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Comment 13 hours ago

I know that article says he's the frontrunner for the Center job, but is it safe to assume he is penciled in to start with Decker and Elflein?  

Sounds like a great situation, let Boren/Price develop for one more year or slide Price over to guard where he has less responsibility and can use his natural strength.    

Comment 16 Apr 2014

TG without out a doubt has the higher upside, but I doubt he reaches it.  Give me Wimbush who has the higher floor, with the playmakers UFM is bringing in I want a distributer to get them the ball. 

Comment 13 Apr 2014

Assuming the offensive line plays like that, i'd be more comfortable with Barrett.  He seemed more comfortable handling the pressure and escaping it with his legs.  Also, I think he has a higher ceiling than Cardale.

That said I think Cardale is better suited as the back up assuming the offensive line improves, which it should with Decker and Efflein playing and having the summer and fall to develop 3 more linemen.  When Cardale had time to stand in the pocket he made some really nice throws, which is something the coaches probably saw in practice this Spring.  

Comment 12 Apr 2014

Penn State has a lot of energy right now and good for them and the B1G, but as long as Urban Meyer is at the helm recruiting is not going to be an issue.  

If TSUN has taught us anything, recruiting championships aren't won in April.  Our play will speak for itself come late August when it really matters, let see who the top recruits are paying attention too then.      

Comment 02 Apr 2014

Judging on how Reeves played last year, it's hard to be confident in our secondary if no one can beat him out.  Maybe he has improved tremendously or the new scheme is better suited for him, but watching Iowa's TE run away from still haunts me.  Also, he didn't exactly redeem himself in the Clemson game.  

Comment 26 Mar 2014

Disappointment: I am a little disappointed that Armani Reeves is still ahead of Conley and Apple on the depth chart.  I know Apple was out with an illness for awhile, but after seeing Armani in the Iowa game and bowl game it scares me that the staff doesn't see a better option than him at the #2 corner spot.  The optimistic side of me wants to say that he has improved tremendously in the off-season, but for whatever reason I think it is more of a testament that Apple/Conely haven't progressed enough to take over.  Watching Iowa's TE outrun him to the endzone still haunts me.

Surprises: Not much of a surprise, but i'm happy to see Michael Thomas as the #2 WR thus far into the off-season.  Also, Herman had glowing things to say about Corey Smith.  Between C. Smith, Thomas, D. Smith, Spencer, Dixon, and Marshall (who I hope tears up fall camp) we should have a fantastic receiving core.  That's not even mentioning that Dontre is taking over Philly's position at H.  A lot of talent, now lets hope Braxton becomes more a distributor.  

Comment 19 Mar 2014
Comment 19 Mar 2014

It was rumored on here earlier that he didn't have a good work ethic this winter.  He's still young so there is plenty of time for him to turn it around, but hard work turns potential into production.  Hopefully he can make that happen.   

Comment 06 Jan 2014

Consider me cautiously optimistic about the immediate future.  As far as the offense goes, they have lived up and even surpassed expectations.  Our offense staff, especially Warinner and Herman, have done a tremendous job in developing and using our talent effectively, especially considering most of the players weren't recruited under Urban's regime.  If Braxton comes back I think our offense has even more room to grow than this past year, I fully expect Warinner to develop 3 O-linemen to play along side Decker and Efflien.  Braxton will only get better at distributing the football (he has improved substantially in every offseason thus far), Hyde was great but we have tremendous depth behind him, we are returning all of our TE's (the best group Urban claims he's ever had), and only losing Philly Brown at WR.  If Braxton can improve his touch and intermediate passing and Warinner develops 3 o-linemen to an above average level, I doubt our offense will lose us any games next year no matter who we play.

And now for the defense.  From a personnel standpoint I see the natural talent only being better.  Our defensive line is losing no one from an already young and talented group, this unit has the chance to be something special with another offseason to get better.  Linebackers is our biggest worry after losing Shazier.  I see a lot of Nickel being played next year with Perry and Grant/Kwon out there.  The young depth is great for future, but it is hard for a true freshman to come in an play such a complicated position effectively, you don't see it happen very often.  Hopefully Mitchell or Johnson is up for the task being the 3rd linebacker.  As for the DB's, replacing Roby won't be easy but between Reeves, Burrows, Apple, Conley, Webb, and Lattimore, you have to think one of them steps up to be a great corner for us next year.  As for the Safety position I see Bell and Powell being a significantly better starting tandem than Brown and Barnett.

