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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 OSU-scUM Game after Will Allen's interception sealed the game -- I was there :)
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Chris Jent / Aaron Craft
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Comment 21 Feb 2015
618, there's much love for you here. No matter how you feel, there is always someone who cares. Please reach back to accept the care.
Comment 07 Feb 2015
Ohio has one of the top HS programs in the country. Glad to see the support at our university. Hopefully it encourages more of our guys to stay home.
Comment 25 Jan 2015

I was there, too -- driving from Dayton with a friend of mine and his 8 year old son to attend.  Being born after the prior championship in '68, this established the golden era of Buckeye football for me after suffering so tantalizingly through the '90s.  For the next generation, who may not have remembered that 2003 magic, this is definitely extra special.

Comment 04 Jan 2015
Been thinking the same exact thing, plus limiting TO's. Oregon is +20 on the season and it was a clear momentum shifter during the second half against FSU.
Comment 02 Jan 2015

So many good ones!  Hard to say this is the best, but...  I think this team has grown like no other team before within the bounds of a season and the levels of adversity faced, both on and off the field.  This team is tight.  I'm looking forward to Jan 12, and frankly, to next year which could be scary good.  Meyer said it... 'The future is bright.'