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Comment 03 Apr 2017

not anymore. bubba watson has won the thing twice. if you're long enough to have wedges and short irons in your hand, you can win it as an average putter. rory's not exactly rolling it great either.

DJ, spieth, rory

Comment 18 Jan 2017

campbell didn't predominantly play WR in high school. run TMC wasn't a highly coveted recruit, and james clark had a catastrophic injury of his own. i've also grown skeptical of smith's coaching ability, but let's see what he does with an offense that doesn't run four receivers into the same quadrant of the field constantly and with highly talented guys like mack, victor, hill, grimes, etc. if the talented WRs we now have struggle in wilson's system, we'll know for sure where the problem lies.

Comment 02 Jan 2017

i know the rumor is beck to texas, but what's the scuttlebutt on warrinner? is he gone, or is there a chance he'd go back to coaching the OL? the development there hasn't exactly been ideal either over the past year, and it was obviously fantastic under him when he was just concentrating on OL

Comment 21 Dec 2016

i wouldn't go about it the way hartline is, and i'd like to think i could forgive and forget, but i can understand his anger. let's make a list:

-TP upstaged hartline's long-time quarterback and friend (it obviously needed to happen, not debating that point).

-TP, along with a couple of other idiots, put the beloved (by me too) jim tressel's job in jeopardy (tress walked over the edge himself, not debating that point). it's not a secret that hartline adores his former coach.

-TP is now the star WR on the team that dumped hartline in the not-so-distant past.

not justifying it, but it's not surprising that hartline is not a fan.

Comment 12 Dec 2016

but what has to be going through his head? this was their year to beat OSU. this is the thinnest we'll be at o-line, d-line, and receiver for the foreseeable future. their impact players were all seniors and/or guys who will be declaring. assume he loses next year at home again and goes to 0-3 vs meyer. looking at it that way, when will the UM fans grow sick of his act? if he's thinking logically, is it so insane to assume he'd at least consider it?