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Comment 04 Jun 2016

Frankly if I can't find past Hurry Up threads I doubt many others can since it doesn't appear in the Forums

Comment 04 Jun 2016

"I'm coming this weekend with Shaun," Randy Wade said. "He will be back the following weekend. (We'll arrive) Saturday afternoon and we're leaving out Sunday afternoon."

We'll see

Comment 19 May 2016

Are the B1G & ESPN headed towards a Divorce - Don't Bet On It. Here's a great analysis of the pending break-up:

B1G TV Deal Coming Out Like a Fox

Some select comments:

"ESPN’s supposed financial woes are being completely misinterpreted by many sports fans.... ESPN is, by far, the most profitable media and entertainment entity in the entire world. Note that I said “media and entertainment entity” – this is not just about sports networks. Let’s put it this way: ESPN currently delivers monthly subscriber revenue to Disney that is the equivalent to the domestic gross of Star Wars: The Force Awakens every single month guaranteed… and before they sell a single ad. Disney has relied upon ESPN to deliver monopoly drug dealer profits for years to prop up their entire business. Now, ESPN is “only” making oligopoly drug dealer profits. All of this is to say that ESPN still makes a ton of money that is far, far, far beyond what Fox, NBC, CBS, Turner or any other entity with sports interests could ever dream of"

"By the same token, let’s not pretend that the Big Ten wants to get away from ESPN...that would be as short-sighted...the exact same game on ESPN versus FS1, the viewership on ESPN would be magnitudes higher. We have already seen a track record of Major League Baseball, Big 12 and Pac-12 games where similar games on ESPN crush the ratings on FS1....Who has the #1 sports news website? ESPN. Who has the #1 sports radio network? ESPN. Who has the #1 sports mobile app? ESPN. Who has the #1 streaming sports network? ESPN. Who has the #1 sports podcast network? ESPN. That is what a lot of Big Ten fans that care too much about supposed “SEC bias” on ESPN are missing: there is simply no replication for the multi-platform 27/7 exposure that ESPN provides...."At the end of the day, the Big Ten still needs the exposure that only ESPN can uniquely offer."