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Comment 17 Feb 2014

Competition for this 'role' should be outstanding next year - hope we get a gamebreaker out of that mix.  Think Dontre is close...he always seemed half a step away from breaking one last year.    Hopefully a year in Mickey's torture chamber will get him that half step...if so, he will blow up next year.   

Comment 17 Feb 2014
You pulled the big nut post...really ? Once it's out there it's out there...there is no undo button. Stand behind what you post or take responsibility at least...it's an integrity issue...even if u are wrong...or right!
Comment 16 Feb 2014

That must be it....someone has a different view or opinion or just doesn't buy everything shoveled there way like some tool...and obviously they have never been to the site before.  Heck this is my first time on the internet - kind of cool.  

Comment 16 Feb 2014

Any chance he simply got the ticket through ordinary channels and not something special?  He posted this on facebook (below).  I don't know all the facts - but I was at the game and saw him in line at about 3 as I walked to varsity club (he's hard to miss).

I know I don't have to defend myself, but I will!! I stood in line outside from 11:30 am until the doors opened at 4:15 pm. This was the ticket that I bought for last Saturday's game, and this was my seat!! I have sit in this section many times before, and have always had a ticket for the seat, that I have sat in!! Thank You for your Support!!! GO BUCKS and GOD BLESS!! The BIG NUT



Comment 16 Feb 2014

This is the kind of stuff I would expect to see from a second-tier blog or 'hack site' - not 11W.   No idea why we needed to attack this man personally who is basically a good guy and does some good with fund-raising etc.

I understand the comments on the headgear stuff - that is legit.   But personally attacking - and doing things like displaying texts he sent in private are all low-blows.  

BTW - what the hell is wrong with self-promotion?   I'm guessing 11W may have done some of that along the way.   Most disappointing post I've seen on this blog in the years I've been reading...hoping it's a moment of bad decision and not a a trend