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Comment 16 Oct 2010
Here's what ill say, I thought the first FG sucked because the playcalling was horrible on the goal line, but what do you Tress haters want him to do? His D sucked and played soft and they got beat up, his fault?
Comment 16 Oct 2010
I think big blame to D line...got destroyed, played soft. Pryor didn't make many big plays but wasn't his fault. D maybe a little overrated? Win out Rose Bowl, that's the goal now I guess?
Comment 09 Sep 2010

Great article as always!!

Anyone know what the view from 3B is like. I have tickets for Saturday row 15 3B...seem a little blocked, can someone let me know?

O-line is they key. They protect, we run the ball we win, sets up Pryor's big day!