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Comment 20 May 2015

I had a two month vacation internship in Sydney, Australia and it topped anything I could have reasonably imagined.  If you can stand the flight and bare the expense (expensive city and country) I highly recommend it, especially since their summer months correspond with our winter months. 

Comment 19 May 2015

With Bama this year I think their upside/downside range is very wide, making 8 justifiable.  The development of that team is going to be crucial in the early going because they have to replace some key players, but the upside is high.

I'd imagine Cornwell/Coker being better than Sims towards the end of the year, who wasn't all that skilled.  If they can adequately replace Cooper then this offense can be really good.  Henry is an absolute beast at RB and will likely ride him until the QB/WR group get up too speed.  As for the defense, I can't image the Bama secondary being much worse than last year and Depriest won't be hard to replace.  That defensive line is very skilled and another year experienced.

Point being is if Bama can hang on early in the season behind Henry and their defensive, I have a hard time seeing them out of the CFP playoff.  But that is a big if.

Comment 19 May 2015

The first thing I would do is DFA Marquis the moment I signed my contract.  It is embarrassing he is in our starting rotation, and the move would be the best move we could make all year if we are actually serious about competing this year, with honorable mention going to cutting Kevin Gregg.

Anything after that would just be gravy for the day.

Comment 18 May 2015

His camp performance yesterday could suggest a move up in the rankings.  Checked in at 6'2 and ran a 4.51 40 yard dash, perfect measurables for our press coverage scheme.  Apparently he was one of the best defensive backs in every drill and earned an invite to The Opening as well.

Edit: beat me too it by 57 seconds Otrain ^

Comment 18 May 2015

Not sure if all of them closed entirely but I enjoyed Damons a lot growing up.

Comment 16 May 2015

Almost as crazy as losing two Heisman trophy candidate quarterbacks and winning the National Championship with the 3rd string. 

Comment 16 May 2015

It was extreme until I saw some spring videos and the spring game seeing him get beat a couple of times.  I understand all corners do, just was more than my liking to be extremely confident.  

Comment 08 May 2015

The only consistent thing about recruiting is the inconsistency, so i'd expect someone that hasn't been discussed yet as possibility being in the class.  Urban tends to real in a big fish close to signing day that comes out of nowhere.

Comment 05 May 2015

Decker is the prototypical LT prospect NFL looks for, highly likely he goes first or early second assuming health and he doesn't completely blow up.

It is awfully hard to get drafted high as a pure guard prospect, so i'd expect Price and Eflien going anywhere from late 2nd to 5th/6th if they declare.  Obviously a big range, a lot depends on how they perform this year.  Also, I think Price has higher upside than Eflien based on measurables (he'll dominate the bench press at the combine).  

Boren unfortunately will probably not get drafted.  Just flat out too undersized for the NFL.  As for Farris, he will likely go late/undrafted if he starts all year.  It's hard to see him being substantially better than Baldwin and Baldwin wasn't in the draftable conversation.  

Comment 05 May 2015

Unfortunate to lose out on Coughlin and Ferns.  Silver lining is bringing in Hilliard, Baker, and Connor last year will soften the blow of missing out on linebackers at the top of the board.  Still a long time to reel in a big fish before signing day.  

Comment 05 May 2015

I'll be curious to see what his playing weight will be this year as that will be his biggest issue.  I'm optimistic though, if Shazier can go in the 1st I think Lee can.  If he continues his progression at this pace he'll be a better player than Shazier, and you could argue he already is.

Comment 25 Apr 2015

Agree to disagree.  Braxton went 8/21 with a 1st/2nd round pick at WR and another who had as significant role as rookie with the Panthers.  Also, Hyde averaged 6.6 Yards a carry behind an offensive line that had 3 starters in NFL last year.  Not buying the argument Miller didn't have a supporting cast.    

Comment 25 Apr 2015

I would love to be wrong, but I don't see Miller throwing passes for Ohio State again.  First, I know it was mentioned above, but I don't think it wise to just assume he will be back 100% healthy.  Getting labrum surgery on his throwing shoulder is a big concern, let alone having it done twice.  Even if it does progress I highly doubt he gets his arm strength to pre-surgery levels.  Again, would love to be wrong.

Also, I am not buying the accuracy argument.  I think the case could be made that Miller had a simplified playbook and easier reads/progressions to make than his successors J.T. and Cardale.  We saw in the Big Ten Championship in '13 (still tough to talk about) Miller's capabilities in the passing game.  I understand he didn't have as developed WR group as this year, but it was still painfully obvious his throwing ability wasn't good enough to compensate for that.  Based on the eye test J.T. and Cardale are superior passers than Miller, and I don't think it's that close.

All in all with the abundance of playmakers on this team I don't think we need one at QB.  Give me a distributor to run a well-balanced offense that scare teams both through the air and on the ground, rather than just the latter.  

Comment 25 Apr 2015

Replacing Spencer's intangibles outside along with D. Smith's deep ball presence will be very hard to replace.  I don't know if Brown and one of C. Smith/Campbell/Dixon/McLaurin can replicate the production we got from last year.  I would say our receiver group will be deeper, but i'm not sure it will necessarily be better.  

Comment 23 Apr 2015

Article doesn't even mention Kyle Burger, who UFM was high on publicly while being recruited.  Hope his two ACL injuries don't derail his career, if he can get back to the player he was that's another potential starter for the Silver Bullets.  

Comment 21 Apr 2015

There is no way Winston got improper benefits while at Florida State, they run such a clean program....

Comment 20 Apr 2015

Which beats any scouting website, offer list, etc... in my estimation.

Getting Mack and Corley early would be great, it would allow us to race teams to NSD for one more prospect (Bruce, Victor?).  

Comment 19 Apr 2015

Ohio State lands 5 commits this weekend, breaks the record for spring game attendance, and is coming off a National Championship.  Yet the longest thread we have to show for it is about a 17-year-old prospect going committing to a different school when we pulled in 6 offensive linemen in the last class.

Lets calm down, losing Kraemer and Liam isn't going to set us back in the slightest.