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Comment 6 hours ago

Yeah it probably is. I doubt you have accurate information for every Urban Meyer QB and their YPA/YPC in the last 3 games of the season.

But you're cherry picking to find something that supports your argument. Won't be long until you declare JT the worst quarterback when wearing a left knee brace, white socks, and white cleats.

Comment 7 hours ago

the players were out of shape over that long layoff.

Players were out of shape from too many left handed cigarettes and nickel pints. FTFY*

Comment 8 hours ago

Sat next to Matt Finkes.

Stopped in my daily watering hole.... Sat next to Matt.  Dude is still massive.  Looks like he could strap up right now.

Comment 11 hours ago

Poe isn't just getting hip to the interwebs, he's been banned on Scout.com before and made new accounts. He finally got locked out so he started shit posting over here. People tried and tried to help him and he didn't care. He created 15 threads yesterday varying from "Go to He!!", "Dam ban me already!" to "Imu Ur wurst Nitemare". He wanted to be banned and he got it.