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Comment 16 Dec 2014

We should lend whoever doesn't win the starting QB job to a couple teams in order to make at least two games competitive..

SO excited for this game against Bama. No one outside of Ohio is giving us a chance, and that's exactly the way this team likes it..

Comment 03 Dec 2014

You just get the feeling that this team is so tight-knit and gritty that there aren't going to allow each other to lose.. In spite of the circumstance, I'm strangely confident that we're going to win this ball game. 

Comment 03 Dec 2014

Burrow, yes. But I wouldn't be so sure that we don't see Gibson playing some wide out.. I know we've promised him a shot at QB, but how can you keep his athleticism off the field?? A nice  dilemma to have, for sure. 

Comment 27 Nov 2014
Great stories Alta and Bucknut. Makes me excited to share The Game with my son like I have with my father. One thing I am thankful for today is the bond Buckeye football has helped build with my father, as I'm sure is the case with a lot of us here. While football may be just a game, the relationships that have formed from my love of Buckeye football are immeasurable. Go Bucks, and enjoy your time with family today, my friends!
Comment 14 Nov 2014
I see your point, but Ole Miss and FSU just agreed to kick off the '16 season with a game.. If we really wanted to add a quality opponent, even if that means going to their place, i think we could.
Comment 14 Nov 2014
I see what you're saying, but if we want the committee to put less weight on the VT game, couldn't TCU make the same argument that they too have improved since they played in week 2? Regardless, style points matter and a drubbing of Minny would be ideal!
Comment 07 Nov 2014
Love it! Anyone else super annoyed with Bengals players and fans alike completely discrediting the Browns win? I mean, i realize the Bengals played terrible, but when a team beats you by 3 scores I dont see how you can say theyre not any good (cough cough Jeremy Hill)
Comment 02 Nov 2014
Love the motivation, but Im still uneasy about the play of the offensive line. Hope the boys can step up and we design a gameplan that can minimize MSU's pass rush.
Comment 27 May 2014

Style of play reminds me of Craig Krenzel. Athletic, but not overly so, yet still makes people miss. Looks fairly accurate as well. Definitely serviceable.

Comment 31 Dec 2013
I used to be a National Title or bust type of fan.. but then I realized that that's an awful way of looking at things.. think about it. In the last 40 years, OSU has won just one title. One. Winning it all is very, very hard. A BCS bowl is a great season and its something we should enjoy thoroughly. Save for Bama, OSU has been the gold standard in the BCS era. We are spoiled, my friends! Oh, and those basketball Buckeyes have been on one of the best runs in the programs history.. Man, its good to be a Buckeye!
Comment 25 Dec 2013

Alex Smith had a huge year in '04.. Can't forget Tebow, of course. I'd be pleased if JT comes anywhere close to those guys. 

Comment 24 Dec 2013
Really hope Cardale or JT can distribute the ball to our playmakers.. I'm not at all confident that we'll see Braxton in '14
Comment 08 Dec 2013

If we play mistake free football, I don't see us getting handled by anyone. We played one of our worst games yesterday and that mixed with a solid team was a recipe for disaster. Yeah, we lost. But all of those teams listed above have lost, too. Yeah, our pass defense is AWFUL. But the defenses listed there, save for Bama, are no where near what we saw in MSU. Also, there's an outside chance that Christian Bryant will be back for a bowl game, which would be huge for our defense. 

Yes, this loss was demoralizing.. but don't forget that we still have one of the best head coaches in college football history and that we have a resilient group of young men. 

Comment 07 Dec 2013

This is something that I always brought up when people claimed he was a liar when he accepted the job at OSU. I'd always ask, "Do you personally know Urban Meyer? Do you have access to medical records to be able to say he was faking his heart issues? Are you a family member of his to be able to tell us if he really is fully committed to his family? If not, you're just making outlandish claims that have no real bearing on anything."

It's the same thing with anyone else in the public eye. So many people pass judgment without actually knowing who they are judging, and it's not right. But it's the world we live in. 

JMO. Nice post, OP. 

Comment 05 Dec 2013

Went with the over.. MSU hasn't played a top 50 offense yet, let alone one with our offensive line, Brax, Carlos, etc. I think we'll score some points and I think we'll give up some points. (Hope I'm wrong, but the lack of defensive improvement over the past two years is concerning, IMO)