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Comment 06 Feb 2016
That's part of the problem in Cleveland Imo. Everyone supports them no matter how bad of a product they put on the field. They don't have a problem selling jerseys
Comment 27 Jan 2016

Right...People hated Mark Gastineau and a lot of people don't care for JJ Watt either.......You are either a fan of people who act like they have class or your not. My mom always told me you don't actually have to have class. You can pretend and no one will know the difference

Comment 27 Jan 2016

Actually the foreigners taught me about beer. I was always a vodka drinker. They taught me how to appreciate a good beer. Now I'm like you guys. If I'm somewhere I can try a good craft beer I will in a heartbeat. If not I'll have some Grey Goose. I married an Egyptian. When I'm over there I drink Sakara beer named after the pyramids. The Germans taught them how to make it. Good stuff. Get on that and you will never look at American beer the same lol

Comment 27 Jan 2016

I get ya but those scouts have been to the shoe and watched both our offense and defense play against NFL talent lol......I just hate to see those kids put in a spot where they can potentially lose a lot of money

Comment 27 Jan 2016
Thankfully it's just a groin injury. I don't care for these type of bowl games. They're good for the us but I don't see what they do for the kids. I don't get the reason for them. They haven't been evaluated already? And in Mobil Alabama? Have you ever been to Mobil Alabama. Is that supposed to be a reward?