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Comment 16 Jul 2014

I grew up in Kenton and watching them pretty much dominate the WBL since 2000.  They haven't had many kids there make it to big schools with scholarships until recently.  I think it's great that he's going to UK.  Maty Mauk went to Missouri 2 years ago, Noah Furbush joining *ichigan this year.  Granted I'd rather see them in the Scarlet & Gray it's just not meant to be I guess.  It should be no knock on them for choosing another school over OSU though.  I can only hope Kenton can continue to build without Mike Mauk the head coach.

Comment 09 Jul 2014

I'd UV this but apparently I'm getting the same message.....

Comment 08 Jul 2014

Oh heavens, I hope not. That would indicate he stands less of a chance at being good if that were to happen, being that these are exact sciences and all.

There fixed it for you. 

Comment 02 Jul 2014

I logged in just to UV you.  I seriously wanted to do this but knew it would not go over well with the boss.  So I tried to keep up with the twitter feed. 

Comment 28 Jun 2014

I consider myself lucky.  My wife originally scheduled our wedding for 9/11/1999 which was the day of the BIG game with UCLA.  After careful coaching from MY family of tOSU Alumni, she was ok with moving it up 2 weeks earlier.  This year, we leave on our 15th Anniversary for Baltimore to watch the Bucks take on Navy!!  I can honestly say she is hooked on College football Saturdays as well.

Comment 20 Jun 2014
I don't know, I'm kinda partial to surprises these days.


Comment 06 Mar 2014

Quick release, great timing with receivers, good footwork, hits receivers in-stride, and good pocket presence.  Can I just say I want this dude on our team?!?!

Comment 06 Mar 2014

Since Gottlieb mentioned Kenny Rogers I'm going to just say that Brett Farve has found "the secret to survival".

Comment 03 Mar 2014

My first thought that came to mind.  Could it be he just might Greg Odenitis?  

Comment 03 Mar 2014

Got my tickets and hotel all booked now.  Heck I think my wife and I may even catch the Orioles game that day as well.  Time shows TBA still, so wondering if they are waiting on a confirmed 12PM kick on this game? Either way I'm so pumped!  My wife and I will be celebrating our 15th wedding Anniversary that weekend.  Lots to see and do in that area around the stadiums.

Comment 18 Feb 2014

Did this trip 4 years ago.  Our company was one of the small sponsors for it.  I really enjoyed this trip and if it weren't for it getting more and more expensive each year I'd probably go again.  I prefer to take a road trip with the team now.  This year is Baltimore for their tilt with Navy.  Anyone that's going have fun and drink lots and lots of beverages. ;-)