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Comment 16 Nov 2015

The NFL allowed the players to honor Paris with no fines yesterday - if that can happen, anything is possible.  

Would be cool to see this happen somehow.

Comment 11 Nov 2015

2 words that should never be in the same sentence together - can't even imagine.

Comment 09 Nov 2015

I think Giddens will be.  The fanbase has been craving some aggressive play down low, and with the Amir Williams years behind us now, Giddens has a chance to provide some of that spark Buckeye basketball was missing in the post.

Comment 09 Nov 2015

I think Ohio State has done a great job of scheduling more difficult match ups in the coming years.  Like you said, and has been referenced above, it's impossible to tell who is going to be relevant 5, 6, 7 years down the road.  

Va Tech was great when OSU scheduled them, but obviously they've had some rough years.  

Florida and Texas are great examples of historically great programs who have suffered some down years (Although Florida appears to be righting the ship).  You never know what could happen to any program.  I think the intent is there for OSU to have a great slate of games in the coming years...we just have to wait and see if it holds true.

Comment 04 Nov 2015

You could also ask Fetty Wap - he's all about that fast money, no slow bucks.

Comment 02 Nov 2015

I know - it's a little long.  I get tired of yelling that out the back door every time I need the dog to come in.  

I'll have to think of a nickname or something.

Comment 02 Nov 2015

Nelly was awesome - his CD's are pretty much the soundtrack to my high school and early college years. 

I think it was, and still is, an unhealthy obsession.

I had this poster hanging next to my desk in college:

I wore band aids and headbands for no damn reason.

And my dog is named after him.  

Long live Nelly and the Lunatics - E.I.

Comment 23 Oct 2015

I think maybe some in the media are overlooking it due to the events from last weekend - Black Saturday, lots of recruiting talk, and of course michigan's latest fail.

However, I don't think Urban and company have overlooked it one bit.  I think they'll show up in New York Piscataway looking like a well oiled machine.

Comment 22 Oct 2015

This was well before my time, so I'd never seen it...but thanks for sharing - that was great.  Now I'm on a spree of watching old roasts on YouTube.  

Thanks Air, didn't feel like working today anyways!

Comment 21 Oct 2015

I was in the pool!

EDIT: Someone else beat me to it.  +1 to you sir.