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  • SPORTS MOMENT: I have two. The 2002 National Championship, but a close second was the 97' Rose Bowl. I can never forget Joe Germaine leading the Buckeyes down the field to win the game and beat Jake Plummer. That team was special and should have beat UM that year but winning the Rose Bowl in the fashion nearly made up for it.
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Comment 01 Jan 2014

Wow...if only OSU had a defense like that....wow.  Sparty D = Silver Bullets circa 2002.  Congrats Dino!

Comment 19 Oct 2013

unfortunately I have little faith in the 2 "defensive coordinators" to prepare this team for PSU...look at this game...they had 2 weeks to prepare for a lessor opponent and let them put 24 points on us...if the O wouldn't have saved our asses again this would have been a L.  I'm tired of the whiffs our secondary takes when defending the pass...I can't say our D-line was much better in the first half but they at least made adjustments.  I miss the days of the Dantonio and Heacock Defenses...Ficklell/Withers is not good.  I don't know if Fickell, Withers or both are the problem but if this continues the remainder of the season someone needs to go...it is unacceptable and I know UFM will not let this continue. 

Comment 19 Oct 2013

I've tried to support Fickell/Withers but I'm done defending the defensive coaches.  The poor play by the defensive is equally placed on Fickell and Withers....at the end of the day they are in charge of the Defense...thats why they pay you two the big bucks...if Combs isn't cutting it or one of the other position coach on D then it's your responsibility to mange them and make adjustments.  None of this is happening....unless something truly magical happens one or more defensive people will be replaced by Meyer.

Comment 19 Oct 2013

We are not a NC caliber team...if we played in the sec ok...but this is the big 10 the D should be ashamed and fickel @ withers should reassess whether the are defensive coordinators 

Comment 19 Oct 2013

Meyer needs to take the reigns at D....defensive staff has done nothing...oh and by the way this Iowa...not Bama!

Comment 19 Oct 2013

Who thinks the defensive coaches aren't to blame?  This is embarrassing....Swiss cheese D....something needs to change 

Comment 04 Jun 2013

Talk about a young man that gets it.  This is what it means to be a Buckeye and obviously Tyvis understands the sacrifice it takes to be the best - not just on the field but in the classroom and in his personal life as well.  I have the utmost respect for you Tyvis.  Opening day cannot come quick enough!

Comment 03 Jun 2013

The other strange thing about his comment "....where I can play early"...Manziel has two more years at a minimum.  Miller is a junior and even if he stays his senior years it is the same time frame as A&M...now I'm not a math major but I'm pretty sure 2 in Ohio is the same as 2 in Texas....just saying.

Comment 07 May 2013
This was a tough one, Eddie has always been my favorite but I went with Joe. 1997 Rose Bowl, the drive to win and beat Jake the snake Plummer, what a game! It was favorite until 2002. At any rate Joe may have been a skinny qb but dude could take a hit and was so cool under pressure....I always think what if Cooper would have started Joe over Stanley Jackson, Joe was and is the man! Sorry Eddie I love you man but I had to root for the underdog.
Comment 21 Jan 2013

and both John/Jim Harbaugh were born in Toledo, OH....seems like a lot of HC's were born in Toledo.  I think Jerry Glanville was from Maumee...a suburb of Toledo and of course our own Urban Meyer.

Comment 21 Jan 2013

I don't know if I can even watch this game...As a Browns fans I want to see the Ravens lose, but as someone that absolutely despises Jim Harbaugh and his ridiculously large jaw I want the 49ers to lose too.  Why did Atlanta have to choke?  Blah...

Comment 14 Jan 2013

Now if only we can get Coach Vrable to come in and headbutt someone with a helmet on as the finale...This coaching staff is so bad ass!

Comment 10 Jan 2013

It's so good when once it hits your lips it's so good!  This is so damn funny I was sitting at my desk laughing my ass off while my coworkers are shooting me strange looks

Comment 08 Jan 2013

Last time a school without the SEC letters in their division won a BCS NC