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Comment 19 Jun 2015
He whispers cat. Big difference, almost like feline mind control going on in Marion.
Comment 24 Apr 2015
Best thing about next year's basketball bucks is that they may all actually give a damn. That will be a welcome change.
Comment 23 Apr 2015

Definitely not a normal occurrence.  Maybe once every couple of years.

Comment 23 Apr 2015

I have been having speed issues with U-Verse, I am always disappointed when I run speed test.  Usually around 10-13 up and 1 down in the evenings.  18 up, 5 down during the day.

Comment 20 Apr 2015
does this mean we are done with the Christmas bulb helmets? I sure hope so.
Comment 20 Apr 2015
Honestly, they were probably just trying to clear out inventory. A limit per person only slows this down. It was not meant to be a fan experience, just a yard sale of sorts. If I run a yard sale and the first person to stop buys everything, I've had a great day.
Comment 20 Apr 2015

I has been at least a few hours since I have seen a "ESPN is evil and loves the SEC' thread as well.

Comment 14 Apr 2015

Add Hoover and Diaz to that list.

Was surprised to see LeCure starting the season in Louisville.

Comment 14 Apr 2015

They have Chapman, and a bunch of JJ Hoovers.  Which is to say, they have Chapman and nothing else.

Comment 08 Apr 2015
I agree that most big ten fans are pretty cool, with the exception of Penn state. A trip to happy valley in 2001 and the treatment we received there along with the Joe bots have pretty much cemented my thoughts that all Penn state fans are useless.
Comment 08 Apr 2015
I couldn't bring myself to root for either team. See duke explanation above in the article. Couldn't have said it better myself. As far as badger, they were the nemesis to the bucks during my entire college experience (2001-2006) . Starting with a come from behind victory in the shoe my freshman year, through Lee Evans toasting Chris gamble in Madison, with unwatchable basketball from Bo mixed in.