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Comment 08 Jun 2016

When I heard Turner's dad say that 20 minute asinine (orI I should say assinine) statement, I could not believe it. With that kind of rationale, why even have prisons---most crimes do happen 20 minutes or less afterall. No wonder the son has turned out like this. Oh and by the way Mr. Turner, 20 minutes of crime is from a lifetime of not making your son take responsibility for his actions and I'll just bet this isn't his first or last "20 minutes of action".

Comment 19 Apr 2016

I take this as a compliment, so.....

Dear Penn State,

Thank you for revering The Ohio State, so much so, that every chance you get, you bestow your"white out" upon us; as if it has some mythical, magical fairy wand powers to secure a wiin for you!

Seriously that is just precious.