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Born and raised in the Hall of Fame City, and now living in Nashville where it's all Alabama all the time. Played WR at D3 Ohio Wesleyan where we used to practice in the shoe to prepare for artificial surface games back in the 80's. My QB was Jeff Long, AD at Arkansas, who was head of the NCAA playoff selection committee for 2014 and 2015 seasons. So I've got that going for me, which is nice.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Midnight on Jan.1,2015 celebrating at the SuperDome after we beat Bama in the first semifinal round playoff ever
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Comment 26 Feb 2017

Absolutely. Don't forget how the offensive staff squandered Decker, Thomas, Marshall, Vannett and Elliott in 2015. (Spare me the "what do you want they were 12-1" commentary, because regardless, the offense was painful to watch for most of that season). 2016 was not going to be better. So I fully agree with your comment about the coaching playing a major role in how Barrett looked. 

Comment 26 Feb 2017

Cardale made some great plays against Wisconsin, Bama, and Oregon no doubt. But for most of the first half of the sugar bowl, it looked like it was just too much for him as we dug ourselves into a 21-6 hole. With JT, I don't think we are ever in that hole, and it was the run game that beat down Oregon. So I think we mow down that 2014 playoff gauntlet with Barrett. 

Comment 09 Feb 2017

Well if they've forgotten about the '14 sugar bowl, why would they want revenge? The Bama fans I'm around, (and Nashville is only 3+ hours from Tuscaloosa - so there are many,) have a very healthy respect for OSU resulting from that game but also by how the talent is proving out at the next level. Of course they believe they will beat anyone put before them and they aren't truly worried about any opponent - 7 consecutive #1 recruiting classes will do that. But they DO know that the one thing that has given them fits has been mobile QBs. 

Comment 04 Feb 2017

No no no Delly.  He became a fan favorite for diving for loose balls and hitting an occasional three.  But in crunch time he would drive the right side of the lane only to lose the ball out of bounds or drive the lane and miss.  Not a point guard who can handle the ball and distribute.

Comment 03 Feb 2017

many of us seem to get swept up by the 11th hour recruit signings and lament the fact that we don't sign that last big guy to put the 300 lb cherry on top. But when you look back at Seantrel Henderson, Derrick Green and even the big get we did win in Kyle Dotson, it doesn't always matter. One thing that would be interesting to analyze though is that OSU commits tend to commit early and stay committed. Bama, ttun and USC do seem to have 11th hour high star commits - but it doesn't mean something's missing at all. It just means our guys seem to make up their minds earlier. Maybe the others leave question marks that take longer for the recruits to finally answer. 

Comment 01 Feb 2017

I don't think it's a whiff at all. Think about it. you're not raised anywhere near Columbus and you have no real allegiance or connection. You just know they are good and that they place a lot of guys in the league.

Then there's LA, a mere 1.5 hour flight away (vs 4.5 to Col and a hell of a lot more $). Still an opportunity to play for championships and enter the league. Plus you're probably way more familiar with the PAC 12 then the big ten (since they play while you're just waking up on most Saturdays).

pretty natural decision to me 

Comment 29 Jan 2017

I live in Hendersonville (north side suburb of Nashville) and could hit Beech high school , home of Jalen Hurd, with a driver and a 3 wood from my house. The people around here have mostly scratched their collective heads wondering how Hurd was not a Heisman trophy winner and an academic all American. He is known to be a model citizen

Comment 28 Jan 2017

Any 18 year old could be carrying this amount of weed in his jacket right now. No big deal.  BUT - a guy who will depend on his body for a livelihood with potential for extreme wealth ought to have more sense. But I guess saying "18 yr old" and "sense" in the same paragraph is an oxymoron in itself. It's too bad because the OSU program could have taught him so much.