Next year, a lot like this year, comes down to the coaching of the defensive staff.  I personally think Withers will be an addition by subtraction, a lot of North Carolina fans were happy to see him go and its not hard to understand why.  The Safety group, whom was Wither's responsibility, was never great with Barnett and Bryant, and was nothing short of bad when Brown replaced Bryant.  When Wither's was here our defense was never good, hardly even average.  Not all his fault, but it's not a coincidence our defense was never good when he had a big role in it.  Fickell is somewhat in the same boat, our linebackers were not up to Ohio State standards these past two years which I don't understand why considering Fickell has coached some great ones in the past.  His play calling has left a lot to be desired too, how many times can you run a soft zone and think it will work?  Clemson themselves said they had so much success because they saw a lot of it.  I fully trust in UFM handling the Fickell situation, if he views Fickell as a liability he will be gone.  Urban said he needs a homerun hire to replace Withers, and homerun hire just might result in a homerun type of season.                

Comment 05 Jan 2014

It's hard to argue with him, aside from Philly our receivers have been almost non-existent the past two games.  He has a reason to be frustrated.  

That said this is a very childish way to express these thoughts, especially saying this towards a senior captain.  I'm sure this won't help his cause in getting the playing time he is looking for, especially with all the young depth we have.  

Comment 04 Jan 2014

If Braxton has any shot at being an NFL quarterback then he has to come back.  There is a lot he needs to prove on such as touch, intermediate passing, making reads, etc...  We have seen a great improvement from Freshman to Sophomore year, and a decent amount of improvement from Sophomore to Junior year.  It only makes sense he will be an even better passer next year, the only thing is he isn't that durable of a player so I understand why he is thinking about leaving.

From an Ohio State perspective we should want him back and with open arms at that.  Would you rather have an experienced, best running quarterback in the nation behind an essentially new offensive line or a young starter that has never taken a meaningful snap or throw during a college game?  The recent success in RS Freshman quarterbacks give me a little faith J.T. Barrett could take us to a championship next year, but I like OSU's odds a lot more with Braxton at the helm.  


Comment 04 Jan 2014

The majority of fans had national title hopes coming into the season and we didn't even win a BCS bowl game, so I think the answer is no.

It wasn't just the record that deemed it unsatisfactory, but the way we performed on defense and a BCS bowl loss with the intense scrutiny the Big Ten is receiving.  Winning last night could have went a long way in helping eliminate the national narrative that the B1G is weak.  To get back to the defense, to see these poor results and performances with such talented and highly rated players is absolutely unacceptable, and the fact is we didn't get any better as the season progressed.  

But we did beat TSUN....   

Comment 08 Dec 2013

Time of possession is going to be huge during this game.  The longer Clemson has the ball the less likely we win the game.  

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense, we need to keep them off the field and tictate the tempo of the game.  

Comment 08 Dec 2013

Not being 21 gives you limitations.  That being said BW3's on the corner of High and Lane always has a good atmosphere during games.  

Comment 30 Sep 2013

I am not to concerned with replacing Bryant's production and talent on the field as I am with replacing his leadership out there.  Not saying he isn't a good player, but we have a lot of talent behind him.  

The concerning thing is replacing a new starter for arguably the most challenging game of the regular season.  

Comment 26 Sep 2013

If this isn't impressive enough, we also have Devin Smith, Spencer, Vannett, and Michael Thomas likely back as well.  An embarrassment of riches really, let's just hope we can development some young depth this year at O-Line. 

What a great time to be a Buckeye.  

Comment 17 Sep 2013

I would have no problem moving Washington inside and starting Bosa at SSDE as the season progresses.  Urban is all about getting the best 11 on the field and by season's end Bosa will be even more established as a difference maker.  Add in Schutt, Hale, S. Miller, Carter, Hill, and Marcus rotating in to keep the starting four fresh, I think this could be a young, elite defensive line by seasons end.    


Comment 07 Sep 2013

Aside from the injuries, this was the most disappointing thing I saw today.  Neither of them seem to have the ability to make people miss in the open field.  This is a concern if we want our offense to be as good as we are expecting it to be.  

Comment 06 Sep 2013

After getting complacent last week, I don't think Urban is going to let that happen again.  Plus with getting Roby, Barnett, and Smith back, I'd say we cover.   

Comment 02 Sep 2013

It's going to be interesting to see where Rod Smith plays into the equation.  I'd like to see Smith get 12+ carries next week and the week after.  We know what we have in Jordan Hall, a quick shifty back who has decent overall speed.  Considering Smith is significantly less proven in game-time scenarios, I would love to see him give opportunities to see what he can do consistently.  

We all saw glimpses of an elite running back during the Nebraska game last year.  I just want to see if that can become consistent, because if it can our offense could go from great to elite.