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Comment 07 Jul 2014
What exactly is everything though?
Comment 20 Jun 2014
D.McNeal looks REALLY good catching and running, but I didn't see any blocking.
Comment 18 Dec 2013
My question is he wouldn't even be getting this great coaching, because the NFL doesn't have time for the back-up let alone a 3rd string QB. Most of the practice snaps will go 2 the starter then the little that's left over the back up. So why does everyone think he'll be getting this great coaching?
Comment 28 Jul 2013
Now ain't no gray box like an unexpected gray box! Welcome aboard Biiiig Meechy!
Comment 17 Jun 2013
This guy will be a S I think he is already huge, and will only get bigger. Reminds me of Sean Taylor in that #26. This guy is going to be really good!
Comment 16 Jun 2013
Seems like they think Collier may be that diamond in the rough.
Comment 04 May 2013
So now any time we lose out on a player, and he goes else where that means he is getting paid? We will continue to lose out, on big-time players because thats what we're after now, we're going to sign some, and lose some. We are running a marathon not a sprint. We've finished VERY strong the last two cycles, and that will continue this year, and every year Urban M. is our coach. We have a stupid amount of quality recruiters on our staff then you have the big dawg himself.
Comment 25 Apr 2013

After watching his tape, I too like Chase W a bunch, and I watched that chase down play over and over, and over again. I love that never quit mentality.

Comment 05 Jan 2013

Smith looks to be the best LB out there. I think Lewis > Neal

T.Johnson, and M.Mitchell > A.Anzalone

Comment 25 Dec 2012
This is GREAT news definitely, but what happen to making kids wait until after NSD? Isn't the accepting of this commit a slap in the face to T.Snodgrass, and L.Johnson, the kids that have already tried/wanted to commit, but were told to wait? Not to mention I thought the Glenville kids waited a while I'm happy, but confused as well.
Comment 24 Sep 2012

Right now my concerns about this team are completely centered around the defense. It seems to score points all the offense has to do is go "no-huddle", and let B.Miller be B.Miller he starts running and throwing like nobody's business. Seems the offense only stalls out when they slow it down. The defense is simply not what I was expecting it to be. The scheme is vanilla, we miss a ton of tackles, they aren't flying around, or to the ball, and they play too damn soft on the corners.

Comment 13 Sep 2012

Hasn't it been said that R.Smith has made the "Freak Show" team, aka the Punt Block team? Could that be a sign the light is possibly starting to "come on" for R.Smith. Its been said that U.Meyer calls those guys "his guys" so you have to be seen in high regard to be on that unit. I really don't care who totes the rock, just don't want it being B.Miller 27 times, I don't even want him running the ball 15 times, I much rather it be about 8-10.


Comment 13 Sep 2012

This is the make, or break game for R.Smith. I say if he doesn't show anything Saturday, he is pretty much done. I really hope he pulls it together though.


Comment 10 Sep 2012

TP was a GREAT football player, of course he had his flaws, but he was good, no VERY GOOD none the less. He was handcuffed to an offense that wasn't tailor made to his strengths, yet some how he won, and won alot. TP's biggest issue was probably his lack of humbleness, and the fact he didn't always say the right things. Where Brax is the complete opposite, so people that don't like OSU will still root for the guy.