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Comment 30 Dec 2013

LC: You know, Coach Hoke is your biggest fan.

OP: Really?

LC: Indeed, he says breakfast wouldn't be the same without you.

Comment 27 Mar 2013

You are correct Illinois is not in Chicago. I should have said Chicago is a basketball hotbed in Illinois. Good catch.

Comment 26 Mar 2013

I would agree with that but he also turned down Illinois last year which is just a few hours down the road from Madison and is located in Chicago a huge basketball recruiting hotbed. He will also have to compete with the rest of the BIG Ten each yeah, and Minnesota has some of the worst basketball facilities in the conference (nothing against the Barn but they don't have another practice facility). UCLA is already at the top of the PAC 12 and should be able to pretty much dominate the southwest as far as basketball recruiting.

Comment 25 Mar 2013

Minnesota over UCLA? I may be wrong but I just don't see it with the tradition and recruiting base UCLA has. For Smart that is a premier program that will probably be calling right now...

Comment 16 Jan 2013

Well... Mostly