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Comment 26 Jul 2016

I hate the offseason so much. 

Who cares if he apologizes or not?  Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I found the reporter's pressing questions childish.  Harbaugh is going to be Harbaugh - did he really expect him to apologize in this context?

I can't stand Harbaugh any more than than the rest of Buckeye nation, but this is just who he is.  Just move past it and let's get to football.

Comment 22 Jul 2016

It's amazing what a Bloody Mary does for a hangover.  They're great.  But then this always pops in my head....

Comment 20 Jul 2016

With JT leading the way, I think they absolutely have a chance.  Having him back there leading this young offense is huge.

As many have said above, OSU always has the talent - that's never the issue.  The question this year is can that talent be developed to see results on the field.

Urban has proven over his years here that he recruits incredible talent, and that he and the coaching staff continue to develop them to their full potential - assuming the players buy in.

I fully expect them to be contending for a playoff spot.

Comment 04 Apr 2016

As others have stated above - it's going to come down to the valuation you have on your policy, basically Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost.  Actual Cash Value takes depreciation into account, which may be where your difference is coming up.

You're going to have to look in your policy to find the valuation you're getting, and the definition of it - it can vary from insurer to insurer.

Side note - it's worth the extra bit of premium to go through an independent agent.  They'll have various companies they can work through and will be able to find the best coverage for your needs and explain it thoroughly.  

Comment 17 Feb 2016

Yea, I need to eat some crow here.  I'd made some comments about Thompson earlier in the season, and he has been playing really well as of late.  Excited to see it continue.