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Comment 22 May 2017

Thanks for the input, my thinking is vey much aligned to yours which is why I posed the question.  Urban is a master in player development and recruiting, but I don't think it's a coincidence our offense was elite with Herman in '14 and above average the years after.  Urban was a pioneer of the spread offense, but I think the game has innovated to Urban's level and as you mentioned this is no longer his focus/specialty.  

Comment 19 May 2017

This may be a bit of hot take, but do you think Urban Meyer is overrated when it comes to X's and O's?  We saw the results of the offense that past two seasons with the talent we had, especially in 2015, and frankly the buck stops at him.   

Comment 11 Apr 2017

While those teams might not take him, I agree with your underlying point.  This is a player that other B1G teams need to land to be more competitive.  Northwestern, Maryland, Iowa, etc... needs to stop losing this kind of talent to Kentucky.  

Comment 10 Apr 2017

Interesting quote left out was Smith plans to rotate 6 players again this year- 2 at H, 2 at X, and 2 at Z.  That includes: Campbell, McClaurin, Hill ,Victor, Mack, and Dixon.

I despise the idea of rotating players just to rotate them.  There was no reason to not have Brown and Samuel on the field at all times last year, and especially Thomas the year before that.  If they need a breather than fine, but stop splitting reps close to 50/50.  Play your best.  

Comment 09 Apr 2017

Honestly surprised they didn't experiment with this last year, but another year of development makes sense to roll it out now.  Hubbard and Holmes specifically have the athleticism to drop back in coverage if we play them at OLB to disguise different looks.  

I would tremble seeing Hubbard, Lewis, Jones, Bosa, and Holmes looking at me on 3rd and long...