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Comment 9 hours ago

Lville - Clemson for sure.  Wisky - UM call me crazy but doesn't do it for me.  I think Michigan wins by double digits in a boring game.  This weekend is sneaky good tho starting off Friday night with a solid Toledo - BYU matchup and a top ten battle between Washington and Stanford.  Bucks at noon Saturday followed by WIsc-UM and Clem-Lville night cap.  Gonna be a good one gents.  

Comment 14 hours ago

Barrett is fine but I would not get hung up on completion percentage in Urban's offense.  It's not exactly like we are asking JT to make NFL throws all over the field (albeit the most we ever have seen came in our last game).  Remember every swing/pop/screen pass pads that percentage.  As the OP said he definitely has developed a hitch that wasn't prevalent in 2014 and I think its a result of him being risk averse.  Unfortunately that leads to him staring down receivers and air mailing a couple throws here and there.  I'm not too worries, I just hope we see us open up the throw game and air it out these next two games to continue to develop our passing game.  No need to run JT 15 times a game and we can keep Weber fresh for the stretch run when we will need him.  Let the WR's eat, they are hungry.    

Comment 14 hours ago

Scanning the list of D1 players who had 2000 yards from scrimmage in one season I found no one even close (Nova wasn't in D1 back then).  Actually the closest I found we McCaffery, Reggie Bush and Dri Archer.  But I saw no one with over 700 yards in their second major category.  Harvin was the most balanced but didn't reach the 2k yard mark combined.  Faulk, Mewelde Moore, Kerwyn Williams were also in the same range.  Reaching 1000 yards receiving is soo tough for a running back, especially in our offense where we never see 1000 yard receivers.  

Comment 14 hours ago

They just lost their elite return man, Grant, for the season.  He was pretty special and wouldve been a good test for us.  

Comment 22 Sep 2016

This shouldn't really shock anyone.  CFB players like to party.  You would be astonished with the number of players who smoke weed regularly and know the exact testing schedule to get clean before they are popped.  Bosa showed great maturity moving out on his own last season and saved himself millions of dollars.  I wish more players took his route in saving their financial futures.  

Comment 21 Sep 2016

The injuries to Carasco and Salazar are brutal but Kluber can do this.  We saw Maddy Baum almost singlehandedly win the series for the Giants a few years ago.  Just need a quality start from Bauer and Tomlin here and there and let our bullpen take over.  Also we forget the Tribe is something like 3rd in the AL in runs scored so the offensive , albeit a blackhole at catcher, has some juice.  

Comment 19 Sep 2016

Baker makes more sens against pass happy, spread offenses due to his quickness and ability to play in coverage.  Booker will be more of a Josh Perry type player who is best utilized going down hill and stopping the run/rushing the passer.  I think both bring a different value to the team and both should see the field depending on each game.  

Comment 12 Sep 2016

I would say about 90% of the people in here agree tweeting at college athletes is fucking insane.  That being said it's equally insane for Peppers to tweet out his butthurtedness to his tens of thousands of followers and trash his rival fanbase.  Not a good look for either side, however the no name trash buckeye fans who are tweeting Peppers will remain in anonymity whereas everything he says will be scrutinized.  Michigan players just need to learn to keep their yaps shut when it comes to OSU - hasn't worked out so well this decade.  

Comment 12 Sep 2016

Wouldn't be shocked at all if the two spoke briefly this week, but Urban would never ask for some detailed gameplan on how to beat the Sooners and Herman would never provide one.  This is big boy football here - not a couple DIII high school coaches swapping triple option playbooks.  

Comment 12 Sep 2016

I honestly don't see the draw to Notre Dame anymore.  Unless you are a catholic kid (I was raised Catholic but that never swayed my college decision) who actually cares about academics (let's be honest that is less than 10% of all Blue Chip prospects) I don't understand why Notre Dame would be a realistic option.  South Bend, in all honesty, is a dump of a town.  Brian Kelly hasn't won anything in his career and is a psycho on the sidelines and most importantly their female talent on campus is substandard.  I will never knock a kid for visiting schools and seeing what's out there but that OSU vs ND comparison sounds like someone has gotten into this kids head a bit.  

Comment 06 Sep 2016

Man even with a 60 point win people stll find areas to be concerned.  We have complaints due to a lack of pressures - Knapke had the ball out of his hand under two seconds nearly every pass play.  We didn't blitz much at all as to prevent the big play and overall played a very sound game.  We held one of the best offensive teams of the last few years to under 300 yards.  Tulsa will be similar to BG but slightly better all around.  Again don't expect many sacks.  These mid tier O-cordinators know the only way they can block up front is by quick thre step drops.  Oklahoma will be a good barometer to see how our d-line can actual create pressures.  

Comment 02 Sep 2016

"Breakway speed" is the most overated trait for a running back.  How many times per game does a running back realistically have a wide open hole that allows him to run untouched for 50+ yards.  Give me a back with vision, power and short srea quickness over straight line speed anyday.  

Comment 01 Sep 2016

Some smoke of suspensions for the opener similar to what we dealt with last year.  Hawaii is horrible so it won't make much of a difference.  

Comment 01 Sep 2016

This situation would have nothing to do with the current OSU football team anyways.  Zeke is an employee of the Dallas Cowboys now.  

Comment 01 Sep 2016

I agree with some of your points here but first of all no matter what metrics say, Bama's defense was a level above Michigan and Notre Dame.  Watson is two levels ahead of JT as a passer.  Give me JT with the read option all day, but Watson is in another stratoshpere when it comes to throwing the ball.