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Comment 26 Apr 2016

There is a strong sentiment around here to dismiss Peppers, and I think that's a mistake among us fans.  That being said, the contrary is true as well - UM fans making Peppers into a demi-God.  Fact is the kid is a great athlete, who is a tweener.  His production last year may not have been eye popping but he has the talent to impact the game, and I think Brown will find better ways to utilize Peppers rather than exclusively as a slot CB.  

Michigan had a very good defense last year.  I wouldn't say it was elite since I had questions around their front seven - especially those linebackers.  I think they should have an even better defense this year and should be more athletic all around.  Michigan is going to be a real threat with the talent they bring back on both sides of the ball, as long as they have a QB who can do a bit more than Ruddock who was very serviceable for them.  What should make you feel confident as a Buckeye fan is what we did to them in AA last November.  That was no fluke. Brown will need to make changes on the fly unlike Durkin - who UM fans were stroking off all season prior to that Saturday.  Words to live by:  Hate Michigan, but never underestimate them.   

Comment 26 Apr 2016

I am with you 100%.  Some people around here make Devin Smith out to be some kind of god-like figure.  He was a solid wide receiver who excelled at one thing.  Cardale's failures were not to blame because of Smith's departure.  All one has to do is put on the tape and his accuracy and decision making was night and day from 2014.  i think a lot of this has to do with Herman making everything extremely simple for Cardale during our run last year.  Outside the hash throws, one-two reads max.  I believe we threw too much at him at the beginning of this year and it overwhelmed Cardale.  

I think we as funs love to see things in black and white.  Fact is all of these factors contributed into what we saw in the 2015 Buckeyes.  There is no single person to shoulder this blame.  If Beck was doing such a horrible job, then why didn't his two superiors step in and make any changes?  We saw the same offense from Week one until the day after the MSU loss.  If Urban was truly worried about what Beck was doing, he should have stepped in prior to Michigan week, where our offense took major steps forward in creativity and effectiveness with both Beck and Warriner in the booth.  

Comment 26 Apr 2016

Briles has skirted this issue (and many others) for far too long because he built a winning program at a cellar dweller private school.  Once the losses start coming this will crash and burn.  I despise Briles and think he gets forgotten about because he coaches at Baylor, but this guy is a total fuckbag - pardon my french.  

Comment 22 Apr 2016

This is tiresome honestly.  Every school negatively recruits in some way.  Especially if this in terms of Nebraska's WR coach. (which supposedly it wasn't, then whoever that guy from Nebraska is started touting off towards Smith) 

Comment 21 Apr 2016

Here's my stance for the 0 people who care.  I believe if there is smoke on a kid from a credible site/source, then speculation is ok.  Like the poster below saying Alabi is in the doghouse.  If rivals/247/11W says that, then I believe we should talk about it.  Blasting a list of 10 guys who you perosnally don't believe to be up to Urban's standards is uncalled for and irresponsible imo.  

Comment 21 Apr 2016

Hooker and Erick Smith are absolute ball hawks.  They might get beat from time to time, but if they are our starting safeties, we will force a ton of turnovers.  Word is Dame Webb might start opposite Hooker however.  He should be great in coverage tho.  

Comment 20 Apr 2016

Browns will move down from 8.  Jack/Ramsey/Tunsil will be gone by 8 most likely.  Bosa is a possibility but not sure the team sees him as worth  #8 when they could add more picks for that spot..  New Draft is about volume.  There isnt a huge drop off from 10-25 honestly.  

Comment 20 Apr 2016

Goff won't be worth the 2nd pick, he will be worth the first overall.  Browns loved Goff, not so much Wentz.  Rams are taking Goff, therefor Browns trade down.  

Comment 20 Apr 2016

Still think someone (Jamarco proabably) slides in to LG once Pridgeon gets in.  We didn't land that kid to be our third tackle for two years, that's not Urban's style.  Granted we have no real tackle depth outside of Prince and Jones so I am pumped to have Pridgeon regardless.  

Comment 18 Apr 2016

This sounds well and good and all, but the fact is some kids will be told the truth and will end up elsewhere.  It happens each and every season and it sucks but it is a necessity to compete at the highest level.  

Comment 15 Apr 2016

Man if people are surprised by this they clearly haven't been reading the Hurry-Ups...  Why would we be heavily recruiting 2 of the best backs in the country (Akers, Harris) if the staff thought Sibley was buckeye caliber?  The best player in the country (Harris) is on campus for multiple days this weekend and the staff loves where they sit with Akers.  Best played to nip this in the bud early, and give the kid plenty of time to find other options.   You guys know Urban Meyer is our head coach right?  He is not going to take a kid just bc he's from Ohio or is a nice guy.  This is modern day recruiting, and something necessary to stay competitive whether us fans like it or not.  

Sure it's a bit sketchy, but if kids can decommit at the drop of a hat, then I totally believe coaches should have that same right.  With no early signing period, this will happen at every school across the country.  Where problems creep in is when you start asking a kid to greyshirt or tell him you're full in January, which gives the kid a month to scramble together his options.