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Comment 18 Jan 2017

 But Thomas is also significantly better than Jehu Chesson, Jordan Westercamp, Aaron Burbridge and Alex Erickson

My issue with your comment is opposing teams are doing a lot more with a lot less.  We have guys on the roster with significantly more athletic talent than the guys listed above.  We have never had a receiver that demonstrated elite technique under Smith's tenure outside of Michael Thomas, and coincidentally he has some famous uncle that is hardly mentioned on here.  Talent isn't the issue.  

Comment 16 Jan 2017

 Just when Weber is getting hot we try to force feed Samuel the ball on a speed option to the short side of the field.

Excellent post.  This part resonated with me the most for the past two years.  Another classic example was Braxton in the wildcat for the sake of getting his touches, with all the talent just let it happen organically.  I'm optimistic it will going forward.  

Comment 11 Jan 2017

I honestly believe neither of them will start at safety.  Think the biggest wild card is Arnette- he is starting somewhere based on his PT and Coombs's comments.  Think the highest ceiling for the secondary is as follows:  

CB- Ward and Sheffield/Okudah

Safety- Arnette/Pryor and Fuller/Wade (pick the best two)  

Nickel- Webb

Comment 10 Jan 2017

Jaylen Harris, Kendall Sheffield, Thayer Munford, Marvin Wilson, Jay Tufele, and Lynn Bowden.  

That is probably pretty close to the order of likelihood as well.  

Comment 03 Jan 2017

This sums it up.  Currently: it's Burrow since he beat him out this year.  That said, Haskins has more natural talent and I think the time he has to get better before next year will result in him making that leap.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

Think position coach has more of an impact, didn't seem the philosophy has changed much.  One think I always thought was JT seemed to do a lot less thinking/self-doubt when Herman was in charge versus Beck.  This thought was confirmed when the article came out that he didn't take risk and not forcing the ball was his biggest objective.  Whether this came down from Urban or Beck remains to be seen, but I think the latter since this wasn't an issue under Herman.

The passing game isn't going to improve until JT is allowed to rip it, he isn't arm talented enough to allow the passing game improve while being conservative.  We saw the results versus MSU in '14, he can get it done if you let him.

Comment 30 Dec 2016

Way to much pessimism from you all.  Buckeye's win for three reasons:

1.  The argument that Prince and the O-line won't improve because they would have done so by now is one I am not buying.  Week to week they are installing game plans and focusing on the opponent versus strictly fundamentals.  I am sure fundamentals are worked on a weekly basis, but not nearly to the point they have been for the past month when they have had the time to strictly focus on those, especially for the young linemen trying to understand the game plan.  Individual improvement will repeat benefits, but I think the biggest thing we see is the effectiveness of tempo.  It will keep Clemson limited in their vast defense schemes, but also tire out those big boys up front.  Also, it won't give time our young slobs to overthink anything.  Just play the game plan.

2.  Clemson's offensive line has very real pass protection issues.  I can't remember specifically where it was mentioned (somewhere on PFF), but they have the second last pass blocking grade in the ACC.  It hardly gets talked about because of Watson's running ability and a lot of their pass plays are predicated on getting the ball out quick.  This is why the defense has been preaching about controlled pass rushes all weak.  They know they can get to him, they just need to do it in a disciplined manner.  

3.  Our back-7.  This a defense built to stop a team like Clemson.  Clemson gets the ball out quick, but out press man should neutralize that.  Our secondary can match up with these receivers or any others and I have a tough time thinking they will lose enough 1-on-1s to get Clemson to score more than 24 points.  Also, our linebackers have the necessary athleticism (Baker and Worley) to get Watson on the ground when he does escape the pocket, but I don't think that will be often due to reason 2 above.

Buckeyes beat the better version of Oklahoma 31-24.   

Comment 29 Dec 2016

That's interesting.  By every account he will be a pure safety in this class.  Moving him to LB would make this a very heavy LB class (Browning, Werner, Pryor, White).

Any speculation why he is playing there for the UA game?