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Comment 20 Aug 2013

Some of the same guys made this vid not to long ago.....



Comment 05 Aug 2013

Silly NCAA, did you happen to forget that Texas A&M is now in the SEC which automatically makes them able to do what ever they want with no punishment. 

Comment 05 Aug 2013

While he may not pack the punch Hyde does, Hyde could provide some versatility for Meyer as he plans for life without El Guapo.

If I'm not mistaken the shouldn't it read something like

While he may not pack the punch Hyde does, 'Hall' could provide some versatility for Meyer as he plans for life without El Guapo.

Comment 12 Jul 2013

I'm just going with the hope neither Braxton Miller or Corey Brown get injured.  They are both key players to the teams success. We almost need Corey Brown as much as Braxton because of our relatively inexperienced receiver corps unless a few others step up huge this year (which I'm still hoping for regardless). 

Comment 20 Jun 2013

Dude, my bad. Sorry for assuming with such a highly touted incoming freshman such as himself that it would be a given that he would deserve some playing time to see what he is made of.  Isn't that what the whole first half of the schedule is basically set up for? 

Comment 20 Jun 2013

And we have two young guys in Bri’onte Dunn and Warren Ball who deserve to see the field a little bit.


No mention of EZE?? Is Herman trying to tell us something here or just forgot him??


Comment 05 Jun 2013

But rest assured, Gee is going nowhere. He is far too valuable.

Unfortunately this is no longer true.  Buckeye Nation will sure miss Gee and his humor, even if some people don't know how to take a joke these days.


Comment 05 Jun 2013

It is truly sad when someone who was obviously joking is subjected to this.  Like Gee said, "I have no regrets for about having a sense of humor and enjoying life and having a thick skin." I wish Gee all the best in his future endeavors and hope he NEVER changes.  Once a Buckeye Always a Buckeye. 

Comment 29 May 2013

I am really looking forward to seeing EzE on the field this season.  Hopefully Urbz gets him some touches early in the season before the heart of the B1G schedule.


Comment 23 May 2013

You bring up bad memories of my school with the old game fixing scandal but then with the great news of alcohol at the games next year makes it all worth it.  The sad part is Toledo needs to sell alcohol at the stadium just so students will actually show up to the game.

Comment 15 May 2013

I just hope what his previous coaches said about him doesn't prove to be right.  I would hate to see someone with his talents go to waste.


Comment 20 Dec 2012

Exactly, becasue they are not OSU, and they won't talk about anyone else violating NCAA rules other then OSU and if they do talk about another schools violations it will be once and then done.

Comment 18 Dec 2012

I think Hale will be good to put in at the begging of the season since he does have some college game experience while they integrate the freshman into their roles