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Comment 11 Sep 2014

The One Direction dad is spot-on.  I was stuck in traffic trying to get to a Tigers game last month the same night as a One Direction concert. The traffic jam was filled with SUV's and minivans with dads that looked like that and 4 teenaged girls dancing and singing at the top of their lungs.  Sorry SOB's!

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Coaching did very little to help the offense adjust to what Va Tech's defense was doing.  To me that is the most disappointing take away from last night.  Also, there comes a time when players have to go and make plays.  OSU had plenty of opportunities to do so and didn't.  Very frustrating to watch and then add it to what the rest of the BIG did yesterday..........ouch!!

Comment 20 Mar 2014

Thus ends a shit year in OSU athletics.  Losing the last two in football followed by dropping two to scUM in hoops.  First round loss in NCAA tourney.  Just wasn't our year.

Comment 26 Oct 2013

Any time Reeves is playing it is bad for OSU.  I have not been a fan since he played for Roby in game 1.  He is not even close to adequate.  I really hope we are just saving redshirts and there is some talent for next year.

Comment 07 Nov 2012

My daughter was about 6 when we were sitting at a high school basketball game with her grandmother.  Her grandmother was talking with another lady when she overheard the lady mention how she had been into Michigan earlier in the day.  My daughter interupted the lady and deadpanned "I hope you took a shower when you got home!"  I have never been prouder as a father.

Comment 22 Sep 2012

Could be worse, we could have lost to Central Michigan!

Comment 08 Oct 2011

I am officially boycotting OSU if Bauserman is on the field.  I can't put into words how much I hate having him on the field.  How bad are Guiten and/or Graham?  I need to stop typing or I will never get to sleep.

Comment 17 Sep 2011

Wow.  My eyes are still burning.  I can't even type.

Comment 17 Sep 2011

With Bauseman the band and cheerleaders are always open.  They better keep their heads on a swivel.

Comment 08 Jul 2011

You should see the great deal I just got on a new Chrysler!

Comment 13 Mar 2011

I loved how Kenny Smith started talking about how OSU can't handle a team that presses.  Didn't we drill Florida by about a hundred at their place when the pressed the whole game?  Has Charles Barkley been doing studio work all year for CBS?  I just wonder how many college games he has watched this season?