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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being in attendance of Kenny G rallying the troops for the comeback victory in The Shoe on 10/20/2012 against Purdue. One of the single most memorable moments I've had, mostly because I was in attendance. :-)
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Comment 21 Nov 2014

Most have been full since August, my wife has us about 8 miles from the stadium for $47 a night.  Sorry I don't know where at right now, but I do believe it is on the east side by the outerbelt there.

Comment 20 Nov 2014

I think they are both great coaches.  UF has had great LBs in the past as well.  I think Fickell is coming around and I think it has more to do with the type of players they are bringing in than it does his coaching.  If you brought Durkin in, I think he's about the same as Fickell in this, but then you could add the comfort of coaching around someone that he's been around before and knows the system.  So to me, I'd stay with Fickell only because the players here are accustomed to him.  Durkin IMO, would be no step backwards but would be more lateral than anything.

Comment 19 Nov 2014

But the blacks would be tits. So intimidating for such an enigmatic game. I would not be opposed.

Nice!!  I have to see these!!

Comment 19 Nov 2014

I seem to think Erick Smith will fill that void before Baker would.  

Comment 19 Nov 2014

Like Urban, I trust in Matta!  Your post comes across strange to me, did you tweet at Jalin this weekend too?

Comment 19 Nov 2014

Me being a former truck driver and factory worker.  My 11 year old has given me some good chuckles and given my wife the blushes a few times.  You can guarantee they will definitely make life more enjoyable and frustrating at times, but the "kids saying the darndest things" is always the best!

Comment 19 Nov 2014

Best part about it, is this guy is a ACC reporter and not a B1G reporter.  Say what you want, but his points are valid.

Comment 19 Nov 2014

I don't try things like that.  The friends have since moved on too.  But I do have to admit though, I don't really look good in the jersey anyway since I've lost 40 lbs since getting it.  Looks like something straight out of the movie BIG..... Probably best I just part ways with it now since I have a legit reason.

Comment 19 Nov 2014

Well, that's a good question.  I gave it another go, because I thought it might be my shoes.  I had just bought some new shoes that were red Nike running shoes and I was wearing them during the MSU B1GCG game.  The jersey is an awesome jersey too and I had a hard time with not wearing it again after just one try.  Then I wore it to the Navy game (with new Nike shoes) and wala!  We won!  I thought I had my stuff figured out.  Then I wore the very same stuff when I went out with friends for the VT game.....

I don't watch games with those friends anymore, I've not wore the jersey since then.  I even threw the under shirt I had on away as well.  

I played baseball so it runs rampant with me.  My parents hate watching games with me because of it.  My wife believes in it now after the MSU game this year.  We've not changed anything from that moment the flag for holding called the TD back on MSU.

Comment 19 Nov 2014

I got this jersey for xmas last year

I wore it for the Clemson game at home, the Navy game in Baltimore, and the VT game at a restaurant.  Needless to say it hangs in my closet to never be seen again.  I may put it on Ebay just to get it out of the house hear real soon....

Comment 19 Nov 2014

1. Mike Tyson PunchOut

2. NCAA football

3. Grand Theft Auto

4. Battlefield 3

5. Gran Turismo

Comment 18 Nov 2014

You need a hair cut.  Just sayin.....