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Comment 16 Jun 2013


Really? You completely invalidated your "opinion" went you said tOSU schedules notoriously weak schedules. If you are such a fan of the team you know we attempt to schedule one strong nonconference game a year. Trouble is you have no control how good a team will be 5 to 7 years from now. 

Now for what Gee said. I don't care how you try and spin it Gee is no Paterno. Comparing a couple idiotic statements to what happened at PSU is ridiculous at best and willfully ignorant at it's worst. You are the worst kind of fan. The kind that loves the outcome on the field, but has no connection or attempt at a connection with the university you claim to support. Stay at least 800 miles away and root for a different team who has a university president that will always have the right politically correct thing to say. Buckeye Nation doesn't need you.

Comment 10 Jul 2011
I love the move. They may be best friends, but Coach Fickell has accurately diagnosed what what OSU needs to start moving forward, a big splash hire that no one in the AD's office could question. Great job and GO BUCKS!
Comment 10 Jul 2011
I'm rooting for Sabino just because the kid has paid his dues. Klein will have the opportunity in the SAM spot this year so when we 3 LB's on the field we can see them both.
Comment 09 Jul 2011
This is true, but if we are on probation and a new NOA is sent the violations that would be made this time will be as a repeat offender, LOIC, or Failure to Monitor. Penalities would be much harsher since OSU is already on probation and one of those charges will be upheld = USC type of sanctions.
Comment 09 Jul 2011
Your second point is an inaccurate representation of the facts. The NCAA notified OSU they could be considered a repeat offender, but they didn't not officially charge OSU with that violation/status. OSU was simply answering the inquiry as to why this possible charge should not even be considered by the infractions committe. Violations were committed in the past, but OSU corrretly points out how different the violations are in scope, length of time, and in nature. All of which typically places the school firmly away from being considered a repaet offender. In terms of your conclusions you have let OSU's poor handling of this situation from a PR stand point influence your conclusions about what the final sanctions will be. I fully expect the self-imposed sanctions to be enough with the exception of adding 1 to 3 additional years of probation to the 2 we have given ourseleves. What almost everyone is missing out on is the probation piece here. OSU is giving the NCAA an easy out to hammer them if any of these additional alligations prove to be true because those violations would be given penalities based on probation not a clean record. If OSU finds any of the other alligations to be true then the LOIC, Repeat Offender, or Failure to Monitor will be used and then the USC type sanctions will come. OSU must be fairly confident that everything else is clean to be taking this approach otherwise they would have asked for an extension and requested all violations/alligations be placed on an updated NOA.
Comment 26 Jun 2011

Sorry NW Buckeye Smith doesn't get a pass in my book. In fact, I hold him more accountable for what has happened with the media than JT. I agree JT committed NCAA violations and the surrounding media sh*tsstorm cost him his job and not the actual violations (ie McCarthyism). However, starting with the press conference in March Smith has been either incompetent or worse negligent in how he handled this. This gave the media an opportunity to say whatever they wanted. For that reason firing Smith isn't McCarthyism it's holding him accountable for being bad at an important part of his job.

Comment 01 May 2011
I was thinking along those same lines, but for different reasons. A coach can be caught "playing ineligible players" even they have not been officially ruled ineligible by NCAA if the coach knows with reasonable certainty they have committed violations which would impact their status with NCAA. Now in our situation this is little bit different in the fact that JT was provided some info about players selling stuff/free tat, but the issue for me is how creditble was this "evidence" at the time and the ongoing FBI investigation. So even if JT would have reported the email the players would have lied just like they did in December and the investigation would have drug on until the FBI was done. To me saying he knowingly played ineligibile players isn't nearly as cut and dry as it initially appears.
Comment 18 Mar 2011
Brutus, Like Bucks I have not heard any hint about the information you have from a "source". However, what I don't get is the names from the attorney were TJ Downing & Ray Small. This is not speculation on my part, but fact based on a freedom of information act request by ESPN for OTL that aired last week. What obligation does a coach have if they are former players? While I will not defend JT because whether they were former players or not he had an obligation to notify the university. So for that he was wrong and should be punished. 5 games in my view for all of them is excessive, but make no mistake this was a PR move the tOSU and JT all along. I think JT offered a longer suspension to match the length of the players which the school agreed too, but waited until the appeal for players to be completed. This allowed JT to start rebuiling his image by "volunteering" to give up an additional 3 games. Plain and simple this is a classic PR move not an indication of more bad things to come.
Comment 08 Mar 2011

Let me get this straight JT didn’t report this information to the athletic department because of the confidential nature of the FBI investigation and the safety of his players. This is the same athletic department who has a leak which lead to how Yahoo “broke” the story. One has to wonder if JT took the lesser of two evils withholding information knowing it was wrong and not give it the athletic department who obviously has a leak. Maybe JT knows something we don’t?