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Comment 27 Aug 2015

Jalin Marshall is not the 4th H, he is more likely to be #1 on the depth chart than #4.

Edit: Didn't see Marshall as the starting Z, but I would still bet on him being at H more often than Z.  Was too great of a runner not too.    

Comment 27 Aug 2015

With the line returning, Zeke, Thomas, Braxton, and Samuel still available we'll need at most one receiver to step up in Blacksburg, I like the odds of that happening.  

Prediction: I think this is Dixon's coming out party and stays in the rotation the rest of the year.    

Comment 24 Aug 2015

Good for him taking the opportunity he had with Burrows and Smith being banged up.

Comment 14 Aug 2015

I would love some more insight on this situation, what is going to determine his final position?  Also, in a recent hurry up didn't Birm dismiss the notion that he would be working with the WR's?  With him being a raw QB you would think the staff would have him take as many reps as he can if that is the long term plan for him.  

That said I am all aboard the WR train, he has elite NFL potential there with that length and athleticism.  

Comment 06 Aug 2015

Two highly talented guys that have had injuries slow them down until now: Johnnie Dixon and Marshon Lattimore.  

Comment 04 Aug 2015

This seems like a good idea in theory, assuming he's healthy, but next year he would still be competing with Marshall, Samual (if he sticks at H when Zeke leaves), Campbell, McCall, and Hill.  Point is I don't think the road to PT gets much easier. 

That said if he isn't ready for B1G play at 100% I'd throw the redshirt on him.

Comment 04 Aug 2015

For all the complaining there is about ESPN I'm surprised so many people still watch/read their content and more importantly get worked up about it.  They have little credibility to me considering some of the people they employ.

Comment 30 Jul 2015

With the last rumor ending up being true I'm not so quick the dismiss this one.  That said I think they would have announced all of them today assuming the other suspensions are going to happen.

Comment 28 Jul 2015

MSU for a couple reasons.  First, the B1G continues to solidify not only it's relevance but now its dominance.  Second, despite recent events, I still admire Dantonio and don't easily forget his contribution to the '02 team.  Third, if we get taken out I would stomach it easier if it was to the future champion, plus it will make the offseason more interesting with all the complaining that would take place about not making the playoff. 

Comment 28 Jul 2015

1.  Underclassmen getting draft grades too soon causing too many players running out of bounds.

2  Having two much tough competition in the B1G East.