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I started getting into Ohio State football in middle school around 1993 but became hooked after my first game at The Shoe in 1995. This was the game against Illinois where Eddie George ran for over 300 yards and placed himself as the Heisman front runner. I had so much fun at that game and have been passionate about Ohio State football ever since. I do my best to watch or listen to every game they play.

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Comment 16 Oct 2016
It's too bad some people have no sense of humor with the Jim Tressel least favorite moment. He was very conservative with play calling and loved the kicking game. Tressel did a lot of great things for Ohio State but he lacked offensive creativity and was not at the level of Urban Meyer when it comes to recruiting and motivating players. I often find myself saying "what would Tress do in this situation" because he played so conservative most of the time and loved a defensive struggle.
Comment 16 Oct 2016
You mentioned this was "our first true road game." I'm assuming you are not counting Oklahoma because their fans weren't nearly as loud or crazy and it was a Big Ten road game? Lot's of good observations made. I think this game was a big confidence boast to our team playing on the road and overcoming adversity. We'll be a better team because of it. Go Bucks!
Comment 17 Sep 2016
I think the Buckeyes will get their first real test for their young defence and bend a little but not break. Our offense will get going the second time we have the ball and we will have to settle for a few field goals but in the end I like the Buckeyes on the road 34 to 17. Go Bucks!
Comment 26 Aug 2016
I have a hard time understanding this thinking by some recruits. Why are you "committing" to a school if you still want to look around and take more visits? Don't give a commitment to a school if you aren't completely sure that's where you want to go. Just wait until you are done with your visits. I respect guys who wait until they know for sure, then commit and stop visiting other schools. I can understand doing that only if there is a major coaching shakeup or the school tells you that you will likely lose your offer because they are pursuing other recruits and you aren't a priority for them anymore. I think it only makes sense to commit until you can honor that and stop looking around.
Comment 25 Aug 2016
I'd love to finish with Akers, Okudah, Browning and Falo in this class. It's an unbelievable class now at 18 commitments but still have a feeling 1 or 2 more guys decommitt before February. I love the thought of winning a recruiting title but player development and winning a national championship on the field are most important. Keep up the great work coaches!
Comment 14 Aug 2016
Incredible! Thanks for the nice write-up on the top remaining recruits! I hope you are right about how this class finishes. I'd be surprised if we get all of those guys but you never know with this coaching staff and the class they're building.this Should be a fun finish!
Comment 15 Apr 2016

While it may not be the best look to ask a kid to grayshirt after they've been committed for almost a year it's still a long time away from national signing day and gives Sibley plenty of time to visit other schools. Like it or not, college football at this level is becoming big business and if you don't get the best players each year, you will not compete for National Championships on a regular basis. It's too bad that scholarships are tight for 2017 and that each school can't have 90 or 95 scholarship players because there are some you hate to see get away. I feel bad for him and respect his loyalty but it's a competitive business and unfortunately these things happen all the time on the current college football recruiting landscape. I trust Meyer and company know what they are doing and are handling things in a classy manner behind the scenes. I believe we'll land another top running back in this class as a result of this news.

Comment 13 Mar 2016
I've only been following Ohio State recruiting for about 20 years but what I've learned over this time is too not get your hopes up too high over any one recruit. They're young men who still have a lot of growing up to do and will leave you scratching your head over things they say and do with the recruiting process. Many are like women in how often they change their mind about the schools recruiting them. It's not a done deal until they sign that LOI. It's a huge decision for them so I can only imagine how hard it would be to choose the best school for them to attend the next 4 or 5 years. It's a fun process to watch as a fan but can also be frustrating if you get too wrapped up in it.
Comment 09 Mar 2016
I'm guessing the Browns won't be smart enough to draft a Buckeye again this year. On the other hand, it will probably be a blessing in disguise for their NFL careers to not end up in Cleveland. Until the Browns front office gets their act together, I'll feel kind of bad for any Buckeye that gets drafted by them.
Comment 02 Mar 2016
It's hard to guess how this year's draft will shake out for the Buckeyes. It depends some on what happens at the OSU pro day. I think you'll see Bosa, Apple, Elliott, Lee, Decker, Thomas and possibly Bell go in the 1st round. I'm guessing Miller, Perry, Washington, Vannett, and Jones are 2nd and 3rd round guys. Powell and Marshall will probably go in 4th and 5th. Also, I'll add that the Browns will probably not be smart enough to pick any of them. Maybe it will be better for their careers that way.
Comment 01 Mar 2016
Forget picking up a star from TSUNs backyard, we just got him out of their front yard! Very nice! Way to go football staff! It takes some guts to commit to Ohio State when you go to school in Ann Arbor across from the big outhouse! Welcome aboard Mr. Simmons!!
Comment 25 Feb 2016
I will be surprised if he goes in the first round. Braxton is super gifted athletically and a hard worker but still has a lot to learn to become a great NFL wide receiver. I think the potential is there and his ceiling could be very high but he's probably not going to come in and tear things up his first year. Look for him to make a bigger impact on a team in his 2nd or 3rd season of experience. I think Thomas is a much more polished and pure receiver than Braxton and will contribute significantly next year for a team.
Comment 15 Feb 2016
That would be a great place too but I think the Louisiana kids have even more loyalty to staying home at LSU (see Lawrence this year) despite great efforts by our staff to convince them to head north. If we can do well in Georgia, Florida and get a few from Texas than I think we'll be in good shape each year.
Comment 15 Feb 2016
Elliott will be the hardest offensive player to replace because of all he did and how well he did everything. You could ride him every game if the coaches wanted to. Good luck in the league Zeke!
Comment 15 Feb 2016
I'd setup shop somewhere in Georgia close to the Florida border. We've done pretty well in Georgia and I'm sure we could get a lot of top prospects to come up from Florida. I'm all for ticking off the SEC schools and making our national presence known. I have a feeling Meyer and the staff will counter with some creative ways to be affective in the national recruiting scene.
Comment 14 Feb 2016
My hunch on the reason for some recruits hearing less from the staff is because they have someone else they like more at that position and so they'll focus their efforts on the highest priority recruits instead. It's probably called showing them a lot of love to make sure they know how much they're wanted by a school. Our staff knows what it's doing.
Comment 14 Feb 2016
I believe our defensive line will be better than the "experts" think considering our big losses. I feel like our linebackers will be solid with McMillan leading a young group. My concern is more with the secondary with Conley being the only proven starter. Some young guys will have to step up like they do almost every year. The good thing about being young and reloading is lower expectations which allows for guys to play with less pressure and nothing to lose. I'm excited to see who all steps up with new opportunities to become the next stars of our Buckeyes.