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Comment 7 hours ago

that's a very good point. i didnt realize how dominant their D was against the lesser teams on that schedule (ole miss is a good team, but a bad offense).

the 58 to baylor and the 30 to kansas sure stick out in the memory though don't they?

Comment 8 hours ago

TCU's defense is awful. minny's offense is awful. wash.

TCU's offense is fantastic, minny's defense is decent. advantage TCU

if TCU is out of sync, there is a chance. if both teams play to their potential, it's not close.

Comment 8 hours ago

twitter is glorious right now, an example:

Comment 27 Aug 2015

look at oklahoma's history when they start the season ranked low versus when they start it ranked high - much better when they have no expectations. they are still the most talented team in the big12, and everyone is sleeping on them. i think they surprise everyone and win the conference this year as well.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

i really havent looked at the overall schedule too much in depth this year until last weekend. if we lose 1 game and still win the B1G, i 100% guarantee we will be in. pac12, acc, and sec champ will most likely all have 2 losses this year. said another way, as of the beginning of the season, we have two must-win games on the schedule - MSU and the B1G championship. unless we lose to someone truly awful, there is room for error in the rest of the games. i realize this isn't the goal, but it's really weird having wiggle room in college football - an interesting (not sure if good or bad) byproduct of the playoff.

Comment 24 Aug 2015

as much as i want smith on the field, ive also always been partial to having a corner at nickel instead of a safety. when vonn goes pro after this season, smith will get his chance at the big time.

Comment 24 Aug 2015

as a reds and dbacks fan, i'll tell you that bryan price rode the coattails of some studs on that dbacks staff (brandon webb, dan haren. etc) in the mid 2000's - as has been shown the past two years, he is not a major league manager. there are guys out there for the bengals that would far outperform the dumpster fire that's in the reds dugout right now.

Comment 21 Aug 2015

larger-gauge shotgun ammunition.

also, staff posts that stay to the right of the front page instead of running through the top and center like normal articles.

Comment 21 Aug 2015


Comment 21 Aug 2015

i still think it hinges on the running game. if cardale can figure out the qb read in addition to that speed option pictured above, watch out. until then, i still think JT gets it because he can use 100% of the playbook.