Comment 27 Jan 2017

Man - I have always felt that Brent was lavish in his praise and familiarity with Ohio State football.  I even felt that I would hate to be a fan of the opposing team when he was calling an Ohio State game because he sounded like a homer.  I'm very surprised by the postings here that take the opposing view.

A great example is the 2010 Rose Bowl vs Oregon, you will hear it loud and clear.  

Comment 27 Jan 2017


your comment on scheme is right on and is well illustrated in theozone.net article called "Buckeye Breakdown : Creating Separation". It was posted about a week after the playoff vs Clemson.

It shows (with film footage) two things :

1. Patterns were designed for 4 wide to run at a defender and hook (not even curl to an opening) making it easy for defenders as you astutely observed

2. Patterns created logjams where three receivers would sit in a zone covered by four or even five defenders - again, easy to cover all day. 

So if you're the QB, before the snap you know you are going to be hit or sacked, you know you're scheme is designed to fool no one, and you know that if a receiver should be open, he might meet the ball with stone hands. I ask anyone if these factors would cause a hitch in your mechanics as you are directed not to throw int's ? Hell yeah. No wonder he doesn't look like 2014 JTB.

Comment 26 Jan 2017


it's much more than losing to MSU and being bounced from playoff contention. Its QB geddon that led to Cardale between the 20's, then to JT all the time. It's changing play calling duties after 13 weeks, it's no game planning - only touch planning. Yes it culminated with an ugly loss at home to MSU, but it was not good management - and that's where I say Saban wouldn't have let that happen. 

Comment 25 Jan 2017

Mr Meek

i feel the same way every Sunday I watch Red Zone and see Buckeyes scoring and making defensive plays. At work, my boss is urging the staff to read Meyer's "Above the Line", and all I can think about is that damn book distracted the guy who assembled the talent to mismanagement of the greatest single school draft class to enter the league. I can't help thinking that 2015 is something Nick Saban would never allow. Yes, thank God for the amazing run of 2014.

Comment 23 Jan 2017

We can bring in all the facts of JTBs history  (broken OSU QB records, big ten records ) , we can relitigate the issues of the receiving core, the pattern tree, the offensive line play, the QB coaching - but let's just boil it down to the very simple quote from champion QB Cardale Jones during the Clemson game - "it ain't the QB". 

The QB is fine. He had us set up for the playoff run in 2014 and then 2015 and 2016 happened. I believe that Cardale's experience and comment tell us what we need to know.

Comment 20 Jan 2017

Once upon a time there was a football team whose QB got hurt before the season and the entire kingdom was sad.  The new young QB who replaced him lost a huge game at home to some Hokies.  The kingdom was really sad.  Then the young QB led the team to 10 wins in a row. The kingdom was happy except he broke his leg in the game against the evil skunkweasels from up north. - so the kingdom became sad again  A hero came in riding 12 gauge shotgun, and he led the team to a conference and national championship.  The kingdon was ecstatic and the king proclaimed "this wasnt even supposed to be our year - next year is our year!"   The kingdom was euphoric !!!

Comment 12 Jan 2017

I don't know how egregious his sins were behind closed doors, but I am extremely disappointed with the unceremoniousness of Ed's dismissal. I mean, it's not because we attended practices that we know what a great offensive line coach he is. It is by the tributes given him by the head man. And now, not so much as a "we wish him well, he did a great job as architect of the slobs, but we've decided to go in a different direction ? Hard to understand.

Comment 11 Jan 2017


this is the best explanation I've heard for the Warriner separation. Personally I've regarded him above all other coaches since he was the architect of Meyer's  oline driven team concept. Winning the national championship under that philosophy only endeared me to him more.

But your explanation is very insightful and helps me a ton. Yes, Warriner was given a two year lease and performed so well he got the keys to a very expensive sports car. The car sputtered at times and now someone else gets a turn. Returning to the oline would be regarded as a failure all the way around.

the part that remains a mystery to me is, how the CEO didn't see this trend unfolding, and why he didn't step in to help.