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Born and raised in the Hall of Fame City, and now living in Nashville where it's all Alabama all the time. Played WR at D3 Ohio Wesleyan where we used to practice in the shoe to prepare for artificial surface games back in the 80's. My QB was Jeff Long, AD at Arkansas, who was head of the NCAA playoff selection committee for 2014 and 2015 seasons. So I've got that going for me, which is nice.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Midnight on Jan.1,2015 celebrating at the SuperDome after we beat Bama in the first semifinal round playoff ever
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Dane Sanzenbacher
  • NFL TEAM: Whoever I draft on my fantasy team

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Comment 02 May 2016

I know that I'm the line voice crying in the wilderness, but I saw too many games where Jalin Marshal ignited the OSU offense with deep crossing patterns or a dynamic punt return. I remain perplexed by his Undrafted status and by the overwhelming majority of readers who predicted it.

There were MAC WRs selected , but not Jalin. I seriously don't get it. (I also don't get how Aaron Burbridge of MSU lasted until the 6th round)

Comment 30 Apr 2016

What he's saying is what we've all been saying. Great job recruiting, Great job developing. Great job strategizing in 2014. Shitty job managing in 2015. It wasn't one bad game,  it was a bad season except for three games where they didn't underachieve.

And since it's a record in the first three rounds, he's also saying this assemblage of talent doesn't happen often either,and it was a huge opportunity blown. 

Comment 28 Apr 2016

Charley Casserly on NFL.com has Zeke going 8th to the Browns. That would be disastrous for him. No line and no receivers, it would be Zeke, RG3 and Duke Johnson struggling for 1st downs on their way to 13 point days every damn week.  I really want to see Zeke go to an NFL team.

On the plus side, they also report that the Browns are trying to trade the pick down to Chicago or Miami. Please God let that happen so that the Curse (Browns) don't draft a Buckeye. (Btw, I am a Browns fan)

Comment 16 Apr 2016

I went last year and it was about 80 degrees and sunny. Leading up to the game it felt EXACTLY like an early September game including tailgating and a huge crowd. Although it's pretty anticlimactic once play begins , you just know that there is a positive influence on recruits to see he largest crowd in the nation attend a spring game every year.

I'm proud to be part of this - but it does hurt not to be in COL this Saturday and every Saturday from September to November.

Comment 03 Apr 2016

You're right - I should have kept my mouth shut now that I've seen the video. I was waiting for the onslaught of judgment since I saw the ticker of Amy Wombach and Troy Smith both being sites last night (separately) - and I just reacted without having the facts. My bad - you are right

Comment 03 Apr 2016

Whoops - should have watched the video first. He had more than a glass and a half if wine with his girlfriend as I alluded to before. 

As soon as I saw the ticker about Amy Wombach and then Troy both being sited, I envisioned all the judges coming out. But boy, this video is pretty incriminating. Sorry to see this 

Comment 03 Apr 2016

Amazing - the high horse so many of you have mounted. I suppose none of you, in the past month , have had dinner out with your wives and had a glass and a half of wine, then driven your wife home or to a show.

I'm not defending the weed, the videos, the proximity to his house comment etc.  - just tired of hearing people tsk tsk tsk over something so many of them also have done.

Comment 03 Apr 2016


in 2014 OSU had the best team in the nation. But because of the weakness of the Big Ten schedule (Rutgers, Maryland, Illinois, Indiana, Penn State, Michigan, Minnesota), we had to sit at the edge of our seats praying to get the 4th seed. The ONLY reasons we overcame the VT loss to get in , were a great win over a solid MSU team, and a demolition of a 1 trick pony Wisconsin team in a conference championship game. 

In contrast, look at last year. There wasn't enough juice in the schedule to overcome the MSU loss. So it's not that we bat shit crazy fans want UM to be good, it's that we want the conference to have enough strong teams that the schedule will allow us to get in - even with a loss.