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Comment 26 Apr 2016

the quarterback always gets the credit, so when did this change come about. You gotta love scouts and GM's. 

Comment 25 Apr 2016

+1 for adapting to your new surroundings after an unpleasant incident.

Comment 25 Apr 2016

I agree. We need to give it a rest. I seems they figured things out at the end of the season. If things don't turn around by the end of the season I am sure UFM will make the right decision. To all of you that did no wrong during your first year at a new job, Congrats.

Comment 15 Apr 2016

It may not be forcing him out, but telling a kid to put his life on hold to wait until you are ready for them is still not good.

So you are not okay with a kid taking a redshirt year. Please don't use there is a big difference because the only difference is that a redshirt can practice with the team. Once we realize this is a big boys game and our coaches might not do things that we like in the end they are supposed to do what is right for the school and kids. He is being upfront with the player and his family and it is their decision now. Coaches get paid big money to win games and to keep their jobs they have to put the best players on the field that give them that chance. Look at Bo Pelini he was 66-27 at Nebraska and gets fired because he did not win enough. 

Comment 14 Apr 2016

did anyone catch the last sentence of the article in the DFP?

Johnson's mother is U-M cheerleading coach Pam St. John.

Do all the players parents work for that school?

Comment 13 Apr 2016

It's the fact that Freeze is making this about coaches and that they don't have the time for it. Well if you don't have the time then don't do it. Just because he wants to sleep in his own bed doesn't mean you make a rule to punish others along the way. This just goes to show how much power the SEC has over the NCAA and that is what needs to be eliminated and looked into. The NCAA is turning into FIFA and I would not be surprised at all if Emmert is another Sepp Blatter

Comment 11 Apr 2016

Cardale simply needs to shut up. 

No he doesn't. He has the right to voice his opinion I believe like you just did. It is called Free Speech.  

 Just like the team rules and contract signing rules he will encounter by whoever drafts him.

Nothing alike, he has to opportunity to go outside of football make money on endorsements and autographs but the college kids can't. BIG DIFFERENCE

Comment 11 Apr 2016

both if that makes sense. i had a comment deleted from a thread like I mentioned but it was to make someone fell better at a down time in their life. i didn't even think twice about the possibility of it be being deleted just trying to lift someone up. 

Comment 11 Apr 2016

Not Allowed -  if I copy and past a religious verse off the internet and put it in the comment section of a thread that someone made about a loved one having cancer or passing away 

Allowed - someone (staff) copying and pasting a religious verse from a tweet and putting it in an article