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Comment 24 Apr 2015

Oh I've heard of the Chatter Box. Could get pretty lively in there after a Friday night football game....

Comment 19 Apr 2015

Guess it all depends on if your deductive reasoning skills are right.

Comment 27 Mar 2015

Late to the party here but my first concert was AC/DC my Frosh year in high school. Best friends dad, music lover who had us listening to the Beatles on the way to little league practice, took us. I have to say I grew up a lot that night between the second hand smoke rolling around, I don't mean tobacco, and the loose morally fibered women pulling up there shirts. One of the greatest night of my life and something I'll never forget.

Comment 24 Mar 2015

I myself take Arnold Iron Pack, multi vitamin pack. Contains everything you need all in a nice pack and saves you from purchasing everything separate. I recommend fish oil. Another product which is a powder multi vitamin called Envie. Check them both out and let me know.

Comment 19 Mar 2015

Weighing your food is crucial as you said. My roommate used to laugh at me when weighing out chicken for all my lunches for a week but it's something you just have to do if you're serious about seeing change.

Comment 19 Mar 2015

Completely agree with this. I only drink on Saturdays (every Saturday during college football season but that's why I workout), if at all. Eating right is the biggest factor. I don't care what you do or how often you workout if you don't eat right you're wasting your time.

Comment 19 Mar 2015

Finally a topic where my hobby, fiance calls it an obsession, can help other people. Let me start by saying that I played 3 sports in high school: football, baseball, and basketball (football being my primary sport). Lettered in all three from my Sophomore year on. I was fortunate enough to go to a high school that had weight training as a class; legit we got a health credit for going and lifting weights under the supervision of a strength coach for 45 min a day so I knew the value of weight training from an early age. From high school I went on to accept a scholarship to play football in college. 

With that being said soon after my playing days I continued to eat like I was a workout machine, which I wasn't. I started to drink a lot of beer, not like I'm an alcoholic but on the weekends etc, and not the light stuff. I soon woke up one day at 265 and not a good 265...I'm 5'11". I said to myself "Wow fatty you need to get your crap together, this is ridiculous." 

From that day on I started the journey of getting back into shape. I set realistic goals and started P90X. After the first round I saw change so I kept going. Second round more change but I was getting bored and missing the sound of clanging plates and throwing weight around so I went back to lifting. Gradually at first but then increasing the intensity.

Long story short I was 5'11" 265 and probably 30-33% body fat starting out. After about 2-21/2 years and some serious homework and playing around with what I eat and how I train I'm 205 today with 14% body fat and can rep 315 on the bench easy. The reason I say this is because with dedication and a little research ANYTHING is possible. Its a struggle, trust me I know. But the main thing is is making the change and sticking to it.

As far as "diet" I hate the word. Forget diet and just eat healthy and pound water. Use the calculator I'm about to link as a guide and tweak from there. http://iifym.com/iifym-calculator/ This is a good starting point and will help set you up for success because its clear and concise.

Comment 19 Mar 2015

Not from the valley but SE Ohio. Have some friends from the valley and always respected the blue collar, hard working attitude from the area.

Comment 18 Mar 2015

This blows, I really wanted to see a kid from the valley in scarlet and grey. With that said, the pull of playing with your older brother would be tempting.

Comment 18 Mar 2015

Unky, I was envisioning this scene while making that post. Infinity upvotes for you sir.

Comment 18 Mar 2015

Citrus, you're making me reminisce back to my college days and expertise.....Cold War foreign policy.

Comment 18 Mar 2015

I hate to say it, and it may just be my ego, but I think I could take an 85 lb baby bear.

With that said, I wouldn't want to because I think bears are awesome animals. Matter of fact seeing a Polar Bear up close and personal was reaffirming to humans place on the food chain in the wild. Those things look like a Star Wars At-At from The Empire Strikes Back.

Comment 18 Mar 2015

The Smoked Chipotle Tobasco has to be one of my favorites but only in certain applications; can't eat Chipotle without it. Siracha is my go to for pizza and about everything else. 

Comment 17 Mar 2015

I agree with OSU07ASU10, little late to the topic but reading through it there has been some awesome advice already given. Keep your head up brother, there are brighter days in front you!

Comment 12 Mar 2015

Haha I'm sure we have at some point. I won't deny though my two favorite spots are the sandbar, enjoying the scenery, and Papa Boo's where the best bartender in the world works!

Comment 12 Mar 2015

Delete, duplicate. I hate my iPad!

Comment 12 Mar 2015

Twoface, I grew up in good ol' Tville too. Graduated from Sheridan in 04.

Comment 12 Mar 2015

Remy I'm with you. Just last year I purchased a new piece of property on Buckeye. I have grown up there and been around there my entire life and the lake has always been a part of it in a great way. I too am distraught and pissed about this situation. A piece of expensive property, new boat house, two boats and now NO lake!

Comment 12 Mar 2015

The problem should have been addressed years ago and the proper maintenance implemented. Now we have a catastrophic issue that is going to enrage both sides no matter what decision they make. I honestly do not see them deciding to not fix the damn; the amount of money being lost by businesses and property value decreasing alone should be enough fuel to fix the problem but add on top of that the damage to the ecosystem and wildlife and I feel like this shouldn't be a tough decision. 

Comment 11 Mar 2015

I'll never forget that play or night. I was at a Buckeye party with all my close friends and relatives. Myself and my brother-in-law, who I watch most of the games with, have a long standing tradition of taking a shot of Fireball for every Buckeye touchdown for big games. We ended up getting all the males at the party to follow suit and if they didn't their manhood was questioned. We were all feeling like awesome sauce when the Zeke popped and the whole house erupted. I remember people running outside celebrating at other Buckeye parties, golf course community, around us. By the end of the night three neighboring Buckeye parties merged into ours and we partied like we were back in college on Maynard.