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Comment 25 May 2015

Thank You to all who have served, especially those who gave all ... and thanks to those who continue to serve!!!

Comment 28 Apr 2015

From Brutus over at the Ozone Forum

- he's an average golfer
- Saban's team beat Meyer's in 9 holes at this golf tourney a bunch of coaches are at currently
- trust the team and the seniors coming back. didn't beat the team up this spring.
- mentioned the 2000 rep players and how they're keeping up with not beating up the players
- DP tried to get Urb to name a starting QB today. Urb declined to do so.
- Didn't shut the door on Miller transfer rumors but did say all indications are Braxton is staying. hasn't asked him personally. seems excited to be a Buckeye.
- All 3 QBs have done something to get Ohio State to where it is at right now.
- mentioned Campbell, Brown and Conley by name when asked about playing in front of 100k at the spring game. it was good to get them experience.
- was asked about Aaron Hernandez. 'horrible all the way around.' didn't believe it at first. didn't speak to him. said he failed one drug test at UF not multiple. treated the same as everyone else while at UF. 'can't keep them away from their homeboys.'
- on Tebow the only problem is how he creates so much distraction. he's just a QB trying to make a team now. every coach wants less distractions and when you turn on espn it's tebow this and tebow that and that wears on people.

Comment 25 Apr 2015

All great to hear and see, glad Danny's starting to get it back on track

But after last year, to avoid Sugar Shane comparisons, he'll have to do it when live bullets start to fly

Comment 24 Apr 2015

Paul Johnson, brought Navy back and has done a great job with limited resources at GT