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Comment 20 Nov 2014

The guy who broke this "rumor" has a close source, I believe it to be true. He said he was in trouble weeks before , it broke he was.

Comment 17 Nov 2014

Not really Smart A check the time stamps on posts, there wasnt a post here, and I posted before grey box. This site has so many post police its unreal. 

Comment 09 Nov 2014

Same coach Told me about LJ Scott two years ago. Said Bowden does it all, nothing for him to reverse field twice and make everyone miss. Plays safety and corner to boot. Hope we get on him now, knowing the Stoops brothers and Pelini will be. He also said he could be way more dangerous but his OL isnt that good

Comment 09 Nov 2014

Have never believed in Smith, but there is improvement across the board. QB is alot of it, accuracy and trust of his wideouts. Lets them go up and make plays

Comment 09 Nov 2014

He will be fine, did anyone see Cooper for Bama? Possibly best WR in CFB didnt have a good game. Osu was leading in starting field position at one point, not all due to Dontre, but partly. He switched positions, true sophmore, give it time. He came back and made two huge plays.

Comment 26 Oct 2014

One Mistake(pick), Herman goes into a shell. Oline isnt getting it done? Quick screens! Jail breaks, etc. Herman isnt good against any team that actually plays D. His idea of mixing it up is calling the same play, but with 4 different players trying it!!! I am a die hard fan, very aware of CFB landscape, and Herman is like a bully, against poor talent he unloads, against equal talent he hides. Qbsneaks, off guard runs, and wildcat. 

Comment 22 Oct 2014

This guy likes all Buckeye Commits! Sure 2* recruits make it big, so do 5*. Why don't we just offer all 2* and 3* then, heck make life a lot simpler. Ratings are important, at times they don't pan out. I have had great food at a street vendor and poor food at 2* restaurant. It happens. The volume of 2 and 3*'s is larger than the pool of 5* talent! 5* talents hold the MOST offers, all from CFB coaches, not forum posters. I get it 3* kids make it.


Comment 22 Oct 2014

It also adds weight. Look at teams that historically do not compete in the top tier of CFB. They do not have five star talent, compared to those that do. Sure , coaches facilities and other aspects come into play. Make no mistake Urban and other high level coaches want and offer 5 star talent. Urban has been quoted on the importance of recruiting, and recruiting is a rated system. Some pan out some don't. If Marshall U could get five stars they would take five stars! Same w Urban , barring character flaws of recruits. If stars aren't important , why are the highly rated kids more often than not, a priority? I get what everyone is saying, but don't discount 5 star talent. I follow, not just the Buckeyes, but a lot of recruits and there is 5* on the field a lot and early around the country.

Comment 09 Sep 2014

The scary thing is we keep hearing we haven't ran our base OFF/VT and DEF/Navy?!!! Do we only prepare for the mediocre B1G? Do we not adjust, even when our base can't be effective?

ADJUSTMENTS - can happen during a game not just in preparation. When u get hit in the mouth with a left hook and have never fought a south paw you adjust. We got hit in the mouth, but did not know how to respond. Screens and wheel routes, although wheel routes with a 6'1 qb and a LB on his chest never works out. Screens killed us with Clemson , can Herman not learn how to infuse new concepts? IDk time will tell.

Weakest Links

1A. Herman

1B. Fickell- LB play is better , but I'll say this what Shazier had Luke had nothing todo with, Same with Raekwon. Its like the guys that aren't special have no chance at developing instincts.

2. Smith -guy shouldn't be coaching WR's at The Ohio State

3. Coombs

Comment 08 Sep 2014

There was very little separation, there were accurate throws. Db's were on them like backpacks. Big difference. When Devin gets open on a big play it is wide open, all others were covered very well. Go watch any other top 10 team that has talent like us, it isn't even close.