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Comment 20 Mar 2014

Just in case anyone needs anymore cosmic FT fuckery- not only did the Buckeyes suck really badly at it all season, but the chances of 66% FT shooter making all 7 of his FT's in one game is 6%. And the Buckeyes lost by 1. 

Also, as a footnote, not a SINGLE Buckeye player this season took at least 7 FT's and made all of them. It never happened.


Comment 15 Jan 2014
Weird story: when my family and I were in Pasadena for the Rose Bowl (my brother is a Spartan), we got talking to a couple eating breakfast next to us at our hotel, and it turned out to be the great aunt and uncle of Max Bullough! They said that even the extended family didn't know exactly- only his parents and siblings knew- but the family rumor was indeed a failed drug test.
Comment 29 Dec 2013

Buckeye here from a B1G family- my dad is a wildcat and my brother a Spartan (mom went to western illinois, heh). My dad used the Rose Bowl's prediction reservation deal (pick a team, pay a deposit, guarantee a face value ticket if that team makes it to the Rose Bowl) on all three teams this year, so all four of us are going to see the B1G game in person! I'd love to see my Buckeyes in Pasadena, but Sparty is easily my second favorite B1G team and we'll be lending full throated cheers to them along with the rest of the Green Monster. O-H-I-O and GO GREEN, GO WHITE!

Comment 09 Nov 2013

I dont understand why offensive players don't get fifteen yard penalties and get ejected for hits like that. He hit him right in the face with the crown after a full head of steam of a 250 pound RB. That guy almost certainly has a concussion.

Comment 01 Sep 2013

I think your point about the record is blatantly false. Does anyone REALLY expect that the biggest fanbase in the country, top five winningest program all time, on a 25 game winning streak, led by a two time championship coach is gonna get shut out of a National Title Game? Gimme a break.


Comment 17 Mar 2013

My life will get so much better when I can watch Big Ten basketball and not see mop top bruesewitz or ridiculous looking high fade Evans ever again. Although it seems UK has taken a liking to recruiting really stupid looking phenoms (davis, noel).

Comment 26 Nov 2012

The problem, and the thing that guarantees a gruesome B1G bowl season this year, is that the B1G must fulfill its bowl commitments even with 2 of its 3/4 (depending on PSU vs TTUN ranking) best team ineligible. Therefore, Just like when the B1G has an at large BCS team, everyone has to slide up, except this time, even the teams in the higher bowls suck ass. Bad news bears for the B1G. Rooting Hard for Nebraska this winter.


Comment 24 Nov 2012

I'm both excited and worried about Hall coming back next year. I've never been too high on him as a rusher, and he never looked as good as Hyde has this year, and clogging up the roster and the backfield playing time with something like 7 RB's (smith, hyde, hall, dunn, several recruits ive heard about) seems like a waste and a potential setback for younger guys' development. Anyone else feel the same way?


Comment 06 Nov 2012

Ah, I see. That would explain it. What does the differential tell us about this offense? That it is extraordinarily efficient at converting long drives into touchdowns? The high pts/yards ratio would suggest a good red zone offense and good 3rd down conversion rates. Turns out we're 30th in 3rd down conversions and 20th in red zone offense, with 39 scores in 44 tries. Not bad.

Comment 05 Nov 2012

Good article, but some statistics were laughably wrong. For example, the quote about the offense gaining ~2500 yards. Obviously that can't be right, as that's about 250 yards a game and Brax plus Hyde gives us 209 on the ground alone! According to ESPN, our rushing game gets 256.1 ypg (9th nationally) and our passing gets 189.2 ypg, which totals to 445.3 ypg. This over ten games is 4453 yards, far more than ~2500. Also, it was stated that our offense is 36th in the country, where in fact our 39.9 ppg is 12th, according to ESPN. Not sure where those stats are coming from.