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Comment 18 Dec 2014
Still do, just bought one last week. I enjoy all beer, except ipa, not a hipster. When watching the buckeyes, I drink Busch light because it always brought great results while in college. Sort of superstitious. But I also have many other beers in the fridge.
Comment 18 Dec 2014
If I had that skill set, I would replace everyone but Sherman with urban and the team. Call it a pregame pep talk.
Comment 18 Dec 2014
I thought the exact same thing. Hell, they could get Saban for $8M a year. He's a proven quantity in college, loud mouth harbaugh never won a nc while at Stanford. Not sure he won the 12 pack more than once.
Comment 18 Dec 2014
Faux pelini couldn't have said it better than Bo. Wonder if Jim knew of this video prior to making him the penguin boss.
Comment 08 Dec 2014
I need to see that level of defense for more than one game to say they are back, but man I sure hope so. That game was beautiful.
Comment 07 Dec 2014
Or apply for a waiver. Not sure of that process or the likelihood of success, but I'm guessing autonomy will make it fairly painless.
Comment 07 Dec 2014
And actually live up to the "one true champion" tag line that has made them the joke of college football this weekend.
Comment 02 Dec 2014
All they need to do is drag the hearing out for a couple of days and then the panel ruling on the case will be on break and not able to issue a finding until after the playoff. I don't think they have any plans of hearing a verdict that will in any way impact his eligibility in this, his final season as a criminole.
Comment 01 Dec 2014
They need to think about this another way. How can the exposure gained from athletics drive donations to further the academic mission of the university? This is something Dr Gee and Dr Kirwan both embraced at Ohio State and look what it has done for the product on the field/court and in the academic reputation of our great university. Gone are the days where Michigan can look down their collective nose at the academics of Ohio State, we are now their equal. And, we kick their ass in sports to boot.
Comment 01 Dec 2014

Yes, but not sure how much of an accomplishment that is.