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I started getting into Ohio State football in middle school around 1993 but became hooked after my first game at The Shoe in 1995. This was the game against Illinois where Eddie George ran for over 300 yards and placed himself as the Heisman front runner. I had so much fun at that game and have been passionate about Ohio State football ever since. I do my best to watch or listen to every game they play.

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Comment 01 Feb 2016
Hopefully we'll be getting some good news over the next hour. I'm confident this staff will finish out this class well. Go Bucks!
Comment 21 Jan 2016
I won't be shocked like Birm said if Lawrence stays at home with LSU. Birm made a lot of good points in favor of him becoming a buckeye but I won't be upset with him if he stays at home either. It will be disappointing if he doesn't choose the Buckeyes because the coaches have built such a great class already and he would just add to it. That being said, with or without Lawrence we'll still have a top class and a lot to look forward too.
Comment 17 Jan 2016
Should be fun watching the coaching staff close on this year's class down the home stretch. I'm confident they'll make an already very good class into a great class as they focus all their efforts on these top remaining targets. Haskins, Victor, Lawrence, Fuller and a 5 star coming from off the radar would be a unbelievable finish to this class. Nice article recapping recruiting since Meyer took over! Go Bucks!
Comment 31 Aug 2015
I'm excited to see what Braxton can do in his new position more than any other player. I think he'll do just enough to keep the VT defense honest but my expectations for his 1st game playing the new position are not unrealistic. Let's hope he gets over his jitters and can go play at full speed without over thinking things. Go bucks!!
Comment 16 Aug 2015
I really like what both quarterbacks can do and think we are in great shape with either guy. I wouldn't want to make the final decision but I guess that's why these college head coaches make the big bucks. Just hope the guy who is back up stays ready at a moments notice to go in when needed. I think they'll be plenty of opportunities for the backup to come in after halftime in lots of the games to get reps.
Comment 08 Dec 2014
Former Heisman winners Johnny Manziel & Jameis Winston both agree that Barrett's stats for the season weren't good enough...wait weren't his numbers a little better? It's a shame he wasn't invited. I'm not sold on Gordon. Maybe we'll get the opportunity to beat all three!
Comment 07 Dec 2014
I love that this team is once again an underdog. 10 points to boot. We know how well Urban Meyer motivates his teams when they are underdogs. They'll be ready and nobody expects us to win. Let's keep rolling and come into this game with a huge chip on our shoulder! Would love to beat Bama with our 3rd string QB and shut up all the SEC lovers! Go Bucks!!
Comment 23 Nov 2014
These polls are a joke! The only thing that matters is where the playoff committee puts us. Keep winning and we should be in the top 4 at the end of the conference championship games. Hopefully we can get an impressive win over TSUN this week. Go Bucks!
Comment 07 Nov 2014
You have to think Dantonio wasn't stupid enough to guarantee a win but I'm sure he's extremely confident given all the factors in his favor. A night game at home, Urban meyer hasn't won a big game since he's been coaching at Ohio State and he doesn't have to deal with Braxton Miller. Plus they had 2 weeks to prepare for this game. If the buckeyes play like they did against VT and PSU it won't be pretty. Hope the Buckeyes can rise to the occasion and prove they belong in the playoff picture.
Comment 02 Nov 2014
If we play a great game and are fortunate to beat MSU this week, I still don't see the idiotic voters moving us up any more than 4 or 5 spots. That would put us around 7 or 8 which means we'd still have to win out and do it impressively to have a chance at the 4 spot. The voters are to in love with SEC teams no matter how good or bad of losses they have each week. If we hadn't lost to VT we would probably be in the top 4 right now.
Comment 26 Oct 2014
We have to play much better in big games under the lights both at home and on the road. Our offensive line is so young and inconsistent and while Barrett has been great in only his first year as a starter, he still lacks big game experience and has a lot of room to improve. I think we are right about where we should be in the polls until we beat someone good like MSU. If we beat them in 2 weeks we should be in the discussion for one of the top 5 teams. Hope the bucks continue to make improvements and get better each week.
Comment 19 Aug 2014
As devastating as Miller's injury appears to be now, I'm looking forward to seeing what Barrett can do this year. He sounds like a great leader, a pretty accurate passer along with good mobility. If the young offensive line can step up and the skill guys can take a lot of pressure off him we could be in for a special season like with krenzel and clarret. This should only make the Buckeyes a lot better for next year. You have to believe that our D will be a lot better too. I'm not about to give up on this season yet.