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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Going to my first OSU vs. TTUN game in 1992... The game ended in a tie but the smell of Ohio Stadium in November will stay with me for a lifetime!
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Comment 04 Sep 2014
We thought about hocking hills. Only problem is its just as expensive as renting a cabin in the smokey mountains, which we've done a couple times already.
Comment 04 Sep 2014
That's what I get for letting her decide the details of the wedding. I happened to marry someone who wasn't from Ohio and loves fall weather! Go figure!
Comment 04 Sep 2014
Vikings is an incredibly well done show. If it were on hbo or showtime it would be right up there with GOT. My wife and I have been hooked since episode 1.
Comment 29 Aug 2014
My wife was just telling me about a 9 year old boy that went missing here in Columbus. He was a black kid from an "unsavory" part of town. Some of the people responded with, "who gives a fu*k". I mean seriously, color of skin aside, he's a 9 year old boy who has been taken! When did people become so heartless?
Comment 28 Aug 2014
I think he was trying to say Sea-attle but messed up so he went back in time to get it right. It's early so I could be wrong.
Comment 25 Aug 2014
Smarmy... I don't know what it means but I like it!!