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Comment 14 Feb 2014

Flipboard or another RSS reader on your mobile device is also not a terrible option.

Comment 07 Feb 2014

For those of you that hate Luke, remember he's been on this staff a LONG LONG time and we've had some outstanding defenses with him coaching.  He knows what it takes to be successful, and hopefully has learned some lessons about life these last few years.  The talent is there, there's new blood in the coaches meetings.  I'm surprisingly optimistic that we will have a soul crushing defense next year.

Comment 27 Jan 2014





Comment 19 Feb 2013

End game B1G predictions.

1: 20 teams - 4 divisions

Atlantic - Maryland, Rutgers, Boston College, Georgia Tech, North Carolina

North - Minnesota, Michigan State, Michigan, Purdue, Northwestern

Midwest - Ohio State, Penn State, Virginia, Indiana, Notre Dame

Great Plains - Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas

2: The B1G adopts a 10 conference game schedule with each division playing all other members, and 2 members of each other division on a home/away basis.

3: No longer will conference champions be determined by a simple extra game for best record from division leaders.  Enter the B1G Championship Tournament.  Each division leader enters into a 4 team playoff giving the B1G an added advantage of being accustomed to the playoff format and extending the season into Mid-December.

4: A Bronze statue of Jim Delany will be placed at the main entrance to all B1G member stadiums.

Comment 17 Apr 2012

Ok . . . trust the coaches on this one, and encourage the announcers for the game.


<insert opposing quarterback name> with sprinkles on top!

Comment 09 Feb 2012

I'm starting to think he should contact Urban about being added to the recruting staff.

Comment 08 Feb 2012

Brutus flying over the oval is great.  I'm not sure where to put the rest of it.

Comment 28 Dec 2011

2 more just took a medical hardship (meaning they're pretty much done and their scholarships are freed up) Graham is transferring, so there's 3 . . . + the 1 or 2 more left = 5.  And then there's Berry who's in some kind of legal trouble for assault?  6

Comment 19 Dec 2011

Just sayin . . . this D Line class is going to embarass him for years. 

Comment 18 Nov 2011

I'm waiting for ESPN to do the story on Meyer coming to OSU and going with the "not so fast" tag line.

Comment 08 Sep 2011

So when we get to 4 32 team conferences will the conference re-alignment be done?

Comment 31 Aug 2011

Love it, no longer have to worry about a paid subscription to rivals!  People here need to find that button on the right that says Donate!  I wouldn't be offended if you guys made that part of the footer to every post.

Comment 31 Aug 2011

you can be a leader on the team without formally being a captain.  weekly captain rotation fosters another level of competition amongst players to be that weeks captain.

Comment 23 Aug 2011

Every Day I'm Trufflin!

Comment 23 Aug 2011

Just hope Vrabel and Fick don't cross their beams when taking Hoke down!

Comment 22 Aug 2011


^--- original photoshop job.  you saw it here first

Comment 21 Aug 2011

Really everything boils down to 3 games for me.


97 Rose Bowl

2002 Championship

2006 Michigan Game


and on the flip side - the 3 most heartbreaking losses

96 Michigan Game

2006 Championship

2010 Wisconsin Game