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Comment 03 Jun 2011

Coach Fickell: "What do you know about Luke Fickell?"

Scrappy style Nose Guard, graduated from Desales High June 1992, Ohio State University Honors Graduate 1997, holds 2 NCAA Division One records, one for most consecutive starts at nose guard, one for General Motherfu**ery, former nickname "The Mule" the first and only Ohio State University head coach to come out of Desales High and one hell of a model American.

Coach Fickell: "Are you one of those Sports Illustrated Guys?"

No Sir, I'm just a very big Fickell fan. This is my graceland.

Comment 03 Jun 2011

Gene Smith: "Pleasure to meet you, did you have any trouble getting in?"

Coach "Forever" Fickell: "No, the guy with the rubber gloves was surprisingly gentle"

Comment 22 Mar 2011

"I would like to hold collateral if you know what I mean..." I would presume he is talking about collateral with the 2 players named. You would have to imagine he met with them and did the whole "tell me the truth and all of it or else" bit, if they lied about others being involved etc. im sure there was serious consequences.

Comment 09 Mar 2011

I believe someone hit on it earlier but the reason I truly believe Coach Tessel did not divulge any information was because this lawyer should not have been talking to him at all. If Coach Tressel divulged that information and it went to the NCAA etc. then that lawyer would have been disbarred as I am sure he is on his way to becoming now. The person I have come to see in Coach Tressel is one who would not wan't whomever this friend/confidant may be to lose his job. Even though im sure this information was given to Coach Tressel without his request he probably would feel responsible to protect someone who was trying to protect Coach Tressel and his players. Thats just my take on this and other should think about how it feels to be put in a situation where maybe a friend/relative whomever needs your confidentiality even though you did not want to end up in that situation. Fuck em all GO BUCKS!!

Comment 18 Nov 2010

"You ask me how do you get to the College Football Hall of Fame Kirk? Well its way over yonder, first you just have to get past Northwestern, and then just follow old Jimmy Tressel the rest of the way." O-H.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!