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Comment 18 Jan 2015

Thanks for sharing, Chris. My Dad passed away in April of 2002, when I was 14 years old. That 2002 team really helped me get through that time in my life. I never really appreciated it back then. Now that I am older and hopefully wiser, I understand the everlasting impact that the 2002 team had. When the clock struck zeroes last Monday, I felt a great deal of joy, but it was a much different feeling than 12 years ago. I know I will appreciate this one much more!

Comment 01 Oct 2011

I agree as well, I think that we will be very, very lucky to pay in ANY bowl game this year (aside from NCAA decisions).

Comment 01 Oct 2011

A chimp with a six-sided die labeled SCREEN, READ OPTION, PLAY ACTION, PASS, RUN, and HAIL MARY would have a more successful offensive gameplan than Bollman has. I understand that Miller struggles at times (he's a freshman) and the o-line gave nobody a chance, but you have to at least try to adapt the gameplan to our (very few) offensive strengths. So sick of this Bollman offense...