like everyone says, one of the all time greats.  I loved when he started moving left or right before the offense did - just an incredible talent that always seemed a step ahead of the opponent.

Not sure he's a coach though, clearly trying to build a broadcasting career.  Wish him the best either way.

Comment 05 Jan 2017

I think this question stems from the apparent logjam that's developing at the QB position.

It will be interesting to see how it plays out, but I see Burrow transferring for sure, and maybe even Haskins.  If Martell projects they way people say, he learns next year then takes over.

Comment 30 Dec 2016

Unfortunately I agree.

And as much fun as it is to watch them burn so far, we still need to take the B1G/SEC matchups.

Plus, you know, beat Clemson.

Comment 28 Dec 2016

He was 'associate head coach' and Kelly has stated in interviews that he and Sanford both called plays.  Plus Kelly too.

I'd like to make fun of that, but I'm not sure our chain of command on offense has been any clearer the past two seasons.

Comment 28 Dec 2016

No, it means both programs are equally prestigious at this point.  Don't forget - Notre Dame sucks.

Comment 21 Dec 2016

I would disagree it's about his draft stock, though who knows.  His draft position is pretty set, though the combine could change things.

I think more players will begin to see it as an unnecessary physical risk.  Every bit of wear and tear adds up.

Comment 21 Dec 2016

Not sure I see where these comments are that bitter.  Borderline click-bait.

They're in a division with Antonio Brown and AJ Green.  Those are No. 1 receivers.  Pryor can be a good threat but I see these comments about lack of consistency to be accurate.

Click on the other article referenced.  Most of Hartline's comments are positive.

Comment 19 Dec 2016

I'd say the real concern would be the current state of Big Ten basketball.  A few years ago we claimed to be the best conference in the nation, but that's clearly not even close to the case now.  These "upsets" of B1G teams have become standard.

Comment 06 Dec 2016

Saban once coached for the Browns.  Automatic disqualification.

Comment 07 Sep 2015

The first time I completed OOT I remember being kind of depressed that it was over.  I've played it again since then but not quite the same as that first time.  Nintendo made some great stuff during that period of time.

Link to the past is great though - introduced a lot of key elements to the series.