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Comment 21 Apr 2015
Although it might not be fair Urban is not going to win many coach of the year awards in Columbus. I'm betting he could give a shit less. I'm considerably older than most on here and I can tell you we have ALWAYS had highly rated kids. We are expected to win and I wouldn't have it any other way. Jerry Kill done a fine job up there this year. Laugh at him if you want. He doesn't have and he can't get the same kids we get. I tip my hat to him. I've never seen him act like anything except a class individual
Comment 29 Mar 2015
He had the job after Woody till he screwed it up. Brought up some new demands the day he was supposed to sign.Tried to get it again when they hired Tress. He's kinda sorta almost part of the family.
Comment 24 Mar 2015
He's a liar and a cheat. And you will never convince me Smith wasn't in on it. He brought a lot of shame to our beloved university for no appearent reason. I hope some of you guys never are in a position to influence kids