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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Going to my first OSU vs. TTUN game in 1992... The game ended in a tie but the smell of Ohio Stadium in November will stay with me for a lifetime!
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Comment 27 Jan 2015
That's excellent. My daughter was born the march following our 03 championship. I bought a small national championship pennant and took a picture of her with it the day we brought her home. The significance of this is my dad did the same thing with me the year I was born!
Comment 25 Jan 2015
Leave it to Andy to bring a little perspective! You should change your name to "godfather".
Comment 23 Jan 2015
Welcome to the best damn site on the Internet!!
Comment 22 Jan 2015
Thanks birm! Knock Em dead!
Comment 20 Jan 2015
What he did is no different then what we've been hearing from that fan base for the last 7 years. It's obnoxious but I certainly don't take offense to it. Why don't you put your big girl panties on and grow thicker skin.
Comment 18 Jan 2015
I like your idea of the larger format. I've thought about it but wanted to keep the uniformity. No worries about going to staples, I was just busting your balls.
Comment 18 Jan 2015
I did the same thing and hung them on the wall heading down to my basement. I have a total of 7 posters on the wall. As a manager at officemax, I detest you choice of printing! I did mine a bit cheaper. The posters were . 78 a piece for 81/2 X 11. I got the frames from the dollar store for a buck a piece. Not too shabby if you're on a budget.
Comment 17 Jan 2015
I wish I could up vote this 100x's!! Well played sir! Well played!
Comment 17 Jan 2015
Darn good time to be a buckeye indeed! Archie always representing TOSU with class!
Comment 15 Jan 2015
He wouldn't have been on the list because he wouldn't have played. I see what you're saying though! Go Bucks!!